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Solo HMT Adventures #04


Jun 16, 2009

Heavy Metal Thunder Solo Adventures #4

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Heavy Metal Thunder Productions


Copyright protected on May 2009.

The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Warning! Some stories may contain adult language, explicate violence, adult situations, and some sexual content. These stories are intended for a mature audience.

Heavy Metal Thunder Solo Adventures #4

Written by Stacy James Meadows

With Concepts Created by Stacy James Meadows, Larry William Van Hoorebeke, and Donald Edward Van Hoorebeke.

Previously on Heavy Metal Thunder Solo Adventures... Heavy Metal Thunder was being chased by men in suits over a computer disk that he had mysteriously acquired. He managed to give them the slip and head towards a friend's house.

Chapter 4 The Computer Disk Incident (Part 2 of 3) Old Friend

Good friends are few, and far between. Matt owed me a favor, and it was time for me to see if I could collect. -H.M.T.

Reaching his friend's house, he knocked on the door, and waited for Matt to answer.

"Man am I glad you're home. I need your help, because I'm in some serious trouble." Heavy Metal Thunder told Matt as he opened up the front door.

"Quick, man, come inside, before someone sees you then." Matt said. "You smell, and you are a mess, man. Go in the bathroom, and take a shower."

"Thanks." Heavy Metal Thunder said, as he walked down the hallway towards the bathroom.

"Just a minute." Matt said. "Let me get a robe for you, and then throw your clothes out the bathroom door, and I'll throw them in the washer."

The clothes were already in the dryer when Heavy Metal Thunder stepped out of the bathroom door wearing the robe, and into the hallway meeting Matt, who was coming out of the laundry room.

"Go on into the living room, and make yourself comfortable, while I get us some sodas." Matt told Heavy Metal Thunder, as he passed him on his way to the kitchen.

After they both were inside the living room, and Matt had gotten them a couple of sodas, they sat on the couch, and Heavy Metal Thunder began to explain the trouble he was in, as they drank.

"It all started when I was going around in the mall. I went there to check out some new clothes, especially jeans, which seems like I'm always running low on because I get them ripped or something, but quickly forgot about all that when I seen three guys in suits chasing another man in street clothes. One of the suits pulled out a gun, and shot the dude. The guy fell to the ground, and then people started screaming and running. I immediately realized the gun wasn't government issue."

"Oh, wow! Then what did you do?" Matt piped in.

"In the midst of confusion, I guess the suits didn't see me, as they drew closer to the man, and prepared to fire again. I picked up one of the metal trash cans. With my battle cry of 'Heavy Metal Thunder!' I charged, and hurled it at them, causing the three to crumble in a heap on the ground. While they were recovering, I grabbed the guy, and pulled him into the elevator, and pressed the button for the third floor."

"Was he hurt real bad? Was there blood everywhere?" Matt excitedly asked.

"Well, I asked the guy if he was all right, and he said that they had only shot him in the arm, but that wasn't important at the moment. I'll never forget what he said next with a solemn face. 'Those guys after me are with the mafia. They are after you now also. Here take this disk, and get it to the police.' He told me, as he pulled it out of his jacket, and I put it down my pants."

"So did you both get out of there? Is he safe?" Matt asked curiously.

"No." Heavy Metal Thunder said sadly. Tears seemed to form in the corner of his eyes, as he fought back his emotions, and continued on with the story. "I had told him that we both were going to take it to the police together, but as we tried to leave the elevator the suits came up the stairs, and shot him in the head. I knew he was dead, and bullets were bouncing around towards me, so I went through a side door. I ran, and the suits came out from everywhere, but I finally gave them the slip."

"So, what can I do to help you out?" Matt asked.

"So, the favor I need is, to find out what is on this disk, and why it was worth a man's life."

"Sure, man. What ever you need. You know I still owe you one for saving me from those bullies." Matt said, as he took the disk from Heavy Metal Thunder, and they both started to walk down the hallway towards the back room where Matt's computer was.

"You know," Matt continued, "I remember that day like it was yesterday. I've ran into those bullies here and there, like at a store or something, but they never say a word to me, not a one, though I can tell they know who I am, by how they turn their eyes from me."

The two of them pulled up a couple of chairs to the computer desk, and Matt booted up the computer, and inserted the disk into the disk drive.

"You do know that if they have a password on this thing, I won't be able to get in, right?" Matt said.

"Well, we have to try." Heavy Metal Thunder replied. "After all a man did die for this disk."

To both of their surprise and relief, there was no password, as the main disk file menu popped up on the screen.

"That's surprising." Matt said. "It's like whoever made this disk didn't care if it was found, or didn't have to worry about it being found."

"They probably had it under lock and key, and a tight security on it." Heavy Metal Thunder said. "I wonder how that guy got a hold of it. I guess we'll never know."

After they both examined the disk's various files of money being laundered, drug shipments, and even a hit list, Matt spoke again saying, "Man, this is deep."

"Yeah, now I know why the suits wanted it back so bad. The reason there was no password, was probably because whoever touched it, that wasn't supposed to, was killed." Heavy Metal Thunder grimly replied.

"We do need to get this disk to the police station, and turn this in." Matt said. "Are you sure you lost them?"

"I'm pretty sure. If they were still following me, then they should have already busted the door down, and killed us both." Heavy Metal Thunder said reassuringly.

"You're right." Matt said, getting up and preparing to leave. "Let's use my car, and drive to the police station. This disk frightens the hell out of me, and the sooner we get rid of it, the happier I'll be."

"Hold on." Heavy Metal Thunder said, as he got up, and put a restraining hand on Matt's shoulder. "We need to prepare before hand first, just incase we run into them again. Besides I've got to wait for my clothes to get out of the dryer first anyway."

Turning around to face Heavy Metal Thunder Matt asked, "Okay, what do you suggest doing while we wait?"

"Let's look around your house, and see what we can come up with." Heavy Metal Thunder suggested.

After about five minutes time, they had the stuff they needed sitting on the kitchen table.

On the table sat an old t-shirt, a six-pack of beer in bottles, a five gallon container of gasoline, whip cream in a can, water balloons, a kitchen knife, gray tape, a cigarette lighter, and two golf clubs.

"I know what the golf clubs, and the kitchen knife are for, but what about the rest of this stuff?" Matt asked.

"The t-shirt, beer bottles, gasoline, and lighter are for fire bombs, and the whip cream inside the water balloons might blind their windshields long enough for us to get away." Heavy Metal Thunder replied.

"Good thinking." Matt said, smiling and giving a thumbs up.

Thirty minutes later, they were ready in the car, and heading towards the police station.

To be continued.

Next Chapter 5 Favor Returned. Will H.M.T. and Matt make it to the police with the disk? Will the mafia suits be arrested? Find out in the exciting conclusion to this three part story.

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