tagBDSMSome Breaks Are Fun

Some Breaks Are Fun


My fiancée and I have been together for almost a year and she decided we needed to take a break to make ourselves more stable individuals. We decided even through the break we would continue to be friends and our sexual relationship, or as she calls it 'fuck buddies'. I wasn't sure about this because I have never been in this position before but decided what the hell its worth a try, sex with a friend in my mind meant you didn't have to feel bad later about anything you did.

Now from time to time we like to play little power games sometimes I take control sometimes she does it depends on our moods of the day. Well one morning I went over to her apartment after her daughter went to school. And this morning I felt I needed to be completely in control. Upon me arriving we talked for a few minutes about the regular stuff, recent events, how work was going, that kind of thing. We began kissing and feeling on one another a little and after a few minutes I was getting pretty turned on. I pulled away and with a grin on my face asked, "Would you like to play?"

She instantly knew what I was referring to and her eyes lit up as a smile crossed her face as she nodded her head. I got up and walked to her bedroom telling her to sit there and wait a minute and I'd be right back. Once in the bedroom I picked out some clothes for her. They consisted of some sexy black bikini panties, a very tiny metallic purple mini tube dress, black fishnet thigh highs and some black four-inch heels. I laid the articles on the bed and walked back to the living room. I said to her "what I want you to wear is laid on the bed, wear nothing else."

She jumped up curious to see what I had picked out and I heard her gasp as she made it to the bedroom door. I sat down on the couch grinning as I heard her close the door. A few minutes later she walked out and my jaw dropped like always when I see her. She looked like she had walked right out of one of my fantasies. I stood up and held my arms open and she walked over as I en circled them around her. She asked what I thought I smiled and reached into my pocket pulling out a tube of lip-gloss that is my favorite called mistress red. I said put this on and you'll be perfect.

She hesitated a moment not being a big fan of make up in the first place. I gave her I stern look she took the tube and went off to the bathroom to apply it. When she returned she looked better then I hoped, just like a full time whore. I wrapped my arms back around her and kissed her forehead as to not mess up her gloss. Then releasing her I walked over to the couch and sat down. I told her I wanted to watch her dance around and show herself off to me while begging me to let her be my whore for the morning.

I reached over and turned on some music and like magic she instantly started dancing. Moving her body all different ways to the music and running her hands all over her body. Teasingly she would start to pull her dress down till right before her nipple showed, then pull it back up. Then she turned around and started shaking her ass, which she knows I like her to do, as she slowly bent over giving me a full view of the black panties she had on underneath her dress.

She then stood up and turned to face me and as her body moved back and forth she pulled out one of her beautiful breasts and began to play with her nipple. Then she let her other hand slide down between her legs and began to rub herself through her panties. She looked it my eyes with a pleading look and said, "Please fuck me sir. I'm so horny and my cunt is so wet for your wonderful cock. I need you to treat me like the little whore I am and fuck me senseless. Please sir."

I smiled and replied, "I like my whores hand cuffed at the very least so they aren't as hard to control. But it seems I forgot my pair in the car, if you really want to be my whore then you'll have to go get them."

She looked at me with an expression of fear and shock. I pulled my keys out of my pocket and held them out for her. She hesitated a moment until I said in a demanding voice, "now slut, don't keep me waiting."

With that she snatched the keys and was out the door. I stood up and walked over to the window and watched. She tried to quickly unlock the car and get the door open, which only caused her to fumble the keys and drop them. Once she got the door open she bent over to unlock them from the gear shifter. As she did this a couple people were driving by and looking and a couple honked. Her face was beat red as she finally got them and headed back to the safety of the house, knowing anyone that had looked at her bent over had seen her black panties. I laughed as she came through the door at her embarrassment and told her; "there is nothing to be embarrassed about honey if they didn't like it they wouldn't have been looking, which is a compliment."

She smiled at this and held the cuffs out to me saying, "Please cuff me sir."

I took the cuffs from her and turned her around so her back was to me and secured her arms behind her back. I pressed myself into her back and wrapped my arms around her grabbing and feeling on her tits as I kissed and nibbled on her neck. I ran my tongue lightly up her neck to her ear and began to whisper to her, "do you feel my cock pressing against your sexy ass through my jeans? Reach down and rub it with your helpless hands."

As her hands started rubbing my cock I slid my hand down between her legs and started to rub her pussy through her already soaked panties. As she let out a quiet little moan I released her and stepped back. I turned her around to face me ad I looked her over from head to toe one last time before saying, "as much as I like you in that dress, I like my whores naked."

With that said I grabbed the sides of the dress and peeled it down her body and held it for her as she stepped out of it. I dropped it and walked over to the couch where I stripped my clothes off as she looked on. I then sat down on the couch with my legs spread and dropped a pillow on the floor between them. I looked at her and motioned for her to walk over. I told her I wanted a blowjob and she better do a good job or else.

With that she smiled sliding to her knees in front of me. She began by slowly licking the head and shaft but not anymore then that. I waited for her to pick up and get more enthused but after about five minutes I got tired of her lame attempt to please me. I reached down and grabbed her by the hair and made her crawl over my knee. I turned her head making her look back at me and said, "I wanted a blow job, not a tongue bath. Lets see if we can't get you a little more enthusiastic. Go get the paddle from my bag and be quick about it."

I helped her up and watched her ass sway as she walked back to the bedroom. I listened as she struggled to get it, knocking things around in the room. She reappeared after a few minutes carrying the paddle. I grabbed her arm and pulled her back over my lap as she began begging me not to spank her and promising to do a better job. As I took the paddle from her hand I grabbed her wrists with the other and moved them out of the way of her ass. I slowly began to rub her pantied ass with the leather paddle as I said, "Lets see if lighting your ass on fire will help you out."

I began spanking her alternating between cheeks at a rapid pace. After about ten swats on each side she began yelling out and squirming with each swat. After twenty on each cheek, I stopped and lightly rubbed her ass a little with my hand before slowly sliding it between her legs to find she was even wetter then before. I began rubbing her pussy and as I did her legs spread farther until it was completely on display, only hidden by her panties. I then picked the paddle back up and started to rub her with it instead of my hand. She let out a moan she tried to keep quiet so I decided to do something I had never done to her. I lightly tapped her pussy with the paddle, which caused her to moan again. I began to do it in slow gentle rhythm progressively getting a little harder with each swat until she was squirming around so much I almost couldn't hold her.

I stopped and pushed her off my lap back to her knees on the floor. Instantly her mouth was wrapped around my cock and she started licking the underside as she started to move her mouth down my cock. She moved her mouth up and down on my cock a few times; every time she got to the head she flicked her tongue right where it meets the shaft on the bottom like I enjoy. Then she ran her tongue all the way down the shaft to my balls, which she licked all over before she took them into her mouth individually, she sucked and massaged each one with her tongue. When she felt she had given them enough attention she moved her mouth back to my cock, which she bobbed her mouth up and down on a few times before I grabbed her hair and stopped her.

I helped her to her feet and had her turn around so her ass was in my face, I could see it nice and red under her panties. I grabbed the waistband on each side and slowly pulled them down to her ankles and held them as she stepped out of them. Then I reached up and grabbed her hips and slowly pulled her down to sit on my lap, my cock sliding right up inside her as she did. I spread her legs over mine, which spread her wide open giving me all the access I needed. She began to grind on my cock as I wrapped my arms around her one hand going to her throat the other going down to her clit.

I began rubbing her clit and I could tell she was enjoying it by her movements but she wasn't making a sound. I tightened my hand round her throat moving her ear to my mouth and I whispered, "you better start making some noise like the whore you are or i'm going to beat your ass again. I don't care if it's real or fake, there is no reason for you to be shy."

With that she jumped and instantly started moaning as she continued to move on my cock. I released her throat moving my hand to her chest and began to grope her. I rubbed her nipples one at a time before lightly pinching them, which caused her to moan even more. I could tell she was getting close to cumming by her legs shaking. I rubbed her clit even more till she let out a loud moan and I felt her pussy tighten as she arched her back. With that I moved my hands to her hips and pushed her up off me. I got up and walked over to the middle of the floor and lay on my back and said, "If you want it come fuck yourself with it."

She slowly walked over and stood over me. Knowing her I expected her to drop to her knees and ride me that way, but she shocked me as she squatted down onto my hard cock and moaned loudly as she slid all the way down it. She began moving herself up and down on me as I lay there watching her tits bounce. I reached up and grabbed them, feeling on them very roughly. After a few minutes her legs got tired and she repositioned herself on her knees and rode me. I reached up and grabbed her hair pulling her mouth to mine and kissing her deeply. She asked if I was ready to cum for her and I told her I wanted her in one more position first.

So I helped her off me and stood up I grabbed her hand and led her to the kitchen table and bent her over it. Then I grabbed her leg and lifted it so her knee was on it and she was totally exposed for me. I guided my cock back inside her wet cunt and put my hand on the small of her back to hold her in position. I grabbed her hair pulling it as I began moving in and out of her. With each thrust I was getting faster and harder and I began saying nasty things to her. Telling her she was a whore and a slut and how much I loved fucking her tight pussy. This caused her to squirm and moan louder and this affected me bringing me closer to my orgasm.

I leaned over and pulled her hair back till my mouth was right beside her ear and said, " Since you have been such a good little whore, I'm going to give you a choice. Do you want me to cum inside you and eat it out, or do you want me to cum all over your face?"

She moaned and cried out, "oh god, please don't pull your cock out of me. Please fill me with your hot cum. I want to feel you explode inside me."

I smiled to myself and started fucking her harder, as I felt my cum start to flow up my shaft I pushed deep inside her. I let out a loud grunt as I started to fill her and felt her pussy tighten around me as she came too. I stayed deep inside her as we caught our breath a she let out a sigh of displeasure as I slowly pulled out of her.

I lay on my back on the floor and she got down onto her knees backwards over my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. As soon as I opened my mouth it was like she turned on the faucet and our juices flowed out of her pussy and into my mouth. I lay there savoring the flavor of us and moved my tongue around in the goo. When the stream slowed to nothing more then a drip I swallowed and reached up to her head and pushed it to my cock saying, "clean my cock while I clean you."

We lay there in a sixty-nine position licking each other tasting our wonderful flavor. When we were both clean I decided it was time to release her from the cuffs. I had her move off me and I got up telling her to stay on her knees. I got the key from the pocket of my jeans and unlocked them for her. I walked over to the place where her panties lay on the floor. I picked them up and sat down on the couch. I told her to crawl over to me and she did. I held out the panties and said, "I want you to masturbate with these get your juices all over them so I can smell you anytime I want."

She took the panties and with both hands she began rubbing herself with the panties. It didn't take her long till she was moaning and about to get off. When her orgasm subsided she wiped her pussy hard a few times with the panties. Then held them out offering them to me, I took them and smiled saying thank you. I helped her up off her knees and pulled her onto my lap wrapping my arms around her holding her tightly. I kissed her deeply and passionately; she giggled breaking the kiss saying "we should take breaks more often."

I didn't find that funny.

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