tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSoccer Mom Trapped Topless for Pics

Soccer Mom Trapped Topless for Pics


As a male, I went to Fantasy Fest to take pictures of topless women and believe me I got plenty. So you would not think that the story of one particlar girl would be so exciting--but for me and maybe for some of you --this situation was very erotic somehow.

For those of you who know Fantasy Fest, all of the action takes place only on the main drag --Duvall Street-- and if you go even one block away from there it is totally dead. It so happened that very early one day I was headed for Duvall street and was walking by an out of the way shop about 2 blocks away from the main drag when I overheard two girls (about late 30's or early 40's I'd say, but pretty good looking)arguing about getting their tits painted at that shop. At Fantasy Fest you see women can walk around on the streets topless if their tits are painted.

Anyway the blonde appeared to be married from the gold band on her finger and was really a Soccer Mom next door type-- a pretty blonde --late 30's or early 40's--but obvioulsy from her tone a bit on the prudish side. She says to her friend: "If you think I am walking around the streets topless you have to be crazy! I told you yesterday, I am telling you today --no way!"

This conversation caught my attention --so I ducked into the store pretending to shop. Then I hear the friend persisting in her attempt to convince the Soccer Mom, saying to her : "Look, Bob and the kids are at Disney--right? And no one here knows who you are--right? And you're going to have a big mask to cover your face and anyway you're going to be painted so no one will actaully see you topless--right?--well...not really totally topless anyway. And look... we only have one night before we have to go back so I am begging you..why not do something crazy for once in your life! If you don't do this you are going to regret it for the rest of your life. When do you think you'll ever get a chance like this again?"

The Soccer Mom Blonde kept refusing. She protested that she was not going to sit in a store topless to be painted: "What if some guys came by? I won't have a mask or any paint on then," the Soccer Mom protested, but she was obvioulsy weakening.

The friend sensing that she was winning reassured the Soccer Mom: "It's real early and no one comes by here until much later. We'll wait until the store clears out and then if you get it done right NOW --while its still early--you'll be fine. Look the place is practically empty! And they have a woman painter so not even one man is going to see you without the paint and a mask!"

Now the only thing keeping the store from being empty was me. While I was listening to the girls I had engaged the shop keeper with an offer to buy a t-shirt at half the listed price and was busy negotiating with her so as to give the impression to the girls that I was a "legitimate" shopper instead of an eavesdropper.

As soon as I heard the Soccer Mom finally agree to get her tits painted I left, but after "leaving" the area, I backtracked and ducked into a small ice cream shop about two stores down the other side of the street from the store where they were getting painted. I ordered a big milk shake and kept popping out onto the street so I could keep an eye on the store. That store, like most that featured a body painter, put the painting area near the front, where it was mostly visible from the street, so as to attract other potential customers walking by. From my vanatage point I was able to get a pretty good idea of what they were doing.

The bolder friend went first (to show the Soccer Mom how easy it would be). She stripped off her top and bra and sat in the chair while the lady painter did a fire type painting on her chest. It took about 15 to 20 minutes for her to finish. When she was done I saw the girls hand the painter some money and then start frantically checking their pockets and the friend's purse--turning everything inside out.

It looked like disaster had struck--they apparently didn't have enough cash to do the Soccer Mom's paint job and maybe not even enogh to pay for the friend's paint job. But then the painted girl left her purse with the Soccer Mom and pointed in the direction of Duvall street. The Painter lady nodded and waived her off --as if to say "OK-- go". The painted friend threw her shirt on but only buttoned the bottom two buttons so the paint would not get on the shirt. She left the store in a hurry--I guess to get the rest of the money they needed.

Then I saw the prudish Soccer Mom strip off her top and bra and take a seat! Two huge tits poured out of her bra! Only when she was topless could you see what a nice rack she really had. It was clear to me then that she had intentionally hidden her big boobs under her baggy blouse and sweater!

At first I took some pictures of the Soccer Mom through the window with my tiny Aiptek camera that was pretty much concealed in the palm of my hand. Her back was mostly toward me but I was getting a pretty could angle from the side. Then suddenly it dawned on me--hey this was a public place and this poor Soccer Mom was trapped there sitting topless for 15 minutes or so while the paint was being applied! She didn't even have any money to pay the painter if she wanted to get up and leave. So really she was trapped ---why not enjoy her situation!!

So I walked right up in front of her and took out my large digital camera I started snapping away at the poor topless Soccer Mom without any paint or mask--her worst nightmare come true! She gave me some real dirty looks which I have captured on digital pictures--really amazing! But the Soccer Mom was too shy and uncertain to say anything. She turned as far away from me as she could without moving her butt off of the chair but that made it harder for the lady doing the painting.

The lady doing the paint job had her back to me and never heard me or saw me taking pictures because of the noise from the air compression machine that was using to shoot the paint onto the Soccer Mom's bare boobs. So when the Soccer Mom twisted away the painting lady finally grabbed the Soccer Mom's shoulder and yelled at the poor Soccer Mom to turn around, sit up straight and stick her chest out.

The Soccer Mom was too meek and confused to argue. She sat straight up, nice and tall and stuck her boobs right out like a Playboy model --directly into my camera! I even adjusted my position to get right in front of her arched chest and then moved to the side like I was getting every angle. The Soccer Mom started turning beet red all across her cheeks and face and then as the automatic zoom lens extended out of the camera for close ups of her boobs and nipples I could see the redness spread across her entire upper chest. She looked totally confused and humiliated. Soon she just hung her head in Soccer Mom shame. It looked to me like she was about to cry.

Then the painter stopped the machine and stepped back to get perspective on her work. In moving backwards she nearly bumped into me. She got pissed and yelled for me to get out so she could finish her work. As I left I could not resist telling the Soccer Mom that she was going to look great on the Internet. I finished taunting her just as the painting lady turned on the noisy air compressor again so as to muffle the Soccer Moms pleas and protests.

Later that evening I saw the Soccer Mom and her friend walking in the other direction with big masks on and I again made a point of letting her know I was photographing her. As I took the shot I said to her that I liked my pictures of her without her mask on a LOT better! All she could do was manage an embarrassed half smile as she walked by but even from behind her mask I could see her face turning beet red!

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