Soleyn is a bitch.

Though being a strong headed woman who sometimes would make the most insistent men back off, she hides a servile and hungered nature.

I met her at a time when she used to roam on a dating site. Depending on her moods, she would attract home men who had succeeded in seducing her. But, if their intelligence was as high as hers, the same couldn’t be said about their sexual performances. That’s why, quite often, she contented herself with expedients nevertheless very satisfactory : she was a masturbation expert, able to push back the limits of orgasm with such an easiness that she could caress herself while reading, only getting blinded once the last page read. Sometimes, her rod urge was imperative and she used a very lengthy dildo to supplant the lack of flesh.

Quickly, our first exchanges wandered on the path of eroticism. We both had common and complementary fantasies that we rapidly decided to realise. One of them was meeting couples, not only for the pleasure of swapping but also because Soleyn adores watching me making love to another woman.

Not only watching me with someone else excites her, but also hearing the story of my sexual adventures with other women. And if she’s jealous of sharing me, she begs me again and again to tell her…

Soleyn loves my dick. It’s not long as an arm, nor out of proportion big, but it fits perfectly into her pussy. Nothing excites her more than sucking me while rubbing her clit on my leg. I feel her juices flowing and sticking to my hair. Her mouth pumps avidly like she wants to content herself with me coming into her mouth, swallowing my sperm and hearing me moan under her tongue caress. Sometimes she says “jerk off”, eyes half shut, and she points her tongue to meet my gland emerging from my palm that slides along my shaft. She wants to see my liquor squirt on her tongue, on her breasts…But she knows I can hold on and I know she won’t be satisfied with coming on my leg.

I love to make her linger. When she wants to impale herself on my pile, I sometimes force her to come like this, rubbing herself on me. According to her mood, she lets me lick her. I slide along her inner lips, I excite her clit, I drink her juices and penetrate her with my tongue. She arches when I take her clit between my lips et rub it swiftly with my tongue. She twists and moans. I grab her thighs and hold her belly still against my mouth, to prevent her from escaping my caress. She begs me to fuck her, but I want to make her come. I want to get the bitch out of her, not the woman, the bitch, the one who loves to get fucked, the one who shakes herself on my dick to come again. I want to feel, when entering her, the tightness of her pussy, contracted with pleasure.

When I leave her thighs, she spreads her legs, raises them high. She offers me and my dick her shining pussy where I dig in, sometimes sliding inch by inch to feel her vagina swallow and grab me with its convulsions, sometimes with a violent thrust that nails her to the bed. And once at the bottom, I stop moving. Soleyn gets crazy. “Move” she says, and her belly moves against mine, rises to make my dick slide into her slot. “Move” she says again when I remain still, “Fuck me, I want your cock, fuck me hard”. So, I lie down on her and put my hands under her ass cheeks. I squeeze them, I grab them and I thrust, sending my pile even further. I swing my hips, I press my belly against hers, I rub the sides of her vagina to enlarge them with my dick. She follows me with her own moves.

Then I stand up, put her legs on my shoulders. I grab her arms and fuck her, pulling her against me. My dick bumps into the bottom of her vagina, seeks to make itself an even deeper passage. I fuck her fast, hard, like she likes. She comes fast, hard.

She wants to ride me. She reaches over me and falls down on my dick, a sharp move, roughly. She savours the stick that pierces her. Then begins a unceasing ballet, that she makes last willingly, and that I like to disturb. She rubs her clit against my pelvis while polishing my rod. Little by little, the caress becomes slippery, as her juices flow and come wetting my balls. She hold back from coming and I punctuate her pleasure by playing with her breasts.

Her breasts are two big globes whose hard tits attract my mouth and fingers. I pinch them, I suck them, I bite them and I feel her pussy tighten with my bites. I mix the flesh and she shudders. She still holds herself back but I feel her thighs vibrating on my flanks, her hot juices flooding me, her oppressed breath, covered with moans. “Make me come”. I bite her tits and make her scream.

I press her against me, restrain her from moving, so I can feel her pleasure spasms and the strength of her orgasm triggers another one. She falls down on me, but I force her back up. My hands on her breasts, I thrust my pelvis towards her, like a rocket to the sky and she falls back down with me, again and again…And she ignites totally, with rage, fucking my dick like a madwoman, without restrain, on the contrary to explode one last time. And she explodes.

“How do you want me to take you?” I ask her. “Whatever you want” she answers. “Doggy style” I order.

She gets into position, exhibiting her ass and pussy. I kneel and enter her in a long sliding move, to place my cock at the deepest of her pussy. There, very far, I feel the folds of her flesh, the sensitive spot that drives her wild. And I rub with my gland, I explore those recesses et stir up some more moans.

I fuck her, consciously, deeply…

Now she’s just a fleshy puppet, dazed with pleasure, powerless to hold the spasms that tear her apart. She’s just a pussy, opened, offered to the male who abuses her and fucks her so much and more. She begs for his orgasm, feeling his juice flow in her burning intimacy. But he holds back and penetrates her with all his length, tirelessly. And she can’t hold back her cries when orgasm strikes her again.

He rides her, crushing her with all his weight to drive his sting deeper. He feels the orgasm building up, the terrible pleasure explosion that will leave him panting, broken down on her. She feels his cock swell deep inside her pussy and release a torrent of lava that floods her and she exults to feel him so strong and to hear him shout his pleasure.

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