tagLoving WivesSo Many Dicks...

So Many Dicks...


My wife has a craving for dick. And as I'm finding out, the more dicks the better. A couple of times, I'd gotten various friends of mine to help me double-team her, and we'd been in several group sex situations. But I wanted to do something outrageous for her. Something she would never forget.

So I contacted all of our web-site friends, most of whom we'd been with at least once. It was to be a sex party with all guys and one woman, Angela, at the center of all the attention. The message read "Leave the wife at home". I reserved a room at the local motel and arranged for all the guys to be there early, as well as Angela's slut friend Katherine. Kat would be the "fluffer", keeping the guys up and ready while they waited for their turn at the main event. I'd be there too, watching.

When Ang came home that evening, she was met only with a room key and an address, nothing more. She had to know something was up, but she had no idea how much.

When I walked into the room, there were five guys, in various states of undress, and Katherine. Kat was already on her knees, sucking each cock in the room in turn. "Hey Kat" I said as I entered, but she didn't even look up, just gave a quick wave and continued with her current blowjob.

Stud one was a lean, muscular guy, with a nice 9-inch pole. Stud number two was a larger man, with a shorter, but girthier cock. Number three was built a lot like me, not too tall, but a healthy dose of man-meat to work with. Stud four had long, stringy black hair and was extremely skinny. But when Kat unzipped his pants, she revealed a huge dick springing to life in her expert grip. He was clean-shaven, and had a piercing in his scrotum. The fifth guy stayed at a distance, quietly stroking his piece while taking in the entire scene, Kat warming each of them up in preparation for my wife's entrance.

Peeking through the curtains, I at last saw Ang's car pulling up. I went out to the car to meet her, kissing her deeply when she got out of the car. She was thinking this would be a romantic evening of hot sex with her husband. What a surprise awaited her beyond that door.

She started to tell me about the rough day she had had, and I "consoled" her just outside the motel room by sliding my hands up her skirt and stroking her kitty with a couple of fingers. She relaxed immediately, and I could feel that her pussy juices were already flowing. While Kat kept all the dicks in the room hard and ready, I was fluffing up my wife just outside the door.

Ang looked around nervously, and said "Let's go inside." As I opened the door and entered the room, Ang was already unbuttoning her skirt and her blouse. She looked up with a start, and it took a moment for her to soak in the scene before her. Five guys, stripped down, rock-hard cocks in their hands, looking at her like she was Thanksgiving dinner. Turning to me, she said "All for me?" and kissed me again. I broke off the kiss, spun her around and gave her a gentle nudge toward the bed in the center of the room. I closed the door behind me.

Ang took to the bed on all fours, and immediately took 9-inch guy into her mouth. She sucked at his rod enthusiastically while girth guy stepped up. Ang took this fat dick in her left hand, stroking it hard. He let out a groan; as if he would end his turn right there. Number Three moved in behind her and, burying his face in my wife's behind, began licking her asshole. Kat was still working on number four, the piercing dude, for whom she clearly had an affinity. The fifth guy still stayed back, waiting for his opening.

My wife alternated sucking long dick and fat dick, taking each one deep into her throat while getting her ass licked clean from behind. Piercing Guy slid up underneath her and lapped at her clit, shoving his cock upward toward her chin, giving her a third option to suck on, which she did in turn with the first two.

Suddenly, all four guys broke off, and moved away. 9-inch Guy fell flat on the bed, pulling Angela over on top of him. She took his dick into her shaved pussy with a gasp, as his meat filled her cunt to the brim. Girthy guy climbed up behind her, and forced his plump meat up into her ass. She gasped again, her asshole having never been stretched to this extent. But with plenty of lube, he began fucking her ass, in and out in rhythm with the other cock entering her from below. The three bodies rose and fell in unison, thrusting one cock into her pussy on the down stroke, burying a fat one in her tight little ass on the up. She shot a look over her shoulder and caught my eye as I watched her get double-fucked but good. Between moans, groans, and squeals, she managed to give me a wry little smile as I sat in the armchair and watched intently, Kat settling in down on the floor in front of me, also soaking in all of the action. These guys were eating her alive, roughly ravaging her every crevice, and yet she remained in control. Moving where she wanted, taking them as much as they were taking her.

Piercing guy squatted in front of Angela, and she gobbled up his dick in a second. Number Three moved in next to Piercing Guy, nudging him aside, lining his dick up right next to the other's. Ang managed to take both heads into her mouth at once, all the while still getting fucked by two dicks below. And still, Number Five stayed back and waited. Ang was filled with cock already, and there would have been nowhere left for him to stick it.

Grabbing 9-inch Guy by the throat, she ground her clit up against him and intensified her strokes. With Girthy Guy still buried in her ass, it only took a few grinds before my wife was screaming as she came. Still breathless, she pushed herself off of him and removed herself from Girthy's dick with a whimper. Everybody got off the bed at once, waiting to see her next move. She slung Girthy down onto the bed and climbed up on top, facing away from him. She carefully slid her asshole back down onto his shaft. She had become comfortable with so much meat in her ass, and she wanted it to stay there. Leaning back on the man below her, she pointed to Piercing Guy. "I want a dick in my pussy now!" He quickly obliged, swinging his long black hair behind him as he squatted over her and slid his hot cock into her smooth, swollen pussy. 9-incher approached from her right and she took him into her mouth as best she could, as she was being jostled around from below. Her boobs swung in little circles as Girthy pumped her ass from below and piercing rocked her cunt from above. Number Three moved in and grabbed her bouncing tits, squeezing the nipples causing Angela to throw her head back and cry out in another wrenching orgasm.

Piercing Guy withdrew from her raw, aching pussy, and shot an impressive load onto her stomach, then backed away, allowing Number Three a turn. He slid his cock into her and pumped madly, only one thing on his mind. His balls and those of Girthy alternately slapped against my wife's crotch, each of them building up to their own eruptions. Girthy guy shot his steaming cum deep into Angela's ass, his powerful hands grasping her by the hips and pulling her down even deeper onto him just as Four blew his load far up into her pussy.

The three of them got up, Angela looking around for 9-inch Guy. She threw him down onto the bed and grabbed his long hard member, alternately stroking and sucking the tip of it.

"Cum for me," she spoke softly to him, "come on..." It only took a few minutes of this before 9-incher was squirming and writhing on the bed, ready to shoot his cum. And shoot he did, several feet into the air, under the expert supervision of my wife's hand.

I'm watching all of this from the chair, having pulled Kat close to me as she sat on the floor between my knees, my cock pressing into her back between the shoulder blades. I nearly filled my pants with cum at the sight of my wife at work, using up and tossing aside four different men in succession.

With Piercing, Three, Girthy and 9-incher all spent, this left only number five, still standing in the corner stroking his cock, watching just as I had. With the cum of four guys dripping off of and out of her, she rolled over onto the bed on her back, spreading her legs wide and motioning Number Five to come hither. But instead of mounting her soaked, wide open pussy, he suddenly jumped up onto the bed, and standing directly over her, quickly jacked himself off, spraying his jiz across my wife's body, from clit to nipples. Angela fondled her own boobs and took the soaking. "Hmmmm... yeah... give it to me," she purred. When he was done, Number Five quickly got dressed and dashed out the door, having never muttered a single word.

Each of the other four guys dutifully dressed, and, one by one, kissed my wife goodbye. She thanked them all, and they all thanked me with a hearty handshake as each made his way out the door and into the night. Kat took Angela's hair in her hand and herself gave her a long, passionate kiss, thanking her for the show. Kat also kissed me on her way out, but not before whipping off my pants, revealing my own throbbing cock. She grabbed it, shook it at Angela and said, "You have one more dick to take care of, sweetie!" and headed out the door.

We both just stood there for a few minutes, trying to fathom what had happened over the last two hours. Finally, Ang broke the silence.

"I'm going to take a quick shower, then it's your turn."

"No," I said, moving towards her. "I want you just the way you are, covered and oozing with other guys' cum."

She lay back on the bed and I jumped on and straddled my wife's shoulders. She eagerly took my cock into her mouth and easily slid a finger into my ass. I began drilling my wife's mouth with my rock-hard cock until I was ready to explode. My wife never liked having cum in her mouth, so I started to pull out to shoot it onto her boobies when she grabbed me by the balls, and shoved my dick even further down her throat. My wife took all my spooge into her mouth for the first time ever that night, and swallowed it with a hunger I'd never seen before.

Having nearly passed out with the strength of my orgasm, I collapsed on the bed next to my wife.

"Now you can take a shower," I gasped. Ang smiled, kissed me on the cheek and headed off to the bathroom. While she took a long, hot shower, I gently stroked my penis back to life. By the time she got out of the shower, I would have one more surprise for her.

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Very well written and the sex scenes were very real. More please.

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