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I am what is commonly called a soccer mom. But in this case I guess it is to be taken literally. My own two sons grew up playing soccer. Over the years I drove God knows how many hundreds or maybe thousands of miles; to practice, from practice, to games, from games, to the sporting good store, etc. You get the idea. My sons played for the Centerville Centurions for their four years of high school, and I was at every game cheering them on to victory and consoling them in defeat. Naturally I came to look at the boys on the team as being a special part of my life and almost part of the family. It seemed there was always three or four extra mouths to feed at the supper table. Being a single mom made it tough sometimes, but I was always grateful to have them around. There is just something special about teenage boys on the verge of manhood.

Even though my sons graduated from high school and went on to college, I still continued to support the team. I was happy to drive boys to games, help with uniforms at times, and cheer the team on. I was an unofficial member of the team. I made friends with other parents whose boys were currently on the team. And, despite the fact I did not have a player myself, they made me feel welcome at their gatherings and appreciated my help. I became good friends with Angie, another single mom who was also my age, 42. Angie's son was a senior in high school and had already been accepted to a major university to play soccer for them. Angie had a wonderful smile and a playful laugh that I loved. Both of us being single soccer moms had drawn us together and we became close friends.

We liked doing things together and enjoyed each other's company. We enjoyed shopping for clothes together. I am a little on the plump side; not fat by any means, but I have womanly curves. I am what is often referred to as "Rubenesque", full soft breasts, a soft rounded butt, a little extra on the thighs, and a little bit of a tummy. My long red hair seems to complete the picture. I am far from being a hard body, but I happen to think that it is ok for a mature woman to look and feel like a mature woman. For a variety of reasons, I tended to dress on the conservative side. I did like to show off the cleavage created by my 38Ds however. Angie on the other hand was very slender. Her shoulder length blonde hair and firm body lent itself to dressing in tight tops and short shorts. She had commented once that she envied me my 38Ds but I tried to assure her that her 34C boobs fit her perfectly well.

It was the end of another soccer season. The Centerville Centurions had ended up 9 and 3 for the season. Coach Verdi decided to host a party for the boys, their parents, and other assorted hangers on. Coach Verdi was new this year. He was tall, dark and handsome, to use the cliché. He was 29, only about 10 years older than the young men he coached and he himself had played professional soccer in Italy. All the high school girls had crushes on him and to tell the truth, Angie and I had both commented on how good he looked in his jersey and soccer shorts. Being new to the community, he was grateful for the help we were able to give him.

The night of the party came and everyone gathered at coach's house. Throughout the evening people came and went. Hamburgers and hot dogs were consumed in ravenous amounts by the boys and their generally over weight fathers. The well muscled young men soccer players were in stark contrast to their fathers. Sodas were available for the under 21 crowd and beer and wine was there for the over 21 bunch. It was a good party all around. There was lots of good conversation and company.

A number of the young men on the team had brought their girlfriends. Coach had a swimming pool, so there were numerous teenagers running around in speedos and bikinis. Angie was wearing a hot pink bikini that did justice to her hard body and firm boobs. I had chosen a black one piece that zipped down the front. It was becoming to my curves but not terribly daring. More than once, I caught one or another of the young men looking at me in a very "un-mom-like" manner which made me feel like maybe I was far from over the hill after all. The bolder boys flirted openly with Angie as though she were their age and not literally old enough to be their mother.

As the evening wore on, people began to drift from the party. The married couples, those with the younger boys on the team, boys with girlfriends, and those with other plans. By eleven, it was down to Coach Verdi, Angie, five of the senior boys, one of their girl friends, and me. Angie's own son, Kevin had left earlier with his girlfriend.

"Probably to get laid" Angie had whispered to me. "They are like bunnies. Just so long they are careful, I don't think I can do much to stop them" She shrugged and giggled.

The area around the patio was lit dimly by a few lights under the water. Some softer music had replaced the louder rock music that had been playing earlier. It was winding down to a very nice relaxing time.

Richard and Lori, the boy and girlfriend, were keeping to themselves at one end of the pool. Not that the pool was big enough to really get away from the others, but big enough to make them feel like they had some privacy. They had been necking and caressing each other most the night, and it seemed to me that Richard had been sporting a sizable hard on most the night. It was readily visible under his swim trucks.

Angie and Antonio (Coach Verdi's first name) were half-heartedly doing some cleaning up. Billy, one of the senior boys was telling me about his plans for college in the fall while trying to inconspicuously look down my swim suit. I knew my nipples were visible through the damp material but I figured, "what the hell, boys will be boys. Where is the harm" so I let him ramble on and ogle on.

The other three senior boys came out of Antonio's house on to the patio.

"Damn, Coach, we were just down in your trophy room. What you are doing here in Centerville is a mystery to me" Gary, a tall good looking blonde senior said.

"Hey, coach, everyone else is gone. Can we have some beer?" It was Leo, another good looking well muscled senior.

"Yeah, we won't tell, if you won't tell" added Mark, the third of the trio.

Antonio looked at Angie and then at me as if hoping for some guidance. Angie looked at me and said, "Hell, Maggie, when you and I were their age, it was legal to drink beer. I think it would be ok. Don't you? I mean as long as they don't drink too much."

Antonio laughed and said "In my country I grew up drinking beer and wine from the time I was 10. I have a hard time understanding why you Americans are so hard about this." It seemed settled or at least rationalized by the adults (who had probably had a little bit too much to drink ourselves already), so Antonio told the boys, "OK, but take it easy"

Even Richard and Lori came up out of the pool. I saw Lori readjust her tiny swim suit bottom and then saw Richard lick his fingers. I don't think my eyes bugged out but my initial thought was that he had been fingering her pussy under water. Her nipples were hard and pressing out against the material of her top. I wondered why they hadn't left already to go get naked together.

Beers were handed out. Billy, the boy that had been peeking down my suit most the evening, brought me one and sat down on the pool chair next to mine. It was obvious he wanted to say something but was too shy to come out with it.

"Something on your mind, sailor?" I asked him with a smile.

He got a bashful look on his face and swallowed about half the can of beer in one gulp. It gave him the bit of the courage that he needed, I guess, because he looked at me and said, "Ms Moran… Maggie… can I call you Maggie? I was wondering if you would like to maybe dance with me?"

He was so cute, being bashful. But at the same time he was so handsome, so young, so virile. And I was flattered. Of course, the amount of wine and beer that I had poured down my throat, had relaxed me considerably. I listened. A nice soft ballad was playing. The air was cool. I felt like I was back in high school myself.

"Sure, Billy… or maybe I should call you Bill since you are not a little boy any more"

He smiled and my compliment seemed to give him new confidence. I stood up and he took me in his arms and we began to dance. Well, it wasn't exactly dancing. It was more just standing very closely together and swaying with the music. Our feet moved very little. I let myself get lost in the moment and laid my head on his shoulder. He had one hand in the middle of my back and he pulled me to him. My tits flatten out against his young hard chest. I felt his other hand slowly, hesitantly slide down my back and come to rest at the top of my ass. He then pulled my hips to his and I felt the bulge of his young hard cock. Because of the beer and wine, because of the cool air, because of the flattery of the situation, because of who knows why, I pressed my hips to his and let my pussy mound grind against his cock. We continued this way through the rest of the song and into the next.

I looked up. Angie was dancing with Antonio. They were pressed together so tightly a ray of light couldn't pass between them. Their hands were roaming freely over each other's backs and butts. Richard and Lori were dancing also. But they had added another dimension to their slow dancing. Mark had joined them and was pressed up against Lori's ass from behind as Richard danced with her from in front. It was obvious that he had his hands on her hips grinding his cock against her ass. It was equally obvious that she had no objection to this arrangement. She had her lips locked to Richard's in a deep French kiss. Then she broke from it with him, looked over her shoulder, and locked lips with Mark. Richard didn't seem to mind at all. He let his hands come up her smooth tummy and cup her barely confined tits. He kissed her neck while she tongue wrestled with Mark.

Leo approached Angie and Antonio. "Hey coach, looks like you know the moves off the field too." He laughed. "Can I join in or do I need to cut in?" Angie out an arm and brought him into their dance. She had her two men dancing to her front, her face between theirs. They were amazingly close to each other, the two men apparently not bothered by their intimate situation. The two men each had a hand on Angie's mostly bare ass. They moved as one to the music.

Gary approached Bill and I. He didn't ask, he just stepped up behind me and pressed to me. I felt his hard cock between my ass cheeks. I could feel Bill's hard cock pressed against my pussy mound. I was a woman sandwich between two loaves of male cock. I looked up into Bill's eyes and smiled. I licked my lips and I kissed him, lightly at first but then deeply. My tongue was exploring his mouth. I felt him moan around my tongue. I felt his hard cock throb against my pussy. I then felt Gary's lips press against the side of my neck and his hands moved up my waist and then his hands were between Bill and I and were holding my tits.

I suddenly felt very self-conscious, making out with these two boys. No, not boys, young men. Young men that found me desirable and wanted my body. I looked around certain that I would find everyone staring at us, shocked at my brazen behavior. What I found was quite the opposite.

Lori was already naked and on her knees. Richard and Mark were standing with their cocks at her face. She was sucking on Richard while she slowly jacked Mark off. Richard was slowly fucking her pretty young face while Mark fucked her fist. Then she switched and sucked on Mark while jacking off Richard.

Angie was in the process of removing her swim suit bottoms. Her tits were already exposed. Antonio was on his knees in front of her, helping her step out of them while Leo sucked on her tits. She had Leo's cock in her hand. Her eyes were closed and she was lost in her passion. As soon as her bottoms were off, Antonio leaned forward and pressed his mouth firmly against her pussy and began to eat her.

Instead of feeling like a slut I suddenly felt like I was behind everyone else, which I was. I let one hand reach between Bill and I. I found his hard dick and squeezed it. My other hand reached behind me, between Gary and I. I found his hard dick and squeezed it. Gary's hand found the zipper on the front of my swim suit and pulled it down. My tits sprang free. He pulled the suit off my shoulders and then got on his knees behind me and pulled it down over my ass. It fell to the patio. I covered Bill's chest with kisses, biting his nipples, and pulled his trucks down. His hard cock sprang up and lightly slapped my face. I felt Gary gently push at my ankles and I spread my legs for him. I felt his tongue swabbing my ass and then explore between my cheeks. My legs spread even farther.

I took Bill's cock into my mouth and began to suck it. He began to work his hips and was fucking my mouth. I could taste his clear semen on my tongue as the smooth head of his dick slid in and out of my mouth. I felt Gary's tongue probing my asshole as his fingers probed my pussy. It had been years since I had been so turned on and I felt certain that my pussy juice must be running down my thighs like water.

I was able to see the other groups while I enjoyed the two men I was with. Angie was on her back on a flat pool lounger chair. Antonio was between her thighs, fucking her deeply. His hard cock glistened with her pussy juices as it entered and left her. Her hips rose and fell in time with his thrusts. I was surprised to see her pussy was clean-shaven. On her back, her tits flattened to her chest, with a clean-shaven cunt mound, she looked like she could have been younger than the boys we were with. Leo was squatting over her face, fucking her mouth and squeezing her tits. His head was thrown back. Either she was very good at sucking cock or he had never had his cock sucked before. It occurred to me that both were very likely. She was able to take him deep into her mouth so that his balls were resting on her chin. At that point she would work her face in tiny little strokes as she let the head of his dick into her throat. From her technique and the look on his face I could tell it wouldn't be long before he blasted his load of cum into her mouth.

On the other side of them, it was even hotter to watch. Richard was on his back. Lori was laying down on top of his muscular chest, her thighs open wide, and his cock in her tightly stretched pussy. Mark was just removing his face from between her firm little ass cheeks, his face shining with moisture. Apparently he had been eating her asshole while she fucked her boyfriend. Mark then raised up and took his cock in his hand. He aimed it at Lori's asshole and pressed it forward slowly. Lori and Richard stopped their fucking to let him join them inside her body. Where had this young girl learned these things I wondered. Here was this young girl, barely a woman, doing things which I hadn't even heard of at her age and which I had never even tried.

My attention was refocused. I felt Gary stand up from behind me and knew what was about to happen. I felt the head of his swollen cock run up and down my slit a couple of times. I looked up into Bill's eyes as I sucked his cock and saw nothing but lust there. I felt Gary's cock head open my labia. As hot as my pussy was, I could feel the heat radiate from his cock as he entered me. He pushed slowly, almost teasing me as his cock filled me. The ridge of his cock head caused tingles throughout my cunt tunnel. His cock came to rest deep against my cervix. I felt his pubic hair tickling my ass. And then he really began to fuck me. He grabbed my hips and thrust hard into my pussy. His pace was nice and steady. It was obvious that he had done lots of fucking before and I couldn't help but wonder who the lucky girl or girls had been. Then I felt the palm of his hand slap my soft ass cheek. The light pain was converted to pleasure as it spread through my pussy.

Every time he would thrust into my cunt, it would drive my body forward and push my mouth further down Bill's cock. It took the three of us a couple of minutes but we found a rhythm. I was being taken at both ends by two well hung horny young men. Once we found our fucking and sucking timing, I was able to glance around at the two other groups out of the corner of my eyes.

Leo was now between Angie's thighs fucking her. Like me, she was obviously enjoying the hardness of a young man's cock. He was feasting on her tits as he fucked her. Her hands were pulling his face tight to her tits and I could hear her moaning as his cock moved in and out of her. She raised her hips and wrapped her legs around his ass. Her hips worked up and down in time with his cock going in and out. It occurred to me that Antonio, Coach Verdi, was no longer with them.

He was now with the three teenagers. Once again, I was surprised by what I saw. Richard was still fucking Lori's young but clearly not virginal cunt. Mark was still fucking her tight ass. Antonio was standing in front of Lori fucking her mouth. I couldn't help but be amazed at this young woman's sexual ability and lack of inhibition. No one seemed to be inhibited by this combination. Antonio had his hands on Lori's shoulders and was fucking her in the mouth. Mark had his hands on Lori's hips and was fucking her up the ass. Lori had her hands on either side of Richard's shoulders and was fucking his cock.

Suddenly, Bill drove his cock deep into my throat and his cum started to pump out. He roared as his copious load filled my mouth. I swallowed quickly but as he fucked my mouth his cock dragged cum out and left it on my lips and chin. His throbbing cock in my mouth and Gary's thrusting cock in my cunt took me over the top. I felt my pussy heat up and tighten around his rock hard dick. Wave after wave of orgasm passed through me. I could only moan around Bill's still hard dick in my mouth but I'm sure Gary knew he was making me cum by the way my cunt muscles were milking his cock.

While I was cumming, I was vaguely aware of Lori's almost animal howls of passion and orgasm. I was able to refocus some and saw that Antonio's load of white thick semen was all over her face and running down her neck on to her young firms tits. Richard continued to thrust up into her pussy while Mark filled her ass. Mark threw his head back and thrust hard up into bowels. It was obvious that he was pumping wad after wad of cum in her ass. And that seemed to be all that Richard needed. He growled, "Oh fuck you cum loving slut… take my cum… take my cum…" Mark had pulled out. I could see his load leaking out from her stretched asshole and running down to her pussy and onto Richard's thrusting cock. Richard pushed his cock hard up into his girlfriend's cunt and came. She continued to ride up and down his cock as her own orgasm swept over her. She had cum on her face, her tits, leaking out her ass, and now it dripped from her cunt.

Next to me, Angie was cumming also. Leo must have cum once because I could see the thick white foam clinging to his cock as he fucked my friend. But I knew the great thing about teenage boys was that they could continue to fuck after cumming once, twice, or even three times without losing their hard-on. Angie was lost in orgasm. Her head tossed from side to side. Her chest was flush from passion and exertion. Her tits were crowned with hard tight nipples. Her hips thrust up to meet Leo's every thrust as he drove his cock into her ball deep time and time again. Suddenly Leo pulled out of her and pointed his throbbing cock at her face and tits. Wad of thick white cum followed wad of thick white cum as he shot his load onto her. It sprayed across her dark hair and pretty face. It landed between her tits and also on her nipples. It may have been his second load but it was plentiful. She was gathering it with her fingers and licking them clean.

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