tagIllustratedSome Forgotten Episodes 03

Some Forgotten Episodes 03


After my naked swimming adventures, I accidentally stumbled on another outlet for my nudity.

I worked near a river for a few years. I was looking out the window of my office building one spring day and noticed that there were many people at the shore of the river. It was in the distance so I was unable to make out any detail, but it intrigued me.

I walked to the river a few days later at lunch. It was about a ten minute walk. When I got there, there were loads of people laying in the grass or on blankets enjoying the sun. A few were in swimsuits. This got me thinking.

The area that I was looking at was too crowded for any of my antics and I could easily run into somebody that I worked with. That night on my way home I stopped on the opposite side of the river. I had binoculars with me. I examined the opposite riverbank, the side that I worked on, to see if there was any other places that were more secluded and a bit further from my workplace. I spotted a dock up the river from were I had been during lunch and there were a few people on it sunbathing.

Within the next couple of days I walked there during my lunch hour. It took a little over 20 minutes to get there, but there were several people sunbathing on the fingers of the dock. It looked like it had been used at one time for a rowing team from a college nearby. I also assumed the sunbathers were students from that college. There were some with bikinis, some with just bra and skirt and there were a few men in shorts. It seemed ideal for me; not very crowded at all. However, walking 45 minutes to and from the docks only left me with 10-15 minutes sun time.

Within a few days I prepared a small bag with an old beach towel and an old bathing suit and brought it to work. I was prepared for the next sunny day when I knew I could get away for an hour.

A favorable day came. I went to the men's room just before lunch and put on my bathing suit under my work pants. I walked to the docks. there were a couple of empty fingers off the dock. I went to furthest one, took off my clothes and laid on my towel in my bathing suit. Casually glancing around, I noticed a couple of the women with bikinis laying on their stomachs with their tops undone. There also were a couple of women in skirts that had them pulled way up getting maximum sun on their legs. One was up so high that I could see her panties as I was leaving to return to work. So, as I laid their, I wondered how much I could get away with.

After 15 minutes I got dressed and returned to work. I was gone about an hour and ten minutes. I worked a little extra that day to make up the missing time, but I was going to have to limit the number of times I did this so as not to appear to be missing a lot during the day.

I remember that I was about mid-forties at the time because several years earlier on my 40th birthday somebody had given me a black thong bathing suit as a joke gift. I had never worn it except for modeling it for myself. I had saved it just in case I might get a chance to use it someday. I decided that that day had come, but the thong was at my lake house.

The following weekend I retrieved it from the lake and brought it to work that Monday. Again, I waited for the right day to go to the dock again. That day I went to the men's room put on the thong put my pants on over it and walked to the dock.

Again, I found an empty finger, but this time not the furthest away. There would be people on both sides of me. I spread my towel and sat down, took off my clothes and layed down in my black thong. I was a bit nervous about the reaction since, I was the least covered of anybody there including the girls in tiny bikinis. So, I didn't look around; I just stayed focused on enjoying the sun. When I sunbath, I actually timed it so that I gave equal time laying on my back and laying on my stomach. This day when I flipped onto my stomach, my butt was completely exposed except for the waistband and the tiny strap in the crack of my butt. I wondered if I had pushed it too far and at the same time wondered what more I could do. All too soon, my 15 minutes was up, got dressed and returned to work. It was exciting to me to think that I had just done this on a river in a major city with not only the people on the dock seeing me, but also people seeing me as they strolled along the river.

The next time I did this, I took the thong with me to the dock. I sat down, took off my shirt and undershirt, layed my shirt over my waist area, slid off my pants, slid off my underpants, slid on my thong and then removed my shirt. Again, I didn't look around as I did this and as I sunbathed. I reversed this process when I dressed to return.

It was now getting to the end of the warm weather.

I resumed this activity the following spring. I started up where I left off by changing into my thong at the dock covering myself with my shirt as I did this. After a couple of times doing it like this, I decided to be more daring. I didn't cover myself with my shirt. Instead, I just slid off my pants and quickly slid off my underpants and slid on the thong. I was completely exposed for about 5 seconds each time I undressed and dressed.

I did this a couple more times, but then all good things come to an end. As the summer progressed the dock became a more popular place and I went a couple times only to find that there were no empty fingers.

I had to come up with something else.

So, one lunch time, I took my car and drove further up the river. I came across a parking area that was adjacent to a large grass field. There was a walking path on the far side of the field along the side the river. There were several people sunbathing in the field, but the field was so large that they weren't close to each other. However, the field was clearly visible to the road traffic with the exception of a few trees and bushes, but the traffic moved so quickly that I doubted drivers would have enough time to make out much detail as to who or how they were sunbathing.

I pulled into the parking area and observed what people were doing. There was a mix of guys and girls some in bathing suits, some in regular clothes none close to each other. People walking along the river could see the people in the field, but would have a hard time see people close to the road side of the field and be able to watch where they were walking at the same time. I then pulled out and drove by the field a couple of time to see the view from the road. I decided that a passenger staring at the field could see detail of what people were wearing (or not wearing) for no more than ten seconds and a driver might only catch a glance of what was going on.

I decided to give this place a try since it was only a 15 minute drive which was less time than it took me to walk to the dock.

If you read my story "06. Final Episode - Sort Of", this is the riverbank area that I referred to where I experimented with my homemade pouch bathing suit.

I finally figured out how to do photos. So, here are some pics of my homemade pouch:

I drove to this area several lunchtimes during the rest of that summer and the next. I started by sunbathing in my bikini underpants. Then, when I made my pouch-only bathing suit, I would put the pouch on before I left for lunch and sunbath in my pouch. After doing this a few times, I would take my pouch to the riverbank field and change into it after I got there. However it took more time to put the pouch on than to slide the thong on. So, I was exposed for 15 or so seconds instead of 5 seconds It was during one of these days that a man walked by me and commented on how much he liked my bathing suit.

After doing this several times, I finally would get undressed, stay naked as long as I dared before putting the pouch on, and stay naked again as long as I could when I took the pouch off to get dressed. One time , I stayed naked the entire 20 minutes. During all of these episodes cars were passing close by and people were walking by not too far away.

One day when I arrived the grass field was being mowed. So I went further up the river and found a smaller field where people were sunbathing. It was a bit crowded, but I didn't want it to be a wasted trip. I found an empty spot, but there were people on all sides of me not five feet away. When I sat down on my towel I realized that I was carrying my pouch with me. Do I just sit there and do nothing? Do I sunbath in my bikini underpants? Do I change into my pouch? Of course I changed into my pouch. I figured I probably would not be there again. So, what the hell?

Later this second summer I was transferred to another location bringing this part of my story to an end. I tried driving to the river from the new location a couple of times, but the round trip drive time was over an hour. So, it became impractical.

I was frustrated so I added one more angle to this adventure. My wife was out of town in late August. I worked late one day and returned home via the seashore. The beaches were not crowded. I figured as much since college and public school kids were back in school or preparing to do so. It was around dusk when I pulled into the parking lot. I walked onto the beach. The sea was approaching high tide. There were several people walking on the beach, but as I wrote, it was not crowded. Everything was ideal for my plan. I decided to go for it.

I went near the water and took off my shoes and socks. I then took off my shirt and undershirt, neatly folded them and put them on top off my shoes . I then wait a minute or so for some people to pass by me and then took off my pants. I folded them and placed them on the pile of clothes. I was now standing there in my white bikini underpants on a public beach with people approaching me and walking away from me in what I hoped looked like a white speedo bathing suit. I now sat in the sand and waited for another couple of people to pass by. After they did, I did one final check of my surroundings. There were people approaching, but far enough away so that they would have some difficulty seeing me in the fading daylight unless they were staring at me. I slipped off my underpants, tucked them in the pile, stood up, waded into the water up to my knees, and dove in. I turned around when I surfaced. Nobody was near my pile of clothes, and people walking on the beach toward my clothes did not seem to be acting like they just saw a naked man dive into the water.

I expected the ocean water to be cold, but it wasn't. So, I swam around for a five minutes or so, diving and floating on my back, all the time checking on my clothes and any signs of unusual activity on shore. I was loving my naked swim at this public beach.

Now for the tricky part - getting out of the water. I had to time it so the people who would pass by my clothes were a fair distance away just in case they decided to turn around, but more importantly I had to be sure the people approaching my clothes were a good distance away so that I had time to leave the water, get dressed and leave the beach. I also used the technique from my very first adventure; I would float in as far as I could before standing up.

I waited and when the time was right I started floating in, but it was taking too long. So, I said "fuck it". I stood up and walked to shore. Just as I got to my clothes people walked onto the beach from the parking lot near me and turned toward me. I hadn't planned for that. I sat down, quickly found my underpants, pulled them on, grabbed my pile of clothes and walked off the beach toward my car. I started the car and drove away in my bikini underpants. I stopped a short distance away and checked my pockets to be sure that I hadn't dropped anything. I hadn't. So, I continued home. I walked in the house barefoot, carrying my clothes and bit sandy.

This is all of the missing episodes that I remember. Like I have written before this is not all that I have done. Just the major things.

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