tagLetters & TranscriptsSo Long Gamer Girl

So Long Gamer Girl


Dear Gamer Girl,

I'm leaving this taped to your just arrived expansion pack for StarCraft II which you'll eventually get around to whenever you put the beta down. Not that I expect you to read this mind you, knowing you this letter will just get tossed to the floor in your frantic need to open the package and move on out of beta. Heck I doubt you've even noticed that I packed up and moved out of all of my stuff, of course it's a little hard to see past the dual monitors. Still, I wanted to say good-bye and felt I at least owed you an explanation.

I suppose I should have paid heed to the warning signs when we met but what can I say, actually meeting a girl into gaming can be a rare occurrence sometimes. Don't think I'll ever forget that event; you camped out in the mall for two days for the midnight release. Mall security was concerned at first but when they realized the most trouble that you were giving folks was them seeing your outline due to the glow of the 3DS they figured it wasn't worth the effort. Your dedication to gaming impressed me then, that and your lovely rack.

Quickly we started to game together, the speed at which you leveled was phenomenal and some days I would just sit back and watch in awe. I remember the first day you let me watch you via Skype and eventually the decision to move in together. The sex was great to start with, well you were pretty good at riding my cock while you also stormed Hellsworth Castle. Come to think of it I'm still not exactly sure whether or not it was me that turned you on or some of the games you played. Wouldn't surprise me if you just thought I was a Druid character.

Going to the convention still has to rank as my favorite date out with you. The Night Elf costume was killer and let's be honest that was the best sex of the relationship. You're really quite fun to be with when you leave the keyboard. Remember ducking into the semi-hidden janitor's closet behind the Funimation booth for a quickie? Your pussy was drenched from the excitement and our bodies shivered with anticipation of being caught.

Sadly though, it was the only time that we made it out to a convention. I wish that I had pushed you a little more, maybe we would have gone again. There are a lot of things I wish that had been done differently. Things that I allowed to beat myself up with, that is until she came into my life.

Did you know your sister comes to check up on you once a week? Of course that's how your fridge gets restocked and the apartment was being straightened up. You're really lucky to have a family so understanding about your addiction. Yes I know, you hate that they tried to get you counseling and took away the systems before but they're really nice folk once you get to know them. Maybe someday you will finally do that, and then you'll actually get to know me as well. You see Sarah, your sister, and I are engaged.

Sarah had come to do her weekly visit, by this time we'd taken to chatting. She seemed to like that there was someone conscious of the world around them being here to keep an eye on you. Still though, as she pointed out our relationship had moved from lovers to sort of roommates to I'm fairly sure you didn't even realize I existed anymore. Not an easy transformation to make I assure you. There were many nights I spent trying to understand what had gone wrong, and then I find out that this was normal for you. Sarah helped me through that, helped me to understand what was going on and to get over you. I found within her everything I had hoped you would eventually be.

The relationship built up slowly, going from chatting when she visited to watching movies together to going out on dates. Each stage you were oblivious although we made no attempt to hide our actions. I'm not sure exactly what kept us going as slowly as we did, whether her wishing to let me heal or concern that you would realize what was going on. Things finally came to a head one night, we couldn't hold back our feelings, the time had come.

We ended up on the couch, you were so absorbed with your game that you didn't realize she was screaming right behind you. I almost couldn't believe you didn't notice, well at least I couldn't believe it after she was done. Sarah told me you'd been like that for years, oblivious to a lot of the things that went on around you only coming out partly for a month or so at a time then slipping back in. Sure you support yourself by selling high level characters but this doesn't seem like a life. The extent to your illness makes me want to pity you and yet it seems like you wouldn't want that in the least bit.

Either way I think at this point I'm just rambling, there's too much that needs to be said, should be said but I know it will be a waste of time to write it as you won't read it. Someday I hope you awaken from this obsession that you realize that competing for items with South Koreans shouldn't be the center focus of your life. Yet you probably won't, you don't want to, it's too easy to stay absorbed in that little world you created. I guess in the end that's what the real answer is, it's easier to stay within that world.

And so this is where we part ways, with me seeing as much of you as I'm accustomed to the glow of the monitors in your face and empty pizza boxes stacked next to your desk.



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