tagGroup SexSo Big, Baby, So Big!

So Big, Baby, So Big!


Note to reader: We are a bi male/female duo, especially aroused by bi mmf 3somes. We come up with storylines together, and he, the writer, writes them and sometimes we edit together. Some of these stories have already been posted on his Lit site, among others with different themes. But we want to put all the bi mmf-themed stories together in one place for those turned on by this special and exciting theme, as we are. All characters, as noted, are over 18 years of age

They fucked like two wild and overheated animals an hour ago and now were luxuriating in the sweetly sublime afterglow of their lovemaking, naked in bed, idly caressing each other, nuzzling and talking.

Yvette thought that maybe now was the right time to mention it.

"You know, Don," she said, running a finger through his hair, gazing into his eyes, "I've had this new fantasy lately, and I just can't get it out of my head. I mean, it's something I've been thinking about that really, really turns me on. Though I wasn't sure whether I could mention it to you, wondering how far you'd be willing to go. But now I just can't hold back. I mean, I just need to tell you."

"Well, then tell me, Yvette, what is it?" Don urged. By now he knew Yvette well enough and she knew him. And by now he was ready for just about anything from her.

"Once again it's about you, me and another guy. Or actually two guys."

"Sounds interesting, tell me more."

When she was younger Yvette had some enjoyable times hooking up with two men at once. Mentioning this to Don, he told her he'd done the same, hooked up with another man to "do" a woman together, or joined a couple, or, as a couple, had a guy join them. He'd even revealed to her that in one of those liaisons, at the woman's urging, he had become intimate with the other man. Don let the guy suck his cock and fucked the guy. Hearing that electrified Yvette who'd long entertained fantasies about watching two masculine men having sex with each other. One thing led to another and they found such a man, Yvette thrilled to be able to watch that man suck Don's cock, to see Don fuck him up the ass.

And then it went even further. When they watched porn together Yvette noticed how Don perked up whenever an especially nice and large cock entered the mix. She herself had something of a fetish for very well-endowed men. Generally she kept this to herself since she had learned from experience that if there's one thing which makes many men uptight it's hearing a woman talk about how another man has a really big dick. But Don didn't mind at all. In fact, he joined in the lewd banter about massive cocks. He had a nice one himself, bigger and thicker than the average man's, and he had all the sexual self-confidence you'd want from a man. So Yvette felt immensely grateful to be able to share this with Don, share with him a fascination with other men's big cocks.

Then she felt she was able to broach something new with Don. She loved how he was willing to test the boundaries, how utterly uninhibited he seemed to be. So she asked him what he'd think of having a guy over again, maybe the same guy they'd seen before, and this time having Don suck the other guy's cock as well as getting his own sucked, getting fucked and not just fucking the other guy. He did have to think about it a little. After all, this was pushing the envelope for an essentially straight guy like him. But he was game, especially since he knew how much it would please Yvette. When he agreed Yvette could not have been more thrilled.

And so then she got to watch Don wrap his lips around a big, stiff one. She witnessed that cock forcing its way up Don's tight ass, the first cock that had ever made its way up that portal.

Now Yvette was ready for something else, something even more extreme.

"Hey, Don," she purred sexily, nuzzling up nice and close, "you know how I told you about those times when me and another chick hooked up with two guys? How we sucked their cocks and fucked them? And how we got off watching each other do it"

"Yeah," Don said with a sly smile, always appreciating Yvette's lively banter.

"Well, I want to do the same thing with you, baby," she continued, "Hook up with two studs and suck their cocks together, get fucked by them right next to each other. We had one guy come and join us, now how about two? You and me, baby, we both really get into their cocks. And I get to watch not just two studs go at it, but three."

"Wow, where do you come up with this stuff."

"You know me," she whispered sexily, reaching down to stroke his cock, seeing it was getting thick and meaty again. "I'm a freak for hot, dirty sex. And for big horny cocks!"

He kept silent, teasing her.

"So what do you think, baby?"

"So what do you think I think?" he said with a knowing smile, a smile that thrilled her.

"You'll do it with me, I knew you would!" she said, hugging him, her eyes ablaze with arousal at the prospect of such a scene. "It'll be wild, baby, I know it will. And the two guys we hook up with? I want them to be really hung, I want both of them to have very, very big cocks. The two of us, we can handle all the cock any two studs got for us, right?"

"If you say so, Yvette."

"It'll be like two kids in a candy store, you and me."

"So where exactly do you plan to find two studs like that?

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about that," she said, nuzzling closer, stroking his cock, now erect and up to full mast. "I'm working on it, baby, and I pretty much have that figured out. You can count on it. Just think about how much fun it'll be."

She licked his earlobe as she sensually stroked his cock, whispering provocatively.

"Just picture it, you and me and two sleek young studs, their bodies nice and smooth and lean and hard. And their cocks? Huge, Don, huge and thick. We'll suck those two cocks and they'll fuck us. Yeah, I want to watch you, baby. I want to watch you suck one while I suck the other."
She quickly wet a finger in her mouth and reached behind his balls, sliding the finger up his ass while she kept stroking his cock.

"I want to see you next to me, up on elbows and knees, baby, taking a thick one up the ass. Taking it deep, while right next to you I'm taking the other one up mine."

He was breathing hard, his eyes slits, as he took in her words.

"Yeah, baby, you and me and two hung, hung studs," she hissed, twisting his shaft in her hand, feeling it throb as he groaned, his body arching as his cum splattered all over his stomach and chest, and up his face. And hers.

"See," she cackled mischievously, "you love your honey's nasty ideas."

And she had just about worked everything out. Yvette went to a gym and met a woman there. One time, when they went to have coffee after their workout, Lisa had confessed to Yvette that she once had Brian, one of the trainers, join her and her husband for a threesome. Lisa was a brazen sort, like Yvette, and through the grapevine she had heard that Brian was bisexual and something of a freak. He was always open for a threesome or a group scene. So for Nick's birthday, Lisa had Brian come over to join her and her husband. Nick wanted to try it with a man and Brian was more than game. As it turned out, Nick got cold feet at the last minute and so Brian just made it with Lisa. Telling Yvette all this, Lisa leaned over and revealed to Yvette that apart from his lanky good looks, Brian possessed an amazingly big cock. In fact she had measured it. Erect it was nine inches long and thick, she confirmed.

And that wasn't all. Lisa had made it with a Brian a few times on her own. And one time had asked Brian if he could bring a friend over so she could watch some boy-boy action as well as enjoy not one stud, but two. That's what she had hoped for when Brian had come by to join her and Nick. But that hadn't worked out. Now Tommy, the guy Brian got to join them, Lisa continued, was this nineteen year old who was even cuter than Brian. Then, smiling a little wickedly, Lisa filled in Yvette on a final detail. Tommy had a cock that was actually bigger than Brian's, it was awesome, she said. She described how she watched the two young studs suck each other's cocks and then they took turns fucking her.

Yvette had filled Lisa in about her thing with Don, how guys had joined them, how the first time Don had done all the doing, but the next time he took his share of cock, and then some. Now she told Lisa what she had in mind to do next, how she wanted two guys to join them so that she and Don, together, could take care of the studs. And that's how Lisa told her to talk to Brian, saying she was sure he and Tommy would go for a scene like that.

And go for it they did. So that now the appointed hour had arrived, and she and Don were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the two young cocksmen.

"Hey guys, come in. Don, this is Brian, and this here's Tommy."

The three men nodded as they checked each other out. Yvette eyed Don keenly to gauge his reaction. She smiled to herself, certain he liked what he saw. The two men were his type, as well as hers. Young and lean and cute, and each had a very noticeable bulge in the crotch of his thread worn jeans. And they weren't wearing those jeans by accident, either. They knew quite well how provocative they appeared, what those big bulges signaled.

Yvette offered beverages followed by small talk, she and Don sitting next to one another on a leather coach, the two studs in arm chairs opposite.
"Okay Brian, why don't you come over here to me," Yvette said, wagging a finger, and "Tommy? I think you have something you want Don to see."

As the two young men approached, Yvette and Don glanced at one another, sharing a knowing smile, a smile that signaled a special rapport. Brian now stood over Yvette, Tommy over Don. As Yvette reached to unbuckle Brian's belt and unzip his jeans, Don did the same to Tommy's, revealing two pairs of white cotton briefs clinging to two now even more pronounced bulges. In fact the two bulges seem to be getting meatier by the second.

Now, with a quick tug from each, Yvette and Don pulled down the pairs of briefs, suddenly revealing the two cocks. Both already thick and meaty, in their semi-erect states the cocks were thicker and longer than most men's even when they were fully erect. Yvette and Don glanced at one another again as each took a shaft in hand, twisting it, feeling it thicken and stiffen in their hands.

"Nice cocks, huh Don?" Yvette said, licking her lips.

"Yeah, real nice."

"I think it's time to have ourselves a taste," Yvette purred huskily, bringing her tongue to Brian's balls and lapping away at the rough skin of his scrotum, glancing over to see Don start to lap away at Tommy's balls. Their eyes met and the sight each saw was the same, a hand wrapped around an immense, awesomely thick cock, stroking that cock skillfully, while

hungrily, almost lewdly a tongue lapped away at a set of balls.

And then the two tongues began to travel, slowly gliding upwards along the underside of the shaft, the tongues now greedily licking the taut skin of the two achingly erect penises.

Their two faces were so close to each other, no more than a foot or so apart, that they could not only see vividly how the other handled and licked a cock, but they could hear each other lapping away. Finally Yvette's tongue had traveled the nine inches, and Don's maybe the ten to the tips of the shafts. Now each, fisting a shaft, wrapped lips around a big smooth knob, taking it into their mouths, sucking the cocks.

It thrilled Yvette to see Don's lips wrapped around another man's cock, sucking it. She'd been sucking cock since she was a teen, and Don had his sucked for just as long. But

it was only once before, and this recently, that Don had sucked a man's cock. And now here he was doing it again, doing it to one that was considerably longer and thicker than the first.

"Yeah, baby, suck it!" Yvette urged excitedly, pulling her lips away for a moment from Brian. It had long been a fantasy of hers, and now that it had been realized it was just an incredible sight, to watch a man sucking another man's cock. Especially when the man doing the sucking was Don, her virile, masculine lover. There was something so exciting about seeing his profile, seeing his mouth wide open and his lips stretched to the limits as they engulfed the stunning girth of Tommy's erect penis.

"Let's get a little more comfortable," Yvette suggested, pulling away from Brian's cock, standing up and leading the three men to the bedroom. There, all four quickly undressed, Yvette taking in the spectacular sight of three naked, lanky men, each with a cock standing straight and stiff as a flagpole. She smiled to herself; these boys were aroused, and then some. She stood in the center, the three men surrounding her, reaching down to grab two cocks at once, Brian's and Tommy's, as Don excitedly fisted his own.

Then she gently pushed the two young studs down on the bed, on their backs, their two massive cocks rising almost obscenely, beckoning.

"Oh, baby!" Yvette growled, nearly panting, "let's suck us some more cock!

Now it was Don who got down and took Brian's cock in his mouth, while Yvette took Tommy's. The lovers looked at one another as they sucked the two young men, taking their time, showing off as they sensually devoured the ample meal of hot, raw male meat. Though Yvette loved nothing more than handling and sucking a massively oversized cock -- and Tommy's thick, steely ten-inch tool would certainly qualify – what aroused her almost as much now was seeing Don do the same to Brian's. To watch this man sucking another man's cock, a man who had fucked her many times, a man whose cock she had sucked often, really somehow got to a deep, deep part of her erotic persona.

"Here, baby, take them both," Yvette said, pulling away from Tommy and pulling his shaft over to Don's face, having Don hold him with his other hand, holding on to both young studs now while sucking one.

Now Yvette watched in astonished awe as Don hungrily went back and forth, sucking one cock, then the other, twisting both in his two hands. Then he brought the two cockheads together, licking them both at once, embarked now on an oral frenzy. Brian and Tommy loved it, the looks on their faces betraying their pleasure. They were having the time of their lives having their massive tools serviced like this.

That's it, baby, suck those cocks!" Yvette hissed, watching closely, pushing back on Don's head as his mouth ravenously engulfed the two stunning penises.

Now Yvette reached over for a jar of lubricant. She dug in and scooped up a big dab with her fingers, slapping it between Don's buttocks. He looked back at her for a moment as he felt her fingers slowly rubbing the slick lube over his asshole and working it into his ass. Then she scooped up another dab and worked it between her own cheeks. She planned to have that pussy of hers filled first, but she aimed to have her ass good and ready when it was time for a thick cock to make use of that tight, inviting entryway.

"I need to get fucked!" Yvette announced, the tone of her voice both seductive and insistent as she tugged at Brian, pulling him away from Don and urging him to lay flat. Then she straddled his body, her back to him as she reached down to take hold of his cock and position its tip against her pussy. Now she just bore down nice and easy, impaling herself.

"Oh man! Are you ever thick!" she gasped as she lowered herself, slowly taking inch after thick inch of his cock inside her tight and sublimely creamy pussy. Don was still sucking Tommy, but both men's eyes were now directed at the duo fucking alongside them. Then Yvette looked over Tommy.

"Why don't you let me have a taste of that now," she said, greedy for cock, wanting to suck Tommy while his buddy plowed it into her pussy.

"And Don? How about you get down there and help out with your tongue," she said, pointing between her legs. "That way you can have yourself a taste of cock and cunt both."

Don relished the prospect, sliding lower now and starting with Brian's balls, he began licking. Slowly he dragged his tongue up from the balls to the shaft, a shaft now slick and wet from Yvette's highly aroused pussy. He licked Brian's cock as he fucked Yvette, then brought his tongue right up to that margin where her pussy, strikingly dilated, clung to the massive intruder.

"Oh man! Does that feel good!" Yvette growled, luxuriating in the sublime, complex sensations. And knowing that Don's tongue was not only pressing against her pussy, her clit, as it had countless times, but was also pressing against a cock, a man's cock, immeasurably heightened her arousal. The sensations for her were intense, and they were building. But Yvette was not ready for the crescendo, not nearly ready. She wanted to stay on the edge, to savor the excitement, the intense pleasures.

"Okay, I think it's time for something else now guys, something we all love," she said teasingly, lifting herself off of Brian. "Don, won't you join me?"

Now Yvette turned around and assumed the familiar position, up on elbows and knees, ass raised nice and high, Don assuming the same position alongside her. They were so close their bodies touched, hips, shoulders pressing, sharing now a tender and yet a deeply carnal, almost depraved intimacy. Yvette glanced back to see Brian kneeling behind her, Tommy kneeling behind Don.

"Oh, baby, we're doing it, we really are," Don whispered at her, raw passion in his voice, "doing it, taking it like this, taking it together."

"We sure are, we sure as hell are," she said with a smile, a smile that betrayed the rapport she felt with Don, the deep, the profound arousal.

"Okay, we've got something special for the two of you," Brian growled.

"Uh huh, you bet we do," Tommy affirmed.

And now Yvette could feel that fat, round, smooth and rigid knob of Brian's massive cock pressing between her cheeks, against her hole, and knew that Don was feeling the same from Tommy.

"Yes! We're both going to take it now, Don, take it up the ass! You and me, together. At the same time. So much cock, baby, so much!"

And as they both felt those cocks pressed more insistently against their assholes, Don wrapped an arm around Yvette and drew her close, gazing into her eyes, eyes blazing with excitement and arousal as, he was certain, were his own. He brought his lips to hers and they kissed, kissed passionately, hungrily, lips separating, hot, sweet breath fusing. And as they held this kiss, this tender and passionate kiss, they began to feel it, to really feel it.

Suddenly Yvette broke off the kiss, gasping, wincing.

"Oh shit, I can't believe how it feels! He's so fucking big! So fucking thick!"

Yvette was an experienced ass-fucker, and Don had become one, first taking Yvette's big strap-ons and then, a few week earlier, a nice-sized version of the real thing. But these two young studs were something else, they were gargantuan!

"Don't I know it!" Don hissed, "he's really filling me up."

"Oh, baby!" Yvette said, her face aglow, gazing into Don's eyes, he feeling as rapturous as she, "it's so thrilling, isn't? So, so intimate. You and me together, sharing like this? Both taking it up the ass!"

The fabulously endowed young studs enjoyed having the two lovers eagerly offer up their bottoms for a solid reaming. With the equipment each carried they were well aware that taking either of their freakishly large penises up the ass was quite a challenge for any slut or stud. But Yvette and Don were enthusiastically meeting this challenge as Brian and Tommy, kneeling next to one another, steadily drove their thick, rigid tools into the humid and welcoming depths. Don and Yvette, cock and cunt. Though one thing they shared in common was the hot little hole concealed between their buttocks, a hole that now, for each, was obscenely dilated as it gave way to the steady, pounding force of a steely penis.

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