It seemed strange that she would send me away on a day off together. We had both been working long hours and hadn't had any time together so her request to go the city caught me off guard. It had been some time since I was in the city so I didn't really mind going, just wished she was coming along.

As I was putting my jacket on and stepping out the door she gave me a long kiss and a slip of paper. The kiss, I was told, was for love and the paper I was to open when I got closer to the city. I left a little confused as to why she was giving me something to read only upon arrival in the city. After the two hour trip I pulled off the highway and stopped at a small strip mall that we usually stopped at on our trips down; I pulled out the small note and read it.

The instructions were fairly straight forward- go around the back of the mall and look for a black Mercedes. Being the dutiful slave that I am, I went around the back and found a gleaming S-series limo idling, the driver stepped out and motioned for me to come over.

I pulled alongside the car and rolled my window down to talk to him. He explained to me that my lady had arranged for the car to meet me and I was to park and lock the car and get in the back of the limo. I did as he requested and as I getting into the rear compartment, the driver placed a hood over my head and a voice from inside told me to be careful and sit down.

There was something about the voice that didn't frighten me and I complied. While seated the voice explained to me that my lady had sold me to a group of people for the next two days and I was to do whatever they desired me to do. Further, I had no recourse and nothing was open to discussion and if I understood my predicament. I responded by saying that although I wasn't quite sure of what was to happen, I looked forward to the next 48 hours.

The voice was not masculine, but there was an authoritative timbre to it that made me pay attention to what was said. I was offered a bottle of water, told to sit back and relax as we had a two hour drive before we reached the destination that was to be the site of my assignation. As I was still hooded, the smooth rumble to the engine and the lingering heat of the day took its toll and I was soon slumbering. When I woke up things had changed; I could feel that my limbs were restrained and that I had a gag in my mouth and that we were not in the limo. How this had happened I wasn't sure but one thing was that I was naked, I knew this because of the breeze that wafted over my body.

The voice that had laid out the earlier plans was now speaking, and in the same mellifluous timbre explained to me my predicament. I was to get a series of four enemas, each one increasing in volume by 1 litre, starting with a 2 litre warm soapy water one and ending with a 6 litre cleansing one of water and mint oil, just for a bit of cramping. As well as the water and oil there was also going to be some analgesic for numbing and a bit of E and acid just so that I can enjoy what was going to happen.

As soon as the voice finished speaking I could hear a humming and I could feel my legs being lifted so that I was hanging with my heels over my head and my arms spread out to the side holding me up. It was a rather uncomfortable position and one that I am sure left everything open to any set of eyes. While hanging in this position I could feel a warm pair of hands guiding a slim intruder sliding into my anus, Now, believe me I am no stranger to enemas, but this nozzle, or what ever it was felt as if it was at least a metre long and snaking its way into my colon.

The feeling of being invaded subsided and the warm glow of the enema filling me took over; since this nozzle was quite a distance inside of me it took no time for my insides to fill up and just like that the tube was removed and my feet were lowered until I could feel a cool basin resting against my lower back. I could sense someone close by and just then a pair of hands caressed my belly, cock, balls and ass. I heard a soft cooing in my ear telling me to hold this in for a few moments; not wanting to disappoint my lady I did as I was told. It was at this moment that she put a small bottle of amyl nitrate under my nose and told me to inhale deeply; her hands kept up the caressing of my cock and balls and soon I had an impressive erection, one that the phantom hands stroked for a few moments until the urge to evacuate overcame me and I broke the silence by motioning if I could purge my bowels. The voice told me that I could but needed to inhale more of the nitrate; l acquiesced, inhaled deeply, let go and responded by filling the basin. The vision of stars exploding in front of my eyes was incredible. After I was finished the whirring sound returned and I was once again being lifted up.

Each time I was filled, the hands returned to caress me and by the final enema, had put me into a state where I was leaking precum like a faucet. The last rinse was the one with the addition of all the fun stuff and soon the mint was doing its work. The cramps were painful and the hands just kept caressing, the 6 litres of water were gurgling in me and just to make it interesting or so the voice said there was a butt plug going to be inserted. The hands just pushed the pop bottle sized plug in with no subtly, not that any was needed as I was truly relaxed and slippery. The same cooing voice told me to hold this last one for 10 minutes so that the drugs could take effect.

It took a few moments for the effects of the mint to pass and the rest of the cocktail to take over the running of my body. The analgesic numbed the cramping to a delicate pain and the E, poppers and acid were making the most wonderful colours and sensations dance over my body. Those hands returned to grab hold of my penis but this time instead of a nice gentle grasp it felt as if the palms of the hands were covered in tiny needles or hooks. I was informed by the voice that the gloves that caressed me were covered in nettles and the more that I struggled the more that I would burn! Imagine the conundrum there, one drug made the burn feel like a warm loving most erotic clutch and the other heighten the pain. I was in heaven just hanging there. I started to wiggle my ass just a bit and the voice made a most desirous sound as if they were pleased that I took it upon myself to get a bit of pain coursing through me. I was rewarded with a resounding slap on the ass and a burning sting from the nettles on the glove.

During all the attention that my cock was getting the butt plug was still firmly seated inside of me; it was until I started to wiggle that the seal started to weaken. At that moment I really needed to get rid of the enema still inside me, I motioned as if to ask if the 10 minutes were up yet and the voice just said "NO" . I struggled to keep the contents inside me where they were supposed to be and clenched the plug tight with my loosened ass muscles. The struggle to let go and to hold on battled in my midsection for another two minutes-it felt like forever! I was told that I could release the contents of my bowels as soon as I was let down which was another minute in coming, what with the whirring of the motor and the removal of that pop bottle plug. As soon as the cool porcelain touched my backside, I didn't rush to release as I thought that I needed too but held the enema in for another moment or so, just for my own pleasure. The subsequent evacuation was one of the most erotic and fulfilling experiences in my life, the combination of E, acid and pain killers had made for something that bordered on a religious experience.

It was at this moment that my hood and gag were removed and I was released from the chains that bound me. Looking around I acquainted myself to the room I had found myself in. The space was industrial looking but warm, not cluttered but comfortable, my eyes were drawn to the rack along one wall and the sling hanging close by. I realised the sling was what I was bound in for the cleansing procedure, close by the sling was a long trough and that was what I had released myself into.

The contents of my last enema were still in the trough, the water was clear and the voice asked if I wanted to have it put back into me. Now here was a funny place to be, aching from the enemas but still wanting to have another-obviously I said yes and this tall, chocolate skinned woman with peroxide white hair cut short stepped out with a 4 litre bag and proceeded to fill it from the trough. She had me get on my hands and knees and slowly inserted the enema nozzle. I took all of the enema and stayed on my knees, it was then that she told me that I was going to hold this for a while which seemed like an easy task or at least I thought it would be until she stepped in front of me and presented the most wondrous pair of pussy lips. I was told to lick those lips until her orgasm.

Imagine the peril I was in, focusing on pleasing this Amazon, holding in 4 litres of a cocktail that was part me, part drugs and wondering what the hell was planned for me. Needless to say I licked those lips as if my life depended on it and I was rewarded with a flood of pussy juices that tasted like nectar from the Gods.

The ensuing waves of pleasure that ran from her body got me all shook up and I started to leak the enema out of me much to my embarrassment. It was at this moment that I realised that we were not alone because the sound of a crop swishing through the air and hitting my ass woke me up. The tawny skinned goddess held my head between her thighs with pressure from her legs and hands while my unknown assailant continued to use the crop on my ass. This went on for a few moments with admonishments from the crop holder about how poor of a slut I was, not able to even hold a small amount in me while pleasing a woman. It was at this time the cropping stopped and my head was released, I was told to evacuate the enema and then led to an interesting looking chair that was on the other side of the room. The chair was similar to a barber chair but it also looked like a piece of equipment that belonged in a gym.

The entire thing was on a pedestal that allowed for access from all angles. My legs were strapped in and spread a not too uncomfortable distance; I could tell that there was still along way for my legs to go, wider than I would like I am sure. My head was sitting in a soft cushioning rest that had a strap securing it back and across my chest was a wide belt holding me in.

I looked into the eyes of my captor and she just smiled and deferred to the other three women in the room. Not only the beauty of the three of them took me aback, but the size of the strap-ons they were wearing did as well.

.....soon will be more just need to get over the block.....

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