Solo Time


It was Friday afternoon, and we were heading out of town that night, driving to my in-laws for the weekend, which was the very LAST thing I wanted to do, especially in the mood I was in. I was so turned on I could hardly walk. I had worn a skirt to work, and had enjoyed the feeling of being so free, so uninhibited. The thong that I'd worn that day was perfect for rubbing my clit just a little every step I took. I was wet and so hot by the end of the day.

I came home early, to pack and get ready before I picked up my girls and before my husband got home. I was dying to get out my purple "friend" but didn't really think I had time. I got out the suitcase and had thrown a few things together when I realized I couldn't stand it any longer, I needed release. I had been day dreaming all day, but had not ever had the chance to finish anything; work kept getting in the way.

I walked around to my side of the bed, and got out my purple toy. I rubbed the shaft slowly over my clit, already so wet it slid over so smoothly. I continued rubbing the shaft up and down slowly along my clit, driving myself a little crazy. I hadn't even turned it on and I was nearly ready to cum. I then pushed it completely into me in one easy move, loving the feeling of being filled so well. I rotated it a little, rubbing it around inside me, making sure the clit stimulator nudged my clit several times. I would rub my clit several times, then stop, just before I pushed myself over the edge. I was so close I could taste it, but I wanted it to be incredible, I wanted to make it through the weekend just on the memory of this orgasm.

Then I heard the dog bark. I'd forgotten I had let her out, and now she wanted back inside. I debated just leaving her there – but she was distracting me, so I stood up and started to remove the toy, then decided to test just how strong my muscles were. I leaned down and turned it on to the lowest vibration setting, and walked out to let the dog in. I could hardly breathe as I walked around, holding the toy deep inside me while the vibrations were teasing me to the point of no return. I saw one of my neighbors in her yard, and returned a wave to her, but didn't dare stop to talk. Besides, I was a little unsure I could have put two coherent words together to say.

I let the dog in, and reached down and turned on the separate rotator, all the way up as high as it would go, but I kept the vibration on the lowest setting. The tip of the shaft was now rubbing firmly across my G spot and I had to stop moving, I couldn't make my legs go any further. I had made it back to my bedroom, I leaned on the end of my bed, and grabbed the armoire for support. I reached down and as quickly as I could, I turned the vibrations up to their highest setting.

Immediately, my leg muscles gave out, and if I hadn't been holding on to the armoire, I would have hit the floor. I came so hard, so fast I couldn't believe it. My whole body was shaking, my heart was pounding, I felt like every nerve ending was on fire. I moved over so that I could see myself in my mirror. I loved how flushed my face was, how my entire body seemed so alive, so refreshed. I dropped my hand down to where my toy was still deep inside me, still vibrating and rotating inside me.

I propped one leg up on my dresser, and began moving it slowly out of me, then slammed it back in. I only lasted through this about three times before I was again in the throws of another strong orgasm. I slid to the floor as my breathing slowed. I reached and turned everything off, all the vibrations, all the rotation, and began moving it very slowly in and out, then up along my clit, just dragging the shaft over my now oversensitized clit. Every stroke was enough to make my hips thrust forward and my body flush. I pushed shaft back inside of me, and turned on only the vibration at its highest setting, my hips bucked up off the floor as I cried out in my third orgasm in less than 10 minutes. I dropped the vibrating toy and began to rub my clit with my fingers, wanting to ride it as long as possible.

I brought my dripping fingers to my mouth, and sucked my juices off of them one at a time, loving the taste, the smell, everything about the juices my body had produced. After laying there another minute or two, reveling in the afterglow, I got to my feet, realizing I was now going to have to really hurry to get everything ready in time. It was too bad, I could have stayed there all night all by myself and been happy.

Not nearly as much fun as spending the time with a real live man, but, a hell of a lot of fun when no one else was around.

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