tagErotic CouplingsSoldier and Nurse

Soldier and Nurse


The young soldier was alone in sick bay. Due to his recent accident, he hasn't been able to get into town on leave. Being young and male he was becoming super horny. Because of the normal lack of privacy in the ward, a guy couldn't even jerk off without the threat of being caught. The young man just couldn't take it any longer, he just had to have release, so after looking around carefully, and snagging a hand full of Kleenex he started to masturbate.

Suddenly, Nurse Beverly walked in. "So how is my patient doing?" she asked in her sexy voice. Embarrassed the young soldier tensed at being caught, he began to blush, and just nodded his head in quite shame. "I think you need another examination!" She stood next to the bed, checking his pulse and blood pressure. "That doesn't look too good," she said. "Your heart rate is way above normal, and your blood pressure is too high. You need a special treatment." She smiled.

Her soft hand slid under the blanket, covering the young man's hand that was still resting on his rock- hard cock. Her gentle fingers caressed his shaft, then slowly looking into his intense eyes she started to jerk him off. To the young mans surprise and joy, she opened the zipper on her blue nurse uniform. Her beautiful breasts fell out, she wasn't wearing a bra. He was finding it hard to breathe now, he can't take his eyes off her gorgeous breasts, Her pink nipples are obviously hard and erect.

Still jerking on the young mans penis, Nurse Beverly, with her free hand, grabbed the young soldier's right hand and placed it on her warm smooth breast. It felt like silk to him and he gratefully I fondles it.

The young soldier was startled when Nurse Beverly pulled the blanket to one side uncovering his body. His eyes almost pop out of their sockets as the beautiful young nurse leaned over the bed and without a word began to lick the pre-come off his hard penis. Her warm satiny tongue felt so good to the young man, quietly he murmured, "please, please Beverly give me a blowjob, please."

"First let me remove my uniform," she said as she takes if off, showing him more of her gleaming sexy body. She uncovered her neatly trimmed red bush, and he almost passed out when she turned around in front of him for a moment showing off her perfect body.

She bent over again and started to swallow his entire cock in her warm, wet mouth. Her slippery tongue circled around the head. Her tight, round butt looked so inviting to the young soldier that he started to fondle and squeeze it.

Again, without a word - Beverly pulled the young mans cock out of her mouth. Then with a kiss and a wink she climbed onto the bed and mounted his face, her pink pussy dripping her womanly juices. Greedily the young man started to lick at her shapely snatch with abandon.

With one swift move of her perfect hand, Beverly tucked her hair behind her ear and bent down to suck his erect cock again.

Her clitoris was swollen and the soldier gently sucked on it, as he finger-fucked her pussy. Beverly groaned and moaned loudly, then she began her journey to heaven, as her orgasm rose within her body. Starting at the young man's mouth, running up her lovely thighs, through her heart and smashing through her mind. Pulsing from pussy to outer-space and back she arches her back. She pressed her gushing pussy against his mouth, and with a loud scream, Beverly came and came - on his tongue.

After catching her breath for a moment she climbed off the panting young man and gave him a hot passionate French kiss, sticking her tongue deep into his mouth.

"Oh, man, that was great!" she finally said with a smile shining upon her angel face. "I love getting licked. Now let's see if the patient can stand up." She helped him up, leaning against the bed, he managed to stand straight. She turned her back to him and declared, "I let special people use my body, if they are nice to me first, and you certainly have been that!

Reaching through her long, beautiful legs, she held the young soldier erection. Panting for breath the young man placed his hands on her wonderful hips. Carefully positioning his tool, he slowly started to penetrate Beverly from behind. She was primed and ready, legs trembling, and started to chant, "Deeper, please, deeper!"

The young sexually deprived soldier grunted as he pumped away, she felt so good, so warm and wonderful. Beverly started to finger her pussy feverishly. She slammed her body backward to make the young man's dick go in deeper.

Soon the young man is at the top, ready to burst, "I, I'm going to.... Beverly quickly pulls her body away from the young man, he almost cried out in disappointment. But Beverly isn't listening, she was intent on her own pleasure and pushed the man back on the bed, then climbing on top of him, guiding his dick into her hot pussy, and then began to ride him, all the way down, then all the way up. For a moment she would take out his cock, rubbing the head against her clitoris. Then shove him back in again, and ride him some more, looking into his eyes all the time. The young man thought to himself, as his come rose within his body 'God, this woman knows how to fuck'.

Beverly was thoroughly enjoying herself fondling her breasts and licking her own nipples. This heavenly sight made the young soldier come like no man had come before. He filled her with gush after gush of hot pent-up seed. Still slowly humping the young soldier Beverly bends over and kisses him once more.

"I'd better check up on you later," she whispers.

The young soldier can only answer, "That's fine with me, nurse."

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