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Soft Swing Goes Further


My best friend John and I have known each other for 32 years. We are the same age and grew up together. We have been close friends the entire way. We consider ourselves and refer to each other as brothers. We candidly tell each other everything there is to know about each other, life, our relationships and best of all, sex. John has told me what his wife likes in bed and what her fetishes are. He knows the same about my wife. We have even gone as far as to explain in detail what our wives pussies look like.

John has been in and out of relationships his whole adult life, but just recently got married to his wife Katie. I have been married to my wife Jessica for almost 10 years. I have often fantasized about having sex with Katie. She is 32 years old, 5-6, 170 lbs, brown eyes and brown hair. I would call her overall build medium to full, but she has 36C breasts and her hips and ass are shaped well. Although Katie isn’t a perfect 10, she’s pretty and very sexy. My wife Jessica is 30 years old, 5-1, 110 lbs, dark brown hair and light blue eyes. Her build is petite and her breasts are a perfectly proportioned 34C. Jessica is by far one of the most beautiful women I have laid eyes on.

With the addition of Katie, John and his new wife continue to be very close friends with Jessica and I. We live in the same area and often go to dinner and movies together. John is extremely outspoken and several times has shown his affection for Jessica, both in private and public. When John and I are alone, he often tells me how he would love to have a threesome with us. He also likes to drum up scenarios in his mind with the intent of getting his wife Katie to agree to swinging with us, just so he can have sex with Jessica. I don’t know where he gets these ideas, because our marriage is strictly monogamous. In public, John makes cute, but lewd comments to Jessica. She just shakes them off and I don’t say anything. Not because I’m afraid to say anything, but I look at the comments as fun play because I know how much John likes her.

My wife and I have never had sex with another couple, but I often joke with Jessica about the subject just to see where her mind is on the matter. She never really gives me a yes or no, but her body language tells me that she is not interested.

I have to admit, some of John’s scenarios really turn me on. John brings up the subject on occasion with scenarios ranging from sneaking into our dark bedroom while Jessica and I are making love, to blatantly asking Jessica and Katie if a wife swap would be possible. Not that I’m particularly attracted to Katie, although she’s not ugly by any means. But the stories John has told me about how kinky Katie is, topped by the thought of actually having sex with another woman helps to feed my interest. I am also a little turned on to know that my beautiful wife would be fucking my best friend, with my consent.

Last summer, I called John and asked him if he and Katie wanted to join Jessica and I for a weekend of boating at Lake Havasu, Arizona. He checked with Katie and called me back the next day and they agreed to go.

On Thursday morning, we packed up our truck, hooked up our pontoon boat and then picked John and Katie up at their house. They jumped in the back seat of my 4-door pick up and off we went. We had all been to Lake Havasu together a few times, so everything was routine. The drive was the usual, hot and long. However, the constant conversation helped to make the drive seem effortless. As the conversation continued, I would look back at Katie in the rearview mirror. All the previous conversations with John about Katie kept flashing through my mind. I found myself getting turned on as I watched her. She was wearing a bikini top and small cotton shorts. Her hair was up in a ponytail and I couldn’t help but focus on her beautiful lips as she talked. I could feel my cock begin to swell and twitch inside my pants.

After a couple hours, the conversation died down and Jessica began to fall asleep. Katie rested her head on John’s shoulder and began to fall asleep as well. I just drove, listened to the radio and began to daydream about nothing in particular. After about 30 minutes, I felt John knee the back of my seat ever so slightly. I didn’t think anything of it and didn’t even acknowledge it by looking back. Instantly, I felt another nudge at my seat, this time looking back at John in the mirror. John had a grin on his face and pointed his eyes downward. I didn’t initially catch on to what he was trying to tell me. He looked downward again, this time more deliberately. I watched in the mirror to see that John had pulled down one side of Katie’s bikini top, partially exposing her left breast and all of her nipple. He covered her breast back up and smiled at me. I smiled back, gave him a thumbs up and kept on driving. I was already horny as hell and that sure was a nice visual treat.

After 4 hours on the road, we arrived at Lake Havasu City. We checked in to our side by side motel rooms and agreed to drop our bags and immediately head out to the lake. After taking a quick piss, I banged my hand on the adjoining wall, which signaled John and Katie that we were leaving. A few minutes later, they met us down at the truck. We drove to the ramp where we launched my boat. I parked my truck while the other 3 waited for me at the dock. We all loaded up and headed out to find a cove. As we were pulling away from the ramp, I saw a bitchin’ looking power boat that looked just like my co-worker’s boat. As we got closer, I saw that it was my co-worker Alex and his wife Lindsay. After a short conversation, they invited us to follow them to a cove where a bunch of their friend’s were at. We agreed and they led us to a perfect cove on the south end of the lake, almost all the way down to Parker Dam. To my surprise, there were about 20 of Alex’s friends and 3 or 4 boats.

We spent hours drinking beer and talking shit with 20 of our newest friends. Some of them brought their kids, who were diving into the water off the back of the boats. People were mingling, cooking food and swimming. We were all pretty drunk by this point. I was having such a good time, I didn’t notice that John and Katie had grabbed some life vests and were floating about 100 feet away from the boats. Jessica and I grabbed our life vests, 4 more beers and swam out to meet up with them. We were sipping our beers and talking about what a good time we were having. As Jessica and Katie talked, John and I floated away from them a little bit. John quietly told me that he and Katie had just finished a conversation before Jessica and I came up.

John whispered, “We were going to float further out and fuck in the water where nobody would see us.”

I said, “That is fuckin’ hot! We’ll leave you alone.”

John stopped me and asked, “Is this lake big enough where people on other boats can’t see what you are doing if you park in the middle of the lake?”

I said, “Yeah, this lake is huge.” I explained that Jessica lays out topless on our boat all the time. As long as you park in the middle of the lake, it’s like you are all by yourself.

John began to brainstorm. I immediately knew he was thinking of some plan to see my wife naked. I was still horny from the trip in, and now so smashed and that I was silently hoping that he would come up with an ingenious idea. A few seconds later, here it came.

John said, “Is Jessica really drunk?”

I said, “Yeah, she’s fucked up.”

John said, “So is Katie. You know how both of them get really horny when they’re drunk?

I said, “Yeah.”

John said, “Let’s take advantage of this moment.”

I said, “What’s the plan?”

John said, “Let’s tell the girls that we are going to take a boat ride. We’ll park in the middle of the lake, begin making out with our wives and see how frisky they really are. I know Katie wants to fuck right now, so I know she’ll be up for it then. Let’s see what happens.”

I asked, “Soft swing?”

John asked, “What’s that?”

I said, “That’s when two couples make love to each other in front of each other. No swapping, just sex in front of another couple.”

John said, “Let’s see if we can make that happen.”

I said, “Let’s go!”

John and I moved closer to our wives and told them that we want to go for a boat ride. They agreed and we went back to the beach. I told Alex that we were going for a boat ride and that we’d be back in a little bit.

We fired up the boat and went north to the expansive area of the lake north of the London Bridge and south of the river. I shut the engine off and we floated around as we drank beer, listened to music and occasionally dove into the water to stay cool. A few times, I caught a glimpse of Katie’s nice and full ass as she bent over to dive off the back of my boat. John was in the water floating at the back of the boat as he watched me and smiled every time I looked at her ass.

Jessica stood at the back of the boat and was preparing to jump into the water. I was so drunk and horny at this point, I didn’t care. I wanted to try and make something happen. My cock was at half staff and I wanted someone to play with it. As Jessica was standing up, I walked up behind her and yelled, “John!” I pulled the string on the back of Jessica’s bikini top, which caused her top to fall to the ground. John and Katie looked toward us as Jessica’s naked tits were now fully exposed to their view. John shouted in delight. I thought Jessica was going to get pissed off, but she didn’t. She jumped into the water as planned and treaded water with her bare breasts just below the water line.

I jumped into the water next and just floated with Jessica, occasionally kissing her and pinching her bare nipples. Without notice, Jessica took a firm grip on my cock and began to jack me off under the water while kissing me at the same time. She forced my hands into her bikini bottoms as I slowly rubbed the outside of her pussy. I attempted to push my finger into her cunt, but the water made it difficult. Jessica whispered into my ear that she wants to make love on the boat! I couldn’t believe this was going to actually happen! I kept my cool and calmly agreed.

As I swam toward the boat, pulling Jessica as I went, I couldn’t believe that she actually suggested this first. As we reached the back of the boat, I turned back to Jessica and asked her if she was positively sure she wanted to do this while John and Katie were nearby. In her drunk voice, Jessica said, “I need to fuck now.”

I looked back at John and saw that he was now floating on his back as Katie had his bathing suit down to his knees. She was giving John a hand job with a vengeance. As Jessica began to climb up the stairs to the boat, John gave me a thumbs up. Katie was so busy stroking John’s cock, it didn’t appear that she had even noticed that we were leaving the water. I followed Jessica into the boat, she grabbed my hand and led me toward the front of the boat. She forcefully pushed me onto the rear facing seat and immediately yanked my bathing suit down to my ankles. Without delay, Jessica began sucking my hard cock and simultaneously used her hand to stroke me. I was sitting there completely naked, while my bare breasted wife blew me in the middle of Lake Havasu! What more could a man want?

Just after Jessica started the blow job, I watched as John’s head began rising from the back of the boat. He and Katie were climbing the stairs onto the boat! John instantly saw Jessica’s ass pointing right at him while her head was in my lap. I could see the look in his eyes as he saw that our plan was working. He stared so intently on Jessica’s bikini covered ass, that he didn’t even turn back toward Katie to help her onto the boat. When Katie finally set foot on the boat, I could see that she too noticed what was going on at the front of the boat. The site of someone else watching me get blown was more erotic that I thought it would be. Katie’s reaction was not of disgust, she actually gave me a little smile! As Jessica continued her attack on my meat, she gave no indication that she knew John and Katie were now on the boat.

I watched as John pulled Katie toward him and began tongue kissing her. Katie immediately began rubbing John’s cock on the outside of his bathing suit. I stared as John removed Katie’s bikini top and began slowly sucking her nipples. Those familiar breasts were making me wish I was the one sucking them. Katie leaned her head back in lust as John put his hands down the front of her bikini bottoms. After a short time, John’s hand was moving so quickly inside Katie’s bikini that it was plainly obvious that he was now fully finger banging her cunt with all he had.

Katie opened her eyes and immediately made eye contact with me. She pulled John’s hand away from her and pushed her bikini bottoms to the floor as she continued her eye lock on me. Katie was now standing completely naked in front of me. Her full sized body and beautiful breasts were much nicer than I had ever imagined. With Katie standing naked across the boat and Jessica still working on my cock, I felt the cum rising up the shaft of my cock. I didn’t want Jessica to stop, but I didn’t want to cum before I got to fuck her either.

As I pulled Jessica’s face out of my lap, I looked back at Katie. To my surprise, John was now completely naked and was just about to mount Katie from behind as she was bent over the railing of my boat! Jessica stood up and stepped out of her bikini bottoms. Just then, John entered Katie’s pussy which caused her to moan out loud. Jessica snapped her head toward the moan and saw the scenario.

Jessica quietly said to me, “I thought it was just us up here.”

I replied, “We are all horny. Just ignore them. It will be okay.”

As I was still seated, Jessica turned toward John and Katie. She lowered her wet pussy onto my cock and placed both feet onto the seat on the outsides of my thighs. She began to slowly bob up and down as my cock slid inside her. Jessica and I were now watching John and Katie’s love making while we made love at the same time. John was fucking Katie’s pussy so vigorously that Katie’s ass cheeks began to ripple. Her moans had switched to screams as her pussy took a beating. We both continued to enjoy our voyeurism as Jessica‘s thrusts grew harder and longer. I looked down to see the head of my cock exit and then enter her beautiful pussy over and over again. She was taking every inch of my shaft on every stroke!

John pulled his cock out of Katie and led her toward the front of the boat. Jessica watched John’s eyes as he focused on her pussy which was now just a few feet away from him. I focused my eyes on Katie’s pussy as she walked toward us. Her bald cunt looked just as John described, “like a tightly rolled soft taco.”

John sat Katie on the seat right next to Jessica and I. We continued our fucking. John pulled Katie’s legs toward him as her ass reached the edge of the seat. John plunged his shaft into Katie’s cunt and began fucking her missionary style right in front of us! I was in absolute lust to see Katie getting plowed right in front of me. By her alternating moans and screams, I knew she was having continuous multiple orgasms. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening, but wasn’t about to make it stop!

Jessica lifted herself off my cock, straddled me face to face and again impaled herself on my cock. As John continuously pounded Katie, I couldn’t help myself any longer. I wanted to feel those breasts that I saw in the truck. As Jessica fucked me, I reached over and slowly rubbed my hand across Katie’s right breast and onto her erect nipple. I lightly pinched her nipple between my fingers as she began to smile at me. Her tit was so soft and full!

Jessica saw this and loudly said, “pinch them harder!“

Before I could act, John got so turned on that he pulled his cock out of Katie’s pussy and sprayed cum all over her chest. My hand was covered with John’s juices. The next thing that happened was a complete surprise! Jessica grabbed my hand and began licking John’s cum off of my fingers! She moaned and sucked every finger clean! I couldn’t hold out any longer and yelled, “I going to cum!”

Jessica lifted herself off my cock. John stopped Jessica’s attempt to put her mouth on my cock to eat my cum as she had done so many times before. John picked Jessica up and sat her down right next to Katie. To my amazement, Katie quickly got up from the seat and positioned herself between my legs. Katie wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked my shaft 2 or 3 times. She then lowered her mouth onto my cock and pushed my shaft deep into her mouth. Instantly, I ejaculated loads of cum into the back of her Katie’s throat. I held onto the back of her head as my cock pumped uncontrollably. Katie slowly slid her mouth up and down my shaft until she swallowed every drop.

Just then, I looked over and saw John’s face planted between Jessica’s legs. John was jabbing his tongue into Jessica’s pussy and sucking on her loose labia. Jessica grabbed onto the back of John’s head and pulled his face tightly into her groin. John began forcefully sucking Jessica’s clit which put her into an orgasmic rage. She loudly sent out her signature orgasmic moans as she came over and over. Jessica had her legs tightly wrapped around John’s head like a vice grip and her hips were bucking up and down. Jessica was cumming while my best friend was fulfilling his long time fantasy with my wife! I was so happy for him that I couldn’t stop smiling.

After everyone calmed down, we all sat silently and embraced each other’s wife. I had my arms wrapped around Katie’s beautiful naked body while lightly kissing her on her ear. John laid naked on his back while Jessica’s naked body was draped over his body with her head on his chest.

I quietly said to Katie, “Thanks.”

Katie said, “I didn’t want to be left out.”

After about 30 minutes, we all regained our composure and put our bathing suits back on. I called Alex on his cellular phone and told him that we were all tired and are heading back to the motel.

When we arrived at the launch ramp, Katie offered to walk with me to get my truck while Jessica and John stayed at the dock with the boat. As we walked to the truck, Katie put her arm through mine and rested her head on my shoulder while we walked. I looked back at the dock and saw John and Jessica kissing passionately as they sat in my boat. I knew the rest of this trip was going to be special.

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Great story

This story is very good. The scenario is plausible and the hot sun, revealing swimsuits and alcohol consumption realistically reduces everyone's inhibitions and gives them an excuse to do something thatmore...

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