tagGroup SexSocorro Islands Live Aboard Ch. 01

Socorro Islands Live Aboard Ch. 01


We just got back from the most amazing trip! We have already begun planning our return. It was really incredible. The whole adventure started a year ago on our trip to Desire at Cabo San Lucas. Jenny and I are always on the hunt for a new adventure. Several years ago we took up diving. It was almost on a dare, but we both fell in love with the sport. We get to hold hands underwater, see interesting and exotic locations, and meet really interesting people. We also enjoy getting to know people in other more intimate ways. During our trip to Desire we dove some local spots and mentioned our adventures to the concierge. She mentioned that there was a new live aboard dive boat which catered to people in the lifestyle. She gave us the captain's contact information and said that several resort members had great experiences aboard his ship. Needless to say, that got the creative juices flowing, and we started right then to plan our next adventure.

As soon as we got back to Seattle I made contact with the dive boat operation. The Captain and owner's name is Keith. He's in his late thirties, grew up in San Diego, loves diving, and seemed really friendly. His boat has eight staterooms, with enough beds for 17 people. He assured us that playing naked with the other passengers and crew was perfectly ok. I enjoyed reading his emails, and our phone call put me totally at ease. He recommended that we make the trip to the Socorro Islands in February. He said we should be able to see whale sharks and giant manta rays, maybe even some hump back whales. It sounded great to Jenny and me. I asked about his bookings and availabilities. He said that we could reserve the whole boat if we wanted; that way we could handpick the people we would want to have along. I let him know we would need a year to get people together. He said that was fine, and we set a date.

Now the hard part, finding 16 other people who were divers, and into the lifestyle, and who we wanted to spend 9 days with........ At least we had a year to get everyone together.

Alan and Maria were an obvious choice. We had met them at Desire and they were both divers too. Carl and Laura we knew from our parties. They weren't divers, but they expressed a lot of excitement about the idea. They signed up for dive lessons and started planning practice dives for the spring and summer to get ready. Jenny invited Aaron and his wife Cindy. She had enjoyed a threesome with them one night when I was away on business. Jenny said they were tons of fun. They were both certified divers, but hadn't dove in several years. They also got excited about doing practice dives over the summer. So we had four couples including ourselves.

All spring we talked about who else to invite, but weren't getting many good ideas. Some people were into the lifestyle, but might not be good company on a small boat for 9 days. Then we met Jerry and his wife Tammy. Jerry is a contractor, and a total party boy. He's a blast to hang out with. Tammy is more reserved, but when she's got a drink in her hand, she's a sexual predator. Plus she's hot! They agreed to join in and they committed to dive lessons in their city before the trip. By August we were starting to get a little concerned that we wouldn't find anyone else. We planned a trip to the lake with Jerry and Tammy, for Labor Day Weekend. Jerry asked if he could bring friends along. I let him know our expectations for the weekend (I really wanted to fuck his wife and Jenny wanted Jerry inside her too). Jerry said that their friends were totally cool and would be great playmates. That's when we met Stan and Lisa. They were a blast to be with, incredible in bed, and divers to boot! WIN!

By fall we figured it would be just the 6 couples, but at our Halloween Party we met Mike and Danielle. They're a beautiful young couple. A couple of weeks after the party we went to dinner with Mike and Danielle. Over dinner we talked about hobbies and interests. Danielle mentioned that she dove as a teenager with her family and how she wanted to do it again. I said, "I'd like to spend a week on a small boat with her and her bikini," and got an elbow in the rib from Jenny. A week later Danielle called Jenny to let her know that she and Mike wanted to join us. Mike was going to take diving lessons too.

We were really getting excited. It was going to be a great time.

Over Christmas we got a call from Rick. He's an emergency doctor in Denver who had gotten our number from Captain Keith. He and his wife Stephanie were hoping to join in our trip if we had space. I said we had a slot for both of them, but that I was really hoping for a good group experience. He said that he fully understood, and invited us out to Denver for New Years to audition him and his wife. They paid for the airfare, hotel room, and meals for the trip. Jenny and I couldn't resist his hospitality!

Denver was great. Rick and Stephanie were great. They're the oldest of the group (both in their early 60's), but I'm so glad that they came with us. They were the perfect addition to the group. And no disrespect to my wife Jenny, but Stephanie was the best lay I have ever had. That girl could bend metal!

The boat was to leave Cabo San Lucas on Monday. We flew into Cabo on Sunday afternoon and stayed in a local hotel. I'm not sure if it was the excitement or nerves about how well everyone would get a long, but I couldn't stomach the idea of being in Seattle any longer, and I used the "trip leader" responsibilities as an easy excuse to get out of town.

Jenny and I went down town, ate dinner at Sammy Hagar's place, hung out and listened to music. We went back to the room early.

Since I was little, my mom would make me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. On toast they're great for breakfast, and nothing beats a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich before bed. I can't even imagine how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I've eaten in my 45 years.

Making love to Jenny is like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It may not always be exotic or the height of gourmet cuisine, but it keeps me centered, nourished, and happy. Making love to Jenny is life.

That night in the hotel room before the boat left we made love as a married couple. We enjoyed each others familiar bodies. We rubbed and touched and talked. I love her pussy and her incredible tits, but the most erotic spot on her body is where her ass meets her legs. I rubbed and played with her ass and stroked her hair. She finished on top the way she likes, then she rolled onto her back and pulled her legs up and let me hit her cervix with the head of my dick. I panted and drooled and came. She ran to the toilet, I wiped up. We snuggled naked under the sheets, both of us staring at the ceiling too excited to fall asleep.

It may take several weeks to recount the whole vacation. I know I'll be reliving it for several months to come! You'll have to be patient between accounts. There is just so much to try and write down. The diving was incredible. The sex was magnificent, and the company was exceptional. Every great trip has challenges and problems, this one was no exception, but nothing could deflate the high spirits, sexual libido, or palpable lust of our group. What an experience!

Socorro Islands Part 2

Jenny and I packed up ate a quick breakfast and headed for the boat. We were much too early, when we got there, but Alan and Maria were sitting on their luggage waiting in front of the boat. Maria looked amazing. Her dark skin contrasted beautifully with her white bikini top and tight pink shorts. She was very much in her element. Alan was all smiles as Jenny walked up. His eyes followed her crotch from the end of the pier until it stood directly in front of him. I can't say I blame him either. Jenny wore her white shorts commando. The camel toe was amazing. We talked for a few minutes when Captain Keith walked up. Alan's eyes finally left Jenny's crotch. She looked at me and smiled.

Captain Keith invited us aboard, and gave us a quick tour. Along the way we met the crew. His wife and business partner is Gina. She was our chef. Damn that girl could cook. She was a few years younger than Keith. She explained that they met in San Diego. He was a regular in her restaurant. As they were falling in love he shared with her his dream of owning a luxury dive operation. She sold her shop to help make his dream real. It was her idea to cater to people in the lifestyle as a market niche. After their first few outings at sea, they both realized they enjoyed soft swapping and became a part of their own market. Next we met Carlos. He is the dive master and first mate. Carlos grew up in these waters and knows all the secret dive spots. He's a barrel chested Hispanic man with more personality and excitement than is possible without pharmaceutical assistance, but he swears he doesn't even drink. Carlos looks and feels like what you would expect from a sailor, much in contrast to his younger, more athletic boss. I appreciated Carlos's ability to casually examine a woman (stare even) without her feeling uncomfortable. His easiness is his art. When Captain Keith showed us the state rooms, we met Teresa. Teresa is 25, gorgeous long black hair, full tits, tight ass, and a very narrow waist. I called her "eye candy," but "eye crack" is a better description. She was to be our maid, hostess, and waitress. If it weren't for her simple and unassuming nature I could see the women hating her. But her unaffected nature made her a joy to be around. Captain Keith knew how to assemble an amazing cast.

Jenny and I debated about who to put where. She didn't want the stigma of choosing the best room, so she thought we should save it for Mike and Danielle. They were the youngest, so giving them the room with the biggest bed made sense.... Neither of them were going to get much sleep the week out to sea. Jenny wanted a queen bed, and since we put the trip together she felt we deserved one. That left another king bed, another queen, and three rooms with doubles. The last room has three double beds. We figured the fair way to assign the rest of the rooms was to leave it first come first serve.

"HELLO!? ANYBODY HERE!?" Carl was standing on the dock, looking for permission to board. Jenny ran through the boat to collect him and Laura. Jenny likes Carl. He's outgoing and fun, says what he thinks, and is a slow methodical lover. Having Carl and Laura there instantly made Jenny relax. Stan and Lisa were the next to show up, then Rick and Stephanie. Steve volunteered to take the room with the triples. He reasoned that they were the last to join the group and so would take the least private room. He said they enjoyed playing host, and he gave Lisa a wink. I think she blushed a bit which is really out of character for her.

Jerry and Tammy arrived next. Jerry was buzzed already, and it was only noon! Tammy shook her head at him when he stumbled as he stepped onto the ship's deck. Stan had a big smile on his face watching his buddy act like a fool.

Aaron and his wife Cindy showed up soon after Jerry and Tammy. Aaron was wearing board shorts and one of Cindy's bikini tops. Cindy was wearing a short skirt, and white tank top. When she stepped onto the ship she pulled off her skirt, showed everyone her thong panties, shook her ass and screamed. These two were going to be fun!

Mike and Danielle were the last to arrive. Mike bumbled down the pier like the big college linebacker he used to be. I think he was carrying 15 bags. 14 of those were Danielle's. We found out later that 12 of them were full of lingerie and bikinis.

Danielle was excited that we had reserved the largest room for her and Mike. Mike gave me a dirty look as he set down the mountain of bags. He was already three steps ahead of Danielle and could see how his week was going to go. We all smiled at his expense!

The ship was a bustle as everyone got situated. We all gathered on the observation deck as the ship left port. We watched the sea lions bark and splash as we pulled past Land's End. Twenty minutes later and Carlos had the fishing poles out and the men were trying to catch dinner. The girls had changed into their bikinis and were sunning themselves on the observation deck. Everyone except Lisa. She was teaching the guys how to catch fish! I wandered up to the front of the boat to check on the girls. Stephanie was standing in front of me, bare ass naked. She looked great. Confidence is sexy at any age!

"How are we doing Ladies?" I asked as I stared at the beautiful bodies before me.

Cindy roared at me. "I thought this was going to be some swinger's paradise?! I've been on this boat for over an hour and I still haven't been offered an orgasm. What the FUCK?!"

"I'd be more than willing to oblige you madam.." I said as I gave Jenny a wink. I knelt down in front of Cindy's lounge chair to put my head between her knees. She had her bikini bottom off before I was able to cross the deck. As I moved forward she grabbed my head and forced it into her crotch. I worked the sides, then gave up as she pushed my face deeper into her pussy. I licked and nibbled her clit. She came in only a few minutes. Stephanie quickly moved to her side and grabbed me next. She guided my strokes with her hands, forcing my tongue to go where she wanted it and encouraged me with her moans. Her orgasm came nearly as quickly as Cindy's did. When I stood up to catch my breath, two more hands went up. First was Laura, then Danielle. Laura went first. She was very vocal in her enjoyment. I've always enjoyed eating her pussy at parties because her dirty talk is fun and makes me feel like the champion pussy licker I'd like to pretend that I am. My tongue and face was being used as a dildo at that point, but Laura somehow made me feel good about myself in the process. After she got herself off with my tongue, I focused my gaze on Danielle.

"I really want you to make me feel as good as your did them." She said. "Mike doesn't like to eat me, so I don't get that kind of attention..."

"I love pussy, don't get me wrong." I started, "but I know enough to know that these women have been getting off on their own. I'm just the sex toy!" I looked over and saw a huge grin on Laura's face. If you guide my head and tongue with your hands, encourage me by rubbing my head and tell me where to go if I do it wrong (instead of being all frustrated and angry), I'm happy to help you out.

Danielle looked at Laura and Stephanie. They both nodded her in encouragement. She looked at Jenny and Jenny smiled at her. "Go ahead." Jenny said with a smile. "He'll only bite you if you wrap your legs around his head and don't let him breath...."

Danielle moved to the lounge where the other girls had used me, pulled off her bikini bottom, laid down, and spread her legs. I dove in, enjoying her musky smell and listening for cues. She rubbed the back of my head. I worked the sides, I darted my tongue into her. I rubbed her clit with the flat of my tongue in brief waves, all the while listening and hoping for clues if anything was working. She wasn't very forthcoming, but I kept at it. I think I got a little board, and started to focus more on her clit. Let's face it, this was the fourth pussy, I was hoping to get the job done instead of making a career of it. I looked up from my work and saw the other women massaging Danielle's breasts and kissing her. No wonder she wasn't giving me any signs. I dove back in, this time with more force and her hips rose. They started to wag back and forth. I kept at that spot. Soon her whole ass rose up off the chair and she started bucking. I grabbed her hips and held my face to her mound, milking every last shiver out of her body. Soon she was shoving my face away because the intensity was too much. The other women started laughing and teasing her.

"I'M NEXT!" Yelled Jenny. "But I get his COCK!" She threw a towel on the deck and shoved my shorts to the ground, then pushed me onto my back. I was hard as she lowered herself onto me reverse cowgirl. Watching the others cum was enough to get her started and she was close before I entered her. Maria saw and opening and lowered her crotch onto my face. I reached up and undid the string tie. The bikini bottom fell to the side. She and Jenny were matching their rhythms and moans and soon were at the edge of their orgasms. I wasn't planning to cum, but when Jenny pushed back and Maria pulled my head into her pussy it was more than I could take. We all three collapsed at the same time.

"NOT FAIR!" Tammy Yelled at the three of us. "Now you've gone and ruined him and I DIDN'T GET A TURN!"

Stephanie was on her in an instant, then Cindy and Laura followed suit. Stephanie was licking and eating her pussy. The other two girls were nibbling her breasts and rubbing all over her body. Danielle strolled over to the pile and lowered her pussy onto Tammy's face. I guess she needed more attention, but it was too much for Tammy. She started bucking and writhing and screaming into Danielle's pussy. Her orgasm was by far the most intense of the group's.

"Happy NOW!?" Cindy barked back at her with a smile.

"Ohhhhh YEAHHHHH!" Tammy said with enthusiasm.

I went back through the ship, stopped to wash my face and pee, and then headed to the stern to check on the rest of the crew. As I walked up, the boys were cheering Lisa. She had the fishing rod in both hands, her feet against the ship's rail. The rod was bowed and the line taught. She obviously had a big fish on the hook. Stan was standing behind her. It looked like he was encouraging her but as I got closer I realized her was pulling at the strings of her bikini top. Lisa growled at him as he pulled away the small triangle patches of fabric, freeing her incredible breasts.

I understand architects are visual people, but Stan has a deep fascination with Lisa's boobs. And magnificent they are! Watching him you'd think that they were the best man-made structures he'd ever discovered. I'm not arguing. Wow, that doctor did a FANTASTIC job!

When the top came off the cheers got louder. Lisa fought the fish. Carlos stood next to her, and I swear he was looking only at her tits (I know I was), but every once in a while he would encourage her to let out line or release the tension bar. It was as if he had a superhuman gift, the ability to stare obviously and boldly at a woman and at the same time pay total attention to what she was doing. A true voyeur master!

When Lisa had the fish close, Alan grabbed the net, held the line and pulled the fish onto the boat; a gorgeous snapper, easy thirty inches long. Carlos thumped the fish on the deck and threw it on ice. "Good eating tonight!" He said looking back at me.

Lisa stood up, shook herself and stretched her arms high over her head. She held the gaze of every man on the boat. She looked back at us and said, "Well?" Our yells filled the sky. Lisa and her breasts beamed!

Socorro Islands Part 3

Teresa set the dining room table. The smells coming from the kitchen were incredible. Whatever Gina was doing with the snapper and sea bass that were caught that afternoon was sure to be art. Slowly the group convened on the observation deck then into the dining room, drawn into the room by the overwhelming smells from the kitchen.

We all took our seats at the table. Teresa let us know that we could sit anywhere except the ends which were reserved for Captain Keith and Gina. She explained that she and Gina had already eaten, but that they would be joining us at the table for desert. Evidently, this would be the format of every dinner. lunches were far more casual (but no less wonderful). Breakfasts would be prepared as people came into the dining room. Gina would give us a menu of our breakfast choices each morning. Teresa encouraged us to sit wherever we liked and said that she would ensure that we didn't all sit in the same place for every meal.

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