Solo Camping


Solo Camping-The Woodsman and the Wood Nymph

Twigs snapped under his feet. The mountains had been good to him. He breathed in the deep scent of pine and cedar as he walked the familiar trail. The mountain provided him the solitude he needed. Since Jenna left, his patience for people in general, let alone women had been limited. The peace of the mountain helped him maintain some balance, helped him try to forgive.

There were times, like this one, when he chose to remain in his mountain solitude for very long periods of time. Civilization held no great attraction for him any longer. Each outing had been longer than the next until his trips into the hills became more lengthy than those out. He enjoyed being alone. He just couldn't shake the feeling of being lonely. Jenna had filled a hole in his heart for many years. When she left, that hole got deeper and wider until he was aware of it every day.

He stopped asking why a long time ago. He stopped wanting to know not too long after. He figured if it was him, she should have given him the opportunity to make a change but that conversation had never happened. She just skipped town. Any more, the only thing he was sure of was that he would have changed if she had given him the chance. This helped him keep from sinking into the usual self imposed guilt-ridden prison that he could have forced on himself. No, he hadn't done anything wrong, in fact he was pretty certain that he was a good man. The kind that most women prayed to meet at night. It wasn't guilt that drove him to his solitude, just a general frustration with people. They seemed to get more stupid every time he talked to someone.

A large man, Nick Masterson sported athletic shoulders that women loved to lay their heads on. Wide enough to disguise his newly acquired layer of "bear fat" as he nicknamed what most men called a sprouting beer belly. At not quite six foot and 230 solid pounds, He wasn't fat but if he didn't pay attention he may soon be accused of heading in that direction. These long periods of time in the woods had curbed that pretty nicely. His arms were still the arms the Marine Corps had given him 15 years earlier, steeled now with the daily regimen of outdoor living.

He had never really been aware of how women felt when they looked at him. Since Jenna left he didn't care, either. Women were something he didn't care to pursue were it not for one fact; he was a man and as such, still had needs. A frustrating fact that had not eluded him. At some point, he would need to be patient enough with a woman long enough to at least get laid. It was fast becoming a top priority.

He had given up haircuts and shaving in favor of the occasional even trim since he began spending his time alone. The woodland creatures didn't care and in every book he ever read, the guy who got the girl had long hair, wide shoulders and stubbly facial hair. If needed, he could turn "ragged" into "rugged" on a moment's notice. Daily hygiene he still deemed important. For some reason he was still concerned about being found dead in the woods with dirty underwear, un-brushed teeth and smelly pits. He blamed his mother for that. Therefore, if he happened to run into a beautiful wood nymph desperate for a sexual tango, he felt he would at a bare minimum "not be repulsive".

So far, that nymph had not appeared.

As he traveled his favorite path he turned over the wood nymph idea in his mind. What would she look like? How would he find her? What (if anything) would she be wearing? Did wood nymphs wear Blue jeans? He hoped so. He chuckled to himself as he considered what a wood nymph in blue jeans and a willing attitude might be like.

He came to the edge of the trail where it began to wind down to the valley below. The valley had been cut by a lazy stream that wound its way between the mountains. He always found wildlife here. He took out his binoculars and began to scan the stream for wildlife. Nothing likely at this time of day with the heat of the sun beating down. Most animals wood be taking to the shade right about now.

He laughed to himself. Perhaps the afore-mentioned wood nymph might find a moment to climb out of her blue jeans and cool herself in the lazy pools below. Life was never that easy. Until today.

He pulled the binoculars away from his eyes. Did he really see what he thought he just saw or was his imagination playing jokes on him. He had been in the woods way too long now, clearly. He put the binoculars back to his eyes. At the edge of the stream below stood a woman, facing away from him. Standing still, looking into the sky, as if soaking up the rays of the sun. He scanned the area for the source of this intrusion. Was there a group hiking? He didn't think so. Nobody ever came out here. There are only wildlife trails to follow and that was no amateur trick. He presumed every day that he was the only human being within 50 miles. Yet there she was. Looking as out of place as an outhouse in a shopping mall.

"I guess wood nymphs do wear blue jeans." He chuckled to himself. As wood nymphs should go, she certainly qualified. Sassy reddish hair and a blouse that exposed her shoulders. She must have tied the blouse in front to keep cool as it hiked up in the back and revealed the skin of the small of her back. That wasn't the prize though. Nick's heart skipped a beat as he adjusted the focus on his binoculars and her ass came swimming into focus. It was perfect. Nick swallowed hard. It had been a long time. He was not prepared for this sight and it hit him like a ton of bricks. Lust rose in his chest at a rate that was alarming. He removed the binoculars and watched her from afar.

She was so still. She just stood there, face up to the sun. He wished she would turn around so that he could get a look at her face. He could tell by the shape of her body that she was beautiful. This was obviously a woman who took the time to take care of herself. With her arms on her hips, he could see the muscles in her shoulders. She was fit.

Possibly this was a long hike for her, a journey into solitude as it was for him. This angered him. He was surprised by his reaction. This was his space. He specifically came here to get away from women as a whole and now here comes this one, shaking her ass in invitation...he got hold of himself. There was definitely no ass shaking going on down there. He scolded himself. Bitterness was pervasive.

She has no idea that he is here and she didn't come here to piss him off. He softened. His body reminded him that the company of a woman was not always a bad thing. It reminded him of his thoughts earlier about needing to get laid. "Sure. I'll just waltz down there and say, 'since you're here, I was thinking we could fuck?'". That would go over like a lead balloon. He became angry again. Why shouldn't he? This was his woods. He had been here first. If this was cave man days he would waltz on down there and claim her for himself. Whack her on the head with his club, pull her into the water by the hair and claim her as his prize, removing those clothes and unwrapping her like a Christmas present.

He allowed himself this socially unacceptable train of thought and followed it through until she was naked and completely in his control. His rapidly rising erection is what burst the bubble. "Damn. Take it easy, champ. She is just standing there for crying out loud. It's not like she is trying to tease you."

As he thought this, her body moved. She took a step toward the water and brought her hands to the front of her blouse. She had turned now so he could see her profile. Her nose was perky and her chin strong. He focused the binoculars a little more and sighed as he succumbed to the temptation to examine her breasts. "Why do I do this to myself? I guess I am a brute in the woods after all." he sighed. They were something. Not too big, not too small. Just right. The swell of her breast made his heart ache. He hated that feeling. It was like the loneliness tried to jump out of him toward her and damn near took him with it. As he contemplated this thought, he realized that she was braless. This is what had caught his attention. Of course she was braless. She was in the woods. "No need to stand on ceremony, eh? You go girl..." he thought to himself.

As he congratulated himself for his support of her self-expression, he realized that her hands had come into the viewfinder near her breasts. They were working something. The buttons? No. yes, she was unbuttoning her blouse! He had a momentary desire to look away but quickly chastised himself, reminding his conscience that this was his woods and that everything in it was his to take. If she wanted to undress right there in the open, then she had to expect that anyone around would watch. Yeah. All those people she expected to be around.

Suddenly he was aware of the sun catching the water and glinting behind her. It backlit her such that he could see every detail. His heart raced as she undid the buttons to the point where the blouse was tied in the front. She hesitated. She looked around, as if she was checking for anybody looking. He saw her chastise herself and shake her head. Of course there was noone around. "Surprise" he thought to himself.

She untied the front of her blouse and her white skin immediately came into view.

His heart jumped into his throat. Damn what he wouldn't give to run down the hill screaming, "No! Don't! let me doo iiiittt!"

Her head tilted back as she pulled open the blouse and her breasts freed themselves of their loose bindings. Everything went into slow motion as her blouse dropped away from her breasts. They moved in response to the motion of her shoulders, giving Nick shivers. Her nipples hardened with their sudden exposure to the crisp breeze on a warm sunny day. She finished shrugging off the blouse and turned more to face him. He was right. She was a beauty. Classic features. With the binoculars zoomed in this close, he could see she had freckles. He loved freckles. But he especially loved nipples. He resumed his close examination of her breasts. He could taste them in his imagination.

He didn't think to ask why she was undressing. It didn't matter. When someone knocks on your door and hands you a gift, you just say "Thank You." and allow it to happen. And so he did.

Then something unexpected happened. Her hand appeared again in the viewfinder. Was it his imagination or was she touching herself? She was! My God could this be any better? Her hands caressed her breast, lightly touching her skin in the kind of soft tickle that raises goose-bumps if done correctly. Apparently it was done correctly. Goosebumps immediately raised over her entire breast. She pinched her nipple. Nick congratulated himself on having spent the extra hundred bucks for a better quality bino. He pulled back so he could see all of her. Her face registered the pleasure she was giving herself but it didn't last. She gave both her nipples a quick squeeze and began working the buttons to her jeans.

"Turn. Turn around!" he begged quietly to himself.

There was nothing sexier as far as he was concerned than watching a pair of well fit blue jeans reveal their cargo. As if she had heard him, she turned right on cue. "Yes!" He rasped under his breath. She unbuttoned the front and began to shrug out of the jeans. Left to right she shimmied her hips until perfect white flesh appeared, topped by red thong underwear. She bent down, effectively offering her ass up to him in the distance and pulled her jeans down to the ground. He half expected the heavens to open up and the angels to sing. It was one of those moments. He couldn't believe his luck.

As she stepped out of her jeans, he zoomed in tight on her ass. It was perfect. Soft, white, curvy and needing desperately to be spanked. He chuckled again to himself. He was never quite sure why he assumed that every ass that caught his attention needed to be spanked but it was a speculation that had never been proven wrong.

Her legs were white and muscular. She must be a bike rider as well or a runner. You don't get calves like that by sitting in an office. She stood upright, having stepped fully out of her jeans. As she did, her ass assumed its apple shape and his cock stood absolutely upright. She stretched the way women do just after disrobing, hands to the sky and fingers through her hair. She appeared to be contemplating the water. Her nipples stood out against the silhouette of the sun's reflection on the water. She touched her breasts gently again as she appeared to be deciding what to do. She put her fingers under the strap of the thong.

Do it! he sent the thought to her.

Suddenly she appeared to be arguing with herself. She began to gesture as if she was explaining something.

She turned and looked into the woods. His heart sank. She must be talking to someone out of sight. That meant she wasn't alone and this little show was not meant for him. After a few minutes of watching though, it was clear that she was arguing with herself. But about what? Then it donned on him. It was about getting naked in the woods. She was arguing to herself that nobody was watching and that she should just do it!

He studied her face with the binoculars. He watched her lips.

"Don't be stupid! There's nobody even here to see! Why should you be nervous? Ahhh!."

If she only knew.

"Fine!". He saw her say with finality.

With that, she hooked the thong and rapidly bent over and dropped it down. Nick focused in on her ass again as the red thong pulled itself from between her ass cheeks and seemed to caress her leg on the way down, kissing each ass cheek good bye as it fell. As she bent to step out of the thong, her ass cheeks parted and Nick could see the fine brownish red pussy hair between her legs. His cock twitched. It was determined to jump out of his pants and go down there by itself if Nick didn't oblige and do it himself.

As she finished up the battle of removing the thong, she threw it into the stream, defiantly. He focused on her lips again.

"There! I did it! we only wear those things for men anyway!".

And we thank you for it, he thought.

Following this statement up with a plunge straight into the water, she squealed loud enough as she went under that he could hear it all the way up to his vantage point.

She stood up immediately as the cold water sucked the air from her lungs. The water glistened off her beautiful body. It fell off her like a waterfall. Her nipples harder now than before and her pussy defying the white of her skin as a stream of water concentrated through her pubic hair. Suddenly he was very thirsty. A drink from a pussy fountain sounded divine.

His hunger for her rose until he felt a need to act. He knew he needed her and he was going to have to do something soon if he was going to do anything at all.

Without a plan, he used her swim as an opportunity to make his way down the trail. As if tracking his prey, he quietly moved closer to her.

At the edge of the woods, close enough to throw a rock and hit her, he watched.

It was a beautiful scene. She swam languidly, floating and relaxing. In the shallow water, her body rested on the sandy bottom so that she was laying on her back, barely floating. The look on her face registered much pleasure. And some strain. Odd.

She moaned. Softly but still a moan. He liked swimming too, but it never made him moan. Her moaning increased and suddenly he realized, she was masturbating.

Jesus. This really was a wood nymph! She was near the edge of an orgasm, he could tell. She must have been at it the whole time he was walking down the edge.

She came violently. "Fuck!... Fuck!..." the water writhed as she masturbated her way through her orgasm. Her breathing was hard and her nipples poked through the water as she lay on her back finishing the job...

She went limp in the shallow water, allowing her arms to fall by her side.

Nick was stunned. She collected herself and stood up, her nipples still hard and water streaming off of her again. The sight of a woman this beautiful standing in such a beautiful stream fresh from an orgasm almost sent him into his own.

She stood quietly. Breathing hard. He made his decision.

"I could have helped with that." He said from the woods as he stepped out into the open.

He expected her to scream, cover up and begin to hurl profanities in his direction. Normally, he wouldn't have risked a reaction like that, but this was his woods and this woman was in his backyard. He was feeling bold.

Startled, she turned toward him. Her reaction was not what he had planned for.

She stood her ground. Naked and beautiful, her body glistening wet and simply asked, "And who the fuck are you? Are you enjoying yourself?"

It was Nick's turn to be startled. She didn't cover up. She didn't run away. She stood there, proud and unashamed. After a moment of his hesitation she registered her impatience by putting her hands on her hips. This caused her breasts to bounce in the sun and distracted him further.

He thought quickly and decided on a course of action. Maintaining his bearing and trying not to show his momentary confusion, he responded.

"Not as much as you are, but yes, I am enjoying myself."

"I asked who you are." Hands still on her beautiful hips, pussy hair shimmering wet.

"I could ask you the same thing. You are in my back yard. This is my woods." He responded.

"Last time I checked, these were public lands, hot shot." She fired back.

"Not so much. I am a squatter on this land and as such, I claim it and all that is on it for my own use." His eyes twinkled and he smiled a mischievous smile.

She stood before him in all her naked beauty and didn't even act as if anything were off beat even just a little. He couldn't resist the urge to roam her body. He let her see his eyes move over her. For some reason, he sensed she was challenging him. Almost testing him.

"For your own use?" She repeated.

"Mmmm hmm." He replied.

Lisa had sworn off men. She had come to these woods to shed her anger over the string of bad relationships that had plagued her. She had hoped to purge herself of the bad karma that had led to so many useless men and as many useless attempts to acquire some sexual satisfaction. She had determined that the only way she was going to get any relief was to take matters in her own hands. She was good at satisfying herself but it never really worked as well as a good match with a man. Her problem was that all the men were taken. Apparently all that was left over was mamma's boys, fatties, bigots and bums. None of whom seemed to prove useful even just for the nightly rental of a cock.

Standing naked before this man, she should have been scared but she wasn't. She was feisty by nature and not prone to the usual female responses to odd situations.

When she saw Nick she was momentarily taken aback by his size and rugged mountain man looks. Nothing about his bearing said "danger" but everything else said that he could take care of business if required to do so. This was a quality lacking in most of the men she had dated in the last three years. Then, the statement about helping her out with her orgasm rang in her head. Her assessment of him being able to "take care of business" suddenly extended itself to her orgasmic needs.

Lisa had never been a woman to linger over her decisions. Her clitoris was still tingling with the orgasm she had just provided herself and was still in the throes of being pissed that she had to do it herself. This may have influenced her decision to play along. What the hell. She had nothing to lose. Assuming he wasn't an axe murderer. If he was going to rape her, there was nothing to stop him anyway. Not out here.

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