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Solo HMT Adventures #05


Jun 28, 2009

Heavy Metal Thunder Solo Adventures #5

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Heavy Metal Thunder Productions


Copyright protected on May 2009.

The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Warning! Some stories may contain adult language, explicate violence, adult situations, and some sexual content. These stories are intended for a mature audience.

Heavy Metal Thunder Solo Adventures #5

Written by Stacy James Meadows

With Concepts Created by Stacy James Meadows, Larry William Van Hoorebeke, and Donald Edward Van Hoorebeke.

Previously on Heavy Metal Thunder Solo Adventures... Wandering around the mall, H.M.T. ran into some suits chasing a man who was in possession of a computer disk with discriminating evidence of illegal drug trafficking. The man was killed, but H.M.T. managed to get the disk and run. Eluding the men in suits, he made his way to an old friend's house. They are now together trying to make their way to the police station, so that they can give the disk to the authorities.

Chapter 5 The Computer Disk Incident (Part 3 of 3) Favor Returned.

Together our backs were against the wall. This time though Matt was in it with me until the very end, even if it meant death for both of us. -H.M.T.

Matt's car rolled on down the street as Heavy Metal Thunder thought about what had happened to him so far today.

He had run into a guy at the mall, who was being hunted down, by men in suits, because of a computer disk. Heavy Metal Thunder tried to save the guy, but the guy died, and left him with the disk.

For awhile he was on the run with it, and still sort of was, but he finally gave the suits chasing him the slip. He then went to Matt's house, saw what was on the disk, cleaned himself up, gathered a few items of protection (just in case), and they were now on their way to the police station to turn the disk over to the authorities to handle.

He was glad it was finally going to be over, because he was getting to tired of running. He was getting totally exhausted, and was just wanting to go to bed soon. Heavy Metal Thunder kept his thoughts to himself, as he dazedly looked out the window at the scenery, not really paying any attention to the three stretched limos passing by the opposite way.

In the leading stretched limo, eyes were peeled looking everywhere. "Hey, that's him we just passed! I don't think he saw us." Said one of the suited men to the rest of them.

"Good. Turn around, and follow him from a distance, and I'll inform the other group leaders." Said the leader of group three of the suits.

The three limos pulled over on the side of the road, and turned around following Matt's car from a distance.

Though the limos had gone unnoticed by Heavy Metal Thunder, Matt being fully alert to anything suspicious noticed it right away. Especially since there was no other traffic on the streets currently. Stretched limos in general were out of place around here, and he had kept his eye on them the whole time as he passed them.

"We've got company. Those three limos that just passed us turned around, and are now following us." Said Matt as he started to speed up. "Guess if they have money for expensive suits, they have money for stretched limos as well."

Snapping out of his daze, Heavy Metal Thunder turned around in his seat, and looked back noticing the limos for the first time. "Yeah, that's them." He said. "Slow down, and let them catch up, so we can hit them with these."

"Okay!" Said Matt, as he started to slow down some.

Heavy Metal Thunder readied himself for attack by grabbing one of the bottles with a rag in it and the lighter.

The limos got closer and were finally in range. With the lighter Heavy Metal Thunder lit the rag in the bottle. "Heavy Metal Thunder!" He screamed when he threw the first one. It hit the hood of the limo, and burst into flames, but other than that it did nothing else.

"You have to do better than that kid!" Said the driver of the limo to the other suits, some of which were pulling out their weapons and trying to get into a firing position in the windows.

"Damn, that didn't work! Maybe this one will! Heavy Metal Thunder said aloud as he lit another one, this time throwing it on the road in front of the car.

It exploded underneath the car, catching the driver side tire, and causing it to blow as well. The limo swerved severely, flipped over twice, and came to a stop upside down, as the other two limos swerved around it.

"Yes! It worked!" Shouted Heavy Metal Thunder, as he watched the suits crawl out of the wreckage. "The other two limos are still on our tails though!"

A guy in the lead limo popped halfway out the passenger side front window of the limo with an uzi, and began firing shattering Matt's back windshield, as Heavy Metal Thunder threw a third bottle. The driver of the limo swerved to miss the explosion, causing the suit with the uzi to fall out face first on the asphalt.

"Oh, that had to hurt!" Said Heavy Metal Thunder throwing another one, but again the driver swerved and missed it. "Two left. The driver will probably avoid them both if I throw them separate, but maybe a double shot..." Heavy Metal Thunder pondered as he lit both and threw them together. It worked. The driver of the limo swerved to try and avoid one and ran into the other one. The limo skidded sideways out of control, and rolled off the side of the road landing on it's side. The third limo swerved around it, and kept on coming.

"Shit, one left!" Heavy Metal Thunder shouted. "There's a street up ahead, so turn down it!" He readied the box of whip cream balloons. He waited for the perfect time and then released them all at once.

Matt was already turning onto the street, as the whip cream covered the windshield of the limo. He didn't even bother slowing down, causing the tires of the car to lift off the ground, and for an instant they both thought they would flip over the car, until the tires touched down on ground again.

The limo finally activated the windshield wipers, and realized that Matt and H.M.T.'s car had turned off a ways back. Trying to turn around way to fast, the limo swiped an oncoming car, and then flipped over themselves.

"Yeah!" Shouted Heavy Metal Thunder. "We did it!"

"Barely. Listen, the police station is just a couple of blocks from here. Keep an eye out for some more of those suckers." Matt said, but there were none as they reached the station and parked.

They quickly went in, and asked to speak with Chief Mike Goodwater, who they then explained everything to, and gave him the disk. The Chief, for his part, showed interest, reviewing the disk on his own computer, asking and criticizing their behavior and actions in all this, as he wrote notes down in on a pad of paper.

"Well, all in all, you boys did good. I'll handle it from here, and make sure they don't bother you again." Said the Chief, as he ushered them out of his office, and on their way.

As they left, another dude in a suit entered. They didn't see him, but he was an older gentleman. He went into the Chief's office, and closed the door behind him.

"Good, you're here, Mr. Vandimer. Take this and go. You're lucky, they just came in and talked to me. I can bury this, but if something were to happen to those boys, then I would have no choice, but to bring you down. Do you understand?"

"Yes, it'll end here. I'll clean up my mess in the streets. I warn you though if those boys interfere with me again, I'll take care of them permanently. Thank you, Mike! I owe you one."

The suit said as he left a roll of hundreds on the desk, picked up the disk, and quickly exited the room, closing the door behind himself as he went. The chief quickly pocketed the money, and went about his normal routine.

Heavy Metal Thunder watched the television news and read the papers for a few days thinking to hear news about the police bust, but soon realized that there would be none.

Calling Matt one day he commented, "They buried it. The police chief was probably paid off. It was a draw, and they let us go with our lives, but this isn't the last time they have heard from me. There'll be another round someday."

Matt replied. "Well, count me out for round two. We're even now, and I'm in major trouble with my folks about the car damage."

"Ah, here we are, at last, at the end of my tale, and I see you've caught quite a few big fish there."

"It would be years later that I would learn the power of my battle cry, and carry the true weapons of my trade. I will learn to draw energy from the music, shoot pool extremely well, and make the electric guitar sing like the best of them. I would also find romantic interludes in my war on crime, and even return to fight another battle with the suits."

"But all of that is another story in it's self. I hope you, the readers, have enjoyed my tale so far. I want to encourage you to write comments, and tell me if you want more, or, at least, what you thought of it good or bad."

"Well, until next time, this is HEAVY METAL THUNDER! Signing off." -H.M.T.

To be continued.

Next Chapter 6 A Day at the Beach. Heavy Metal Thunder tries to relax, but trouble always seems to follow him everywhere.

File #: 7

Character Star Power: 2

Name: Chief of Police Mike Goodwater.

Legal Status: Married, Chief of Police, with no criminal record, despite his shady business dealings.

Rank: Chief of Police.

Occupation: Chief of Police.

Known Relatives: Wife (Marilyn), son Walter, and to many others to list here.

Birth Date: March 5, 1962.

Birth Place: Sesser, IL.

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 265 lbs.

Eyes: Green.

Hair: Graying Brown.

Strength: 3

Equipment: Standard Police Issue.

Known Skills: Leadership and management, able to cover things up, standard police training.

Limitations or Weaknesses: Mortal.

For More Info. See: None.

History: Him and Mr. Vandimer have more in store for Heavy Metal Thunder, so stayed tuned.

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