tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSoaking It All In

Soaking It All In


It was a hot, mid-August day in Southeast Louisiana. Cherish was at home, lying in bed, soaking in the cool a/c of her small New Orleans duplex and enjoying the cum comma she was left in before Stacy went in to work this morning. She was awaken by the noise of lawn equipment. Ugh... it's too early. She thought. It was only... she rolls over lazily feeling the poof of the feather bed billow beneath her supple naked body... shit. It's almost noon already. She didn't get in from work til 3 am, then Stacy showed up drunk and horny.

It's been that way for years, Stacy showing up in the middle of the night, needing comfort. She stretches like a cat and finds herself invigored by the feel of silk sheets over tender nipples and small welts. Fuck. I want her, again. She nurses a bruised breast in one hand as she slides her hand down her soft body to cup and hold her throbbing clit. The noise of a mower running under her bedroom window distracts her from her fantasies and the memory of this morning. She smiles thinking of her favorite smell next to fresh brewed coffee is freshly mowed grass. Cherish looks up and notices one of the lawn men, a large man of Mexican decent staring hungrily at her from just outside her window. He grinned at her carnally.... She grabs the black sheet and rolls out of bed.

As she makes her way to the back of her two bedroom to the kitchen, Cherish stops in the bathroom to check herself in the mirrored walls. Stacy's swollen hand print still stung slightly on her right ass cheek. She rubs it gently with two fingers. Reminiscing again, she smiles. Her tummy growls and she remembers why she was on her way to the kitchen.

Winding her way around her roommate's messy room, she finally hits the kitchen. Of course Stacy, being the awesomely sexy and considerate woman she is, preset the coffee machine so that all Cherish had to do was hit the "on" button. She secured the silk sheet around her body like a sarong and began to pop a slice of wheat bread in the toaster. Grabbing the butter and creamer out of the fridge, she spied out the window to see if the yard men were done. She didn't see them and decided they were working on the neighbor's side. "Guess they'll want money and waters soon." she mused. Damn. That's what she forgot. Oh well, what man doesn't enjoy a stout beer early in the day? She shrugs off the thought when the toast popped up. She grabs a plate and began to butter her toast lavishly with sweet cream. Finally, she heard the final spouts of the carafe and began to pour herself a mug.

Taking her coffee and toast out to the terrace, Cherish settled down under the jasmine and inhaled deeply the sounds and scents that make up a Southern Summer. Eww... dirty sweat was not the smell she was expecting on her last deep breath. Opening her eyes, they settled again on the Mexican who she saw outside her window earlier. Only this time, he had no shirt on, and you could see the sweat and dirt clinging to his not so kept up form. He smiles at her again, holding his grimy, calloused hand out. This time he's expecting something from her. She looks up & her throat catches. He has a scary aura about him. Like he's not someone you'd want to meet up with in a dark alleyway at night, or anytime for that matter.

She stammered, caught herself, and cleared her throat. "I'll have to go get my wallet", she told him, not quite looking up. He grunted, and stepped aside.

Leaving her breakfast, she slipped into the double french doors and made her way back through to her room at the other end. She didn't notice the slight black man in the bathroom, taking a piss until she plowed into him head on.

"Whoa there, Miss. Take it easy. Don't be such a rush. Here, lemme help you." He extended a lean but muscular arm to her, and pulled her to her feet much quicker than she anticipated. His chest was the only thing that stopped her. Still fuzzy from the collision, she blushed at her lack of verbal response and the rush of nerves began. The feel of his strong arm still around her waist and her still-tender nipples against his chest made her suddenly aware of her wardrobe.

Regaining her wits, she pulled away, mumbling her apologies. She closed the tiny door connecting her bedroom to the only bathroom. Wishing she could wash the sweat and feel of the man off of her. Sighing, she removes the sheet and walks to her bed. She turns to the side-dresser where she pulls her pocketbook from the drawer with the Smith & Wesson. Sitting on her bed, she begins to pull the money out.

"Damn, girl. I didn't know you was stacked like that!" She jumps as she hears the man's declaration. Shocked that he would have the gall to enter her room, in-invited, she froze with fear. The gun was inches from her fingers, but she couldn't even think of it. He had her gaze locked on his. He was holding his well swollen cock in his hand through his Dickies. "If I knew you'd look like dat, I'd've plowed yo sweet ass before I mowed da lawn. Hell, I'll take my payment now, no cash needed." Within three steps, he overtook her, grabbing her up from behind, kissing her hard. Her screams made his blood rush. The large Mexican seamed to appear from nowhere quick, and back handed her with a heavy right hand to shut her up. This worked well. She slumped down, leaving the black man to support her entire weight.

"Damn, Zeus, I likes'em thick and all, but fuck, dis bitch weighs a ton! Help me get her on the bed." They stretched her out over the bed, face down. Of course, her bondage restraints left over from Stacy's super sexy surprise visit the night before, provided the perfect tools for the men to tie her down with.

"Oh, so you's a freaky bitch. I see you got all these straps and strap-ons and shit. I got something for ya, bitch, this da real-est dick eva! And I'mma drive this big black cock up that sweet round white ass of yours, just wait. I got sumptin for ya!" He smacks her ass on Stacy's handprint, causing it to redden anew with his print. This brings Cherish back to conscience with a scream. She looks up, seeing the red numbers on the radio clock. I've only been up 30 minutes, and already my day is hell, she thinks. Remembering Stacy likes to drop by on her lunch on days they have sex just to "top off", she said a silent prayer that Stacy's new client takes her to lunch to close the deal.

"Hey! D, look what just got served for lunch, Ese." Cherish closed her eyes, and let a tear fall. She didn't have to be facing the door to know what Zeus was referring to. Stacy was being held by the throat by the large Mexican. She normally liked being choked, but Cherish could feel her fear. Darren plops his now naked form on the bed next to her. Stroking her hair back, and cupping her face, he looks down at her.

"Don't worry baby, when I'm done, I'm gonna make both you and your bitch love dick...." Turning his attention to his partner, he told Zeus "Bring her over here dis way a bit, my man. Lemme see what we got."

He reaches down into the nightstand pulling out the Smith & Wesson. "Ohhhh ohhh.... look at dis shit here. We gonna have some real fun now!" Darren said as he turns the .9mm this way and that. "Come here, slut." Zeus shuffles her over to him, still holding her by the wrists and throat. "Come suck my dick, hoe." He releases her throat, grabs her hair, pushes her down to her knees, and shoves her mouth all the way down Darren's already stiff cock causing her to gag. He smacks her ass for good measure and grunts. Darren takes Stacy's hair from Zeus and strokes the muzzle against her lower jaw. "Now make it good and sloppy so I can fuck your girlfriend, and no teeth." he said tapping the gun against her jaw.

Zeus laughs a deep rumble of a laugh as he begins to undress himself and fondle Cherish's nude body stretched & tied across the bed. She buries her head in the feather bed as she feels the large man come up from behind her. He pulls her up to him. Expecting him to enter her, she braces herself for the pain. Instead, his calloused hand brushed across her entire bald pussy, softly rubbing in small circular motions. He played with her labia, caressing the soft folds: first the outer, then the inner, rubbing gently. His thumb teased her tight pink hole, slightly catching her clit and causing cum to flow. His other hand finds her thick breast and begin slightly twisting her nipple. She couldn't help moaning now, writhing, backing herself up to meet his hand. It was Darren's turn to laugh this time. He pulls Stacy's head up so she can see her girlfriend beg for more, but not enough to let her mouth off his cock.

"See that, bitch? Your woman likes that. She want dat dick in her. I told her I was gonna make you love it too. You like that? Hmm? You wanna see me fuck your girlfriend? Hey, Zeus, my turn."

Zeus grinned as he reached over and grabbed Stacy by the hair again. By this time, he was fully erect. A product of playing with Cherish's sweet, tight pussy. He could go for some head now. He almost came as she took all of him in one swallow. When her tongue ring hit his curve, he thought he did. Pulling his cock out of her mouth , he slapped her hard. Then, twisting a nipple, he guided her to the bathroom. Turning her around over the sink, he rubbed his hard cock across her asshole. She screamed, which made him even harder. He crushed her breast in his arms, pinning her to him. She struggled futilely. He laughed as he nuzzled her neck, nipping at it. With one hand, he reached down, and grabbed her natural, hairy snatch. His fingers found the soft fold. She was wet. That Punta. She wants it. He shoves his fingers deeper, rotating his thumb on her clit and squeezing her breast. They both felt her knees buckle. He took that time to reposition his cock between her legs. Her pussy was frothy with her own cum. She knew it, too. They shared a glance in the mirror.

Just on the other side of the door, in the next room, Darren had Cherish on her knees with her face in the bed. He liked the way her pussy looked shaved, he had to kiss it. He ran is tongue along her thick slit. Zeus already had her wet, but he wanted this bitch to beg him for his cock. He couldn't help himself. He buried his tongue deep in her hole and lapped all the juices as she came on his face. With his chin on her clit, his tongue was free to tease and taught her meaty lips and tight hole. He spread her ass cheeks with both hands, teasing her asshole, he licked up and down her crack, sucking, licking, slurping, nibbling. He felt her shake, and teased her clit even more with his bottom lip. He flopped down under her, and pulled her down covering his face, and sucked hard on her clit. This allowed him to swallow her sweet cum as it dripped down. Damn, her box was delicious. He couldn't get enough, but she wasn't ready, yet. She needed to beg first.

He released her leg restraints, and flipped her over. Grabbing the gun, he slowly ran the barrel up one thigh, circled her clit, and down the other. "Now I ain't gonna have no issue with you am I, slut?" Tearfully, she shook her head no. As he bit down on her nipple, he shoved the muzzle across her labia. He looked up, releasing her nipple. With a twisted fearsome look, he shoved it deeper and said "Good, cause I'd hate to waste such a fine as piece of pussy as you across this goddamn bed and wall."

She nodded, he put the piece down beside the bed and began kissing her. Rough at first, then with more passion. He followed a trail down and cross her body. Finally, he was back to her sweet, creamy center. She was hot. Darren licked the voluptuous V that homed Cherish's little pussy. He sucked on her thighs. Wanting to see her quiver, he spread her legs, and lay between them, kissing her clit, teasing it, sucking on it. His fingers stroked her soft wet lips as he continued to tease her. Every time he buried his tongue, she rose her hips to meet him. Finally, she cried. "PLEASE! No more! I'm gonna cum." He sat up.

"Not yet you don't, bitch, I didn't give you permission to cum, yet. You cum, when I say you can cum. Here, I got something for you to cum on. Come'ere." He kneeled between her open legs and plopped his hard cock on her throbbing clit and rubbed it around. He let her pussy juices soak the head of his dick, as it sat on the soft edge of her inner lips, rubbing it back and forth. When she tried to buck him in, he pulled back, and popped her clit again with his hard cock, rubbing and massaging the lips with his head . "Ah ah ah... not yet, slut. You ain't ready for all this good black dick yet."

She closed her eyes, crying.... "Please" she said in a soft voice.

"Please?! Please what, bitch? Please you? Fuck dat, better please me, hoe!"

"Please fuck me." she whimpered.

That's just what he wanted to hear. He leaned over her body, caressing her gently. "Yeah, beg for it, bitch. Lemme hear it, now. How you want dat dick, hoe?"

"Inside me, now." she whispered.

"How you ask it, slut?"

"Please fuck my pussy, D. I want your cock in me, now."

"Fucking right, hoe. I told you I'd make you beg for dis black cock!" Running kisses across her voluptuous body, Darren unbuckled her final restraints. Cherish rolled him over and was sitting astraddle Darren, ready to take his fully erect, thick black cock deep in her tight white virgin pussy. She stroked his hard cock, and was ready to orgasm just thinking about taking it all in her. She felt guilty and wondered how her girlfriend was in the bathroom with the Mexican named Zeus.

Stacy broke eye contact first. She turned around, placing her hands around his neck, and jumped up, wrapping her legs around his waist. Zeus caught her and brought her to the wall. Angling himself, he lowered her onto his throbbing cock. She tightened instantly, but he let her slide down the full length before bringing her back up. He leaned back and looked into her eyes. She kiss him, fully, hard, and began grinding him in deeper. He started pounding on her pussy. He couldn't get deep enough! She kept cumming. To keep it in her, he had to bring her to the floor. She finally opened up for him. The first time he felt her orgasm, he almost slipped. He wanted to fill her hot snatch up with his sticky juice, but he held off. She kept pulling him in further and further. He rolled over, taking her with him. She repositioned her hips to take all of him. He could feel every bit of his 10 inches swelling inside her. He massaged her breast, taking one, then the other in his mouth. He could feel her cum on him with every thrust. Neither one was controlling the pace. It was slippery, and sticky and gooey, but this time, there was no stopping either one of their releases. Her arms came slamming down on his chest as she came, if his nut didn't take his breath away, that did, which oddly, made him cum harder. He held her hips down and shot as deep and as hard as he could in her hot juicy pussy.

Darren was ready. Cherish rocked back on the head. Her wet pussy made small sucking noises as she rubbed her pussy over his thick cock. "I'm scared." She whispered.

"Shhh.... I gotcha." He sat up and kissed her as he entered in one swift motion. She bit his lip against the pain. This bitch had to be a virgin, she so fucking tight! He thought. Fuck, what else is that tight? "UGHH" he grunted. Darren rocked her with a soft rhythm, let her sit on his cock and cum. When she was ready, she pulled back and began grinding her hips into him.

Darren didn't know how much harder he could get. He ain't never been this hard. He usually bust a nut with a hoe skipped out. He'd been working on this pussy for a good minute now, and still ain't shot his load, yet! That's some good ass pussy. He could smell her cum everywhere. She slumped down and kissed him again. Slowly, she rotated her hips in tiny circles. He growled, and plunged deeper into her. She squealed in ecstasy and bucked back. Stretching her body up, she controlled the speed and rhythm.

Stacy opened the door and found her girlfriend riding Darren's cock. Her nipples were instantly hard, and she started to salivate. Her once-satiated pussy began to crave more. She walked to the bed, climbed on and crawled to Cherish. Wrapping her arms around Cherish and bringing up a breast in each hand, she squeezed. Cherish screamed and creamed all at once.

"Oh hells yeah! Bring dat ass over round here, hoe! Lemme have some of dat."

Stacy came around to face Cherish. She had to kiss her, hold her. As the girls wrapped up in each other, Darren pulled Stacy onto his mouth. He felt like he was gonna bust his nut. He had one bitch on his dick, and one on his face. He let the girls entertain themselves on his cock while he ate Stacy out.

Zeus came from the bathroom and watched the three for a minute while he played with himself. Fully erect again, he started playing with Cherish's ass and both women's breast. By then, Zeus had decided that he wanted more of Stacy. He played with her breast until she turned to him, and took his cock in her hands. She teased his prick with her lips.

Darren pulled Stacy off his mouth. Deciding that's not how he wanted to bust his nut, Darren bends Cherish over, slides his cum soaked cock across her slit, circled her asshole, and guided it in. "OH NO! FUCK! STOP IT, NO!" She screamed, trying to fight him off. He had to restrain himself. At first, he wanted to bury his cock deep in her fat ass. As big as his cock was, he'd kill her if he rammed it in on the first hit.

"Hold still bitch, I got dis" he said, popping her in back of her head one good time. This caused her to slump forward, and put the head of his cock right in. Once he got the head in, she tried to pull off. He followed her, still pumping, but not near what he wanted to do to her right then. He pulled her up by her hair. Putting a hand on her throat, he squeezed, mimicking the same action with her breast.

Cherish bucked away, but the hand on her throat kept her still as he slowly inched his way into her ass. Tears streamed down her face, as he caught her earlobe in his lips. "See bitch, I told you, I got dis." He growled as he felt his cock buried deep in her ass. When she finally reached the bottom of his shaft, he released her throat and grabbed her by the pussy. She whimpered. Sliding two fingers in, he wiggled her clit and thrust his cock deeper while squeezing her breast. She came down hard on his cock, and screamed. Her pussy gushed all over Darren's fingers. He brought his hand to her mouth and made her lick her cum from his fingers. Finally, she was meeting him thrust for thrust. Fuck! It was tight!

Stacy was jealous of the fucking Cherish was getting. She stopped sucking on Zeus' cock and laid on her stomach with her arms propping her up to begin licking Cherish's exposed and unused pussy. Cherish couldn't breathe! She couldn't stop cumming, either. Stacy attacking her swollen clit sent her over the edge. "THAT'S IT, YEAH! FUCK ME!! OHHHH YEAH! EAT MY PUSSY, BABY! FUUUCK! OHHH!"

Zeus saw that as his opportunity to mount Stacy again. Straddling her hips, he pressed his cock against her taint, letting his pre-cum build up. She squeezed her ass cheeks together, and his cock slid to her asshole. She bucked and his pre-cum provided just the right amount of lube to slide his head in. He pulled it out, slid it into her hot pussy and let her cum on it for a second. Pulling back out, he re-positioned his cock at the base of her ass and let her back herself onto it. Once the head was back in, Zeus thrust down deep, burying his full cock in her sweet ass. Stacy was pinned. She felt Zeus swell deep in her ass, felt him twitch.

"Fuck!" she screamed against Cherish's clit. Zeus began to grind out a slow rhythm. "OHHH POPPI!" Stacy joined him and was meeting his thrust.

"Tap dat ass, ese!" Darren laughed squeezing Cherish's breast, he smacked her ass, and pulled his steel hard cock out. He plunged it deep into her pussy.

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