tagRomanceSome Fun with the Man

Some Fun with the Man


Emma's sexual tension had been building all day. Lately her boyfriend had been working early hours and not back until late at night. She did enjoy when he had the money however the last few weeks she'd been forced to pleasure herself with the pink dildo he gifted her for her birthday. Her man, Ben must have been feeling the same since every morning she'd woken up with his morning wood pressed against her back. However it wouldn't remain unserved for long. Emma had called his boss and managed to get Ben off work early this afternoon. Hopefully now they would get some alone time.

She zoomed around the house setting everything up for their night. In the bedroom she even laid out some of her toys just in case they wanted some extra pleasing. Lighting a few candles, Emma then swapped into something more comfortable. She slipped into a one piece nighty made of thin silk which hugged her figure. Sliding on her panties, she hoped they wouldn't be on for much longer. The waiting made her wet with excitement. Finally she heard the front door open and the familiar sound of her mans boots on the hardwood floors.

"Honey, you won't believe it. I'm home before sundown for once." Ben exclaimed putting his gear by the front door.

"I know baby," Emma said as she stood sexily in the doorframe of their bedroom.

"Woah," Bens reply made her nipples erect with pleasure. Striding towards her, he lifted her into his arms and they passionately kissed for what felt like the first time in weeks. With her legs either side of him, Emma ran her hands through his hair, down his neck to his strong shoulders. Together they found the bed and Ben set her down into the mountain of pillows. His legs landed either side of her trapping her between him. He feverishly kissed her. Her lips, cheek, neck and traced a line down her nighty to her crotch.

Reaching under her short skirt, he hooked his fingers around her panties and pulled them off in one swift motion.

"Oh baby, you are dripping." He said as he tossed her underwear across the room and began lifting her night dress.

"Not just yet my man," Emma said stopping his upward traveling hands. "You first."

Looking him straight in the eyes, she forced him off her and sat on his waist. She then proceeded to pulled off his work shirt. Her hands seized his belt buckle and pulled it away from his shorts. She could already see his excited cock trapped beneath his pants. Undoing the zipper his cock sprang free. She gave it a little tease with her hand and saw it grow to full size. Just imagining his girth penetrating her excited her in ways she only knew he could. Finally she pulled down his pants and he kicked them off his ankles. She grabbed the waistband of his bonds and revealed his 8 inch penis hiding beneath. Her breath caught for a moment before she bent over and took him into her mouth. Usually he didn't like getting a blow job, but his cock twitched with pleasure. Leaning back, Bens hands found her hair and guided her head up and down onto his cock. God he could not wait till he could get his dick into her soft wet vagina.

As if on cue, Emma lifted herself off his cock and straddled his legs before placing her entrance at the tip of his wood. "Are you ready baby?" Without waiting for an answer she slipped herself down his shaft. Ben's eyes closed with pleasure. She sat there for a moment, feeling his large cock being pleased inside her. Slowly she raised herself off and slid back down. Again his pleasure was visible. Picking up the pace, Emma began riding his cock and Ben began thrusting on her downstrokes pushing himself deeper into her. She moaned as they fucked. Within minutes he was ready to explode. Sitting up, Ben reached over and pulled off Emma's nightdress she was still wearing. He exposed her large erect boobs and began sucking and pulling at them. Changing their position, he again pushed her into the pillows. Looking around he noticed her toys laid out beside them. He reached for the fluffy handcuffs, another birthday gift to her, and restrained her hands to the bedhead behind them. Emma's eyes were wide with excitement. He new she liked being restrained and he could tell the cuffs were working their magic.

Looking her in the eyes he lined up his cock and thrusted deeply into her sweet cunt. He gripped her hips and began thrusting at a feverous pace.

"You're gonna make me cum baby," he groaned after a few minutes.

"I want you to cum inside me tonight." Emma teased.

"I'm going to make you my cream pie." He smiled wickedly thrusting his dick hard into her. A few more strokes and he groaned as the pleasure took over. He released his load into her tight cunt. It felt amazing. Finishing he rolled off her and took a moment to catch his breath.

"Am I getting released?" Emma asked after a few minutes.

"Not just yet baby." Ben smiled. He looked back over at the toys on the bed. Perfect he thought grabbing the pink vibrator. With a cheeky smile, he gently pushed the vibrator into her pussy. It dripped with their collective excitement and leaked his cum. He began to gently work the vibrator in and out until he could feel Emmily matching his rhythm with her hips. Looking back over to their toys, he tried to find something else he could penetrate her with but couldn't. Remembering that he saw some interesting vegetable in the fridge he pushed the vibrator in once more an left it there ducking out of the room. "Ben!" Emma yelled. "Get back here!"

"I just had to get something from the kitchen," He showed her the cucumber he had bought back with him.

Emma's eyes looked curiously at him. "And where are you putting that?"

Ben answer her question by showing her. He quickly pulled out the vibrator and then gently squeezed both the vibrator and cucumber into her pussy. "No, Ben!" Emma squealed. She tried to turn and move her hips away but was still restrained by the cuffs.

"Don't go anywhere Em, I'll make you cum with two dicks in that tight pussy of yours." He loved seeing his girl with foreign objects inside her, let alone two in the same hole. He felt his dick twitch in pleasure. Emma groaned as she felt the size enter her. She could feel the cold of the cucumber and her pussy tingled with pleasure. Soon Ben started a steady pace of holding the vibrator in while moving the cucumber in and out of her. She could feel her pleasure rising and couldn't control the impending orgasm. She wasn't sure how long she could hold it back for. "Oh yes," she moaned. "Keep going."

"I hope you're not going to finish before I tell you to." Ben said with an evil smirk.

"Oh please, I need to. I need you to make me finish. Please send me over the edge."

He teased a little while longer then removed the vegetable. An oh of disappointment escaped Emmas lips.

"Now its my turn again." Ben said slipping into the cucumbers place. His cock was rock hard again and stretched her pussy a little more. Beneath him Emma was moaning for release. She cried out in pleasure. He bent down and bought his lips to hers sharing a passionate kiss. His lips lingered then moved to her ear whispering. "I want to feel you come with me inside you baby." His pace increased again and moments later Emma was screaming under him.

"Please Ben, I can't hold it back."

"Okay babe, finish for me." She closed her eyes and let the world around her explode. Her arms pulled at the cuffs as her body tensed. Her pussy quivered as she felt her body release it's pleasure. She cried out his name as she let the world fall away.

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