Soldier Doll Ch. 01



The next 30 months were as hard as it's possible to get for a British soldier. Dylan proved to be an exceptional squad-leader, smart, confident, cautiously brave, tactically astute, and careful of the welfare of his men. He grew to be a popular and trusted team leader, absorbing tactics effortlessly and displaying flair and imagination when responding to enemy concentrations of troops, firepower or positions during the endless war-games and training exercises they were being subjected to, whether in open order on Salisbury Plain, or in the built-up environment of Imber, the town specially built to train soldiers in urban warfare.

Because of his constant training needs, he was never able to get home, having to content himself with the occasional restricted 24 hour pass, letters and the very occasional phone call.

At last, the day came every Para dreams of; Dylan was invited to try for a place with the elite SAS, the Special Air Service, the most elite, the most distinguished Special Forces group in the world.


From the day he passed through the gates at Stirling Lines, Herefordshire, Dylan Lewis knew he was home. Everything about the place symbolised achievement, pride, honour, sacrifice, and he was determined to belong here, to wear that badge, the winged Excalibur with the simple, powerful motto; 'Who dares, wins'.

For three weeks they made his life hell; running him ragged, stripping him of everything except a knife and hunting him through the countryside, teaching him to eat and survive on food that would make a hyena gag, depriving him of sleep for days on end, making him live the code of the SAS; Escape, Evade, Survive, forcing him to swim through flooded tunnels in full battle dress, and scale cliffs at night in full pack, HALO jumping and infiltrating enemy positions, subjecting him to painful and extended interrogations, trying to break him, teaching him that in covert warfare, nice guys finish last. He passed the brutal selection criteria with flying colours, and was invited to step into their ranks and become trooper Dylan Lewis, Bravo Company, 22 SAS Regt. The day they pinned-on his Excalibur, small and discreet as it was, was the proudest day of his life.

He had tried to keep in close touch with Louise through all of this, but her letters to him were heavily redacted, edited and censored into meaningless gibberish, as were his to her, so he was unaware just how she was taking his extended non-communication, and he was surprised at how much this distressed him.

With graduation came leave, and Dylan was burning to see Louise. It had been nearly 3 years since he'd seen her last; she had already turned 18, and he mourned that he'd not been there for her special day. From the scraps of information he'd been able to glean from her letters, he knew she'd been accepted at the University of Leicester Medical School to do her MBChB medical degree; she was going to be a doctor one day. Dylan knew she was the brains of the family, and he was overpoweringly proud of his little sister.

When he arrived on the concourse at Nuneaton railway station, he looked around, trying to spot her. She said she'd meet him there, and he craned his neck trying to spot her.

Someone tapped him lightly on the shoulder. "Hello Soldier-boy, looking for a good time?"

He spun around, and there she was, but not the Louise he remembered. Then she was 15, going on 16, slim, slight, and girlish. This was a grown woman, almost 19, and what a woman! She'd filled out, but not too much; slender was always going to describe her. She was beautifully shapely, high small breasts and tiny waist, pale alabaster skin with a spray of freckles dusting the bridge of her nose, large, stunning grey-green hazel eyes, vivid blonde-flecked auburn hair in a twist over her shoulder, and full, smiling, naturally coral-pink lips. She was beautiful, and Dylan stood, astonished at this gorgeous young woman, his sister, mouth hanging open, until she leaned into him, slid her arms around his neck, hugged him close. As she did, a weight seemed to drop away from her, one she'd carried for so long it had become normal.

Dylan's arms automatically encircled her, revelling in the feel of her in his arms, the smell of her hair, her subtle perfume, her body pressing against him, suddenly and uncomfortably aware that he was hardening. He pulled back from their embrace, looking at her, smiling happily, and Louise kissed him on the cheek, the feel of her lips thrilling him more than he could describe. He pulled her back in again, hugging her as hard as he dared, feeling her breath OOF! out of her as she was caught by surprise.

"Slow down, Dyl, you're bigger than me, you're going to break something!" she giggled breathlessly, and Dylan reluctantly complied, loosening his hold slightly, but not letting her go entirely.

"You can let me go now, Dyl, I need to breathe!" she laughed, and Dylan finally let go completely, only keeping hold of her hand.

"God Lou, it's been so long, and now look at you, all grown-up, I would never have known you..."

"Look at yourself, Dyl, you've grown as well, you're so handsome, and so tall, but I would have known you anywhere!" she responded, while thinking "God, he's lovely, look at him, he was cute when he left, all the girls at school thought so, now he's bloody gorgeous! I wonder what it's like to kiss him." She hurriedly shut that thought away; that was no way to be thinking about her own brother! But, as if the thought was the father to the deed, she leaned in and kissed him again on the cheek, lingering slightly longer this time, enjoying the feel of his skin against her lips.

Dylan froze for a second, his fingers coming up to touch his cheek where she'd kissed him, locking gaze with her for a moment, before she blushed and turned away.

"I'm parked about 100 metres away, is your bag very heavy?" Dylan brushed it off, hoisting the kit bag on his shoulder and following her. "God, what a fabulous arse she's got!" was all he could think, watching the twin globes of her tight, round bottom quiver and dance inside her tight jeans, uncaring that it was his sister that he was ogling so unashamedly.

Louise lived a short drive from the university medical school, but had elected to collect him from Nuneaton as his train didn't stop in Leicester, so they had about a 20 mile drive, Louise chatting most of the way, asking about army life, about his training, about the locations he'd trained in, small talk. Dylan was just happy to watch the interplay of her features, the way her lips naturally smiled, her eyes flicking from the road to him to the road ahead, re-acquainting himself with her gestures and mannerisms.

They finally got to her flat, and Dylan took his kitbag into the spare bedroom. She'd gotten cold snacks ready before she collected him, and told to Dylan to pitch in, watching him happily as he ate, chatting all the while, putting him at ease.

After they'd eaten, Dylan asked Louise to close her eyes. When she did, he took out the gift he'd brought her.

"You can open them now, Lou!" he called softly, and Louise saw the plush box in his hand. "Dylan, what's this?" she asked curiously.

"Open it and see, Lou; it's a little something I got for you in Oman," he smiled.

Louise opened the box, and gasped. Inside was a beautiful emerald-encrusted gold bracelet, decorated with tiny pearls.

"Dylan, you can't buy me things like this, you need to keep your money, save it!" she eventually choked out, and Dylan was shocked to see tears in her eyes, the first time he'd ever seen her cry.

"I got that for you to go with your eyes, and because I love my little sister." He took it from the box and carefully clipped it around her left wrist, the stones flashing and sparkling in the afternoon sunlight.

"Thank you Dyl, it's really beautiful," she said, "I didn't get you anything, I don't really have any..." Dylan touched his finger to her lips. "It was my pleasure, baby-girl, I wish it could have been more!"

Louise hugged him, and, on impulse, lightly kissed him on the lips. Dylan's eyes widened, then instinct took over, and he kissed her back, feeling her pull in closer to him, her lips opening against his. His tongue came forward, meeting hers, and their tongue tips rubbed and fenced together, hands tightening their hold on each other as they kissed. Louise was the first to break the kiss, looking at him in astonishment, and something else, her arms still locked around his neck.

"Dyl, what happened there, why did you...?" He dipped down and silenced her with another kiss, Louise responding again, kissing him almost wildly, as 3 years of missing him and anxiety gave vent all at once.

Dylan's hands slid down to her waist, around the small of her back, pulling her closer to him, his burgeoning erection pressing into her. Louise responded by rubbing herself against his growing erection, her own need for him finally being acknowledged.

Dylan's hand dropped lower, cupping her sexy buttocks and pulling her even harder against his cock. Louise moaned against his lips, her tongue darting wildly around against his, her lips wild, and sweet, and arousing him like no girl he'd ever kissed before.

He pulled away from her to look into her glorious eyes. "Lou, I missed you so much, every day, every minute...I need you, so much...!"

Louise held his face between her hands. "Dyl, I know, I want the same thing, oh God, every day without you there with me is a million years long, please...!"

Her words were a prayer, a plea, a command, and he responded, as he'd been trained to do.

As she pulled his jacket off, he unbuttoned her jeans, pushing them down until she wriggled her hips and let them drop to the ground, stepping out of them and kicking them away. He unbuttoned his own jeans and pulled the zipper down, slipping of his shoes to pull off his jeans and T-shirt, standing before her in just his shorts.

Louise put her hands to the hem of her blouse and pulled it up and off in one quick movement, standing before him in just her underwear, blushing slightly under his frank, appreciative gaze.

"Come with me, Dyl!" she whispered, taking his hand and leading him into her bedroom. Dylan walked behind her, hand in hers, captivated by the sight of her sexy buttock-cleft clearly visible in her filmy panties.

In the bedroom, she turned to him and once again kissed him, deeply and passionately, putting all her pent-up longing into that one kiss. Dylan felt his cock trying to burst out of his shorts, already tented by her nearness and his need for her.

His hands slid back down to cup her buttocks, pulling her closer, the top of her slit rubbing against his raging cock, only two layers of thin material separating their sexes. He moved his hands back up and unclipped her brassiere, Louise pulling it off so he could dip his head down and nuzzle her pink nipples, solidly erect, hard enough to cut glass and at least half an inch long. She sighed as he sucked and nibbled, groaning as he caught them between his teeth. He slid his hands into her waistband to push her panties down and clasp her buttocks, slipping his fingers into the shadowed cleft between them and pulling them up and out, squeezing and moulding them, making her gasp into his mouth as he kissed her.

Louise stepped away from him, grinning, her bottom lip caught between her teeth, to kneel before him, and slide his boxers down, allowing his cock to swing up. She gasped as his size became evident. His cock had to be seven inches long, but so thick it appeared squat, the skin stretched tight and glossy, the purple, bell-shaped crown partially emerged through the foreskin, glistening with lubricant.

"Oh Dylan, that's lovely!" she smiled, something making her pull it down to lick and lap at the clear liquid oozing from the end, then slide her lips over the end, pulling the foreskin back fully to expose the head to her tongue as she sucked. She pumped and squeezed with one hand while gently fondling and massaging his big balls, all the while bobbing her head in time to her pumping, her tongue circling and rubbing around and behind the head, the combined sensations exquisite, the taste of him strong and fresh and masculine.

Dylan raised her up, and slowly backed her to the bed, to sit her down and slide on next to her, urging her down next to him, kissing and fondling her the whole time.

As he kissed her, she again took hold of his cock, pumping him gently but firmly. He slid down slightly, to clamp his lips around her nipple, sucking and rubbing it with his tongue, trailing his teeth along it, making her gasp and moan and wriggle, alternating between nipples, bringing her close to orgasm again and again. He kissed further down now, softly kissing in a trail from between her small firm breasts to her navel, kissing and poking his tongue in, swirling it around, and continuing further down.

He slid down between her thighs, holding her gorgeously sexy buttocks cupped in his hands, lifting her to his mouth, licking through her small, neatly trimmed patch of golden brown hair, lighter than the hair on her head, fine as silk, and a delight against his tongue as he swirled through it, and lapped gently against the folds of her waxed labia. Her scent surrounded him, fresh and strong, feminine and enticing. As he lapped at her labia, he could feel the folds of flesh engorging, swelling against his tongue, flowering open for him, allowing him to insert his tongue ever further into her, before moving to lap at her now fully emerged clitoris, pale pink and pearlescent against the flushed pink of her exposed inner recess. She gasped and quivered, juices pouring down over his tongue, her scent urging him on, tasting her and wanting more.

He sucked on her nub like a little nipple, plating it with his tongue, and the first in a series of orgasms billowed through her, legs and taut buttocks flexing as she pushed her vulva against her brother's face, hands twisted in the sheets as she groaned out loud, wave after wave of orgiastic pleasure rocketing through her. Dylan continued to suck and lick at her until, at last, she screamed in release, clamping her thighs against his head, shuddering with the force of her orgasm, her eyes rolling up in her head and her breath coming in shallow hitching gasps.

Dylan moved back up the bed to lie next to her, touching and fondling, admiring and kissing, until she finally opened her eyes, smiling sleepily at him.

"Thank you Dyl, that was...amazing, wonderful, superb; words fail me, you darling boy! Where did you learn how to do that, I've never come like that before!"

"I'm a soldier, we have special training!" he quipped, then became more serious. "So you've never come like that before, yes, but you have ...come before? Anyone I know?" he asked, trying to sound nonchalant and keep the jealousy out of his voice, but the thought that someone had....with his Louise...!

"Relax, Dyl, I'm a, a virgin, OK?" she smiled.

"But you said...!"

"Yes silly, girls...touch themselves, as well as boys, you know!" Dylan felt himself colouring. "But I'll tell you a secret," she went on, grinning wickedly, "when I did, I was thinking of you!"

He felt his cock flex and stretch out at that, harder than it had been all afternoon, and Louise felt it too, smiling and reaching out to take hold of him, gently pump and squeeze him.

"Oh, you definitely liked that, I can tell! Dylan, I want to make love to you, I want you to make love to me, be my first, will you do that?" she asked.

For answer, Dylan pulled her over on to him, holding her by her buttocks as he kissed her. Louise began moving against him, rubbing the head of his cock against her swollen vulva, lubricating the head with her own sweet juices, teasing herself, to sit upright and hold his cock against her entrance. Slowly, she slipped him into herself, her face knotting in concentration, eyes tight closed, as she adjusted to his size, gasping in pain as he slid further into her, to finally sit fully impaled on him, his penis buried to the hilt in her. Now she began to rise and fall against him, pumping her pelvis while supporting herself with her hands on his chest, eyes closed in concentration, only smiling and nodding when he reached out to rub and gently squeeze her nipples. She began to speed up, her breathing getting faster and shallower, a flush spreading down her neck and onto her upper chest, her nipples pointing out proudly, stiff and hard as her arousal climbed.

Her pumping sped up, grinding herself against him, her face flushing deeper, mouth lolling open, her eyes rolling back, narrowed to mere slits.

Suddenly she slumped forward, giving a deep groan, her pussy sucking and clenching on him as she orgasmed, the sensation almost too much for him. She quivered and shuddered against him, until her climax passed, then lay down flat on him, to kiss him passionately, holding him tightly as her heart thuttered against him. After a long moment, she kissed him again, gently, touched his lip with her fingertip, and moved against his still solidly erect cock buried inside her. "What about you, Dyl, so far it's been all about me. What do you want to do?"

For answer, Dylan slid his cock out of her and rolled her on her back, began kissing her deeply, Louise kissing him back with equal passion as he raised himself over her, his cock pointing at her vulva. Louise took hold of him and rubbed him over her pussy entrance, then smiled and nodded as he pushed forward in one long slow motion, invading her recently virgin pussy yet again, making her grunt as his width filled her up.

"Oh God, Dylan, that feels so good, Oh yes, keep doing that...!" she kept up a constant litany of praise as he pumped his cock in and out of her, dropping to his elbows so he could slide his hands under her back, pushing her enticing nipples up to his lips, kissing her as he fucked her, sliding his hands under her lovely sexy bum and pulling her buttocks apart as he pumped into her. Louise was orgasming almost continuously through his fucking of her, gasping and moaning, her pussy rippling on his cock as the waves of pleasure beat through her again and again. At last, he could feel himself nearing the point of no return, and began to back himself out.

"No!" gasped Louise "It's OK, I'm on the pill, it's OK, I want to feel you come in me, do it Dylan, now, please!"

With that there was no holding him back, and he gave a deep echoing groan as his cock lurched inside her, and what felt like a pint of hot man-fat shot out of him and deep into her womb in long, satisfying spurts. Louise screamed as she orgasmed, her pussy sucking and clenching around him, milking his cock as he continued to spurt deep inside her.

At last her convulsing pussy let him go, and he slid out of her, Louise lying back with a contented look on her face, a small smile on her lips.

As he lay next to her she turned to him, holding him tight to her, snuggling down against him.

"If you only knew how many nights I dreamed of this, how much I wanted to come and find you, screw your brains out and then sleep next to you, holding you like this!" she giggled. "Dylan, thank you for being my first, I don't want anyone else, you're the only one for me, brother or not, OK? I love you, big Brother, and I want you to keep on hammering that lovely cock into me forever, you and no-one else!"

Dylan kissed her gently, lovingly, his hands roaming over her, enthralled with the feel of her, the sight of her, all his fantasies and daydream images of her imposed on the real thing, and they were nothing but pale imitations. She was lovely, more beautiful than he knew how to describe, and he felt his chest ache with his need for her.

"Louise, I love you, baby girl, always have, just didn't know how to say it or if I'd ever get the chance. I've wanted you since I don't know when, and I'll only ever want you, forever!"

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