SOI: Kelli, Sally, & Dad

bydr mabuse SOI©

“Take a rain check” I said “I really have to get stuff ready for tomorrow at work. How about we party at your house next Saturday?”

“That sounds great” said Sally, “See you tomorrow morning at the daycare!”

Sally and I exchanged passionate kisses, waved goodbye to each other as I pulled away from the curb. I watched Sally walk to the door in my rearview mirror. What a weekend!

Monday morning came and I was working at the daycare when Sally came by to drop off her baby. I looked up and smiled at her. She was radiant and her smile was beaming as she walked over to me.

“Did I tell you that I had a great weekend?” she teased “Look, I hope that we are still on for Saturday. I am really looking forward to having you over.”

“Of course” I said, “I hope that this week doesn’t drag out. And you know, that was the best weekend that I have had in a long time.”

Everyday was like that with small talk about Saturday and Sally looking more beautiful each day. Before I knew it, I was waking up on Saturday morning. I spent most on the morning as what kind of evening it would be and decided to dress sexier than normal. After fixing my hair and makeup, I choose a halter top with no bra and tight Capri’s. It was about four in the afternoon when I drove over to Sally’s. I was a little nervous when I rang the doorbell and Jack answered the door. What a hunk he was! Not only was he handsome but he had on a Hawaiian shirt with shorts that showed off his legs.

“Hey come on in” he smiled, “Sally’s in the back” We both walked through the house into the backyard where Sally had the wine iced up and the charcoal on the BBQ was just starting to get white hot. Jack went over to tend to the BBQ as Sally gave me a kiss and handed me a glass of sparkling Italian wine. The baby was playing in an outdoor playpen as we sat down and chatted. Sally had a loose white blouse on that was almost see through with the bottom part of a bikini on. The evening went merrily along as the wine flowed and the BBQ was delicious. We played with the baby until it was about 7:30 and was getting tired out. Jack took the baby upstairs for sleep which gave Sally and myself some quiet time. Sally and I went hand in hand into the family room and you could feel the electricity between us go through our hands. We sat on the couch and had what seemed to be the some passionate and longest kiss I had ever experienced. We smiled as we stopped kissing.

“Nice of your father to cook all that food for us.” I said, “Even nicer that he is watching the baby for us.”

Sally used the remote to turn on the stereo system and quiet jazz soon filled the room. “I know, he is really good to me” smiled Sally “I told him about last weekend and he is OK with us and OK that you know about me and my dad. In fact, the evening I told him, he got so excited that we fucked all night”

I poured the wine into our glasses and took a sip. I looked at Sally and saw her grinning from ear to ear. “It was that good? I asked. I started to unbutton her blouse slowly.

“The best in a long while” she smiled as soon she was only in a pair of bikini bottoms. Her creamy white body and pink nipples a sight to behold.

With a giggle, Sally unzipped my halter top in the back and throw it on the floor. She eased me down on the couch and laying on top, started to suck my nipples. I ran my hands up and down her back while enjoying the pleasure at my breasts. My hands ran lower into her bikinis as I massaged each cheek. I could feel the dampness of her bikini on my leg. She moved back up to kiss me and our hard nipples moved against each other.

“I never got the chance to return the favor from the weekend” I smiled, “My turn to have dinner.” As if we were a tumbling act, I rolled Sally on her back and slide the red bikini bottoms down her legs. Standing up, I put my thumbs in the Capri’s at the hips and slid them and my panties off in one smooth motion. It was such a great feeling to be naked with Sally again. I had Sally move to slouching sitting position on the couch with her feet on the coffee table. I crawled on my knees between her spread legs and began to explore her pussy. I teased her by tonguing around her damp pussy hair and getting first taste of another woman. How sweet she tasted. Her lips parted to allow my tongue access to her clit. It seemed that I had played with her for hours, sucking on her clit, licking the inner folds of her pussy, and even putting my tongue as far in as I could go. Soon, Sally was moaning in waves of orgasm and then hit her limit as she pushed her pussy hard against my mouth. As she relaxed, I heard the sound of hands clapping. I looked up at Sally smiling and to my left to see Jack standing naked. He was not only handsome but hung!

I sat on the coffee table and watched as Sally turned to lay on her back as her father slid between those great legs and raised them over his shoulders. I was almost spellbound to see Jack slowly ease his cock into his daughter’s pussy and in front of me! I couldn’t help touching myself as I watched Jack start pumping his daughter, slowly and then hard and fast. It was beautiful to watch as he was loving his daughter and Sally was in the throes of ecstasy. I kneeled next to her face full of passion and deeply kissed as I rubbed my clit faster and faster. I arched my back straight as I screamed out in pleasure and saw Jack sliding out his cock and jacking his cum on Sally. He had the face of an angel with his eyes closed as white hot cum shot on Sally’s chest. Sally’s eyes opened and she smiled as she played with the sticky cum. She gathered some on her finger and placed the finger in her mouth, sucking it clean. Then she gathered another finger whole then placed it in my mouth. It tasted like a salty BBQ that we had. Jack got up to get a towel but I laid on top of Sally, kissing her and rubbing the cum between our chests.

After things had cooled down, we sat naked on the couch and finished the wine we had just begun to drink hours earlier. Apparently I became a trusted member of the family, as Jack brought out a photo album of Sally and him. Many of the Polaroid’s were taken years ago. We were getting turned on looking at the past and soon I was giving Jack a blow job. He was definitely a two hander and I could only get part of his cock in my mouth. While I was bobbing on his head, Sally was licking his balls and feeling up my inner thigh. Jack was enjoying the attention from his daughter and her new friend. Sally moved behind me and started to lick my pussy from behind. It felt so nice like a cat’s tongue darting into my pussy hole and clit. She spread my cheeks apart and moved her

tongue to massage my anus. I was so close to cumming after being tongued there that I got on top of Jack and slid his hot cock into my pussy. I was in heaven bouncing up and down on Jack. I have been with a few nicely hung guys but Jack had them beat. Jack was sucking on my nipples and hanging on to them for dear life as I gyrated on his cock and Sally was still licking my ass. I arched my back as I felt one of the most screaming orgasms go through my body. Coming down and still shaking, I felt Jack’s hot cum shoot deep into me and he moaned out. I looked up to see Sally had moved and was standing by the side of the couch, watching the show. She gently kissed me and wiped the sweat pouring down my face with a towel. She moved me off her father and laid down on the couch with my feet over his lap.

Needless to say, that it was long after that I moved into their household. Sally and I generally slept together but there were nights that the three of us played musical beds. The three of us shared a beautiful relationship until about five years afterwards when Jack was killed in an automobile accident. Sally and I continue our relationship and raise Jack and Sally’s baby in the family way. Those would be another story.

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Proof read

I like your stories ok but you really need to get someone well versed in grammar and vocabulary to proof read them. That would make them much more enjoyable to read since I wouldn't have to reread a sentencemore...

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