tagMind ControlSoccer Mom Hypnotized

Soccer Mom Hypnotized


One day a mom had dropped off her daughter to soccer practice. The mom was about 5'10", long brown hair, button nose, and great smile. I watched her for a moment and knew that was the mom I wanted to control. She was going to be my slave. She was going to beg me to cum into her womanhood and I was going to own her being.

I got off my bike and took out the Hypnotizer from my backpack. It was a tool that I had invented to take over women's mind and to make them my slave. I watched as the woman who would be completely mine began walking to her mini van in the parking lot next to the field.

I began walking towards her at a slow pace as to not cause attention. When I got close I asked if she could tell me what time it was, she was wearing a watch on her left hand. That is when I bought the Hypnotizer up to her face. She looked at me, I pressed the button, and a bright flash and the spin of the spiral began.

She looked right into it stunned. I began giving her immediately directions.

"You must watch the spiral and must look deeply into the middle of the spiral. Continue watching the disc spin round and round. Round and round it goes spinning your mind into a hypnotic state of control."

The young mom stood there wide eyed, unmoving, watching the spinning flashing disc in front of her.

"You are in a state of hypnosis and must do everything I say. You must obey me, I am your Master."

Her face had gone completely blank and she repeated in a flat monotone voice, "I must obey, you are my Master."

I commanded my slave to give me the keys to the mini van and to get into the passenger side of the van.

She gave me her mini van keys and went to the passenger side door and got into the mini van. I got into the driver's side. I started the mini van for we were going to visit my house that was three blocks away. As we drove I found out that her name was Kelly, she was 27 years old, she was married to her husband of five years, she was a devoted wife, and a mother of one daughter.

We pulled into the driveway. I took out the Hypnotizer and turned it back onto Kelly's blank staring face. She looked deeply into the spinning spiral and the lights flashed into her eyes and face over and over again as the spiral disc spun round and round.

"You are my slave. I have enslaved you with this Hypnotizer. You are completely mine, both mind and body."

Repeat after me my slave Kelly. "My mind and body are yours Master." In her monotone voice Kelly repeated the words, "My mind and body are yours Master." Again slave Kelly. "My mind and body are yours Master. My mind and body are yours Master."

"Very good slave!" I said with great approval. Here we sat in her mini van, a beautiful, young, vibrant wife and mother of one daughter submitting to me and becoming my complete slave.

We went to my house, a one story ranch in the middle of a small town.

We got in! Safe. No one else around. Just me and my slave. She stood there right by the door with a completely blank face. She was standing waiting for my commands. Her Master's commands.

I walked her to the living room and sat down on the couch and commanded her to face me. She turned to me with a "Yes Master".

"I want to see your naked body, slave. Remove your clothes for your Master, slave."

"Yes Master," she said in her monotone voice as she began removing her shirt. She had a cute black bra on that hid nice looking perky breasts. She then removed her pants and had on matching panties of the same color. She undid the snap in the back of the bra and it dropped to the floor. She put both thumbs on the side of her panties and dropped them to her ankles. She stepped out of them and stood completely naked in front of me.

Her body was gorgeous and she was amazing. She stood there in a blank state just staring ahead displaying her naked body to me, her Master. She was a devoted wife and mother who was now showing her awesome naked body to me, which was mine now, since I owned her and she was my slave thanks to the Hypnotizer.

I wanted my hypnotized slave to kneel in front of me for she was going to suck my cock. "Come and kneel in front of me slave." "Yes Master." She knelt right in front of me with her naked body. I pulled my pants and trousers off revealing my hard cock.

"Suck my cock," I ordered.

"Yes, Master" my slave stated.

She began sucking it and putting it completely into her mouth. It was wonderful watching this devoted wife and mother, now sucking my cock as I commanded her to do. She was completely mine.

Her head bobs up and down on my erect cock that is in her mouth. Up and down and up and down she goes.

I feel that I am about to release and I command Kelly to swallow all that I give her.

I shoot my massive load down her throat as she swallows it.

Minutes later, I command her the reason I had enslaved her at the parking lot of the soccer field.

"Slave, you will beg me to let you ride my cock and fill your womanhood with my load," I instructed.

"Yes Master, as you wish," Kelly responded to my instructions in a monotone voice kneeling in front of her master.

Kelly looks up into my eyes with a blank stare, "Please Master, please let your slave ride your massive cock, and pleasure you with my sweet young pussy. To place you cock into my womanhood and to fill it with your cum. Please allow me to satisfy your need of great pleasure with my pussy, oh great Master."

I was convinced at "Please Master" by her soft sexual voice begging me to let her ride my cock.

"You may ride your Master's cock slave," I said with great happiness hearing this cute woman begging me was terrific.

I huge smile gathered on Kelly's face, for now she had her Master's approval to ride his cock.

She stood up slowly, grabbed her Master's cock and inserted it into her waiting pussy.

She began rocking up and down on my cock. What a tremendous feeling of pleasure and power. This incredible woman was riding my cock for I owned her.

After about five and half minutes I released my load lifting my hips up and into the submissive woman's pussy.

Kelly then collapsed onto me breathing heavily and exhausted. I sat there with my penis still inside her thinking how wonderful it was to have this woman as my slave.

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