tagRomanceSome See With Their Heart

Some See With Their Heart


The two men, father and son, walked in the kitchen door, and after pouring some coffee, sat at the kitchen table. Both were covered with dust , and sweat. “Well, that is a good job of branding done,” Tanner Ford said to his son, Clint.

“You pretty well set for a while? I’m thinking of going Michigan way, to do some fishing with Matt Tudhope.”

“Sure, no problem. Say, when do you report to training camp this year?”

“July 18, but I’m planning on being there two weeks early to help out with the rookies.”

With a grin. Tanner verbally jabbed his son, “Make sure you earn your keep.”

Clint loved it when the old man kidded with him, but he knew that Tanner was making sure that his being an “All American,” and an “All Pro,” plus his multi-year, and multi-million dollar contract did not go to his head.

Tanner had made his money years ago, and could retire, but that was not what the man was about. At age forty-six, he was lean, tanned, with a rawhide look. His eyes are what you looked at. They are light blue, and danced with humor.

Sports reporters often commented that Clint played every game like it was the “Super Bowl.” They thought that his goal was the “Hall of Fame.” Hell no, he played that way, because that is the way his old man played the game of life.

Clint’s mother had died two years ago. That made he and his father even closer.

“Any woman in your life, Clint?”

“No Sir. You know, I wish that I had hooked up with a gal, before all this fuss was made about me. Now, I have the feeling that a gal that comes on to me is after my checkbook.”

“Some are, but you will find a good one. Keep looking.”

Two days later, Clint was having lunch with Matt at the McDonald’s in Muskegon, Michigan. Matt’s wife, Carol, came in leading another woman by the hand. Carol spied the men. She brought the other woman over to sit with them. As they approached, Clint observed that the woman was blind.

“Ashley; my husband, and his friend are sitting at this booth. You stay here, while I get our food. Ashley McDowell, this is Matt and his friend, Clint Ford. Matt, she is my friend from church, that I told you about.”

Ashley and Matt begin to discuss events at church. Clint watched her. He was fascinated by her vivaciousness, femininity, and just plain good looks. Her black hair was cut in a “Hamel” She had perfect complexion, along with high cheek bones, and a tiny nose. For a woman, she had a smooth, low voice.

She caught him off guard, when she asked, “Clint, where are you from, and what do you do?”

Matt choked on his coffee, when Clint answered, “I’m from Bartlesville, Oklahoma, north of Tulsa. I work part time helping my Dad on his beef ranch. Part of the year, I work with a ten other men. My job is to deliver things to others.” Clint raised his finger to his lips, signaling to Matt that he did not want her to know what he really did. As Carol placed the gals food on the table, Matt showed her a note, written on a napkin, telling her of Clint’s deception. Carol, knowing that Clint would not do that unless he was interested in Ashley, formed the word “Oh,” with her lips, as she rolled her eyes.

“Guys, Ashley is twenty-three. She lives with her Mom in the first home this side of the State park. She is not dating anyone. So, if someone wanted to take two gals on a boat ride this afternoon, hint, hint, we are easy to find.”

Clint nodded up and down, as he caught Matt’s glance. Formally, Matt asked,“If Mrs. Carol Tudhope, and Ms. Ashley McDowell would like to cruise up the coast, this crew is at your disposal.” It was a delightful afternoon.

Clint talked Carol into letting him take Ashley home. They stopped at the State park to chat. He wanted to know all about her. Her Dad was dead. Business degree from a community college. Had never had a boy friend. Hungered to travel, explore, hear the world, first hand. There was little money in her family, so she was resigned to staying in Muskegon, with her Mom. “How can she be so vivacious, warm, and upbeat, being blind, with that future?” Clint mused to himself.

Her Mom was out when he dropped her off, and when he picked her up the next day. He told Matt that he would skip fishing, as he had to be with her.

By early afternoon, Clint had decided that he wanted to build a relationship with her. He asked her if she would like to join him on a seven day cruise in the Caribbean. Ashley said nothing for all of a minute. “Clint, the thought of going so far, with a man that I have just met, is just a wild idea. There is something about you that makes me trust you. Lets go talk to my Mom. If she says yes, I’ll go!”

“Fair enough.”

“Mom, I want you to meet someone,” Ashley said, as they sat on her couch.

Clint stood. As he offered his hand to the woman that appeared from the kitchen, He said, “Mrs. McDowell, I’m Clint Ford, nice to meet you.”

“Very nice to meet you. I’m Susan. Ashley told me that she enjoyed your company yesterday. I must say, that you are not what I expected.” To herself, Susan thought, “Good God, no. Where on earth did Ashley find this man? He is six-four, weights over two hundred, has bright blue sparkling eyes, a deep tan, and light brown, curly hair. Handsome.” “What do you do?”

“Help my dad out, part time, on his beef ranch, near Bartlesville, Oklahoma, as well as working part of the year with ten men. I deliver things to people.”

As the conversation, continued, she listen to what he said, and how he said it. She sensed that this man was more then he let on. At twenty-four, he had the assurance, knowledge, and ease, of an educated man, who had been around.

There was no doubt, from the way he referred to, and looked at her daughter, that he was in love with her. Ashley brought up the subject of the cruise.

As she spoke, Clint carefully studied Susan McDowell. It was no wonder that Ashley was so pretty. Like mother, like daughter. Her figure was slim like Ashley, maybe ten pounds heavier. He watched as she absorbed what Ashley was telling her. When Ashley finished, she turned to Clint, with a warm smile that eased any doubts, in his mind, as to what he was going to say next.

Susan; “Clint, Ashley is my whole life, now. She is twenty-three. I am scared to death that she will be hurt. On the other hand, there is something about you that makes me trust you. This trip is something that she could never experience, if you did not take her, so, yes, she can go.”

Ashley clapped her hands together, but before she could speak, Clint said, “Whoa, let me amend the offer, for both of your consideration. First, how about if you join us on the cruise, Mrs. McDowell. Second, I will try to talk my dad, Tanner, into joining us. I would like him to meet you both. Whether he does, or not, you are welcome to be with us.”

With a stunned look on her face, Susan asked Ashley, “Where on earth did you find this man, Ashley? Chivalry is not dead. If you don’t mind Ashley, I would love to go, I have never seen the ocean, a ship, or the Caribbean.”

Ashley leaned over to kiss Clint on the cheek, as she said, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“Done, got to go, calls to make.”

Later, from his motel, he placed a phone call to Tanner. His Dad remained silent as he told him about both McDowells, and the trip. The last thing he said was, “Dad, Ashley is blind.”

“Some people see with their eyes, some with their heart, Son. Susan is the first woman you have thought was fit to live in your Mother’s home, so she must be someone that is very special. I’ll hire an “Executive Jet,” and be there in five hours. Clint phoned Susan McDowell. “I would like to bring my Dad out to meet you both tonight at about 10:00 PM.”

“He will be here tonight? Coming from Oklahoma? You are a mover and a shaker. Yes, we would love to meet him.”

Just after seven PM, Susan younger brother, Adam, stopped to see her. He was amaze by what she told him about the man dating Ashley, and the trip. “What did you say his name is?”

“Clint Ford.”

“Describe him?”

After hearing the description, Adam said, “I have a magazine in the pick-up, be right back.”

When he returned, he showed her a picture in “Sports Illustrated.” “Is that him?”

“Yes, Oh, my God, Yes, that’s him. Ashley come here.” As Ashley sat down, Susan asked Adam what he knew about Clint.

“I’m a big football fan. I first saw him when he was an “All American” quarterback for Ohio State. The ten men he now works with are the offensive team of the “Chicago Bears.” What he delivers, better then any man alive, is a football.

He is one cool cat. In last years Super Bowl, with his team down five points. The Bears were forth and eight, with nine seconds on the clock. He looked up and saw Jennifer Lopez in the stands, so he tells the guys in the huddle, “Hey, check this out, there is Jennifer Lopez in the third row.” On that play, he ran a quarterback option, and ran it in for the winning touchdown, laughing all the way.

Two hours after winning the “Super Bowl,” a reporter went out the employee gate. Just outside the fence, Clint was signing autographs for at least ninety kids. He stayed until each and every one had a personal note from him.

“I have seen him interviewed. He says what he means, and means what he says, like most Texas, and Oklahoma guys do.”

“He is bringing his Dad here,” Susan said, while shaking her head, as she tried to make sense of everything that was happening.

“Will be an interesting meeting for you. Got to go. Will tell the wife, that my sister, and her daughter, are meeting some quality people.”

Tanner was wearing spit shinned boots, neatly creased pants and a tan sports coat, while carrying his “Stetson,” in his hand, as he walked over to shake Susan’s hand, after she opened the door for the Fords.

She saw and felt the large, rugged, worn hand of a working rancher. There were heavy creases in his face from countless hours working out on the plains. His voice, with that sing-song Oklahoma drawl, had a music to it, but it was his eyes, that held her attention. Frank, open, honest, friendly; it was all in his face, just like his son. She felt instantly at ease. She smiled as she noticed that Ashley had scooted over so that her leg touched Clint, while his arm was over her shoulder.

It was well after two AM, when the Fords went back to their motel.

Saturday, an “Executive Jet” brought them all to Miami to board the ship.

It was Tanner, that made sure that the men’s luggage went in one cabin, and the lady’s in another.

After a delightful day at sea, and another full day of exposure to the men, Susan sat Ashley down in their cabin that night. “We have to talk. I don’t think that many Mothers have been in the position to say to their daughter, what I am going to say to you. You are a twenty-three year old, at sea, with a man that obviously loves you. Tanner is the warmest, funniest, man’s man, that I have ever known. He looks at me, the same way Clint looks at you. They are too much gentlemen to suggest anything, that they think, we might find improper. You won’t either, so it is up to me. If you agree, I will ask if I can move into Tanner’s cabin, and have him send Clint in here, for the rest of the cruise.”

Blushing a beet red, Ashley replied, “I would like that very much.”

After breakfast, the next morning, Susan and Tanner were leaning on a rail, when Susan said, “Tanner, If I was a twenty-three year old girl, I would like to room, with my man.”

Without missing a beat, Tanner said, as he took her in his arms, “Some forty-four year old gals, have the same thoughts, too. Don’t they?”

She giggled, and he laughed. They Kissed. When they later saw Clint and Ashley, Tanner gave them the second key to the cabin he had shared with Clint. “Little change in the cabin arrangements. Ashley’s stuff is in your room, now.”

“You mean that I’ll have girl’s panties and bras hanging all over the place?”

They all laughed.

After the evening show, they returned to their cabins. When Tanner came out of the bathroom wearing his pajamas, Susan was under the covers in her single bed. “Tanner Ford, why have you got your pajamas on?”

He sat on the side of her bed, and gently stroked her face. Then, he gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead. “I am having some serious thoughts about you being a part of my future. Don’t want to get he wagon ahead of the horse.”

Susan threw her covers off. She was naked. Lovely to behold. “Tanner, I am a fully mature sexual woman. Hold me. I want to make love, and have sex, with you.”

“Guess that it is time to earn my keep?”

After long gentle foreplay, he entered her. He rode her, with a gentle rocking motion. They both cum together. Ten minutes later, they were joined together again. The pace was faster, more urgent. They both thrust harder, and finished covered with sweat.

When he was hard again, she had him lay on his back as she rode his cock. Her hands were on her hips, as she ground her pussy into him, with her breasts swaying, rising, bobbing. She was the essence of womanhood. Cumming, they collapsed in each other's arms, where they remained the rest of the night.

Across the hall, Clint was naked, when Ashley came out of the bathroom. She was naked. Her embarrassment, and modesty got the better of her, as her hands cupped her breast.

“I don’t know what to do?” Ashley whispered.

Stopping her, he gently removed her hands, and placed them at her sides. “I want to look at you. I am going to tell you what I see, as a man.”

He went into every detail as to why she was so attractive. After a couple minutes, he lay her on his back, as he continued.

He described what he saw, as her breast reacted to his stimulation. Her wetness came, so he placed her finger there, and told her how that told a man that a woman lusted for him, and how that aroused him.

She carefully ran her fingers around his erect cock. He told her what was sensitive , and what it was like for a man to place his cock into a woman’s pussy. “A man never forgets it, when a virgin gives herself to him.”

By now, Ashley was completely at ease. “Will I’m a giving, if you’re a taken?” She said with a giggle.

“Ooooohhooo,” escaped her lips as his tongue ran the length of her slit. “Oooooohhhhoooo, Ooooooohhhooooo, Ooooooohhhooooo, Ooooooohhhoo.” Her knees rose, as she grabbed his head. The sensations of his eating her was indescribable. “Aaaaaaahhhaaaaaa, Aaaaaaahhhaaaaa.”

Clint slid forward. He rested his cock at her entrance. He thrust. He was in. Her pussy walls convulsed, hard, several times. Ashley gave him a wet kiss on the side of the face. He was seldom out of her for the rest of the night.

At nine AM, Ashley said, “You know, I’ll bet that we could continue this after breakfast.”

In mock disappoint, Clint said, “Boy, you are a spoil sport.”

After breakfast, they joined Susan and Tanner on the fantail. After they were settled into lounge chairs, Tanner asked, “You don’t suppose that you kids would join Susan and I for a big party in Muskegon, in three weeks?”

“What kind of party?” Clint asked, while looking at Tanner with a quizzical look.”

With Susan and Tanner giving them both huge smiles, Tanner answered; “Couple of farm boys from Oklahoma, are marrying a mother and daughter by the name of McDowell. Can you folks attend?”

Clint squeezed Ashley’s hand, as he kissed her. “Well, Lady?”

Hugging Clint, Ashley said, “I’ll be easy to find, at that party. I’ll be wearing a long white dress.”

After a pensive moment, Ashley added; “Mom, your going to be my Mother in Law. For Clint, You will be his Step Mother, and his Mother in Law. And...

I am marrying my step brother.

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