tagMatureSoccer Mom Out of Control

Soccer Mom Out of Control


As Karen Miller looked through the windshield of her Range Rover at the soccer practice where her daughter's ex-boyfriend was running around in his little red shorts, her hand was under her skirt while she thought about how much this relationship had changed over the last few months.

In the beginning it was Karen running the show because it was Trevor Carlson who was the one with the infatuation problem. It was the kid who lusted after Karen, so much so that the lad had dated Karen's daughter just to be around her. The ruse had been so obvious that the middle-aged woman was surprised her kid hadn't seen through it, but her daughter was infatuated with the 18 year old soccer phenom at the time and couldn't see straight.

Back then Karen was just amused at the pimple-faced kid as he tried not to be obvious when he would stare at her breasts, his infatuation with her over-sized bosom charming in a way, but Karen had just thought he was a goofy kid until that night down in the family room.

Karen's daughter and Trevor were downstairs watching TV and they must have thought she was in bed and asleep but Karen was wide awake and from her vantage point she could see them both very clearly as they necked on the couch.

It brought back old memories of Karen's younger days, and she was proud of her daughter Missy because she was obviously resisting Trevor's attempts to get in her pants, and it was kinda cute when Missy finally relented and apparently compromised.

Karen was going to stop spying on them then and give them privacy, but that all changed when Missy pulled down Trevor's shorts and started to jerk him off. The minute she saw the scrawny little twerp slouched on the couch with his erection arched back on his stomach Karen changed her mind about everything.

Trevor had been easy pickings, Karen recalled fondly as she pretended to be seduced by the kid, even though she did most of the work. Trevor admitted that he wasn't really interested in Missy, and only part of it was because there wasn't any real sex in their relationship. It was Karen that Trevor had always wanted, and when he said that his eyes were fixed on her 40" bust.

That was how it began, with Karen even orchestrating his daughter's break-up with Trevor. That was for Missy's own good, Karen told herself, because her daughter wasn't ready for someone like Trevor because he was a man - too much man for little Missy, and furthermore Missy was jail-bait to the just turned 18 soccer star.

The married Karen was off-limits too in a way, but her marriage was a joke and as soon as Missy went off to college it was going to end. Karen hadn't had sex in so long before Trevor, and although he was inept at first there was no doubt the lad had the equipment and was eager to learn.

So Karen and Trevor would sneak around to have sex wherever and whenever they could, but as time went on Karen sensed that she was losing control of the relationship. Trevor wasn't the insistent one much of the time, it was Karen who was the one in heat and Trevor figured that out too.

Karen knew it was only a matter of time because not only was she 30 years older than Trevor, she couldn't compete with teeny-boppers like Missy, girls with tight bodies and stunning looks. Karen? She was attractive for her age but that age was nearing the half century mark.

Karen's D cup breasts only hid some of her thick waist, and the tell-tale lines around her eyes along with the start of a turkey neck were getting tougher to mask with make-up.

So this is what this had come to, Karen told herself as she watched raindrops begin to lightly fall on the windshield. She was now an aging cougar sitting in a parking lot trying not to be seen watching a soccer practice, playing with herself and hoping the team would be done soon.

To be caught by one of the other mothers - mothers with their own kids playing - sitting there would be hard to explain. Karen Miller, wearing a skirt with no panties along with a windbreaker and nothing beneath it. What if she got in a car accident? Well, she reasoned, at least she wouldn't have to worry about having clean underwear. For a second Mrs. Miller reached for the gear shift, having had enough of waiting for a kid to get done playing in the mist, but then she saw that little figure crossing the field and coming her way.

The Range Rover's windows were fogged up, which would have been perfect if they were already at their spot but they weren't so the middle aged MILF got the defoggers blasting while Trevor approached and then walked past her car, causing Karen to lower the window and yell out at him.

"Oh, Didn't think you'd be out here," Trevor quipped, and Karen knew that she had seen her there but was playing around with her.

"Funny guy," Karen snapped as she pulled away from the school and hurried to their secluded spot in the back of a little park near the boy's home.

"Driving a little fast aren't you Mrs. Miller?" Trevor asked innocently, while his hand far less innocently landed on her thigh and then inched up until he found what he was looking for, declaring, "Oh. I see why you're in a hurry. Mrs. Miller's hairy pussy is dripping wet. Did I mention that out of all the MILF's I bang, you have the hairiest pussy?"

"Yes, you've mentioned it a couple of times," Karen retorted. "I thought you said you liked it that way. I offered to trim it."

"No, Trevor is old school," he replied as he fingered the middle aged woman roughly, noting as the driver swung into a seldom used side road and parked behind the park's bathrooms. "Trevor likes a nice bushy cunt, and you made record time too."

"Can't believe how sweaty I am," Trevor noted as Mrs. Miller undid her seat belt so she could move, and the teen reclined his seat all the way back and lifted his rump so she could yank his shorts down and then carefully peeled his soggy jock off of his jewels. "Hope you don't mind Mrs. Miller."

Despite herself, Karen felt herself losing control whenever this arrogant kid was nearby. It was as if she couldn't control herself, and even as a teen she had never been like this, so although she would hate herself later she swooped down and grabbed the teen's spongy cock, stretching it out and then taking the whole thing in her mouth, sucking hard and loudly while Trevor had his hand in her hair to encourage her.

"That's it Mrs. Miller, suck it good. Make me big and hard for you," Trevor said as he began to stiffen in the woman's mouth, and soon Karen was no longer able to bury her nose in the little nest of pubes as the cock lengthened and swelled, her lips then hitting her fist as it spun and pumped the shaft. "There you go."

As soon as the kid was erect Karen wasted no time in shucking off her skirt and with little grace, climbed on top of Trevor who sat there reclined holding his arching plum upright for her to impale herself with, rubbing the plump knob up and down the opening first.

"OHHH!" Karen moaned as Trevor's manhood went deeper and deeper, with the kid chuckling over what his cock did to the lady, and after she had taken it all in began to go up and down as much as the roof of the car permitted, grabbing the headrest for support while Trevor unzipped her windbreaker and grabbed her breasts.

"Take it all Mrs. Miller. Make up for all those years having to settle for your old man's puny dick," Trevor sneered as his hands mauled her pendulous breasts roughly, pinching the fat nipples and digging his fingers into the pliant flesh. "You gonna cum before me?"

Karen's response was to bounce on the boy's lap even more feverishly, impaling herself on the absurdly long prong while the cocky boy just sat there arrogantly underneath her and squeezed her breasts while waiting for her orgasm to wash over her. The lad's baby face was becoming a blur even before the tingling began, but when it hit her it was like she was blinded by a brilliant light. Karen sort of heard Trevor laughing as she came, but what he was saying was lost in her howling and her aging body convulsed madly.

When it finally ended her head began to clear as she held onto the headrest above Trevor, minor tremors going through her pussy which was sore as usual, but she was able to feel twitching inside of her along with the monster cock which as not going soft as usual.

"You didn't cum," Karen gasped as Trevor gave her that nasty grin she loathed.

"No. Thought I would like to cum in your mouth tonight," Trevor said as Karen climbed off his lap with considerably less athleticism than she had jumped on him, and like she was the kid's servant she knelt on the driver's seat and bent over while taking the arching manhood in her fist and opening her mouth.

Up and down her head bobbed, guided by Trevor's hands in her scalp as he moved her skull faster and faster, the tip of the tool hitting her throat more than once and making her gag slightly.

"Suck it Mrs. Miller. Suck it hard," he sneered. "Gonna cum soon."

He kept that promise, giving the middle aged woman no warning as his cock erupted in her mouth and down her throat in what seemed like an endless series of spurts than Karen swallowed as best she could. Trevor had just stopped cumming and began to go limp when the inside lights of the car went on and the passenger side door opened up. What followed after that, starting with the cop's flashlight illuminating the scene, was Karen's worst nightmare.

"What do we have here?" came the voice from outside the car, a voice Karen did not recognize, and with the light in her eyes she couldn't see the officer either. "Good grief kid. Pull your drawers up and get the hell out of here."

The no longer arrogant soccer star scrambled to get his shorts back up and after getting out from under his ex-girlfriend's mother, jumped out of the Range Rover and sprinted away, leaving the cop shining the flashlight on Karen Miller who did her best to cover her breasts.

"Well lady, from what I saw this has felony written all over it. You should be ashamed of yourself doing that to a kid," he sneered.

"He's not a kid," Karen insisted as she tried to shield her eyes from the blinding light. "He's 18 so we've done nothing wrong. I admit that this is a little tacky and all..."

"You think?" the policeman roared.

"Just give me a ticket and I'll be on my way," Karen said, vowing to never come back here again.

"You look familiar," the officer said before asking, "You're Mike Miller's wife, aren't you?"

"Aren't you?" the slightly annoyed cop repeated, and after a minute Karen finally nodded.

"Thought so," the policeman said.

"I don't suppose that it would do any good to ask you not to mention this to Mike," Karen pleaded. "Our marriage - we aren't doing very well."

"Get out of the car," the policeman said, and as Karen climbed out he commanded, "Put her hands behind you."


"Nice tits Mrs. Miller," the officer said as he slipped behind Karen and put the cuffs on the trembling woman before coming back around and cupping her breasts. "Not very firm but they are big. Get on your knees."

"Please don't," Karen begged, and was rewarded with hands on her bare shoulders that brought her knees down onto the gravel.

"I've got to admit that I can't match was that little punk of yours has," the officer said as he brought his slacks down to his thighs and wiggled his flaccid member at Karen. "But I've seen Mike's stuff in the locker room at the Y so you won't be disappointed. Now open wide and get me off."

"Come on!" the cop insisted, slapping Karen's face with his limp dick a couple of times and rubbing the tip on her lips until she complied. "That's it. Suck that cock. Feel me getting hard?"

Karen's face bobbed forward and back trying to get him off as fast as possible, but the policeman kept pulling his stiff manhood out to rub the drooling tip on her cheeks before pushing it back in her mouth.

"Now lick my nuts," the policeman ordered as he raised his cock up and leaned forward, laughing when after the married woman's tongue raked his furry sac she gagged a bit. "Kinda sweaty, aren't they?"

Back into her mouth this erect tool went, and now Karen's head was between the man's hands as he skull fucked her, and there was no warning when the cock erupted in Karen's mouth, sending what seemed like endless spurts of seed into her mouth and down her choking throat until he was drained.

"Get up," Karen was told as he roughly helped her to her feet, the semen trickling out of the corners of her mouth providing some comic relief, and after he unlocked the bracelets he told her to put her windbreaker on.

"You know, if you don't want to be married so sluts could have the decency to just tell your husband and end it," the policemen advised. "You're no better than my wife. She's fucking at least two guys on the side that I know of."

"You deserve it," Karen mumbled under her breath. "Probably better men than you."

"Maybe. I don't know," the officer said as he started to go back to his car. "You know one of them. Stocky balding guy. Drives a black Honda?"

"Mike wouldn't."

"Drive by the Central Motel and find out for yourself where he works his overtime."

The cop left, and after Karen got herself together she started to go home, but decided to drive out to the outskirts of town to make sure the cop was lying, and Karen was relieved when she didn't see any cars in the front of the motel. She used the lot to turn around to head back into town but hit the brakes when she saw a car over in the unlit side of the building.

Karen didn't need to get close enough to see the license plate of the Honda because the bright bumper sticker that proclaimed, "My kid is an honor student at Clinton High School." was easy to see.

"It's all a lie," Karen muttered to herself as she headed home, referring to her marriage but also to the bumper sticker because Missy was sure as hell no honor student, and the bits of gravel on her knees and the cocktail of two guys semen that was drying in her mouth and chin were her souvenirs of another day in paradise.


Thank you for reading.

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