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This story is inspired by a wonderful woman I met on literotica. Her fetishes, experiences and fantasies drove me to write this piece of fiction. This goes to the woman with "safe" email.

I am fascinated by bald, bare and hairless crotch and ass. I must have been wired this way because I am 47 and my fetish for bald hairless crotch and ass is very strong. Bald pussies of girls and women, hairless cocks and balls, and hairless assholes and butts. It all started a week before my wedding. I was 25 years old and in preparation for my wedding had gotten a complete bikini wax. It was fascinating to me. It was clean and clear and I could examine every inches of my skin down there. I remember coming home from work everyday and locking myself up in my room. I'd take my clothes off and enjoy the musky smell of my own pussy. I would lay in bed, spread eagle and touch, rub, caress, massage and finger my pussy. Right before coming I would get on all fours and touch my hairless ass hole which would put me over the edge and I would cum. This same routine would follow at night. Every night I would put myself to sleep by masturbating my puffy pussy lips and my hard clit. So many mornings I would wake up to find my finger still shoved inside my horny pussy. I was infatuated by my bald pussy and ass hole. I could not get enough of touching myself.

My fetish was not limited to my own pussy. Like a good little married girl, I experimented with my best girlfriends all the time. We would explore each other and rub, touch and finger each other in fascination of bald pussy and ass holes. During one of my "sleep over with girlfriends" parties on the weekends when my husband would go to vegas, my friend Jessica mentioned that she ran into her older brother in the bathroom while he was coming out of the shower and that he is totally hairless down there. That perked up my curiosity and I decided that I would have a first hand experience with boys too. Over the next several months I be-friended a guy at my gym and quickly talked him into shaving all the way. I became very good friends with him and we spent many days exploring each other, touch, massaging and fingering each other. I loved how his smooth cock skin would feel on my lips and his shaved balls against my pussy.

My fetish grew stronger when my husband and I moved to a big college town where he got a teaching position and I started working for the student services center. I met and made many student friends but there were a couple special ones too. My friends kelly, Veronica, and Tina all Juniors shared my fetish but not at first. Kelly was totally shaved and had very soft and sensitive lips that would become red and engorged with the slightest touch of my fingers. Veronica had a little fuzz but she was very curious and open to trying new things. Tina and Kelly joined me as we shaved Veronica for the very first time. It did not take very long but the process left us all very wet and horny. After we had cleaned Veronica up, we all took turns sucking licking and finger fucking Veronica. By the time we were done with her she was exhausted of cumming. Tina was this cute but sexy, tennis-player, Chinese girl who was very much bald. We could not believe how bald and hairless Tina was. She was very proud of her bald pussy and her ass hole and always let us play with them. Tina and I had a special bond. Our 2nd year, thanksgiving break, she came home with me since she did not have any family. Tina was the first girl who ever licked my butt and she was the first girl who's ass hole I tongue-fucked. There was something to be said about looking at a tight pink puckered star-like ass hole exposed right in front of you and feeling the anal ring grab your tongue as you try to shove your tongue inside your girlfriend's ass hole.

In the boys department I was lucky enough to meet a guy, Jason, who was just so sweet and incredibly sexy. At the time when I first met him, he used to clip his pubic area but was afraid to take the razor down there. I introduced him to hair removing cream and helped him make his cock, balls and his ass hole bald. He loved it so much that he called me that night after going home and told me that he can't keep his hands off of his cock and balls and his ass hole. Jason was the first boy who ever licked my ass hole. There something about a boy's rough tongue darting in and out of your tight little pussy or your anus. If I thought that having oral and hand sex with bald pussy, ass and cock was amazing, it does not compare to how a bald cock and balls feel slapping and grinding against a bald pussy. I love feeling the bare skin of my lover's cock and huge balls grinding against my puffy pussy lips or my tight ass hole.

Naturally, my fetish became even stronger when I had kids. I continued to play with my boy and girl friends and spent rest of the time taking care of my family. Even then I would try to find ways to be alone for 15-20 minutes so i could slide off my clothes and rub, finger, caress and fuck my own bald pussy. As the kids started to turn 18, I decided that it was time to teach them the importance of being clean and bald down there. I passed on this practice onto my two daughters and a son. I taught them how important, easy and fun it is to stay bald and hairless. It was a torture to a horny mother to know that her children are sexy sweet and totally shaved bald down there but not be able to do anything about it except see them in their swim suits. Turning point came when my children entered Jr. year. See I teach Jr. and Sr. year and my crazy fetish lovers are from those classes. Once my daughter Tanya starting going to the same class as my lovers and became friends with them she quickly found out something was wrong. She confronted me and showed much interest in my fetish. We talked for hours about it. I told her that I loved seeing a bald pussy. She kissed my cheeks, took me up to her dorm, took her clothes off and showed me how smooth bald and hairless her pussy and ass hole were. We immediately started kissing each other and in a few minutes I found myself tongue fucking my daughter's horny wet pussy. I was in heaven. My own little baby girl, all sexy shaved and bald getting her pussy fucked by mommy's big wet tongue. Tanya would always return the favor very well. I remember when the very first time my daughter stuck two fingers up my anus while shoving her full big wet tongue in and out of my horny wet pussy. I came so hard that I almost past out.

I did similar thing with my other daughter, Jenna. Jenna was going to a community college and lived at home so it was easy to develop my relationship with her and in isolation with the other kids. It also meant that I had to be careful when I bring my sexy friends home. So I started going to Tanya's dorm room almost 3-4 times a week. Jenna very quickly quickly figured it out that something was up and confronted me. When we told her about our mutual fetish and attraction for bald bare hairless pussies and ass holes, Jenna quickly dropped her panties and asked us if that is what we were talking about. Needless to say all three of us were very happy that day. Back home with Jenna, I would lick suck and fuck her horny bald pussy and she would in turn finger fuck my pussy. One night while she was tongue fucking my horny wet pussy she shoved two fingers up my anus. I guess Tanya and Jenna were talking and exchanging points on how to drive mom over the edge.

Jenna was the crazy one. She would take me out dancing and we would pretend to be in love. We would tease each other all night on the dance floor and then come home to crazy wild fucking and sucking. Jenna introduced me to live size dildo. She would shove that big dildo in every hole that was not already occupied. My favorite position with Jenna was 69 position. She would lay on her back, I would climb on top of her. I would burry my face in her bald sexy juicy cunt with swollen pussy lips and she would shove her tongue up my pussy while using a dildo in my anus. I loved feeling a huge cock up my butt while my pussy was being tongue-pounded by my own gorgeous daughter. Jenna and I found ways to shower together, go shopping together and spend as much time with each other as possible. She was such an adventurous little minx, such a horny girl that anything was possible with her. She would tongue fuck my ass hole, grind her bald cunt against my face, fuck her hairless cunt with my huge hard nipples and put anything smooth and big that she could find inside my cunt and anus. We both would be sore at times from fucking for hours.

Naturally my conversations with Jenna turned to boys. I confessed that my hairless bald crotch fetish extends to boys too. Since my son, Jason, has been trained by me to stay shaved, when Jenna asked me about Jason I told her that I am 100% positive that he is fully shaved around his cock, balls as well as her ass hole. Her eyes lit up when I told her all that and she insisted that we should talk to Jason about confirming our theory. When Jason came home that night Jenna and I were super sweet to him and offered him some wine to relax him and smooth into our conversation.

Jason took a few minutes to confess that he has been keeping himself shaved in every places. He also told us that he does not like to shave himself so he either goes to a women's hair salon and gets it done by this sexy chinese girl who works there or he gets Mrs. Meyers who used to be his 6th grade teacher. With both women, his payment is tongue and cock fucking them for hours after they have shaved him off. This was information that told us what we wanted to know and do. So we asked Jason to strip and show us for sure. We wanted to make sure he was not making it up. In reality we wanted to get Jason to fuck his sister and her mother's gorgeous bald puffy lipped cunts.

It started on that first time we saw Jason naked. He was fully shaved, his balls were clean and so was his pink-ringed ass hole. Before he knew what hit him, both Jenna and I had attacked him. I was sucking on his balls and his cock and Jenna had her wet tongue up his ass hole. It was such a great feeling to feel his soft skin fully shaved cock and balls and ass with our face and tongue and mouth and lips. Jason could not take a tongue and later a finger up his anus so he shot his cum into his mommy's mouth right away. I massaged his cock and milked his balls as he came in my mouth. It was Jenna's turn to play with his cock. However she did not waste time with fancy blow jobs. She laid on her back spread eagle as I sat on her face letting her tongue fuck my pussy and finger my ass hole. This was a clue to Jason to get his cock hard quick and fuck his baby sister. Jason did not waste time. He grabbed his cock from the base by cupping his balls and started slapping Jenna's horny bald pussy with his cock. This made Jenna even more wet, it made her clit swollen and her pussy lips engorged. Slapping his monster cock onto his sister's pussy made Jason's cock hard in no time. Without further delay, I watched Jason shove his huge fat monster cock meat inside his sister's tight little pussy in one big push. Jenna reacted as if something got shoved up her ass pussy and mouth at the same time. But it was incredible to watch Jason's fat cock piston in and out of his baby sister's tight pussy, his large and cum-filled balls slapping against her puckered ass hole. I must have come several times onto my gorgeous daughter's cute face just watching that.

The next morning, my eyes were closed in sheer pleasure as I felt Jenna's sweet wet tongue wiggle in and out of her mommy's wet pussy, her finger probing my ass hole and feeling Jason's massive pushes as he slammed his cock over and over into his baby sister's horny tight pussy. A few minutes later I felt an extreme shrill from Jenna. Her mouth was no longer fucking my pussy. Jason was no longer whimpering his lust for his sister's pussy. A few seconds later it all made sense. I opened my eyes, and yes, I was right. My gorgeous daughter and my hunk of a son with his massive cock had decided to have anal sex. No waiting, no fore play and no warming up the ass hole. As my eyes opened, I saw Jason holding on to his balls and ramming his fat fucker plunged inside his baby sister's tight little anus. She screamed and whimpered but loved every inch of his cock sliding inside her tightest of holes. As if on queue, right then, Jenna shoved her tongue inside her mother's horny ass hole and fingers inside her juicy pussy. I was in heaven. I love getting my anus played with and tongue fucked. This did not last very long as it was intense and crazy hot. I dripped a few streams of mommy cum onto my daughter's sexy chest and chin as I watched my son pull his massive cock with huge swollen knob out of his sister's ass hole and spray her pussy, her ass and her belly with what seemed like gobs and gobs of thick white cum.

All three of us were tired and spent and fell asleep tangled into each other's arms on the same bed.

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