tagGroup SexSocorro Islands Live Aboard Ch. 05

Socorro Islands Live Aboard Ch. 05


Chapter 5

Socorro Islands Part 12

Day 5

I searched the ship's deck, looking for Stephanie. I found her on a lounge chair, naked, as usual, with Aaron fingering her pussy. Her eyes were closed, basking in the sun, as if this was another typical day. Which on this trip, it had been. Aaron, rubbed her thighs, stuck his fingers in her pussy, played with her clit, and looked up to her face to see if his efforts merited her reaction. I stood a distance off, not wanting to interrupt, but when she didn't move, I made my approach. Stephanie heard me walking up an opened her eyes. She smiled at me. Aaron looked up.

"Hey Baby!" Stephanie said with enthusiasm. Aaron grunted.

"How are you guys doing?" I asked as I neared Stephanie's side.

"Living the dream!" Stephanie answered. She winked at me and nodded at Aaron. I smiled.

"So, Aaron." I started. "I was talking with Danielle the other day and she mentioned to me that she wanted you to be the first person to fuck her ass. I was just wondering if you've gotten around to that..."

Aaron looked up at me with surprise in his eyes. "No Shit?"

"Seriously!" I announced. "I bet, if you told her a joke and made her laugh she'd let you fuck every hole she's got..."

"Seriously?" He questioned me again.

"No Shit, Aaron." I said in a serious tone. "She said she has a crush on you and that she thinks you'd be a fun fuck. Be nice to her though. She's a sweet kid, and be sure to use a lot of lube, because some of the rest of might want to fuck her ass too, and we don't want her to have a bad first experience!"

"Wow, cool. Yeah, I'll definitely be nice. I wonder where she is right now?" He said to himself. He looked up to Stephanie for permission to leave her pussy unattended. She smiled and nodded for him to leave. Aaron jumped up, pulled his shorts up and set out on his quest. Stephanie smiled at me and mouthed "thank you" as he turned his back to leave.

"He's a nice kid, and very attentive, but a girl likes a little variety... you know?" She said looking at my crotch.

I smiled and sat on the edge of her lounge chair. "Actually, I've come in search of wisdom." I answered her, trying to get directly to the point.

She reached over and began rubbing my dick through my shorts. "Wisdom is found in fucking.." She started. "It clears the head and mind, making you more able to see the truth in the world."

I smiled, and got right to it, not letting her hands or religion dissuade my quest. "So, Lisa has asked me to help plan her 45th birthday, and she has a special request. She wants to have a bukake birthday party." I groaned as she pulled the head of my dick out of my shorts and began running her forefinger back and forth on cleft in it's fat head.

"Ohhhh" she moaned, not being clear if she was enthralled with my member or the party.

"The problem is that I'm not really into the idea of being in a circle jerk with all the guys, ejaculating all over her face. It's just not my thing. It's her fantasy, and I want to help, but, I'm not sure how to make it really cool for everyone, and still give her the experience she wants.." I spoke as fast as I could, trying to get out as much of my challenge as quickly as I could before she had me totally hard and the blood completely drained from my head, leaving me stupid as a fence post.

She pushed my shorts to the floor, and pulled my dick toward the gaping lips of her lubricated pussy. I resisted a little and she pulled harder. My dick pulsated in her hands as it grew. She looked into my face, and commanded me to enter her. "Let me give you what you seek...." She said assuringly.

My brain shut down as the head of my dick buried itself in her pussy. My body became animalistic its basic instincts taking over. I fucked her hard, not really caring if she was coming along. I was on a mission to find that explosion. It was all that mattered. Her growing grunts and groans sparked in my brain, and my body responded with it's own contractions. My head hung down, I watched her belly move from her deep breathing, my dick pulsated violently. Every nerve in my body fired as what felt like a fuzzy elephant fired through my urethra. My pelvis pushed hard against her mound. She grabbed at my ass, pulling me in to her as she ground back into me, letting her own orgasm wash over us.

"FUCK......" I moaned. I looked up, into her face. Her eyes were on fire, and she looked more beautiful than any other woman I had ever seen. No way was this the same 60 year old woman who boarded the ship with us days before.

"You have to find a way to make the experience sexual for everyone." She prophesied. "If it's hot, the ejaculating will happen on it's own. So what is the most sexual thing you can do for everyone?" She asked me, knowing full well that I already knew the answer.

I started to pull out and she pulled me to her mouth. She sucked off our combined juices.

"Wow! You're pussy is SO full of Wisdom!" I announced.

She bit down gently on the shaft of my penis with her front teeth and punched me in the chest. "I told you," she said smiling, "the truth of all things is found in fucking!"

"Oww!" I feigned pain. "Why do all the women in this boat want to chew on my dick!"

"To know pain is to gain a heightened appreciation for pleasure!" She said as she pulled my dick back into her mouth, working the head with her tongue.

"No wonder Aaron can't keep his hands off your pussy. I bet he's discovered new subatomic particles on this trip!" I joked back.

She winked back at me. We sat there staring at each other. I broke the silence. "God you are beautiful." I announced. Her face instantly went flush. She looked embarrassed. She leaned in and kissed me. "Thank you." She whispered in my ear.

Socorro Islands Part 13

Day 5

I knew pretty well what I needed to do. Now I just needed to present my ideas to the rest of the cast and get their creative input. I started with Jenny, spilling my thoughts and ideas out onto the table with no real order. She seemed to be excited by my ideas, but when she started to brainstorm with me, I could see her get more and more excited. She was really getting into it, and this made my happy because I needed her help involving the men. Jenny has a way with guys. She can talk their lingo. She can be sexy and hot, but is actually more comfortable just being one of the guys. It must be the jock in her, and it's how she approaches sex too. "Wham, bam, thank you mister," is one of her favorite lines, and I needed that attitude to get the guys involved.

She suggested I talk with Gina about the party, because she knew Gina would be upset if we threw a party on her boat without her playing the hostess. I asked her to talk with Stan. He's her husband after all. It was her idea to have him play a pretty big role in the festivities. I pushed her to "go convince him that this will be great."

"I haven't fucked him yet.." She said to me matter-of-factly. "I should go do that as well." Jenny really likes reverse cowgirl and I instantly pictured her grabbing his ankles, grinding his cock with her pussy and groaning with pleasure.

"See how long he can last, while you ride him cowgirl!" I said, thinking out loud. "It would be a great look!"

"Mmmm, you know I will," She said with a wink and a smile.

My face lights up whenever Jenny smiles at me. It's the laws of nature. She smiles at me and I beam. She groans in pleasure and I'm instantly hard. Simple facts of life.

She set out to fuck (and talk to Stan) and I went to find Gina. We planned to reconnect at lunch, and I let her know I expected a full recounting of her time with Stan. She smiled again.

Gina was busy in the kitchen as always. I explained to her that it was Lisa's birthday the next day and that we wanted to have a party. Gina's face lit up, and as I explained to her our ideas, she seemed really excited. She even made a recommendation that we have Teresa be our first victim. She explained, "You might not know it, not a lot of people do, but Teresa can work wonders with a pussy, and when she cums hard, she'll crack your eardrums."

"Interesting...." I mused to myself. My dick got a little stiff as I chewed on that thought. Gina busted me for day dreaming. "Hey! If you're in my kitchen, you should be thinking about MY pussy!" She yelled at me throwing a towel in my face.

I smiled back, a bit sheepishly, moved over to her side and slowly started rubbing her crotch through her shorts. She made soft cooing sounds, and bent over her counter. I pulled down her shorts, turned her around and kneeled down in front of her so that I could lick the folds of her pussy. The birthday party planning must have really worked on her because she came on my face in just a few well placed strokes.

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "If just the idea of the party gets you off so easily, I can hardly wait for tomorrow night!" I reached under her shirt, rubbed her breasts and pinched her nipples. She caught the side of my neck in her teeth and bit down like a vampire; a sexy ass blood sucker, whom I would have easily given all my life force to in that moment. My legs wobbled, and my eyes lost their focus. Gina pulled back and pushed me away. "I've got to make lunch now!" She said, "and you have to go! But I get to fuck you later!"

I wandered slowly back up on deck, knowing that it would be sometime before Jenny had finished with Stan. To my surprise, she walked up about the same time I did.

"Well, we might have to adjust our plans a bit." She said, a little disappointed, but not deterred. I kissed her when she reached me.

"Stan is really cute, and he was really excited about our ideas, but he finishes too quickly. I told him what I wanted him to do, stripped him naked, pushed him onto the lounge chair and climbed on his dick. It was nice and hard, and ready to go. I started to get a rhythm going and he bent up, and touched my asshole (all you guys like to do that). It felt good, and I must have groaned, which sent him over the edge right away. I had to work hard to get off before he went little." She explained to me without letting me talk. "So I'm thinking we should let her get him off first and then he can get hard while the show continues."

"Gina says that Teresa is really great with a pussy, and that she screams like a banshee when she gets really excited." I interjected quickly so as to be a part of her conversation.

"Ohh..... that could work really well!" She said. "We could have Teresa fuck Stan while Lisa gets them both off! That would be REALLY hot!" She said pushing me into the chair. She pulled off her bikini top and pressed her boobs into my face. I strained for breath between sucking on her nipples. I pulled the bikini bottoms to the side and stuffed three fingers into her sopping wet pussy. I scooped out a handful of Stan as she pulled her breasts from my face. She looked down to see her prize in my hand and smiled as I rubbed their fluids on her belly. She stood up and smiled at me, proud of her accomplishment. I pushed her to the nearest wall with my face in hers. Her back bounced against the wall and she stuck her tongue deep down my throat. I quickly turned her around, pressed her shoulders to the wall. She stuck her ass out at me. I frantically pulled down my shorts, and crammed my hard cock into her pussy, pushing out more fluids as it went in. I "punished" her with my cock, banging her up against the wall. She moaned in appreciation. My thighs started to burn, her pussy started to dry a little, as I worked her for several minutes. I hadn't noticed Laura move up behind me, but I jumped when her cold hand touched my ass. I ejaculated immediately. Laura rubbed my ass and thighs.

I pulled out of Jenny and she looked at Laura and smiled. "Thanks for rescuing me!" She said. "I was afraid he was going to leave a mark on my forehead from the wall!"

Laura and I both laughed at her joke. Laura bent down and licked me clean then set her attention on Jenny's pussy. I think Jenny appreciated the light comforting touch of Laura's tongue after the friction of fucking.

"This tastes a little like Stan...." Laura joked as she licked Jenny.

Jenny grunted and laughed which made both Laura and I giggle with delight. "Wow! Jenny said, "You must really have good taste buds!"

"Nah," Laura giggled. "I just been following you around the ship cleaning up after you!"

Socorro Islands Part 14

Day 5

That afternoon we all went diving again. The water was pretty smooth and the air was still, which made getting in and out of the boat really easy. We saw some sharks and lots of different kinds of fish close to the shore. The excitement was still there, but life at sea was definitely slowing down everyone's pulse and pace. There was almost no consistency to the number of divers. Sometimes everyone wanted to dive, other times it was just one or two. I was pleased to see Danielle really take to diving. I think she was in the water more than any of the other women. When I asked her about it, she confided that she enjoyed diving, but she really liked how the cold salt water soothed her sore pussy. I asked her how often she was getting fucked, and she said she thought she was getting it four or five times a day. She was visibly pleased with herself as she talked. She even bragged a bit about how she had fucked every guy on the ship.

"Wow..." I confided. "Even I haven't done that...."

She laughed at my joke, pulled me close and whispered in my ear, "But that night with you and Jenny was my favorite so far.... It was so sexy and sweet and felt so safe. Do you think we can do that again?"

"I bet you we could." I answered. "You should ask Jenny when she wants to have another sleep over."

Danielle giggled at the word "sleep over."

I stared at her ass for ten minutes after she left, finally shaking myself into reality with a heartfelt "DAMN!"

That evening was really low key. Maria, Lisa and I did another night dive, complete with naked groping, lots of flirting, and even looking at some fish. Lisa and Maria did another performance for me. They're both really hot, but I really wanted to watch some proper fucking. I wandered about the ship until I found Mike and Laura going at it. They left the door open, inviting anyone who wanted to watch, and I was happy to oblige them. Laura was on her back, with Mike's huge ass and back pounding over the top of her. She saw me watching and really started to put on a good show. Mike's breathing became erratic as he approached climax. Laura's fingernails cut deep into the flesh of his ass. She was pulling him into her, and as she did, she arched her back let her hair drop and squealed in pleasure. She was fantastic, and I enjoyed her beauty. She smiled at me. Mike turned back to see me there, then collapsed on top of Laura, pressing her deep into the small bed.

He pulled up off her and grinned. She kissed his shaved chest and somehow rolled him onto her back. She pinned him against the bed with her hands on his shoulder and commanded that I come to her side. Standing over them, she insisted that I clean them up since she had done the same for me earlier.

I looked at her and smiled, looked at Mike and made a funny "this is gonna hurt" face and moved toward their genitals. I lapped at Laura's pussy first, sucking out the fluids and sucking on her pussy lips. Mike grinned as I worked her over. He smiled when she jumped as I bit her clit. I then turned my attention to him and he closed his eyes and winced. He braced himself for what was certainly going to be as uncomfortable and painful as a second circumcision. Laura laughed as she covered his face in appreciating kisses for his bravery. I licked the shaft of his dick clean, then bit the head of his dick. He jumped about two feet off the bed!

"Hey MAN! NOT COOL!" He screamed.

Laura and I were laughing hysterically at his pain and surprise. He couldn't help but start to laugh with us, his ego bruised more than the end of his penis. Laura pounced on him again, began grinding the lips of her pussy on the underside of his still rigid cock. He moaned, and his eyes got big as he felt it slide back into her hot pussy. She moaned in pleasure. I kissed her as she rode him, and reached down and pinched Mike's nipple hard. He groaned. Laura reached in my shorts and pulled out my dick, and began slobbering all over it. She worked it with her hands and mouth. Mike watched intently. Within minutes she came hard, and before she was done, I came in her mouth. She tried to suck it all down, but a drop rolled out of the side of her mouth and dripped on Mike's chest. That did it for him and he exploded inside Laura, pulling her hips tight into him. She continued sucking on me until I was dry. My mind started to clear. I looked down at Mike, then looked at Laura and bolted for the door before either of them could offer to clean me up.

"Chicken Shit!" yelled Mike.

"Pussy" yelled Laura. Then they both fell into a chorus of laughter.

"This fucking stuff is fun!" I thought to myself as I wandered down the hallway.

Chapter 6

Socorro Islands Part 15

Day 6

Jenny and I laid in bed. She was excited about the party, her adventures with Stan and Danielle and the trip so far. She wanted to know about Lisa and Maria and what they did, and I was quick to tell her how I had watched Laura and Mike fuck, then bit them both and made each of them scream. She laughed at the mental images. She told me that Stan had asked her to let him have another go while I was in the water with the girls. She said he apologized for being so quick and wanted to make it up to her and that on the second go he was able to last longer (though still not hours of continuous fucking, which she said may be a good thing on this trip). She rubbed her pussy and mused that it was either going to be so sore by the time we got home that she wouldn't want to be fucked for a month, or so used to being filled that we were going to have to put up wanted posters around town to keep a steady stream of spurting cocks for her. I laughed at the image of guys lined around the block of our house. She snuggled into my side, and put her head on my shoulder and fell asleep while she was still talking.

The next morning there was a buzz around the ship. Everyone was wishing Lisa "happy birthday" with a big grin. She seemed to get more and more excited as the day went on. I hadn't really told many people about the party games, but I think the anticipation of a really exciting time was growing as the day wore on. I checked on Gina before lunch. She told me to come back and help later in the afternoon and wanted me to bring a few of the girls as well.

Gina is amazing. I know I've said it before, but the woman is so talented. When we went back to help in the afternoon she laid out the menu and jobs in a simple matter of fact way. She had the four of us making gourmet dishes that I had never heard of. The smells were amazing. She had Maria and Tammy work on the main dish, a seafood gumbo that smelled amazing. They were peeling potatoes and cleaning shell fish. Jenny and Cindy were working on the vegetables and salads. Gina taught Cindy how to make an incredible wine and vinegar salad dressing that was delicious. Jenny was working on an asparagus dish with a spicy chili pepper glaze. Gina smiled at me, took my hand and drug me to an empty table when she was sure that the other women were competent in their jobs. She turned me around and pushed my back into the table, threw her arms around me and gave me a big deep kiss, then stuffed her tongue down my throat. I looked over to see Jenny looking at us with a scowl on her face. Gina pulled back and pinched my nipple really hard. I shrieked. Jenny laughed.

"That's for ignoring me!" Gina growled leaning into my face. "I told you that it was MY turn to fuck you last night and you totally stood me up!"

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