tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSnowy's Visit Ch. 01

Snowy's Visit Ch. 01


Author's note:

This story is just an introduction to the sequel that should be published shortly. It contains segments of exhibitionism, lesbian and threesome, but is set in exhibitionism & voyeur category mostly due to the fact that the upcoming sequel will be a true e&v story.

Also, it is worth noting that this story is actually based on true events. Some dialogue and non-sexual events of the evening may be changed and shortened to avoid unnecessary clutter, and the names of the protagonists have also been changed, but it is a relatively accurate description of the author's own threesome experience.


"Do we need something from the store?" I asked Lydia while standing on the doorstep.

"Sure. Get some bread. Oh, and get a bottle of coke," she answered while approaching me. She kissed and hugged me, then continued: "When will you be coming back?"

"I dunno... Around eight, maybe? Let's say eight-ish," I answered, already closing the door.

"Cool. Oh, and I forgot to tell you -- Snowy's coming over sometime before eight o'clock," Lydia announced casually. Snowy -- or Snoween (yeah, really) by her full first name -- was Lydia's friend. She used to date Lydia's brother, but that ended a long time ago, and the girls' friendship stuck.

"Cool. See ya!" I replied indifferently and closed the door. I had to do some stuff at the college, get a bag of ganja and -- obviously -- buy some bread and a bottle of coke. It was late spring going into early summer outside, depending on how one would experience the end of May. It was still not too hot, but warm enough so that the choice of clothes was not something to worry about. It was my favorite time of year.

However, it is important to track back a bit to explain the background of the story. At the time of this event, I was a junior in college. Lydia was my girlfriend at the time. We met in our freshman year. The chemistry between us was awesome, but she had a boyfriend at the time. Still, that relationship was apparently not really emotional, since it took 48 hours from our first encounter for her to break up with him and for us to end up screwing our brains out.

After a year or so, a combination of our desire to be together as much as possible (ok, to fuck as often as possible) and Lydia's bad financial situation brought us to the situation where she moved into my tiny student apartment. So, two of us, two young lovebirds, started living in my studio loft, spending most of our time fucking, partying and occasionally even studying.

She was, to put it mildly, a fox. Almost six feet tall, thin, long-legged -- all in all, built like a model. She had the perfect C-cup perky tits and a small firm ass. She was blonde and, in hindsight, not the perfect choice for me. But she was an animal in the sack -- open for anything and really eager for my cock.

Not that I tried to be overly kinky -- at least not publicly. But in 1-on-1 situations, there was not a thing we both wanted to try that was left untried. Anal, toys, bondage, sex in public places (both daytime and nighttime) -- It was impossible to say that I wasn't satisfied with my sex life. But, being a man, and an extremely potent 21-year old at that, I was always up for and lusting for more. I didn't cheat; it was always one too low for me. But I did jerk off to all of her good looking or at least fuckable friends -- more than once, there's no denial.

Snowy was one of those friends. We were always cool, but I was careful not to cross any boundaries in words or actions. She was on the short side, some 5ft5in at most, but very voluptuous. Not fat or even chubby, just extremely curvy. She had enormous tits -- definite DD's -- and a more beautiful and tighter version of the Kim Kardashian's ass. On top of that, she had that type of full lips that you can immediately imagine being wrapped around your dick.

Unfortunately, she wasn't really open to show herself. Always in jeans and high-cut t-shirts or vests, there was not even a remote chance to get a peek of what's hidden underneath. On top of that, she was shy -- not the quiet type, but one of those people that weren't able to talk about sex or anything related to it. Even when I opened the subject jokingly, she would immediately blush and begin to act like a little girl caught shoplifting. Of course, that didn't really matter to me. My imagination developed all kinds of scenarios that included Snowy, which had enabled me to get myself off to some fantasy situation whenever Lydia wasn't available, or sex wasn't an option for any reason. All in all, nothing unusual for a healthy male of that age.

Anyway, after I did what had to be done around the town, I got home exactly as I planned, a couple of minutes after eight o'clock. Even before I opened the door, I heard female voices and giggling coming from the apartment. Girls were in the middle of a gossip-run. Oh well, I endured such evenings before... I opened the door and entered the apartment.

"Woohoo, there he is!" Snowy exclaimed while Lydia laughed.

"Hello to you to! I like the optimistic welcoming," I answered. I scanned the table in front of the sofa on which they were sitting and noticed a bottle of vodka and a bottle of bitter lemon, both missing some content. Not bad.

"Snowy just passed one of her finals, so she brought a little something to celebrate it," said Lydia. "Won't you congratulate her?"

"All right! Well done babe, get over here so I can smooch you!" I approached her, grabbed her hand for a hearty handshake and kissed her on both of her cheeks.

"Thanks! It's just the one, but it was the hardest this year," she said smilingly, "Come on, pour yourself a glass, so I can toast with you too."

I didn't have to be told twice. I quickly took a glass from the kitchen and mixed myself a drink, and we clinked our glasses.

"To Snowy, a major in... What's your major, anyway?" I asked jokingly, and she replied by punching me in the thigh and shortly exclaiming: "You idiot!"

The evening was unexpectedly becoming amusing. Since the girls were a couple of rounds ahead of me, they quickly began to talk louder, giggle without any reason and were getting really relaxed. After I had done a couple of quick shots, the effects took me over as well, so I started slowly changing the subject to Snowy's nemesis -- sex. I knew she would start to blush, but this time it seemed that her happiness and the amount of drink would get her to open up a bit.

And it did. She actually admitted not having a boyfriend for a while and that she was on a dry spell for a few months -- which, incidentally, helped her to focus on her academic duties. Of course, Lydia digressed into more girly parts of the subject which I couldn't care less about, so I rolled a joint.

After a really good spliff and a couple more drinks, we were getting seriously dazed. Snowy was on a roll, being visibly high and drunk, and it was apparent that she was inadvertently getting more opened up. So I took that as a cue to steer the conversation back to sex.

"So, Snowy, it's been a drought, ey? I bet both of your hands are operating at full capacity?" I asked directly, half-expecting her sudden withdrawal and some muttering -- or at least being declared a pervert.

"Every day. I don't get out of bed without it," she answered without any hesitation. Alcohol lowered her guard. "But I bet you still jerk off more often than me."

"Heeey... We have sex almost every day, he couldn't possibly do more," Lydia interrupted our little exchange, "I wear him out enough so that he doesn't have to do it himself."

Both Snowy and I burst out laughing. I turned toward Lydia, put my hand on her thigh and said pitifully: "Of course, darling, I never masturbate." And then I continued to laugh my ass off. Sometimes she really seemed too naive not to be considered a bit dumb.

"Oh come on, you pig... Admit it, how many times?" Now Lydia suddenly became curious.

I raised my hand showing a victory sign.

"Twice? A week?" Lydia's questions were led by some common female logic. However, I shook my head.


This time I nodded.

"Even if we fuck at least half an hour a day?" Lydia was in disbelief, but Snowy looked at me approvingly.

"Yep... Oh, come on! It's not as if I'm hiding that from you. And, like, you don't play with yourself?" As they say, the attack is the best form of defense -- if there was any reason to defend at that moment.

"Well, yeah, true. But not more than a few times a week, not as much as you do. Still, I cum many times more than you when we fuck," said Lydia praising me inadvertently, causing Snowy to nod approvingly again -- and to even wink at me this time.

"Oi! He's mine; I'm not giving him to you that cheaply," hissed Lydia at Snowy jokingly, while instinctively grabbing my hand. Then she turned around towards me again and continued: "When do you find the time? I only caught you a couple of times..."

"When? Whenever. You know how it goes with us men -- I get an itch on my balls, I start scratching, one thing leads to the other and... Well, there we go." My answer got them both laughing.

"Damn, I envy you both. I really miss a dick," complained Snowy. "And I mean any kind of a dick, just as long as it can do something."

Snowy's complaint was just what I needed: "Look, I can jump in if you're in that kind of trouble. Just schedule in advance so I can plan my calendar." I was joking, but my intoxicated brain immediately created that mental image.

"Oh really? You're offering yourself so shamelessly? Are you trying to say that I'm not good enough for you?" Lydia asked me, her voice something in between being jumpy and teasing even though she could see and hear that I wasn't seriously offering myself.

"Honey, you know you're more than enough for me. This would just be a favor to your tormented friend. You know, so she can give her hands some rest." This made Snowy and me laugh again.

"Yeah, sure. It would just give me a new incentive. I'd probably also start to show the peace sign for a while," Snowy said through her laughter. And then she suddenly got serious and conspiratorially leaned towards us: "So, you two... You've never thought about, you know, doing some kinky stuff?"

"What do you mean, kinky?" Lydia replied with a counter-question.

"I don't know... Like anal, or S&M, or... You know, group sex," answered Snowy, and even as tipsy as she was, she was still blushing.

Ok, to be honest -- we even opened a profile on one of the websites used to find various sex partners. We talked about trying something if we found someone interesting. But since the vast majority of the users were solo men that didn't interest us, and the 'bisexual girls' turned out to be either fakes or not our type, we gave up on it. Well, I didn't give up on it in my imagination, of course.

"Anal? Honey, that's not kinky, that's foreplay," replied Lydia proudly, making Snowy open her mouth in amazement a bit. But Lydia continued calmly: "We're not into S&M -- maybe some light bondage and stuff -- and we actually were browsing online for a... An opportunity, so to say, but nothing turned up."

"Wow, you lucky bastards! Oh my, It's gotten hot in here," said Snowy snorting, and suddenly she was taking off a thin vest she had on her. That left her in a tight t-shirt with a considerable v-line, releasing a substantial amount of her humongous bosom out in the open. I didn't even try to avert my eyes away. She continued: "I'm jealous of you and your sex life... Hey! My eyes are up here!" She noticed my stare, which I moved up to her eyes for a second, and then immediately turned back to her tits.

"Yeah, I know, but I'm currently staring at your boobs," I replied nonchalantly. I looked at Lydia, but she was staring in the same direction as I was. "They're really amazing, there's no doubt," I complimented her honestly.

"Oh come on, they're so big I don't know where to put them."

"Give me some," replied Lydia and instinctively grabbed one of Snowy's knockers. "Man, they're firm!"

Lydia's casual feeling of Snowy's boobs turned on the machinery in my pants. I had only a thin pair of pants and light boxers on, so I was hoping it wasn't noticeable.

The discussion briefly turned away from Snowy's boobs, but as the evening progressed we were coming back to sex issues repeatedly, this way or another. Concurrently, as the amounts of alcohol drank got higher, an idea was forming in my head. I shortly weighed whether to go with it or not, until the drink decided I have nothing to lose. At the moment when the discussion was about groin trimming (Lydia and I were completely smooth, Snowy was sometimes trimmed almost to nothing, and sometimes shaven with a thin landing strip above), I decided it was time.

"Girls, I have an idea. Let's play a game."

"What game?" Asked Lydia.

"How about a game of poker?"

"Do you by any chance mean strip-poker?" Snowy asked.

"Well... Sure, why not!" This turned out even better since it seemed as if that wasn't my original idea.

"No way! I'm not gonna..." Snowy became defensive as expected, her face almost cherry-red.

"Why not, Snowy?" To my amazement, that was Lydia. I honestly thought it would be two of them against me, but this was now unexpectedly great turn of events. So I let Lydia continue: "Look, honey, he's gonna lose anyway, so he'll have to dance around with his dick bouncing when we start ordering him around."

"Ah... Nooo..." Snowy was still on the defense, but the alcohol was preventing her from being her stubborn, shy self.

"No, really, as Lydia says, I have the worst of luck in these games. Come on; you only live once! When was the last time you played?" I decided to go with "wild youth" tactics.

"I've never played."

"Never? Oh, you've gotta play it at least once in your life. At least you're among friends here, nothing to be ashamed of. We're..." I looked at Lydia, who winked at me and took over: "We can stop whenever you feel bad about it."

"Ahem... OK, let's play. But if I want to stop, I'm out."

"Deal." I shook her hand and got up to get a deck of cards. I came back and briefly explained the game. Since they both knew the rules, it was as easy as pie.

"So, we'll play regular, nothing fancy. Five cards each, one switch up to three cards, no folding. OK?" I asked, and they both nodded.

"Wait! Hold on! How many pieces of clothing you two have on yourselves?" Asked Snowy, probably in fear that we each have three pairs of socks and seven types of underwear.

"I have a t-shirt, pants, socks, and boxers," I answered. Lydia had a bra, but no socks.

"Socks are counted as two items?" Snowy asked again. I nodded. Just to make the decision a bit easier for her. So, she had 6 items of clothing on her; I had five, Lydia four. No complaints there.

I dealt a hand. First up, I had two pairs, and Snowy had three of a kind. Lydia ended up with nothing, so she stripped out of her t-shirt and was left in a nice sports bra. She had a perfectly flat tummy, which always made me horny.

I lost the next hand with a pair of tens, so I took one sock off.

The losses were spread evenly in the next few hands, so Snowy was left in her bra, pants, and panties, I had my pants and boxers, and Lydia was in her lingerie -- OK, a sports' set of underwear. Only now was it clearly visible how big were the Snowy's tits. Her bra was definitely a DD, and it was filled up to the brim. I could hardly wait to see those knockers out in the open finally.

New hand. I had a straight. Snowy got three of a kind. Lydia got nothing. So she just got up casually and lifted her bra over her head. She had the amazing pair of tits -- C cup. Since she was pale-skinned, her nipples were light-pink, but they would soon get the reddish fill when they were warmed up. Even though I've seen them every day, on this occasion, they aroused me even more than usual. I was nursing at least a semi.

"Wow baby, these are something," Snowy blabbed instinctively.

"Well, I definitely love them," replied Lydia and proudly squeezed them both with her hands. OK, now I was much closer to a full erection than before.

"Let's move on!" I said without hesitation and continued to deal, already all worked up because of impending removal of Snowy's bra. But, it was necessary to remove her jeans before that.

I got four queens. Lydia had a pair of eights. I was already at peace with Lydia getting naked when Snowy threw her cards on the table. She had nothing. She slowly got up from the sofa, took a deep breath and lowered her pants, flashing white thongs at us. As she pulled her legs out, she quickly moved to sit back down, but Lydia stopped her mid-descent: "Hey, hey, hey! Wait a minute. Spin around first!"

"Yeah, right! I'm already uncomfortable," said Snowy, lowering her ass back on the couch. "So much about him getting naked first. Look at him, still with his pants on."

"What can I say, I'm on a roll today," I replied smugly.

I lost my next hand on purpose, leaving me in boxers only. It was clear now that someone will stay naked -- or at least topless -- after the next hand.

I dealt the cards and -- oh, boy, was I in luck. No card higher than nine, and no chance for a straight. I made a three-card switch, ending up with a pair of eights. So I threw them down, expecting a certain loss and removal of my last cover when Snowy blurted out: "Ah, fuck it" How do you get eights on top of my sevens..."

Lydia and I exchanged meaningful glances. Finally, the glorious bosom will be appearing in front of us. Snowy was so shy that even Lydia never got a glimpse of her boobs. We even placed a bet a long time ago on the shape of her nipples. I went with big, round and pink; Lydia claimed they were oval and in a darker tone. The winner will be doing the dishes for three days.

Snowy looked like she might pull out of the game for a moment or two, but then she downed her drink and quickly, as if she was afraid of a sudden change of heart, unhooked her bra and set her magnificent globes free. And they were phenomenal. Even though she tried to hide them with her elbows and any other part of her body, it was simply impossible. They were amazing, really firm considering their size, with almost no sag whatsoever. And her nipples were rather small and perfectly round. So, no dishes duty for either of us. But a definite hard-on in my boxers rose, making me fold down a bit to hide the excitement which was soon to be uncovered.

"Oh, Snowy, you're not gonna hide those spectacular domes now?" I asked, teasing her gently.

"Ah... Ok, here you go!" She rose her arms up and proudly stuck her chest out, even though her face was in shade of 'embarrassment red, ' and her eyes were looking at some distant point on the ceiling. "You happy now?"

"Wow! OK, I'll hold out with my comments for now, but you'll be getting a compliment really soon," I said, pretty much stating the obvious, but Lydia looked at me confusedly as if she didn't get my hint. So I continued: "Let's go! There's some underwear to take off! After next hand, someone's getting nude, heh heh."

And we got going. Cards were immediately kind to me -- I got a pair of aces, a king, and two minor digits. I switched the digits and got another ace and a king -- giving me a perfect full-house. So I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to be the first bare-ass. Girls switched three cards each. Snowy ended up with a pair of queens, and Lydia with nothing.

"Woohoo, love, let's see your naked tush!" Snowy giggled ungracefully, while Lydia got up and pulled down her panties as if she was alone and getting ready for a shower. Her shaved little pussy appeared in all her beauty. She crumpled the panties in her hands and threw them at me, and I instinctively grabbed them, put them on my face and took a deep breath. They were moist. Lydia was aroused by the situation. I looked at her, and she sat down, without a care in the world, folding her legs in a butterfly pose so that her entire slit was clearly visible from my position. As her outer lips parted, I could see that she was getting wet, and my erection got even harder.

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