tagGroup SexSomali Girl and Black Texan

Somali Girl and Black Texan


Relationships can be so damn stressful, man. Sometimes I wonder why most of us bother with them at all. My name is Stephen McArthur. I'm a young Black man living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. The Capital region of Canada seems like an odd place for an African-American gentleman to find himself in, doesn't it? I was born and raised in the City of Amarillo, Texas. What am I doing in Canada? Things got fucked up as I began my second year at Texas Tech University last year, and before I knew it, I had gone from football legend in the making and mister popular to pariah. All because of a steroid scandal, and shit like that.

As usual in cases like that, the Black guy takes the fall and the White guys walk away clean as a whistle. Theodore Anderson, the White dude who was the quarterback of Texas Tech University's football team, merely got a suspension for half a season even though he was knee-deep into the steroid shit. As for me, the backup quarterback? I lost everything. My family shunned me. The media crucified me. I decided to leave the State of Texas, and indeed the United States of America itself. I visited the town of Ottawa, Ontario, only once, with my father when I was younger. My dad, Samuel McArthur, is originally from the island of Jamaica but he's a Canadian citizen. He met my mother Jennifer Jackson while visiting friends in Amarillo, Texas, and the rest is history.

Now, being the son of a Canadian father and American mother isn't something I gave much thought to until I lost everything in the great State of Texas. My dad being Canadian got me dual Canadian/American citizenships, which worked out wonderfully for me because I wanted to explore life somewhere new after losing everything and everyone dear to me. I came to Ontario, Canada, full of hope. I applied to Carleton University and got in. Since I was technically a Canadian citizen, they charged me regular rates. I feel bad for all the international students at Carleton University. They're getting charged double what the Canadian students pay and if you ask me, it's really not fair. Anyhow, I enrolled in the Criminology program at Carleton University because I was studying Criminal Justice at Texas Tech University. It was an easy transfer.

I came to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, with a willingness to explore life in the Great White North. There was nothing left for me in America. Now, I got kicked out of Texas Tech University and left in shame but I had no criminal record. Doping scandals in college football rarely lead to criminal charges. My old football coach, Joseph Paterson, was dismissed by Texas Tech University. That was all. The dude was practically shoving the performance enhancing pills down our throats, practically, and yet he got only a slap on the wrist for all he did. Last I heard about coach Joseph Paterson, he was coaching football at Hanbury Community College in the town of Macon, Georgia. That's nice. He bounced back. He's not coaching NCAA Division One Football anymore but he's still coaching somewhere. See what I told you about the White guys always getting with the kind of shit they would kill a Black man for? I can't help but shake my head.

Adjusting to life in Canada wasn't easy, even though I had a lot more going on for me when I first came than most immigrants did. I'm told by many that Canada makes immigrants jump through hoops as they go through the process. Visa applications. Visa hearings. Visa grants. Visa denials. Visa suspensions. Conditional visas. Work permits. Study permits. Health cards. Permanent residence applications. Humanitarian residence claims. Legal limbo. Deportations. Re-entry. Incarceration. Appeals. Oh, yeah. It's a great big mess. I'm thankful to my father that when I was born in Amarillo, Texas, he went to the Canadian embassy and got a birth certificate from them. That way I would be a dual citizen of both Canada and America, instead of only being American. Canada gives even Americans a tough time as they move to Canada for work and school. This country is xenophobic as hell, man.

Walking around the City of Ottawa, Ontario, as a six-foot-four, 250-pound Black man, I knew I was going to get noticed. What nobody told me was the undercover racism that's present at all levels of society in Canada. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't ask me where I'm from. I always tell them proudly that I'm a Texan. Some of them were surprised to see a Black man from America living in Canada. Others thought I must be from the Caribbean or Africa or some shit and accused me of lying to them. That got me pissed off and I went off on them. When I got mad at them, my Texas redneck-inspired accent came out in full swing and I guess they believe what I told them. Bunch of bigots. They're so stupid up here, man. Canadians don't scare me with their racism and two-faced, fake-smiling selves. I'm used to dealing with racist Texans. They're tall, they're mean, and they have guns. If a White guy with a gun doesn't scare me, why would I fear a motherfucker with a hockey stick? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Anyhow, I was chronically bored in the City of Ottawa, man. I wanted to have myself some fun, and nothing's more fun than pussy. I had some fun with this Somali chick named Khadija Al-Mokhtar. We met at the Rideau Shopping Center. She thought I was Somali but I promptly told her that I was one hundred percent African-American. I often get mistaken for a Somali or an Ethiopian around Ottawa, I guess it's because I kind of look like them. My father is mixed. My grandfather on my father's side is Caucasian and my grandmother is Black. As for my mother, she's half Black and half Puerto Rican. I look like I'm either a very light-skinned Black guy or a mixed dude. I always tell people that I am one hundred percent Black. No confusion there. I'm Black and proud, baby, that's how we say it in the U.S. of A!

Khadija and I went out. She told me that for most of her life, she was a devout Muslim and believed in religiously motivated fasting and praying five times a day and all that wonderful stuff. Me? I was raised Christian, in the Adventist faith if you want to get technical. I am open-minded and flexible, and I don't judge people. My Christian faith is important to me and I go to church once a week but I'm not against partying, drinking or having fun. I also don't judge other people's inclinations or lack thereof. No offense to any Muslim reading this but both men and women from that faith aren't tolerant, either of their own people or people from other religions. I had my reservations as Khadija and I began dating because I thought Muslim women were super conservative and uptight, allergic to fun and all things good for you. She surprised me because she was the opposite of what I expected. Khadija was really cool, and far more open-minded than I thought she would be. Khadija was hot, and open-minded. Every bit a modern woman.

One night, when we were leaving the Gloucester Cineplex in the Blair neighborhood of Ottawa, Khadija took me home. For a nightcap or something. I was really surprised when this sexy Somali lady sat me down in her living room and sucked my dick like it was nothing. I mean, I was totally not expecting it. Khadija knelt before me and sucked my eight-inch, uncircumcised African-American cock with gusto, fondling my balls and getting me all worked up. Man, she was so good that I came in under fifteen minutes. When I finished, Khadija gulped down all of my masculine spunk. Yeah, the lovely Somali gal licked up all of my cum without spilling a drop. Then she winked at me as she wiped her mouth with the back of her lovely, slender brown hand. Glaring at me mischievously, she spread her thighs and told me to lick her pussy. I knelt before the sexy Somali princess and gave her sweet mound a good licking. Had her moaning and squealing in delight as I licked her pussy and probed it with my fingers. And then we sat down and watched Vampire Diaries on basic cable. Isn't that a trip?

Khadija and I continued seeing each other, but we weren't exclusive. She told me that she wasn't ready for a relationship, and I had to respect that. Which freed me to engage in naughty fun and games with a certain forty-something White lady named Chanel Renfrew. Now, Chanel is tall and curvy, with alabaster skin, reddish brown hair and hazel eyes. This dame has the nicest, roundest ass I've ever seen on a White female. And she's damn proud of it. Chanel Renfrew hails from the City of Calgary, Province of Alberta. She works for the Canadian Revenue Agency, and she's recently divorced. Apparently she caught her British-born ex-husband Lawrence Hawthorne in the arms of a young Filipino woman. That was the end of their decade-long marriage. Now she's having fun and making up for lost time. This is where I come in.

I went to Chanel Renfrew's house in the South Keys area of Ottawa, Ontario. This lady is hot and kinky, man. That's how I ended up naked on her bed, with my legs and arms firmly tied to the bedpost. Chanel stroked my cock while fingering my asshole with her gloved fingers. She got me nice and hard, then put a condom on me before straddling me. I looked at the sexy mature White lady as she impaled herself on my thick cock. With my hips I thrust upward, slamming my cock into her hot pussy. Chanel swore like a sailor as she grinded herself against me, and we fucked like sex was going out of style. Chanel rode me hard, swearing and moaning the entire time. I loved every second of it. Then she got off me, and pulled something out of her bag. My eyes lit up when I realized what it was. A strap-on dildo. Hmmm. Sounds like fun.

Without further ado, Chanel Renfrew lubricated my asshole and then pushed her dildo inside of me after strapping it on. I looked at her as she held my legs in the air, looking bossy and sexy as she fucked me with her strap-on dildo. The sexy White lady was dominant as hell and I relished the feeling of her dildo invading my asshole. For some reason, having her dildo in my ass caused my dick to get hard as hell. Chanel reached for my cock and stroked it gently while pounding my ass with her strap-on dildo. I relaxed and enjoyed myself, welcoming the pleasure and the pain as the sexy White mistress fucked me in the ass with her dildo. I wonder how many Black men out there are into this stuff. Hmmm. Probably not many. Anyhow, I had a really awesome time getting fucked by her. Chanel Renfrew owned my ass, man. In the end, I came like never before, unleashing a torrent of cum as she drilled my ass with her dildo. It was hot. Really hot.

I'm having fun in the City of Ottawa, ladies and gentlemen. Being an African-American in lily-White Canada doesn't have to suck. When I graduate from Carleton University with my bachelor's degree in Criminology, I intend on studying Law at the University of Toronto's School of Law. Now, the City of Toronto is definitely my kind of town. Even though I still love my Dallas Mavericks and will never cheer for the Raptors. The ladies around here are fun and they're great in bed, dude. If you're a young American man and you're visiting Canada or merely staying there for a bit, you'll have to fight off the females, man. Oh yeah, it's easy pussy up in here. So come on over.

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