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I have been a soccer referee for several years now, and have been involved in several unusual situations, but none of them come close to what happened to me this past weekend. I had been invited to referee at a soccer tournament several miles from where I live, and since the fields were reported to be in good shape, and the teams normally quite competitive, I accepted the offer.

The tournament began early Saturday morning and I had been assigned to two games that morning and two games that afternoon. The two morning games went well and I then took a quick lunch break. The tournament was very gracious in providing food and drinks for the referees, and a quiet place away from the parents to relax while we ate.

As I was sitting close to the referee changing room, a woman walked up and stood in front of me asking if I was going to be the center referee for her child's game at 2:00 that afternoon. I told her that I was indeed the center referee for the field that she was asking about. The woman was of average build, dark hair, very pretty face, wearing a solid black coat that fell several inches below her knees, and was wearing black hose and flat soled shoes.

When I admitted that I had been assigned her child's game, the woman reached in her coat pocket, then held her hand out to me offering what she had been keeping there. I reached out and offered my hand palm up and she quickly placed a pair of black lace panties in my hand. She then told me to keep an eye on her during the game, just to verify that they were hers, and to make sure to took her way every time their team scored. Having said that, she turned and quickly walked away, toward a group of mothers watching their children practice.

To say the least, I was stunned. I quickly stuffed the panties in my ref bag, rather than sit there with them in my hand. I again looked over at the small group of woman and noticed the one who had dropped her panties in my hand talking to two other mothers, a blond and a brunette; all three were quite attractive. I sat there and stared at my bag, wondering what in the world was going on. Just as I was about to get up, the woman with dark hair broke from the group and walked over and stood between me and the other two women.

Looking down at me with her beautiful blue eyes she said that she too would have a present for me, but only if their team won. Having said that, she opened the front of her rain coat wide enough for me to see that the only thing that she was wearing was the rain coat, black thigh high hose and black boots on her feet. As she closed the front of her coat, she apologized for not having something to leave with me, but promised to give me something very special after the match (if her team won); then turned and walked back over to the small group of women.

It was now fifteen minutes until game time, and I began my pre-game by gathering the two assistant refs and talking them through their duties. We went on the field together, checked both teams and conducted the coin toss to decide who kicked off. The game began on time, and about three minutes into the game there was a bump in the penalty box and I called for a Penalty Kick to be taken. The teams lined up outside the box and the kicker quickly drilled the kick into the back of the net. After writing the score in my book, I glanced over to the sideline and noticed that the three women who had been standing together before the game, were now seated on the front row of the bleachers. All three were cheering wildly, with their coats opened and legs spread far enough apart to allow me to see their three pretty pussies.

The first half ended without another score and my two assistants and I retired to the sidelines for a quick drink of water and to talk about the fist half and what we could each do better the second half. As we were talking, the third mother came walking up and stopped a few feet away. I stood up and walked over to her. Quietly, she whispered that if the second half ended the way the first half had, with their team ahead, that she would like me to join the three of them at a motel a few miles down the road for a post game party.

She then winked and pulled her hand from her coat pocket and showed me two more pair of panties, which I already knew had been removed. She then turned around and walked back over to the bleachers to join the other moms. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. In all the years I had been doing this, I had never experienced anything like this. We went back onto the field and the second half was a bitter defensive dual, but there were no more penalty kicks and no more scores. The game ended 1-0, in favor of the jubilant pantyless moms. I left the field after signing the game card for the field marshall and headed toward my car, thinking that I would never see those women again.

I got to my car, threw my bag in the trunk and was walking towards the driver's door as a truck pulled up behind mine and stopped. I looked back to see the three moms in a Suburban, with the driver motioning for me to come over. As I was walking over, the blonde got out of the passenger's seat totally nude, left the front door open for me, and climbed into the back seat with the other mom. I leaned in the open door and noticed that all three women had removed their coats, displaying their nakedness to anyone who might be looking. The driver told me to hurry up and get in; they each wanted to thank me for what a wonderful game it had been.

Against my better judgement, I got in the truck and closed the door. The driver sped off towards the main road without another word. We pulled into the motel driveway and I asked what had happened to their children. The blonde behind me said that they had gone with the rest of the team for their own post-game party and then were going on to dinner afterwards with the other parents. We pulled up and stopped next to the building at the back of the motel and all four doors popped open and everyone jumped out. The driver walked a few steps to the closest door, unlocked it with her key and grabbed my hand, pulling me through the door behind her. The other two women came in, closing the door behind them and all three dropped their coats on the chair beside the door.

The blonde made the first move and walked up to me, rubbing her hands on my chest, leaned forward and kissed me deeply. The driver walked around behind me and began rubbing her hands up and down the back of my ass, then reached around and pressed her chest against my back and the palm of her hand against my erection. She then moved her hands to my waist, slipped her fingers inside the waistband of my shorts and slowly pulled my shorts and underwear down to my ankles. The blond in front of me then dropped to her knees, grabbed my dick with one hand, my balls with the other and slowly began licking the tip of my dick.

The one behind me lifted my feet one at a time, allowing her to completely remove my shorts and underwear. I looked over to the bed and saw that the other mom was sitting on the end of the bed with one hand massaging an erect nipple and the other hand busily rubbing her hairless pussy. When she noticed me watching her, she leaned back on the bed, brought her heels up onto the bed and spread her legs, giving me an excellent view of her fingers as they slid in and out of her wet opening. The woman behind me then stood up and grabbed the bottom of my jersey and lifted it over my head.

I now stood in the middle of the room with only my shoes and socks on as the blond's head began to bob back and forth on my stiff rod. Since the driver had finished her job of stripping my clothes off of me, she walked around in front of me, dropped to her knees and began licking the blonde's fingers that were holding my prick. The blond released her grip and slid her mouth off my prick and then ran her tongue along the left side as the driver ran her tongue along the right side of my now sloppy wet rod. In unison, with their upper and lower lips touching, they slowly began moving back and forth on my dick, giving me a two headed blow job.

The mom on the bed had picked up the pace with her fingers and the sloppy wet sounds coming from her pussy as she rapidly moved her fingers in and out drew my attention back to her. She had leaned her head over onto one shoulder, closed her eyes and her mouth was slightly open, breathing quickly as she approached her self induced orgasm. As a loud moan escaped her parted lips, she began to shudder as the waves of her orgasm racked her body. Her hand began to slow to a weak rub, then moved both hands to her breasts and lightly rubbed her sensitive, stiff nipples. I backed away from the two mouths on my dick, and moved over to the bed. Grabbing the woman's ankles, I pulled her feet off the bed and moved them around my hips, slid my hot prick into her wet box, then locked her ankles behind my back. She immediately began bucking wildly as I leaned forward and slid my hands under her back, and pulled her towards me. She felt her body sliding, locked her hands behind my neck and pulled herself up off the bed.

I now stood at the side of the bed with this hot mom bucking up and down on the stiff rod that she was impaled on. Glancing to my left I saw the two mothers that had been licking my dick were now laying on the floor, locked in a 69 position. The woman I was screwing began to moan and buck even faster, as her legs tightened around my waist. With one final push, she pulled herself tightly onto my dick and as the spasms racked her body I felt the juice from her pussy begin to leak down my balls. As her muscles began to loosen, she unlocked her ankles, pulled herself off my dick and lowered her feet to the floor. She sat down on the bed in front of me and began licking the joy juice from my stiff rod and balls.

Just as she deepthroated my dick, I felt a tongue run up the inside of my leg, and looking down, I saw a blonde head below the brunette one that was bobbing back and forth on my dick. I then felt the blonde begin licking my balls, then take one into her mouth as the brunette continued her blowjob. I grabbed the brunette by the side of her head and asked her if it would be all right to see if I could make the blonde cum as quickly as she did. She stood up and gave me a big hug, pressing her tits into my chest. The blonde crawled over to the bed and laid down pulling her knees up under her chest, pointing her ass at me.

I moved the brunette aside and quickly moved towards the raised ass, pushing into her wet pussy as soon as I could. As I began pumping in and out of the blonde, the brunette moved behind me, rubbing her tits on my back and her hands up and down my sides. After two or three minutes of pumping into the blonde's pussy, I withdrew and moved my dick up to her ass, then slowly pushed in as the blonde began loudly moaning. I again began pumping back and forth, picking up speed as her moans increased.

In short order, I felt a tight grip on my dick as the blonde began her orgasm. I continued to pump in and out of her ass, until she collapsed on the bed. The brunette on my back quickly reached down and began stroking my cock, as it slipped out of the blonde's hot hole. I turned to face the brunette, giving her better access to the object of her affection. My hands slid up to her upturned breasts and I began lightly squeezing her hard nipples. She looked up into my eyes and asked if she could put my hard dick back in her pussy one more time. Not wanting to disappoint the lady, I turned her toward the bed and she bent over, putting her hands on each side of the blonde who was still laying flat on the bed.

I then stepped toward the brunette, grabbed her hips and slowly pulled her back onto my waiting hardness. I then began ramming into her wet slit, in an attempt to finally cum myself. As I was pumping into the brunette, the blonde rolled over onto her back and spread her legs wide enough to allow the brunette to dip her head just slightly and begin dipping her tongue into the blonde's wet hole. The sound of my balls slapping against the brunette's hairless pussy were intensified by the wet sound of her tongue dipping into the blonde's sopping wet pussy. I was very close to cumming now, and watching the blonde's tits rolling around on her chest was all it took to send me over the edge. I pulled back tightly on the brunette's hips, driving my dick into her pussy as far as it would go, and began shooting my sperm deep inside her silky wetness.

The ladies began getting dressed and handed my clothes to me, suggesting that I may want to get dressed myself before they drove me back to the soccer complex. They each thanked me again for the outcome of the game and said that they were looking forward to finding out who might be doing the center on their Final match the next day.

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