Our first time at eXcape was incredible. Initially my wife and I only had conversations about expanding our sex life. Our first step in actaully doing anything was taking and posting pictures on an amateur website. Then came to eXcape while we were on an east coast trip about a year ago. Our last adventure happened a few moths ago when a friendly gathering with a group of friends turned into a naked Show & Tell - and a little more exclusive fun after most everyone left.

We couldn't say where our sporadic sexcapdes were going to lead us, but we were sure having fun along the way.

Being in a lifestyle club that first time was a big step. After observing different interactions for a short while, we worked our way into the flow. René wore a fancy pair of Victoria Secret panties that night, and while we danced I lifted her skirt to expose her ass to anyone who happened to look. When she said that got her a little excited, I opened her blouse to show more and more of her cleavage. eXcape was an off-premises club, which we found out meant no sex was to occur on the premises. We weren't sure about nudity; but given that no one else was exposed, we didn't want to find out the hard way.

René was playfully slapping my hands away from her buttons, when a couple danced over to us. He was about 5'10" with a short, curly afro; she was about 5'8", with braids. They both were in good shape, and dressed nicely. He was already dancing behind her, so I moved behind René – leaving the women face to face. She introduced them as Tony and Crystal, as she placed her hands on René's hips. We exchanged greetings and other pleasantries over the music, and Crystal advanced further and further.

Her hands went from René's hips to her ass, with the back of her hands alternately rubbing my erection. I kissed René's neck, as I pulled her blouse open – showing cleavage, but not nipple. Tony raised an eyebrow at me, and I gave him a nod. As Crystal whispered in René's ear, Tony felt her right breast and I heard her sigh. He brought his other hand up to squeeze her left breast, as Crystal moved in on her ear. I felt René's body press into mine, and could imagine her knees must have gotten a little weak at having two strangers feel her up in a club.

"Are you all right?" I whispered in her free ear.

"We have a problem."

"What's wrong?"

"I just felt a huge gush downstairs, and I don't have any reserve panties with me."

I laughed, "That's not a problem!"

"How would you like going the rest of the night like this?"

"You think I'm still dry down there?" René's knows that when I'm excited, I leak a lot of precum. "If this goes too much further, it's gonna look like I pissed my pants."

"How much further do you think it will go?"

I didn't answer, verbally – instead I pulled her shirt open to expose her nipples to Crystal and Tony.

Crystal sighed, and Tony got a huge smile on his face as he pinched her hard nipples. Crystal looked around, then bent over to give each one a suck – René slumped back into me again. When Crystal stood up, Tony pulled her dress straps down and exposed her breasts. Crystal grabbed one of René's hands and one of mine, and put each to one of her breasts. I pinched her nipple, then rubbed it directly onto René's. We were certainly a long way from laying in bed, sharing fantasies and possibilities.

Not much more happened that night at eXcape; the four of us sat at the bar and talked for a while, and the mood fizzled from there. Being new to this lifestyle, we wondered if we missed some signal or said something wrong. Whatever the case, those activities on the dance floor inspired some hot encounters between us – starting with that night.

Within a minute of returning to the hotel, I was sitting in the desk chair for René to ride my dick like a princess cowgirl. She would alternate between kissing my face while she gyrated and grinded, and bracing her hands on my shoulders while she bounced and thrust.

She was working so hard, it was like she was on an orgasm roller coaster - as soon as one would crest and subside, she was on her way up another one. She would lock up and convulse, then relax and keep going, until she locked and convulsed again. Each time I had really concentrate to prevent the contractions in her pussy from sucking my cum out. After each orgasm, René's pussy was wetter than before. Instead of getting tired, she seemed to be more and more energetic. Her titties were glistening from how hard she was working. I squeezed them, then sucked her sweaty nipples.

"Oh FUCK!"

I sucked harder, and pressed my teeth into them, and René took off into another orgasm. "It felt that good to you?" I asked when she relaxed.

"It all feels good, baby!" she said breathing heavy. "I just can't . . . I can't . . ."

"You can't what?"

She shifted her hips slightly, and started pumping her pussy on my dick with such force the chair moved back. "You keep hitting this spot that's like – DAMN!"

"I ain't hitting nothing," I laughed. "It's all you!"

"And it's like there's an orgasms sitting right on the edge, and I can't get it . . . I can't get it!"

Her pussy got so good to me; I put my arms under her legs and stood up - something I hadn't done before. "You want me to get it?"

"Oh shit, baby!" she cried as I kept my dick inside her and walked past the desk to put her back on the wall. "DAMN!" another orgasm rolled.

"Was that it?"

"No," she panted, "It's still there!"

I brought my arms from under her legs, bent my knees a little, and sprung up to drive my dick into her. René grabbed at my back, then wrapped her arms and legs around my body as tight as she could get them.

"Is that the spot?" I asked on each thrust.

René had lost the ability to answer – her verbal response was unintelligible. But her body gave me all the answer I needed when her orgasm went off like a firework. This time I was unable to fight releasing into her. I pressed her to wall as my cum filled her. After the fourth or fifth shot, my knees gave way and we literally fell in a heap on the floor. I didn't care that I hit my head; that night was a highpoint in our sex life.

René and I reminisced about that night as we walked to eXcape from out hotel. I figured if I got her going a little on the way there, we could hit the ground running once we got inside. It was fishnet night at the club, and René wore a white net top with one of my black wifebeaters on underneath, and black mini skirt. It took some restraint on my part to not slide in her before we left; but I wanted her charge to get as high as possible. Worse come to worse, I could relive myself in the bathroom and be ready to go again in about 3 minutes – well, 5 minutes, maybe.

Inside the club, there was eye candy for any flavor you desired – vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, even lemon. Most of the women were in fishnet outfits of some sort. Some full length, some just the top, like René. We moved our way through crowd, and went right to the dance floor. The DJ was playing a mix of some hot songs from the 90s and 2000s. We – or René, I should say – got winks, waves and smiles from different women watching us dance. Her top didn't allow me to play the same exposure game with her titties as last time, but I did give people peaks of her butt cheeks.

No one came over to dance with us after nearly an hour on the floor. We found a place to sit, and had just started talking about who we might go up to dance with when we went back on the floor, when a woman sat next to us.

"Hello, I'm Brynice."

"I'm René, and this is my husband Deron."

"How long have you two been married?"

"Six years."

"Nice; congratulations. Black folks in love is a beautiful thing."

"Are you married?" I asked

"I was almost married, but my fiancé said she just couldn't be 100% sure she was ready. That was tough to hear after four years; but that's life, right?"

"And its better you find that out beforehand, and not have to deal with it later."

"You two look real happy together. You caught my eye dancing out there, and I watched you for a while."

"Do you live in DC?"

No, I live in College Park. I come here once or twice a month to let my locs down," she smiled. "Where are you guys from?"

"Ohio. This is a three-day weekend for us, so came to have a little fun."

"Is that right? Well, welcome."

"Thank you." René and I looked at each other, trying to figure out what she may have been up to.

"I hope I'm not scaring you two," Brynice said as if she read our minds. "I'm just a friendly person, and I know that can be a turn off to some people."

"Just how friendly are you trying to be?" I asked.

She looked at me, then smiled, "No more friendly, or honest, than people can handle."

"How long have you been lesbian?"

"Oh damn," she laughed, "right to the point, huh?"

"Can you handle it, or should I pull back?"

"No no, don't pull back a bit. I've been lesbian since I was 19. After I wasn't feeling anything from my second boyfriend, I acknowledged my feelings toward women."

"So how often do you approach married couples?"

"Only when I see one with a woman I can't take my eyes off of," she winked at René. "How long have you two been in the life?"

"I don't know that we are officially in yet," René said.


"The right situation hasn't presented itself."

"I understand that, for sure," she took a sip of her drink. "Well, I mean no disrespect to you Deron, but would you mind if I danced with René? I'm not trying to steal her away, or drive any wedges; she just looks really good to me."

"She looks really good to me too," I smiled. "But you have to ask her."

"No, I want to ask you first , because – like I said – I'm not trying to be disrespectful. You came in here together, and I'm mindful of that."

I looked the question to René, and she looked her answer back. "Buy me a top-shelf drink, and you can have a dance."

Brynice caught a waitresses attention, "Get this man anything he wants – on me."

I ordered my drink, then watched the two find a spot on the floor and start dancing. Part of me felt like a chump for allowing my wife to get swooped away, part of me felt proud that someone else found her as irresistible as I did. Brynice stared touching René, and that quieted the chump feelings.

Brynice was an inch or two shorter than René, with darker skin tone and a smaller frame. She had bigger breasts though; fuller, but not as perky. She had locs that came just below her shoulders; and while she was the aggressor with us, to look at her she would be the femme of a relationship.

Brynice had René turn around, and put her hands on her hips. While René looked at me, I watched Brynice's hands move down to her thighs and then up to her chest. I could tell by the look on her face that René was enjoying herself. René wasn't a prude when I met her, but she wasn't as sexually adventurous – at least from what she told me. She had her fun, but our closeness and openness had allowed her to consider things that she wouldn't have before – like threesome, swinging, and dancing suggestively with another woman in a lifestyle club.

I had been a little wilder in my single days. I had even been to a sex party where I got my dick sucked in a hot tub by one girl, in the living room by another girl, and was one of four men in a row to fuck a woman in the bedroom. I had sex in movie theaters, one-night stands, and internet hook-ups. René wasn't jealous of those experiences, but I was glad that she was having one of her own.

Brynice's hands went under René's top, and I got up from the table. Brynice kept dancing behind René, as I asked if she was okay. In response, René grabbed my face and planted a sloppy kiss on my lips. "I am sooooo wet," she whispered in my ear.

"That's what I hoped," I grinned, then started tearing open the wifebeater from the bottom.

René's eyes widened at the ripping sound. I moved Brynice's hands to rip the top, then moved her hands onto René's bare titties. René closed her eyes and bit her lip. When she opened them, all I saw was the lust of the moment.

I slipped my tongue in her mouth, then went back to my seat – my erection pointing the way. I watched as Brynice's hands stayed on René's titties, and her lips made their way to their ear. I had no idea what she was saying, but René was licking her lips and nodding her head.

"Is that your wife?" a man said from behind me.


"She is very sexy," his wife said.

"Waitress, get this man another," he dropped a ten on her tray.


"No problem." He pulled out a card, "Looks like y'all busy tonight, but give us a call sometime."

Brynice put her hand on the back of René's neck, and bent her over. She danced and smacked her ass until the song that was playing ended. She let René straighten up, and they danced face to face on the next song as René took off the wifebeater like a shirt. Brynice tossed it over her should. After that song ended, they came back to the table. René's hard nipples were clearly visible, and were contrasting with the white of the net material.

"Thank you, Deron."

"Yeah," René reached under the table and squeezed my dick as she kissed me. "Thank you."

"Do I have to ask if you had fun?"

"You don't have to ask, but there are other ways you can find out the answer."

I put my hand on her knee, and felt her legs part. I moved my hand between her legs until I felt wetness on her thigh. I pressed a little further until I felt the stubble of her shaved pussy, making sure I my fingertip was coated. I brought my finger out, and took a savory suck.

"Damn," Brynice sighed. "You two are going to make me cream my panties. How much for a taste?"

René turned in her seat toward her, "Go ahead."

Me reaching under her skirt to taste her was one thing; but for her to allow a strange woman to do the same, René must have really been worked up.

Brynice shook her head, "I want to drink from the faucet." She looked at me, "How much?"

I grinned at René. "It's gonna be more than a drink."

"Okay; what are we talking?"

"What's it worth to you?" I laughed.

"Shit, let me check my bank account."

René laughed, "You two are stoopid!"

"You really want to taste it?" I licked my finger again, "It's good."

"I really do."

"Gimme a hundred."

"How long do I get?"

"Wait, what's going on here?"

"Brynice and I are talking a little business."

"About me?"

I leaned toward her and squeezed her knee, "Is there a problem with that?"

She hesitated, "Yeah."

"Whose is it?" I locked in on her eyes.

René looked at me, then at Brynice, then back at me, "Yours, Daddy," she whispered.

"I didn't hear that."

"It's yours, Daddy."

I knew what saying this would do to her, "What's mine?"

She dropped her head, "My pussy."

"Now say it together, and look at me when you do."

She showed me the submission in her eyes, "My pussy is yours, Daddy."

I squeezed her knee again, "To do with as I please, right?"

René sighed, "Always."

"Then let me handle some business."

Brynice licked her lips looking at René, "It's like that, huh?"

"Yes it is. So, you want a taste or not?"

"How long do I get for a hundred?"

I thought for a second, "You get three orgasms."

"Make it four."

"You can't stop for long breaks in between. If your jaw gets tired, that's on you."

"Oh, that's not going to happen." Brynice dug in her pocket, and slapped a hundred dollar bill on the table. I looked at René's face, then pocketed the money. "Let's go."

When we got outside, Brynice needed to run to her car. We waited on the corner for her to return.

"I am going to fuck you up when she leaves!"

"Like you did last time?" I grinned.

"Oh hell no!" She grabbed the collar of my shirt, "I am going to drain you of every fucking ounce of strength you have! You hear me?"

"I'm gonna love watching you try," I drove my tongue in her mouth.

She sucked my tongue, then broke the kiss. "I'm about to start running through my panties, down my leg."

I turned her back to a light post, and ran my hands up her thighs.

"Deron, stop!"

"You don't have the right to say that tonight!"

"There are people around."

"Who wish they were our shoes," I grabbed her panties, and pulled them down until they were able to drop at her ankles. "Now hand them to me."

She looked around, then tried to casually bend over. I took a step back. She stood back up, and opened her hand, "Here."

I took another step back, and kept my hand close to my body. She stretched her hand out to reach me. "Let them hang from your fingertip."


"Do you want me to spank you right out here in the open?!"

She closed her eyes and took a breath, then let her panties hang from her fingertip.

I let them hang for a couple of seconds, smiling, then I took them from her, "Was that so hard?"

"You just keep digging your hole deeper and deeper, mister." Brynice came from her car, and we started to the hotel. "Why don't you walk in front of us, and give Brynice a peak at what you got?" I said to René.

She took a few steps to get ahead, then looked around. She reached back and lifted her mini skirt to show her pantyless ass.

Brynice looked at me, and I held up René's thong – that was absolutely soaked, "These weren't doing her anymore good."

"That skirt isnt' doing her too much good either."

I laughed, "Good idea, but we're here now." We got inside the hotel room and I sat at the desk, getting the pad and a pen. "You got four orgasm; and trust that I do know when she's having one."

Brynice took one of the pillows from the bed, and put it on the floor at the foot of the bed. As she got on her knees, she told René to get on the bed and lay back.

"Take your clothes off first," I added.

"Keep your shoes on," Brynice said as René undressed.

Bare and beautiful, René climbed on the bed and laid back with her legs open to Brynice. It wasn't long before I could smell her scent from where I was sitting. As turned on as I was, I was also jealous.

I moved my chair over so I had a view of what Brynice was doing, in case I wanted to jot down some notes. Brynice started by brushing her thumbs over René's lips. They were already swollen, and René's body immediately responded. She leaned her head in and sucked one lip into her mouth, and then the other. She alternated lips a few more time, then sucked them both between her lips.

René's breathing became real heavy, and her hands made their way to her nipples.

"Are you okay?"

"I am great," René moaned slowly.

"What about you? Was I exaggerating?"

"I woulda paid you two hundred for this," she winked over her shoulder.

"For $200, you can do more than taste it."

"Hey!" René raised her head off the bed.

"Are you interrupting our negations again?"

Brynice gave René's protruding clit a lick that sent her head back to the bed with a loud moan. She put her head between René's legs, and I couldn't tell what she was doing – but René loved it. Her moans got louder and her gyrations got stronger, until I saw the familiar sound of an orgasm working its way through her body.

"That's one," I made a mark on the pad.

"Pull your legs back," Brynice looked up.

René grabbed the heels of her shoes and pulled her legs back.

"Yeah," Brynice nodded, then put her mouth back on René's pussy.

"Shit yeah!" René turned her head from side to side.

My dick was throbbing in my pants as I watched Brynice eat René for a good six or seven minutes without coming up for air. René screamed and panted, but never let go of her heels. I felt like helping out, so I went to the side of the bed and bit her nipple. That sensation sent René off into a strong orgasm.

"Mmmmmmmm," Brynice moaned into René's pussy. I knew from experience her mouth was getting filled with sweet cream. She then dipped her head lower, and René's eyes shot open.

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