tagLoving WivesSoft Swing Goes Further Ch. 02

Soft Swing Goes Further Ch. 02


This story is the sequel to my earlier story titled "Soft Swing Goes Further." To understand the relationship and some of the things discussed in this story, you should read the first story prior. Please let me know what you think. Enjoy!


After using my truck to pull my boat out of the water, we all jumped into the truck and headed back to the motel. During the ride back, we were all quiet. Knowing that most people do abnormal things in the heat of passion, I wasn't sure what everyone else was now thinking. Especially my wife Jessica. Things were definitely awkward between everyone, except me and John. We both knew what we were getting ourselves in to. I was actually quite comfortable with what had transpired. I knew John was the same.

When we arrived at the motel, John asked me what we had planned for dinner. I asked if everyone wanted to go to my favorite restaurant, "The Frigate Lounge." Nobody had any complaints, so we agreed to take quick showers and get to the restaurant before the night crowd.

When Jessica and I got into our room, I closed the door. I was relieved because we had been out in 100 degree weather all day and the room was nice and cool. I was also relieved because I could now find out how Jessica felt about the earlier incident on the boat.

I quietly asked Jessica, "Are you okay?"

She kept removing her bikini in preparation for a quick shower and replied, "Yeah. Are you?"

I said, "I just want to make sure that you're okay with what happened."

Jessica replied, "I'm fine. I knew what I was getting into and got what I got."

Not sure exactly what that meant, I said, "Cool. I got all hot and heavy and couldn't stop myself from allowing Katie to finish me off."

Jessica then shocked the hell out of me and said, "I didn't have to let John eat me out, but I did. His tongue worked wonders on my pussy. I might have to return the favor to John tomorrow."

I stood speechless in front of my wife whom I'd always considered somewhat of a prude. I couldn't believe she was ready for more! I fully expected her to regret the incident, but she didn't! I'm sure I had an odd smile on my face when she looked at me. Jessica softly kissed me on the lips and walked to the bathroom.

I started pacing the motel room with a huge smile on my face as I tried to play tomorrow's scenario in my head. My cock started getting hard just thinking about my wife sucking John's meat. When I heard the shower start, I quickly removed my bathing suit ran naked to the bathroom. As I entered, Jessica was about to step into the shower.

I grabbed onto her arm and said, "Wait."

She looked back at me and said, "What?"

I told Jessica, "I want to experience the favor before John does."

She said, "Huh?"

I said, "I want you to show me how you're going to suck John's cock."

Jessica quickly shut the shower off and sat down on the edge of the bath tub. Jessica proceeded to give me one of the best blow jobs I've ever had. I blew a huge load of cum into her mouth. I was in absolute euphoria. We both quickly took a shower and were ready for dinner. I called over to John and Katie's room and told them to meet us in the truck when they are ready to go. A few minutes later, they jumped into the truck and off we went.

When we got to "The Frigate", we sat down at a table tucked into the far corner of the dimly lit restaurant. At first, things were quiet. We all read the menu and pretended to be more interested in entrees than what was really on all of our minds. The waitress took our food and drink order and then left just the four of us at the table with nothing to distract us.

Now knowing full well that my wife was happy with the incident on the boat, I was curious about how John and Katie felt.

I looked across the table to them and said, "Are you guys okay?"

John quickly smiled and said, "I'm real good."

I turned my head to Katie. She said, "I had a great time. I'm just a little embarrassed and a little scared that Jessica is mad at me."

Jessica looked Katie directly in the eye and said, "Don't worry about me. If it's legal, consensual and it feels good, I say go for it."

The waitress brought our drinks out as we continued our small talk. I made it clear to John and Katie that I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that with just any couple. The fact that we are all best friends makes the incident more tolerable and less embarrassing. The waitress came back to our table and told us that our food is just about ready. Jessica said she was going to use the bathroom before the food came out and asked me to let her out of the booth. Katie said she would go with Jessica. They both got up and walked away.

John immediately said, "Did you talk to Jessica about it?"

I said, "Yeah. She is totally cool with everything. I couldn't believe it. I thought she would freak out once the alcohol wore off, but she didn't."

John said, "Katie said the same fucking thing! She was so hot when we got back to the room that she made me fuck her again. I came quick because I was still thinking about Jessica."

I said, "Jessica gave me head. Hey, not only was Jessica cool with it, but she said you really know how to eat pussy. She wants to return the favor to you tomorrow!"

Just then, the waitress brought the food to the table. Jessica and Katie were not far behind. To both of our surprise, our wives did not sit back down where they had been sitting before. They made us slide to the center of the booth. Jessica sat down next to John and Katie sat down next to me. John and I tried to play it off like we didn't notice what had just happened, but I'm sure our excitement was noticeable.

We ate our food and ordered more cocktails. The food was excellent as always. After we finished the meal, we all sat and talked like we had always done. We all bitched and complained about our jobs, talked about our neighbors loud dogs, etc.

The waitress came back and asked if we wanted to order dessert. I'm a dessert eater, so everyone knew I was going to order. I ordered my usual ice cream sundae and John ordered a slice of cherry cheesecake. The wives said they didn't want any.

Once dessert arrived, I casually ate my sundae. Katie said she wanted a bite, so I spoon fed her. I continued eating when I felt Katie staring at me. I looked up and saw that she wasn't staring at me, she was looking past me with a grin on her face. When I turned to see what she was looking at, I saw John licking Jessica's shirt, directly on her left breast. Jessica looked at us over the top of John's head told us that she had dripped some cherry sauce on her shirt and that John was cleaning it off. We both smiled. I then looked down and saw that Jessica's right hand was aggressively rubbing John's cock on the outside of his shorts.

Before I could turn back, Katie moved her body close to mine. Katie said to me, "Hot fudge?" Katie swiped her finger over my ice cream sundae and dabbed some fudge onto her lips. I put my spoon down and leaned over to kiss her. I licked the outside of her lips and then slowly pushed my tongue into her mouth. We slowly french kissed for what seemed like an eternity. When I came up for air, I saw that John and Jessica were smiling at us. We both smiled back and I gave Katie a quick little hug.

The waitress brought our check. As John and I were getting our money out, the ladies made a startling statement.

Jessica said, "Katie and I did a little girl talking in the bathroom."

I looked at her and said, "and...?"

Jessica said, "We both had a great time out on the lake today."

John said, "and...?"

Katie looked at John and said, "You are going to sleep in their room tonight."

John said, "What?"

Jessica looked at me and said, "And you are going to sleep in their room tonight."

I slowly asked Jessica, "OK. Where are you and Katie going to sleep?"

Jessica said, "I'm sleeping in our room with John and you are sleeping in their room with Katie."

I looked at John and he was just as amazed as I was. I thought to myself, 'this is too good to be true.' So I had to investigate.

I said to the ladies, "Let me get this right. I am sleeping with Katie tonight?"

They both said, "Yep."

I said, "And are there any rules or limits? Is everyone okay with all this? John?"

John said, "I'm cool with it. Just don't hurt her." We all giggled.

I looked to John and said, "I'm good with it too. Just treat her right."

John said, "Oh, trust me. I will" We all giggled again.

John and I quickly got the bill and tip straightened out, put the money on the table and simultaneously said, "Let's go!" I comedically exclaimed, "I'm tired!" We all walked out of the restaurant and took the quick truck ride back to the motel. Once we arrived, John and I immediately exited the truck and quickly walked toward the motel as the ladies leisurely walked and laughed out loud behind us. As we walked, John asked me if I wanted to have a few more drinks because it was still so early. I agreed. He said he brought some Jim Beam from home.

When we got to door, we told the ladies that we were going to have a little cocktail party in John and Katie's room. We all sat in the motel room for a couple more hours, talking and drinking. At about 9 o'clock, I told Jessica I was going to our room to gather my duffel bag. She said she would go with me. We both entered our room and kissed. I whispered, "Thank you." Jessica whispered back, "No. Thank you."

As I left our room, John was leaving his room with a huge smile on his face. We met half way, gave each other a handshake and shoulder hug and then continued on our way. When I entered the room, I saw that Katie had quickly changed her clothes and was now standing facing the bathroom mirror wearing a bath robe. As she combed her beautiful long hair, she looked at me through the mirror. I stood making eye contact with her but did not say anything.

Katie said, "Close the door for Christ sake."

Nervously, I turned around, closed the door and then moved to the window and drew the shades shut. I immediately took my shirt off and threw it on the ground. I walked up behind Katie and softly kissed her on the side of her neck. She moved her head to the side in order to take my kisses in full.

To my surprise, Katie said, "Thank you for staying with me tonight."

I said, "Thank me? No, thank you. I have been wanting this for a long time, but didn't think Jessica would go for it. I have fantasized about you for so long."

Katie turned toward me and stated, "I was dying to kiss you at dinner. That's why I went to the bathroom with Jessica. I asked for her permission to kiss you anytime for the rest of the weekend, but she brought up this idea. She said you two had talked and agreed to take it further if the circumstances allowed. I thought about it for a moment and agreed to share John with her. She agreed to share you with me. Jessica and I would rather be in control of the circumstances so nobody's feelings would get hurt."

I said, "Jessica didn't want us all four to make love in one room?"

Katie said, "I wanted you to myself."

I pulled Katie's body toward me and began to french kiss her passionately. Our tongues danced deep into each others mouths as our lips made loud smacking noises. I slowly untied her robe and allowed the front to hang open. Katie unbuttoned my denim shorts and pulled my zipper downward. She removed her mouth from mine and pushed my shorts downward, allowing my shorts to drop to the ground. My stiff cock was now pointing straight out from my body and pre-cum had already began to form on the head of my penis. Katie started to go down to her knees but I stopped her and said, "My turn."

I pulled Katie's robe from her shoulders and allowed the robe to fall to the ground. Her naked tits were so beautiful and her nipples were hard. She was wearing beautiful little white cotton panties that were so small that they barely covered her pussy. I was completely fixated on the front of her panties and the slight camel toe that they created.

Katie said to me, "Jessica told me you love panties.

I said, "She's right."

Katie said, "These are my favorite pair."

I guided Katie to the bed and pushed her onto her back. As my head began to lower toward her crotch, Katie eagerly opened her legs and allowed me to view her camel toe up close. I couldn't control myself and immediately began tonguing her clitoris through her panties. Katie began to quietly moan and her hips would occasionally jerk uncontrollably. My tongue massaged her clit over and over again. Her moans were getting louder and louder with every pass. The front of her panties were now beginning to get soaked from my saliva and her juices. Her pussy tasted incredible through the cotton! I couldn't wait to taste it bare.

I grabbed onto the waistline of her panties and pulled them down. She pulled her hips off the bed and put her knees together to allow me to pull her panties all the way off. She immediately pulled her legs up and her knees backward with her hands, fully exposing her bald pussy and pretty pink asshole. I continued where I left off, but this time sliding my middle finger all the way into her pussy. I pulled my finger back slightly to capture Katie's G-spot and began to rub my finger slowly. I sucked her clit between my tongue and upper lip while I fingered her G-spot. Katie instantly laid her head back on the pillow and began to scream out loud. Her body quivered violently as she came over and over again. As her orgasm slowed, she lowered her feet onto the bed and grabbed onto the back of my head. She looked down at me and said, "Come up here."

I moved my body up and laid directly on top of Katie, face to face. She gave me a quick kiss and said, "That was awesome. I come quick when it's done right. I know this sounds a little weird, but I love to have my face fucked. Will you fuck my face?"

I got up and allowed Katie to reposition her body so she was laying along the edge of the bed. I stood next to the bed and waited for her to turn her face toward me. When she did, I put my hard cock in Katie's mouth and began slow and shallow thrusts in and out. Katie grabbed onto my shaft, pulled my cock out of her mouth and said, "All the way in." She put my cock back into her mouth and put her hands down to her sides. I thought this was a little weird since Jessica and I haven't tried this before, but who was I to say no. I was also thinking cautiously because I didn't want to make her uncomfortable by pushing my 8" cock too deep into her throat.

I leaned over Katie's head and planted my hands on the bed. I started slowly again, but this time I pushed the tip of my cock all the way to the back of Katie's throat. I felt so good! As I started a faster rhythm, Katie tightened her lips and began to gag slightly on every pump. At this point, I didn't care if I hurt her. I began to slam my cock so fast that the lower part of my stomach was slapping her forehead and my balls were swinging freely. After only a short time, I felt like I was going to cum. I pulled my cock out of Katie's mouth and told her that I didn't want to cum yet. My leg muscles were burning and I was sweating like a pig!

After a quick drink of water, Katie said, "You ready for more?"

I said, "Yep." Just then, we heard noises from our room next door. We both listened intently. It was Jessica's signature orgasm noises which I've heard so many times before. I looked at Katie. She smiled and said, "Bingo!"

As Katie sat on the bed, she motioned to me to come to her. I complied. This time, she pushed me onto the bed. As I lay on my back, Katie straddled my body and leaned forward. She quietly said to me, "Don't cum in my pussy." Not quite expecting her to say that, I quickly shook my head in agreement. I wasn't sure why, but just assumed she wasn't on birth control.

Katie then walked her knees back and grabbed onto my semi-hard cock. She stroked my shaft backhanded a few times until I was fully erect again. Without delay, she aggressively impaled herself on my cock. Her pussy was so loose I couldn't believe it! I've never had sex with a woman with such a loose pussy before, but I could really care less at this point. Nevertheless, the feeling was incredible. Finally, my long time fantasy was coming true. I was so excited, I almost blew my load right then.

Katie pulled her knees back and put her feet on the bed. She began to violently fuck my cock. I looked down and watched as my cock slid in and out of her perfect pussy. Her huge tits were hanging just above my face and her long hair was tickling my nose. She began to breath faster and faster as her pussy continued it's assault on my cock.

I reached over her back with both hands and pulled her body into mine, stopping her thrusts. I moved my hands down and put one hand on each full butt cheek. I then began to thrust my hips upward, slamming my cock into her pussy as she held her upper body still. As I continued to thrust, I remembered that John told me Katie loves anal sex. I slid my middle finger into the backside of her pussy as I continued to fuck her. With the addition of my finger, Katie began to cry out for more.

I look my finger out of Katie's pussy and moved it to her asshole. I slowly pushed my wet finger into her asshole as I continued to punish her pussy. Her anus eagerly accepted my finger as I slid my digit deep into her ass. I held it inside as my cock continued it's work. Katie grunted, "More fingers!" I pushed my index finger in alongside my middle finger. She yelled, "More!" A third finger entered her ass. I had three fingers fully inside her ass and was fucking her pussy with all I had! Katie's body began to rattle as her second orgasm filled her body.

I began to grunt loudly as my hips slowed. My balls began to tighten and the cum began to rise up my shaft. Katie could sense that I was about to fill her cunt with my juices and quickly pulled her body off my cock. She jumped off the bed and began walking toward the bathroom. She looked back and said, "Follow!" She entered the bathroom and started the shower.

As I entered Katie said, "I love when John fucks my ass in the shower. I want you to love it too."

When the water got warm, Katie reached into her travel bag, pulled out a small bottle of KY Jelly and handed it to me. She stepped into the shower and I followed. Katie walked to the end of the bath tub opposite from the shower head and faced toward me. Katie pulled me toward her and aggressively tongue kissed me. I held onto the bottle of KY with my left hand and slid my right hand down the front of her crotch and forcefully finger fucked her pussy with all my strength. Katie leaned her head back and began to moan.

Knowing what she really wanted was a good ass fucking, I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and spun her around facing away from me. Katie instinctively put her hands on the shower wall and walked her feet backward toward me. She pushed her beautiful big ass toward me as I opened the bottle and sprayed a shit load of lube all over her ass cheeks. I pushed the lube between her ass cheeks with my hand and slid two fingers into her asshole. Katie sighed with pleasure as I finger fucked her asshole with both fingers. After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably just a few seconds, I couldn't handle it anymore. I yanked my fingers out of her ass, sprayed some lube on my cock and lined the head of my cock up with her anxious asshole.

Katie loudly said, "Fuck it!"

I didn't want to hurt her, so pushed my cock slowly against her sphincter. As the tip of my cock entered her asshole, Katie forced her ass backward. My entire dick easily entered her ass as I felt the tip of my cock stop at the end of Katie's rectum. My cock was now buried balls deep into the ass of my best friend's wife!

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