tagBDSMSo You want to be My Cumslut Pt. 01

So You want to be My Cumslut Pt. 01


We had just got done one of our phone chats.

You were a hot little redhead. Kind of petite with a nicely curved little figure. Your natural titties were nice and soft and inviting. Your nipples half dollar sized and inviting. Your body had nice smooth white skin and ran down all your gorgeous curves to a nice tight little shaved pussy. You were wearing a shirt but I had since had you pull off your little shorts and the lacey pink panties you were wearing.

I loved to make you strip for me and touch your pussy while we talked. Your nice fresh painted nails a nice contract to your sweet little pink lips on your pussy. You were laying on the bed. Just having done one of our chats. And your delicious little cunt was just about dripping from girl cum. Your fingers were covered and as always I had had you lick them and taste your juices for me. You didn't like the taste but it was starting to turn you on. The fact that I was controlling you. Putting discipline in you. And making you taste your pussy. You pressed your fingers harder into your little pink hole and started to rub. Your little clit erect and sliding through your fingers.


Oh shit. Who was that? You didn't think anyone was going to bother you today.

You ignored the knock a bit. Maybe it was just a salesman.


Well oh shit. I guess it was someone you had to answer.

You dejectedly pulled on your little pink panties. Sliding them up and over your nice soft little ass and shimmying in. And then you did the same with your shorts. You closed your bedroom door with a sigh and went to answer the door.

You looked through the window to see who it was. You could see a tall figure there. Brown shorts. A gray polo shirt. But you couldn't see the face. As you opened the door and said "Yes?" The chain still latched you saw who it was.

I stood there with my phone in my hand and a big smile on my face. Freshly shaved face and with a big grin. You were shocked and slipped the chain open.

"Oh my god. What are you doing here? How did you find me?" You rushed into me with a hug. "How are you here? Weren't you in Vermont?"

I looked your delicious body up and down. "I just couldn't stand it anymore Sasha. I had to have some of that awesome tight little pussy of yours. Are you busy? Or are you ready to be my cumslut?"

"Well. I was uh...working."

I walked in the doorway and pressed up against you pinning your little body against the wall. You could feel my hard cock pressing against your stomach and my hot breath all over your head.

"Don't lie to me. You were just talking to me. I know your little pussy is sopping wet and covered in cum. How did your fingers taste?"

You started to answer but I pushed you up against the wall and kissed you passionately. My tongue slipping into your mouth and my hands exploring your pussy and your ass. Grabbing you like a starving animal.

"Get those clothes off now!" I commanded and you instantly started peeling off your shirt as I started to lick and suck your soft nipples and do circles on them with my tongue. "And for lying to me about working you are going to have to be punished too." Oh and that made you really wet thinking about it. I started to lick and kiss down your stomach as you unzipped your shorts. And I finished that job ripping them down off your sweet soft body in one motion.

"Open your legs for me you little whore. Show me that sweet pussy." I pressed you against the wall. And you opened your legs for me. I started to lick and suck at all your delicate folds. My tongue doing circles on your little clit. And I nibbled and sucked at the sweet little shaved lips. I pressed my face into you hard. Holding my hands on your body to keep you pressed against the wall. With my left hand I stuck two fingers inside you as I continued to lick.

"Cum all over my face you little bitch" I commanded as I started licking and sucking even more furiously. You couldn't believe how turned on you were and felt feelings inside you like you were going to cum. Your body shook as a huge orgasm shot through your body. And you felt the cum gush from your pussy and squirted. I dove into you with reckless abandon licking up every drop of your girl cum and sucking every drop out of your shaved soft little mound.

"Oh yum Sasha. Your pussy tastes go good." Your fingers laced into my hair as you sighed and moaned in pleasure.

I lifted you to your feet and bent you over the kitchen table.

"Not here" you tried to pant "The neighbors might see."

But my pants were already down and I pressed the head of my huge cock against your tight little pussy.

"Mark. I'm serious. I can't...ahhhh..."

You felt me slip into you and your little pussy stretching from my big dick. I thrust in and out of you each time putting more into your tasty little cunt. And I held your face down against the table.

"Are you resisting me Sasha?" I asked.

"Oh no. Oh please. Please take me to the bedroom."

An old man walked by walking his dog and happened to glance in your window. Seeing you naked and your face pressed against the table. And a large man behind you. And obviously inside of you. He hurried along.

I slapped your ass kind of hard.

"You're just going to do what you're told. Now spread those legs for me so I can fuck you deep."

I thrust balls deep into you sending a shudder through your body. It stretched you and kind of hurt but felt amazing all at the same time.

"Now tell me you're my little whore!"

"Oh I'm your little whore!!" you yelled as I thrust hard into you shaking your little body. My balls slapping off your thighs.

"Tell me this is my pussy! Tell me you're my cumslut!"

"Oh!! Oh god!! This is your pussy!! I'm your little cumslut!!"

I kept thrusting into you hard. My strong hand had hold of the back of your neck and kept you pinned down on the table as I continued to pump away deep inside your tight little pussy. I spit down towards your pussy and it hit your asshole and started to dribble down the sides of my cock as I fucked you. I took my finger and stuck it in your ass as you whimpered.

"Are you my little slut? Do all of your holes belong to me?" I asked you sticking another finger in your ass.

"Uh. Oh. Please be gentle." you whimpered.

SMACK. I slapped your ass.

"That's not what I asked." I thrust hard into you as if to empathize my point.

"mmm. Oh. Oh yes. You own all my holes!! I'm yours to use for your pleasure."

"That's a good little slut! Now take this dick."

I pumped over and over furiously into your pussy. Your body was rocked with another huge orgasm and your little pussy contracted and pulsed. Closing and contracting on my cock. I thrust into you hard again forcing it to stay all the way open as you gasped in ecstasy and came hard. Your cum running down my balls.

"Uh. Oh here it comes slut! I'm going to cum."

You licked your lips and grabbed the table hard.

"Oh please cum in my pussy. I want it so bad."

I thrust into you as far as I could. My cock throbbing as you felt stream after stream of cum filling your little pussy. It was so deep inside of you and so wet and warm. You could feel wetness running down your leg and you weren't sure if it was girl cum or mine.

"That's a good girl. Milk it all out." I pumped into you a few more times emptying my balls into you.

As I pulled out of you cum rolled out of your pussy and down your leg. There was so much.

You looked up at me with hard nipples and lust in your eyes and said "Oh my god. That was so good. I came so hard." And you went to retrieve your panties.

"Oh no you don't." I said. "You're my little cumslut today and cumsluts don't wear panties! Where is that little skirt you have for me? And something thin and tight for your top." You gulped. "Now I'm going to take you into the shower and get you cleaned up."

I took your hands and led you into the shower. Which was several minutes of deliciousness. Kisses and licks all along your neck. My tongue in your mouth and playfully rubbing against yours. My fingers searching your pussy and cleaning and soaping. And my hands rubbing your soft titties and hard nipples. You wanted me to take you right there in the shower but I didn't. My cock was rock hard next to you despite having just cum and you kept looking at it hungrily. You even went to drop to your knees and suck it but I held you up and said "Oh not just yet. I have a special day planned for you."

And finally we were done our shower and we went into your bedroom as you sat on the bed.

"Do you really want me to wear a skirt with no panties?" You asked looking up at me. The skirt was super short and would show off your curvy little ass. But if you bent over people would see your pussy. It was like one of those skirts that a whore would wear. And next to it was another minimal piece of clothing. A lacey looking white top that you could see through. You tried to grab a bra as well but I slapped your hand.

"No bra either. You're dressing like my whore tonight."

"Where are we going...?" you started to ask but I pressed my finger up to your lips.

"You just never mind and do what you're told. Oh and there's still the matter of your punishment for lying to me about work earlier."

"Oh but I..."

"Sasha..."I scolded. "Come here and bend over my knee now. Do that first while you're still naked."

You obeyed and bended over my knee.

SMACK! "Are you going to lie to me again?" "No...never."

SMACK!! "Are you going to do everything I say tonight?" "Oh god. Please yes. I will."

SMACK!! "I think you like your ass slapped you little whore. Now I want ZERO questions out of you tonight. If I tell you to do something you do it. Do you understand?" "Yes. Yes I do. You're the boss."

"Good girl."

I watched you pull the little skirt up over your body and latch it. And I got one quick rub and lick on your titties as you pulled the shirt over your body.

"Oh that's delicious Sasha. You look just like a little prostitute. A hot one!! Spin for me and show me what you would do to get my money slut."

You did a little twirl and squeezed your titties. And lifted your skirt a little for me so I could see your ass and your nice tight little asshole and pussy. You bent over and spread your cheeks and I got a good view of both your holes.

"Very nice Sasha. Now we're ready to go but first..."

I pulled out a large scarf and wrapped it around your eyes and tied it tight.

"Now you leave this on. I don't want you to know where we're going. It's a surprise."

Butterflies were in your stomach as I tied the blindfold tight and took your hand. I led you through the house and you felt the sunshine coming down on you but you could not see. I carefully guided you so you wouldn't trip and stumble. And you heard a car door open as I put you in the passenger seat. The door closed and a few seconds later the other opened and you heard me get in and start the car.

I put my hand on your leg and rubbed it up and down. Brushing your pussy with my fingers.

The car started to move as you felt anticipation. You trusted me but you really didn't know me that well just yet. What did I have planned for you? Your pussy still felt kind of wet inside despite my thorough cleaning from being fucked so hard earlier. You imagined there was probably still some of my cum deep inside you. A feeling of excitement welled up inside you wondering what kind of deliciously naughty things were going to be done to you tonight.


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