tagFetishSoaking Wet on a Clear Night

Soaking Wet on a Clear Night


I personally am not into watersports, but since I am into pleasing men no matter what their fetish is, I have had a very experience with that! It was a couple of years ago, when I was at a bar and strutting around in four inch heeled ankle boots, a short black low cut dress, and sheer stockings with no panties. Two guys came on to me and the next thing I knew, we ended up at their motel room.

I had drunk a lot and really had to pee, and they kept getting turned on by that and prevented me from getting to the bathroom. Finally I told them I was about to pee in my stockings, and that got them extremely excited and they pulled my dress off me. Both of them held me and kept me from going to the bathroom, and they told me to go ahead and pee.

I was drunk, and I really had to go, so I started and it flowed all down my hose into my boots; little bits splashing out, but mostly warm piss filling my pantyhose, gathering in a pool around my cunt and ass. The warmth and how turned on the guys became really got me excited, and I was wet in more ways than one.

They had been fondling and teasing me, but now they had their pants down and their cocks out. They told me to get on my knees and suck each of them off. I kneeled, making a wet spot on the floor, and went to work on the first guy's cock. He pulled out and came on my face, but before I could try to wipe it off, the other guy had shoved his cock in my mouth. I started sucking, deep and fast, and soon he came, also pulling out and shooting it all over my face.

I had my eyes closed to keep cum from getting in them, and with my face dripping; they took me to the bathroom and had me kneel in the tub. I told them it was hard on my knees, and I tried to wipe the cum off me. My face was covered with it, but they wouldn't let me wipe it off with my hands or wash it off. When I tried, they would grab my hands and hold them behind me. They said a slut like me should have cum all over her pretty slut face. Of course that turned me on!

Well, they had drunk a lot too, and after Cumming both of them really had to piss! One guy pulled my pantyhose forward, and started peeing into my stockings!!!! The other guy tugged on them so the piss would flow all up and down my legs, and back up to my waist. Soon I felt warm piss all over my legs, ass and cunt, and piss filling my boots. Then the other guy did the same thing from behind. My hose were like a leaky balloon filled with piss. They told me to stand up and rub my hose down. I tried to take them off, but they stopped me by grabbing my arms behind my back. So I did as they said, and piss flowed down my body as it pushed its way through my pantyhose.

I was covered from waist to feet with piss! It felt very warm and sensual, and I became very aroused. They guys told me to keep touching myself, so I started fingering my pussy through the hose, and had an orgasm doing that. The guys loved that and yelled encouragement to me. The both got hard again, and the next thing I knew, I had another cock in my mouth. It took longer to get him to cum, but I suck cock with a vengeance, and soon he was ready to explode. He pulled out and again covered my face, getting cum in my eyes, hair, and suddenly the next guy had moved over me in the tub and was face fucking me, forcing his cock in and out all the way down my throat as he pulled my hair in rhythm to what he was doing. I love being controlled like that, but he came quickly before I could get close to an orgasm, and he too shot all over my face. I was drenched with sticky cum, and it covered my eyes, nose, and was in my hair. I licked what I could off my face, but again they slapped my hands from trying to wipe it off.

They took towels and dried my pantyhose a little so they weren't dripping, but they were still totally soaked through and through with piss.

They led me into the other room, as I had closed my eyes from the cum, and told me to put my dress back on and said they would drive me back to the bar! My shoes were wet with piss as well as my pantyhose, and my dress stuck to it and had big wet spots on it. I said I can't go like this, but they just grabbed me and said I was going to their car. I couldn't resist the two of them pulling me out the door, so I did as they said. I squinted and tried using tears and blinking to make the cum in my eyes bearable. It helped and I could see through a gooey haze.

They told me I could go with them or I could just get out of their place and fend for myself. I had no real choice, so I went. They put plastic down on the car seat and drive me back to the bar.

They had me wait in their car with one of them, while they called me a taxi. I didn't want them to know where I lived so I refused to let them drive me home. They made me wait until I was in the cab to finally wipe the cum off my face, which had mostly dried so I couldn't get it off very well, and my hose were still soaked with piss.

The driver took me home and gave me very strange looks in his rear view mirror, but didn't say a word. I have no idea what the men told him, but I tipped him very well. I insisted on rolling all the windows down!

It was humiliating to walk into the door of my place with dried cum on me and my stockings dripping with piss and my hose filled with it. I had a roommate and she had a boyfriend over and they saw me! I just went straight to me room and never said a word about it. They never asked either!

Well, that was quite a night. I never had anything like that again, though I have done milder piss play. But thinking about that night again got me all horny and I just finger fucked myself to that memory!!!

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