tagBDSMSold by Her Lover

Sold by Her Lover


"Anna," he said, after he got up from her bed and wrapped his housecoat around his still perspiring torso, "I have visitors tonight."

It took her off balance. He had called her by her name. That had not happened before.

"What do you mean?"

Questioning him didn't break any rules. They had no rules.

For a while he just stood watching her face. It was so beautiful. A real gem. Especially when she was startled. It always made her erotic, even after he fucked her.

"I'm going to sell you."

For a brief moment she was dumb stuck. Then realization surfaced and panic spread over her face. "No...!" she cried, "You're not serious...!"

"Sure I am," he said and watched with amusement how her nude body, still shining with his sweat, began to tremble.

She swallowed several times before she found her voice again. It was suddenly hoarse with fear. "You're not... no! You're pulling my leg....!"

"No. I'm not."

Her eyes widened in alarm. "Why... I mean...," she stammered. Her mouth twitched. She barely managed to speak. "Oh no...! You cannot...! Please... I... I love you... I love you!"

He did not answer, just watched how the fright in her face changed from panic to dread.

She flushed deep red. She knew he liked to make her sick with fear. Usually it was a game which in the end made her reel to his raw sexual demands. But not this time. From the way he spoke, from the way he looked at her, she intuitively knew that this was different. With those words he had said what he meant. How could that be possible, how could he do such a thing? Her mind revolted. She'd been his play-thing for so long, and she'd come to love him! She felt like paralyzed.

Finally she tried to ask: "Is this...?" but she did not dare complete the question.

He nodded.

She attempted again, now with desperation in her voice: "You don't really mean it... don't you...?" Her eyes were wide open and she forced herself to smile.

He pushed up her chin. "Come on Anna," he said, again mentioning her name, "Get yourself together. You knew it would happen."

She put a hand to cover her eyes in an attempt to stop herself from crying.

He was right. She should have been expecting it at some point in time. But still... it was unreal. Not at all like she had anticipated in her dreams. Those vivid dreams. The ones that had made her so recklessly courageous to place that ad on the net. And to which this man had responded in his own reckless way, calling her over to his house right away.

He had been the first and only person she'd ever had the courage to tell. And he had quietly listened as she feverishly spoke. With her eyes cast down she had recounted that haunting fantasy of hers, that life-long dream of being imprisoned and sold as a nameless female body, as will-less property to be used for any erotic purpose. Ever since her childhood that had been her biggest fantasy, filling her mind day and night.

The confession had been difficult and very emotional. She had cried. But he had been kind and calmed her down, reassuring her that he too had his dreams.

They agreed they should explore each others thoughts in earnest. He was a serious man, who did not take things light. She had stayed with him for almost a week. During the days they had made long walks in the woods and talked, and during the nights he'd taken her to his bed and given her a taste of his violent sexual urges. She had loved it.

In the end he had sent her home "To think it all over."

But within days she had come back to him. "Yes," she had said, "I want it. I need it. Desperately." She had looked him in his eyes and added: "I'll give you my body. Do whatever you want with me. And when you have had enough of me you can sell me." He had smiled and only said: "Sure... sure." She had eagerly nodded, embraced him and kissed him in gratitude.

At that moment he would have liked to straight away tie her up and fuck her. But he had restrained himself and warned her once again. As far as he was concerned, this voluntary choice of hers should not be taken as a game. It should be real and irreversible, as definite and final as a block of granite. There should be no way back. If later she might want to get out, that would be too late. Those were his terms. His taking possession of her would have to be real and incontestable. Otherwise it would not work for him. He made that crystal clear.

She had agreed without batting an eye.

And she had been right. Once taken, the decision had proved to be like an enormous relief, a kind of liberation, and her life had become filled to the brim with the most intense erotic excitement.

Even the first step, signing the contract, had already been an incredibly electrifying experience. It was a real contract. No play-acting. The notary in his office had read it out aloud. Then it was signed by both of them before two lawful witnesses. They had signed it too, as well as the notary. That in itself had already made her wet her knickers. She could still hear that man's voice in her mind. Loud and clear.

That her freedom was to be taken away from her.

That she was to be left without any rights whatsoever.

That the agreement, once signed, was without time limit and irrevocable. If ever she would change her mind, there would be no way back: she would have no powers to annul the contract, to withdraw from it, or to change any of its provisions. She would have to abide, if necessary with force.

'Signed,' he had said, reading the last paragraph, 'of my own free will, while being of sane mind and body'. Thus she had sealed her fate before those witnesses, transforming herself into a piece of property for sexual use. The contract bore her signature, in bright red ink and written with a racing heart, but without hesitation,.

The notary had put a duplicate in his safe, and the original was given to the man who had acquired her. She got nothing. "No reason," he had said when she asked, "I own you now, as from today you have no claim to anything."

He had shaken hands with the people in the office and left, leading her by the arm.

How long had it been? Unbelievable! Almost three years. It felt like just a month. She could still feel the strength of his hand as he had led her into this basement, this windowless concrete prison with its tiny bathroom, its single cabinet, its small wooden table, the TV, the one chair. And of course that big bed, where so often he had held her naked helpless body while he fucked her.

She had been delighted with his greedy desires. Her whole life had seemed to float on waves of sexual excitement. She drifted in an almost continuous erotic trance, brought about by this man's ferocious lust for her body. It made her feel like a pure vessel overflowing with happiness. She had not wished it to ever end.

No wonder she had rapidly fallen in love with the man, with his quiet nature and his self-confident brutality.

He did not return her feelings, which he treated instead with a refined brand of sadistic cruelty. He never even used her name. Not until this very day. He didn't even refer to her as his 'slave', as she would have liked. He hated platitudes, he had once said when she had tried to call him 'Master'. He was too serious for childish play. He had slapped her face and said that if she wanted she could call him 'Jack', as in 'Jack the Ripper'. For him she was just a prisoner kept for sex, a woman's body with a juicy cunt.

Given her masochistic nature, these insults to her feelings often strangely aroused her. But sometimes they also set off little sparks of anxiety. She knew he owned her, and she wasn't dancing the cha-cha. She was his to do as he wanted. Fuck her for as long as it pleased him, then sell her.

And now that was happening. Quite suddenly, those sparks of anxiety had become a blazing fire. The news he had brought, had hit her hard. It made her realize how much her love for this man had changed the colors of her fantasies. The old ideas about wanting to be sold had faded, disappearing in the misty forests of long lost memories.

For the first time she allowed herself to cry alone in her room, wetting her cushion with tears. She loved this man with all her heart. This simply could not be happening, not after all these years...

But it did.

Jack turned around, heading for the door, then left.

Leaving her behind on the bed, naked and well fucked, but like a broken toy.


Early that evening he entered the basement again, right after she had finished her dinner, brought to her as usual by the maid. He was not in his blue house coat, which he always wore when coming down to please himself with her. Not with that glorious naked muscular body of his shimmering through. No, now he was smartly dressed, as she had seen him only during their very first encounters, in the days before she was led down here.

"Get yourself undressed," he said. She looked up to his eyes, but saw no change of mind. So, still red-eyed from her crying, she obeyed and slowly took off her gown. Thus, possessing no shoes nor any kind of undergarment, she stood naked before him...

He watched her briefly. Not as eager for sex as usual, but business like. "Go wash your face with cold water," he said, "I don't want you to look like a silly crybaby, but like the fuck-body you are. So get yourself together. I'll be back."


When he returned she radiated sex. It was a last ditch effort to seduce him, to change his mind and keep her for himself. Her face was fresh and beautiful again, her hair combed in thick dark waves, the large nipples of her soft proud breasts and her smoothly shaved vulva slightly rouged.

The way she knew he would want her.

"You look a lot better," he said. There was even a hint of admiration in his voice. But he showed no clemency and shook his head. "Sorry," he said, "no change in tonight's plans. I think I better leash you," and he took a dog's collar from his pocket with a fine silvery chain attached.

Her mouth trembled as he quietly gripped her hair and pulled her head towards him. And while tears welled in those beautiful eyes of hers, he clasped the thin silver studded leather around her graceful neck. "Now give me your hands," he said, "I'll tie them behind your back. You won't need them and bound you'll be more adorable." And so he did, fixing her wrists firmly together with a silken cord.

Thus she left her basement for the first time, following him up the stairs while he held her on his leash, and waiting behind him as he clankingly unlocked the heavy door that had held her captive for so long.


The room was as she remembered, with its thick soft rug, its grand piano, and its large window's that provided a broad view over the wide gardens and the trees surrounding the mansion, still visible in the late summer dusk. For the first time she felt the loneliness of the place....

Sitting at leisure on a low luxurious couch in front of a small glass table with a bottle of expensive wine and a plate of olives, were a well dressed man and a young woman, a couple, judging by the rings on their fingers. They were sipping from half filled glasses. The man was probably in his early thirties. And as men often are at that age, he looked strong and quite attractive, although not nearly as much as Jack. But he had a kind face, and smiled appreciatively when Anna, in her naked beauty was led before him.

The woman appeared to be much younger, almost inappropriately so. And much younger than Anna herself, who was just over thirty. "My goodness, she's barely twenty," Anna thought, "Still almost a girl..." She was rather small, nearly a head shorter than Anna. But she looked very healthy, well filled but not fleshy or heavy at all. A strong taut young body. And she appeared well kept. Her hands were manicured, and her head surrounded by lush black hair falling down in what seemed to be quite natural curls. She had a round, bright and smiling face, the freshness of her blooming cheeks and lips cleverly enhanced by just a slight touch of make up.

But she had dark eyes that frightened Anna. They glowed like smoldering embers that would burn if they touched bare skin.

They made Anna feel deeply embarrassed...


"Well," said Jack, as he pulled on the leash to make Anna stand properly in front of his guests, "this is the girl I want to sell. Please have a look."

Anna lowered her face and blushed deeply red, shockingly aware that she was being exhibited like an artist's model, vulnerably displayed in full nudity. She had never shown herself nude to anyone before (apart from Jack of course), let alone be coerced to do so, shaved and helpless like this, in front of strangers.

However, she had to confess... it awakened her submissive fantasies, which made the flesh of her nipples contract, letting them stand out shamefully...

There was a long silence until the girl spoke: "She's older than I thought.."

"She's thirty. I told you, didn't I?" Jack said.

"Hmm," the girl answered pensively, "I probably forgot."

And after another silence, she added: "But I must say, she has a beautiful face and a very nice white skin." Addressing Jack she asked: "How did you keep her so tender? It makes her very delicate."

"She's a natural," Jack answered, "I keep her downstairs. No daylight. It retains her whiteness of skin."

"May we touch her?" the man on the sofa asked his host.

"Of course. Be my guest."

He stood up and approached Anna's naked body.

The humiliation was overpowering. She closed her eyes and trembled.

And she felt how his fingertips traced lines along her hips, her smooth ass, her sides, her breasts.... Shivers ran along her spine. The man did not say much. Just an appreciative remark or two. Then he sat down again and Anna heard him say to his wife: "Not bad Aliza, not bad at all, quite a sweet soft body. I like the thighs and buttocks." And after a moment of silence he added: "And she has a real cute mound, with a nicely chiseled little slit, like she's still a virgin..." He turned to his host: "She's not a virgin I presume? How does she fuck?"

Jack laughed loudly. "Of course she's no virgin. I've been fucking her for years. But I assure you, she's still quite tight, still rides like a virgin."

An unexpected compliment. Anna blushed even redder than she already was.

"She seems to be unmarked." It was the girl again who asked. "You didn't brand her, or ring her or anything?"

"No, I don't like to damage the body. It's not my thing." He smiled at the girl, noticing she raised an eyebrow at his remark. "No offense meant. I just like to preserve her as she was when she came to me, soft and smooth as a child."

For a while he girl sat silent on the sofa, staring at Anna's breasts and belly. Then she said: "May I?" and stood up. Placing her glass on the table, she approached Anna's body.

"I'd like to taste her. Is that OK with you?" she asked Jack.

"Of course," Jack said, "She kisses quite delicately." And before Anna could protest, the leash tightened and she was pushed toward the girl with the fearsome eyes.

In a reflex Anna opened her eyes wide and looked in desperation at the man she loved.

"Please don't..." she said almost in a whisper.

But nobody listened.

The girl seized Anna's head with both hands, drew her face to hers, and put her mouth over Anna's lips. But Anna resisted and kept her mouth rigidly closed. She'd never kissed a woman, and it wasn't going to happen now.

"Open your mouth!" the girl said.

But Anna didn't react.

Suddenly the girl grabbed her by the dog collar... there was a flash of movement, and Anna was slapped flat in her face. Tears sprang from her eyes. Not from pain, but from the sheer humiliation of being disciplined by a young girl, right in front of her husband and the man to whom she normally gave her body. She didn't know what to do, how to react, unable to move away, her hands tied behind her.

"Now will you kiss me...?"

The girl's voice came close to her ear: "I want to taste your mouth... open it... open your mouth!"

Glimpsing anxiously at Jack, Anna hesitatingly obliged.

Immediately the young woman's face was upon her. She felt the warm wet tongue invade her, exploring her palate and examining her teeth and tongue. Then her lips were sucked. The girl's saliva drooled from Anna's chin. It tasted less bad than Anna had feared, kind of sweet actually. "So," she thought, "this is how it feels to be tongued by a girl..."

"Mmmm...," the girl said after she let go of Anna. "Very good indeed, and she smells great too."

Another unexpected compliment.

The girl took a sip from her wine, as if to spice the lingering taste of Anna's mouth. "How does she bond?" she asked, putting down her glass, "Does she attach easily?"

"Well.... yes, I think so," Jack said. "With me at least she fell in love rather quickly, almost as soon as I patted her back." He stroked Anna's hair as if she were a faithful dog. She felt horribly betrayed, her love being discussed like the affection of a pet.

Then Jack said an even more terrible thing: "If you feel like it, why don't you try and see if you can make her feel attached to you."

"I'd love to!"

Panic hit Anna: "That girl, what does she think? She can't force me to like her! That's crazy! Ridiculous!! How could she even think of such a thing," her head screamed from inside, "Never, never!! I love Jack, he's my Jack the Ripper! I'm his!" Her knees felt weak and her mind raced.

And she made a decision.

Her feelings for Jack were all she possessed, the only thing that she could still call her own. Nobody would take that away from her. Nobody could and nobody should! She would be firm! She would never forsake her love for Jack. Never... Never!!

She bit her lip. It made her feel the strength of her mind.

From the corner of her eye she noticed Jack, looking on as if he was expecting a demonstration of some sort. "Of course he is," Anna thought, "I'll show him!".

The girl now addressed Anna:

"I want you to bond to me, to love me," she said, "Say you love me."


It was barely audible, but audible nevertheless. Anna dropped her head in defiance, staring at the rug below her bare feet.

"Come on girl... I want it... I want you to say it."

"My God," Anna thought, "the kid's so much younger that I am and she calls me a girl. This is ridiculous."

"Listen," the young woman said, "listen, I like your body and I tasted and smelled you. Now I want to try your soul. I want to taste that too. So do you hear what I am saying? Do you hear me? Say that you love me!"

But Anna did not reply, just weakly shook her head.

Jack intervened. "Say you love the girl! Get it over with! You'll just do as you are told. She's nice, come on give her a kiss!"

No reply. No reaction.

"Well...?" That was the girl again.

But all Anna did was close her eyes.

Then she heard the girl again, her voice clear as a bell: "I'll make it easy for you, I'll undress. We'll both be naked. And you can make love to me, to my body... if you want."

It shocked Anna and made her open her eyes. She watched the girl undress. It was quite a sight. Apart from her own mirror image, she had never seen a live nude female body, let alone one so young and so beautiful. It made her jealous. The girl had breasts bigger and firmer than her own, with sizable suckable nipples set in dark fleshy aureoles. Her hips were wider than hers and smoother, and moved like water. And that belly of hers... like a soft peach. By the time the girl stepped out of her little white slip, Anna was spell bound. What a splendid body and what beautiful curls on the shallow hill between those lush legs....

"Well, now do you like me?"

But Anna said nothing. In stead she lowered her eyes again. This time not in defiance, but in shame. Not because of the envy she had sensed in herself, but because she suddenly realized with a shock, that the sight of this naked alluring girl, whether she wanted it or not, had woken a swarm of butterflies in her belly. She was mortified. And she glanced for help at Jack. But he seemed not to be interested in her despondent look and averted his gaze.

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