tagGroup SexSocorro Islands Live Aboard Ch. 04

Socorro Islands Live Aboard Ch. 04


Chapter 4

Socorro Islands Part 9

Day 4

I vaguely remember getting up and ready for the early morning dive. I couldn't tell you what we saw, or even how long we were down. I sleepily got back to the showers, wandered back to the cabin and instantly fell asleep naked on the bed. It must have been hours later when I awoke. The sun was already pretty high and really bright. I stumbled up to the deck, feeling hung over from the lack of sleep, too much sex and rum.... I set out to find a quiet hiding place on the ship away from pussies and pulsating cocks. I just needed some time to recuperate.

I found a lounge chair, sat down, pulled my knees to my chest and threw a towel over my head trying to escape everyone, but especially the sun. I'm sure I looked like a grouchy blob. I swam back and forth between consciousness and lucidity there under my towel until I heard a familiar voice. "Don't you look pathetic! What are you hiding from?" barked Lisa.

"Pussy.... " I said. "You damn women are wearing me out!"

She laughed.

"Aren't you supposed to be catching dinner?!" I barked back at her.

"I thought I'd try and catch a hard dick this afternoon instead... and you look sufficiently pathetic. I bet I could hurt you good!" She laughed as she approached me. She yanked the towel off my head, grabbed my face in her hands and gave me a deep moist kiss on the lips. I melted. My legs going limp and falling to the sides of the lounge chair.

"Wow! No wonder you're all fucked up. You don't even hardly put up a fight!" She kissed me again.

"I know.... I'm addicted to the bearded clam. I've got a pussy on my back that I just can't shake! I'll need counseling by the time this ship returns to port!" I admitted. "It's especially hard around you! You're so freakin HOT and I've been waiting for you to give me even a little bit of attention this whole time! You seem more interested in fishing and tuna...."

"Doesn't watching me lick pussy make you hard?" She asked, reaching down to rub my dick through my swim trunks.

"Baby, watching you do ANYTHING makes me hard!" I admitted. My swelling erection confirmed the truth of my confession.

She laughed again, pulled the neighboring chair closer to me, sat down and said, "So.... What do you want to do about it?"

"I'd really like to just hang out some. You're an incredible woman, and we haven't really had much time to just be together. And even though my dick is hard, it's just running on autopilot. When I get to finally fuck you, I want it to be a full strength. " I said looking into her eyes. She seemed a little confused, and a bit disappointed. She flashed me a nervous smile. "Really! Just sit with me a while, I've got a thousand questions.." I said wrapping my arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. Her naked skin felt so good in my arms.

"Ok... What do you want to know?" She said pensively.

I asked her about where she learned to fish, about her career, about her education, how long she's been with Stan, what her other hobbies were, did she like movies and which ones, what her favorite foods were, about her kids, about what she was like as a kid. I really like Lisa. Of all the women on the boat, I could see us becoming the closest of friends. She told me how her grandmother taught her to fish, her favorite places to go, about growing up in a small town. She said she was tired of her job and especially the wanker who was her boss, but she felt that she needed the stability until things got better for Stan's business (architecture was not doing well). She opened up. She shared who she was with me. It was a great conversation. We talked about her boobs. Actually, I asked how long she had them and she told me about breast feeding, the surgery and life after augmentation. I told her (several thousand times I'm sure) how spectacular they are. I haven't been impressed with very many breast surgeries. Most look ridiculous, but Lisa has amazing breasts. She blushed at the comment. I think because she had let her guard down, it seemed more sincere to her then. I thanked her for the conversation, letting her know that I really cherished our moments together. She started to ask me questions.

We talked for another 30 minutes, weaving sex, preferences, desires, and experiences into the conversations. I explained how we organized the trip and how incredible I thought it was that we ended up with a dream cast of a crew. She got silent, then in a hushed voice she spilled her guts.

"I saw you wrapped in your towel, and I came over to seduce you into doing me a favor..." She started.

"I'll do anything you want Lisa.... I really like you. What do you need?" I quickly responded.

"Well, I saw how you got the girls organized and put the fashion show together. You may not know it but you fulfilled a lot of people's fantasies last night." She said slowly. I waited for her to get to the punch line. "And I have a fantasy, that I thought maybe you could help me with...." I looked her in the eyes, letting her know I was paying close attention. She took a deep breath and started again. "My birthday is Thursday. I turn 45, and this trip has been so incredible. I'm so glad you invited us... I've just been thinking that for my 45th birthday if I could live out one of my deepest secret fantasies it would be something I would remember for the rest of my life.... And I trust you and everyone else here..... And I wonder if you could give me a birthday party..... a bukkake birthday party...."

"Wow! Lisa. I REALLY like YOU. Thank you for the compliment. You are stunning for a girl half you age. You look beautiful! Happy Birthday! Wow! I've never organized a bukkake birthday party before.... The thought of it makes my head spin. I'm not sure if I feel like I'm going to faint because all the blood ran out of my head or because I haven't eaten today. Wow!...." I muttered and looked her in the eyes to see if she was pulling my leg. She looked vulnerable, serious, like she was bracing for disappointment. I pulled her close, put my hands on her face and kissed her deeply. "I'll do anything I can to make you happy." I promised.

She kissed me back, once deeply, then several lingering small kisses, then she pushed me back into my chair, threw my towel on my head jumped up and ran away. She seemed to skip like a little girl. I slumped in my chair, lost in thoughts of how to host a bukkake birthday party. I closed my eyes and tried to think of where to start.

Socorro Islands Part 10 Day 4

I tried to think hard on Lisa's party, but I think I just fell asleep. I startled a bit at the sound of bare feet approaching. They were coming fast. I peered out of my towel to see Lisa bounding toward me. She had lost her T shirt since I saw her last. I focused on her breasts bouncing in her mint bikini. My eyes wandered to her pussy lips which were faintly visible, then back to her bouncing tits, and finally to the large plate of fruit she was carrying. I was instantly starving.

She turned her lounge chair so that it was perpendicular to mine, sat down, pulled her knees up so that her pussy lips were facing my right arm, and proceeded to pull grapes from the bunch and pop them in her mouth. She had my full attention.

"Gina says that mango is really good to wake you and give you energy!" She announced as she pulled a long thick slice of mango from the plate, put it to her lips and began to suck on it. My mouth was watering uncontrollably now.

"You do know that the girls on the ship talk right?" She asked not waiting for my answer. My eyes were glued to her mouth and the plate of fruit. "They all decided that of the men, you're the best pussy eater..." She stood up with the pate of fruit in one arm, and with the other, undid the string tie at the side of her bikini. She let it loose and kicked it to the side. She sat back down, pulled her knees up and kept talking. "You really look hungry. I bet you'd like some of my fruit, huh?" My head was nodding without effort. "You can have some of my fruit..." She said and she popped three grapes into her pussy. She took a mango slice, dipped it into the glass of rum she had set on the deck, then rubbed the spiced mango all over her hairless and smooth pussy. I stared dumbfounded, starving and unable to move. "Really! Come Eat My Fruit!" She said, getting frustrated that I didn't jump at her.

Somehow I pulled myself together and crawled between her legs. She left half of the mango slice hanging from her pussy lips. I bit down on the fruit, sucked it into my mouth, licked the folds of her pussy, then tried to suck and tongue out the grapes. They wouldn't budge. Lisa moaned a bit as I scooped them out with two fingers. She looked at me and smiled, then continued to masturbate with the slices of fruit. She would work herself a bit then mercifully let me eat the fruit. I tried to make her feel good, and my energy returned, I was more able to give her the attention she craved. The texture of the pineapple seemed to work the best. I would take a slice between my teeth and push it into her clit as I nodded my head up and down. I tried to key into her responses, searching for her special combination. I stuffed two pieces of pineapple deep into her pussy with my tongue then began sucking and tickling her swollen clit. She grabbed me by the ears and pulled me to her chest. "Not yet..." she whispered.

I sat up on the edge or her lounge chair. She dipped some more mango in the rum and began rubbing her nipples. I stood up, walked around and watched her from above. She put the mango to my lips, and pulled my face closer to her breasts. I'd waited for months to get those breasts in my mouth and I deeply enjoyed the moment. I rubbed, kissed, sucked, and nibbled at the meaty flesh. I sucked on her nipples and she moaned. While I enjoyed myself, she pulled down my trunks and with her foot pulled them to the floor.

She pushed on my chest to make me stand up. We looked into each other's faces and she got a wicked grin. She reached out, grabbed my cock by its root and pulled me to her lips. She had her left hand on my abdomen with her middle finger hooked into my navel. I could hardly move. She sucked my whole dick deep into her throat and pulled back, clinching the head between her teeth and lips. She sucked on the head really hard. It hurt, and as I tried to pull away, she held me firmly in place. She kept sucking, until she let loose with a strong pop. It was deeply purple and swollen and hot. She let go of my belly button and with her left hand pulled the small lips of my dick apart. She pinched it open and darted her tongue into the hole. She played for a few minutes, then started stabbing the hole with her long sharp fingernails. It hurt, and felt good. I moaned and tried to pull away. She caught me with her mouth and held me in place. I looked down to see her pinch the small lips again, making them stand out from the head of my dick. Her head blocked my view and I could feel her bite down on the lips, hard. She had the little folds between her teeth and as I tried to squirm, she bit down harder. My balls and dick started to throb, it felt like I was going to cum, and it was way too early. I needed to fuck her pussy. I was frantic as I tried to pull away, but she wouldn't let me go. In desperation I let my body fall on her, and she finally relaxed her grip and let loose with her teeth. I put my hands on her shoulders and pushing her into the chair I regained a standing position. She licked her lips with a huge grin. "What's a matter Baby?" She cooed, "you don't want to cum?"

I took a deep breath, bent down to kiss her, and rubbed her pussy. "I want this!" I said rubbing her clit harder. She folded her hips and legs back as far as she could and invited me in. As my dick pushed into her, it rubbed against the pineapple. It started to convulse right away. I pulled back out, looked into her smiling face, then shoved myself all the way in. I pumped for all I was worth, and in doing so, a slice of pineapple slide out. She folded herself up, reached down and picked up the pineapple, then wedged it between her pussy walls and my dick. I exploded after a few more thrusts.

My dick was still pulsating when Lisa grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to her crotch. She grabbed me by the ears, steering my head toward her pussy and screamed "SUCK!"

I licked at her pineapple and cum filled pussy. She was grinding my face. I bit into one of the slices of fruit, chewed it roughly, clamped down on her clit and crushed the fruit into her with my tongue. She bucked up and down. I grabbed her hips and ass and pulled her hard into my face. She bucked and whinnied. The end of my dick started to hurt. I looked up between her tits and she smiled at me. "I told you I could hurt you good!" she bragged. I bit down on her clit and her hips jumped 2 feet into the air.

I let her up and she found my face. She lapped at my mouth. "Ummm.." She exclaimed. "Pussy and cum flavored pineapple... my favorite." I reached down, fished the other slice of pineapple from her pussy and fed it to her. She licked her lips and kissed me deeply. She reached down, grabbed hold of my cock and began sucking and licking it clean. When it passed her inspection, she bit down on the head with her back molars. I yelped. She giggled.

Lisa picked up the plate, gathered her bikini and kissed me again. "Thank you. The girls were right. You're really good."

I held her head, kissed her back and said, "Lisa, you are amazing. You need to make more time for me before we go back to real life..."

"I PROMISE!" She exclaimed. "And don't forget my birthday party!"

Socorro Islands Part 11 Day 4

We didn't have fish for dinner that night. Perhaps that was my fault for keeping the lead fisher woman busy. Or maybe Gina had already shared with Lisa what the menu was for the evening while I was sleeping. Gina made hamburgers for dinner, the first real traditional "American" meal we had on the trip. No way was it a "traditional" hamburger though. She ground the beef herself, mixed in some spices and flavors, and grilled it with red onions, and a spicy green chile. She topped the burgers with mango salsa, melted feta cheese, and baby spinach on a fresh sourdough roll. She used some sort of special steak sauce that brought out the different flavors. It was incredible. Of course there was sweet potato French fries, spinach salad, and milk shakes. She spiked the milkshakes with rum. It was an amazing meal. I think I enjoyed it even more because my body was exhausted and depleted. I could feel my strength return as I sat ate, and enjoyed everyone's company. Carlos announced another night dive, and Maria was soon at my side. Lisa joined us and we began planning our dive. They must have been pretty excited, because they wanted to meet at the back of the boat 30 minutes before Carlos was going to get us in the water. I assumed that they wanted to go over the lights and talk through a night dive with Maria. This would be her first time under water in the dark, and it can be scary for some people.

As the dinner group broke up further, I went out on deck and found an empty lounge chair next to Jenny. She laughed at me as soon as I walked up. "Tired, OLD man?!" She needled me.

"Who's idea was this trip anyway? It was supposed to be relaxing!" I complained with only a little conviction in my voice.

"No.." She said, "It was supposed to be a fuck fest veiled only slightly as a dive adventure!"

"Well... then.... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" I smiled back to her.

I paused as I sat down beside her. "You're gimping a little there cowboy! You got a hurt leg?"

"Yeah, a hurt third leg... I think Lisa chewed off the end of it."

Jenny started to laugh uncontrollably. "Yeah, I guess that was my fault" she stammered between sobs of laughter... "She asked me what she could do to really get your attention. She wanted to fuck you good, to get you to do her a favor. I told her you liked the tip of your dick chewed on...." She laughed some more. I thought she was going to fall out of her chair.

"Bitch!" I growled back at her with a terrible scowl on my face. She laughed harder. She obviously wasn't going to stop laughing anytime soon. I stood up and started to walk off.

"Ohhh, What's the Problem? Your dick hurt?!" She yelled at my back as I went to find some other place to be. I grinned at Jenny's joke as I walked off, not wanting to let her see my growing grin. She got me good. But damn, the sex with Lisa was HOT! "No harm, no foul?" I thought to myself, then I rubbed my sore dick.

I found several of the guys hanging out. They were talking about football and basketball. Not a single word about pussy, sex, girls, or what incredible sexy things they had seen. I stood at the edge, soaking in the conversation, and soon realized that they were all in the same boat as me. They had been fucked to a point where they were worn out and they were afraid to be alone with a woman for fear of more fucking. I grinned to myself at the instant revelation, and decided that I would be brave and throw myself back into the battlefield.

I wandered out into the cooling air and saw Laura sitting by herself. I pulled up a chair next to her. "Hey sexy!" she said looking up to me. "How's your dick?"

"What the FUCK!" Do you girls share notes three times a day or WHAT?!" I said a little too passionately.

"She looked at me and smiled. I was just checking to make sure you had enough left to fuck me tonight. I wasn't insinuating anything else. Why? Did someone take your last ounce of cum or what?" She answered obviously puzzled about my response.

"Oh... no, it's just that Jenny was making fun of me because she got Lisa to chew on the tip of my dick. She thought it would be funny." I explained.

"Well?" She said looking at me very seriously waiting for an answer.

"Well what?" I asked hoping that I wasn't sitting on her dog.

"Well, did you like it?!" She asked.

"Fuck yeah, I liked it!" I answered, "But I'm not sure it's going to work again for another several hours.

Laura laughed out loud, reached over and began rubbing my dick through my swim trunks. "Poor little penis..." She said, making fun of me.

"I'm going to hang out with the guys!" I announced as I stood up.

"Chicken Shit!" She yelled back. "Let me know when it works again 'cause I need another orgasm Garston!"

I went back to the back of the boat, sat in a deck chair and waited for my dive buddies to arrive.

Lisa and Maria showed up after a few minutes. Lisa stepped up, grabbed my face and planted a very wet kiss. I melted in her hands and lips. Maria must have felt left out, because she moved in and began rubbing my shoulders and Lisa's breasts. I pulled Maria's face into our kiss, then pushed the two of them together. They began making out and I sat back in my chair, happy to let the two of them enjoy each other.

"So, the girls agree that you're the best pussy licker of the men....." Lisa said in between kisses. "The best pussy licker of the women is between me and Maria." She continued. "We're going to have a pussy lick off, her and I, right now. And you're going to be the judge!" She explained further.

Maria pulled from Lisa's kiss and explained the competition. "We're going to play a little bit, and you can join in with your hands, fingers, and face, and when we agree that we're both hot, Lisa and I are going to 69. We'll probably not be able to gauge our bodies at that point, so you have to tell which of us comes first. Whoever comes last will be the winner."

"What if it's a photo finish?" I asked.

"Well, you'll have to be the judge!" Lisa announced.

"No, I mean, what if I take pictures?" I asked.

Lisa and Maria smiled, looked at each other, then shrugged. "If you promise not to share them without our permission, (even with Jenny), and you have to promise to use them only for your personal masturbation purposes... I guess it's ok with me.." Lisa announced. Maria smiled. I ran back to the cabin to get my dive camera.

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