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Somebody That I Used to Know


Thank You to everyone for all the kind words. Feedback, comments and votes are always appreciated. -Monamante

This is my last year at Calstate LA. I came in four years ago with a hope of getting an education, and that's exactly what I did. Educate myself on the wonders of a woman's body. I have had my fair share of women, but I don't do the relationship thing, I'm just not the commitment type, you can quote me on that. Do I have issues with it? No, it just doesn't appeal to me.

I'm always in men's clothing but I have a fairly prominent chest for my slim body so I don't even try to hide those. I shop in the guys section, I hate tight clothes, so that's the easiest place. I love the looks girl give me when they're shopping for their boyfriend but can't help but look at me. I'm 5'10", with short black hair, brown eyes and a chiseled face, and olive skin. My hips are small not the child bearing type, abs are there not bulging but definitely noticeable, I work out a lot to stay in shape.

I live alone in a studio apartment I got when I started school. I work in the evenings, driving a tow truck for a company that caters to luxury car dealerships. I'm currently working for BMW. When I'm not in school I work at my dad's garage, where he restores vintage cars. I make enough money to live comfortably in my own world. I don't splurge on any luxuries for the exceptions of gadgets like my iphone, macbook pro, ipad and shoes. Everything else is basic and I only buy if it's on sale. I don't ever pay full price for anything. Everything I have is brand but that's why I go to the outlets once every 6 months. I've saved a lot like this over the years, this is how my pops raised me to save because no one hands you shit in life.

My dad has helped with school so that alleviates some of the stress, but you never know how hard it is to live on your own until you have to pay bills. My life is perfect for me, no real responsibilities, don't have to worry about family as it's only my dad and I. My mother lives in El Salvador where she and my dad met. My father is also Salvadoran but left when the Guerilla started recruiting or taking kids his age to join them. He was 16 when he left and came to live with an aunt here. My mom came her a year later and they met again. She had me 4 years later when she was 21 and left me with my dad to go back to her family, he's raised me ever since, giving me everything I could have ever asked for. We weren't poor, we weren't rich, but we had a comfortable life. Now I'm 21 and enjoying my life to fullest.

Finals week at school was a drag, but today was my last final and now I have a week off.

"Toni Martinez, damn you always know how to look good."

"Sylvia it's been a while." I leaned in to give her a hug and she pulled me in close. I'm not the greatest with affection I keep my distance from most people, but I know that friends from High School love to do the hug thing and Sylvia wasn't most people.

"Too long if you ask me. How have you been?"

"Good, you know work and school like always."

"You up for coffee?"

"Sure I have some time to kill."

We sat at the small coffee shop, by the library campus and talked for about 30 minutes. We talked about our friends and what they were up to, school, work and our goals.

"So are you finally settled down or still being a player T?" That didn't take long.

"Never a player I'm still the same way I was 4 years ago. I just don't do the settle down and have a relationship thing, you know me." Sylvia was the only woman I think I could've ever settled down for.

"All to well babe, all too well. I think you just have to find the woman who can make you want her enough for you to change your ways." Yup and she's sitting right in front of me, anyways...

"How about you, find the girl that you'll marry and have 2.5 kids with or are you still pretending to be straight?"

"Sometimes, but I actually found a girl."

"Does that mean that we can't have fun." I lowered my voice for her pleasure.

"Toni what are you insinuating?" Her voice was mocking.

"Oh Syl I never insinuate, I want to fuck you like we're in high school all over again. Except we've both grown up haven't we?"

"How about a threesome?" She perked up quickly as she said it. This just gets better and better. She didn't even have to think about it, my kind of girl.

"Your girlfriend?"

"My girl always wanted you, why not share? You remember Nicky?"

"Captain of the volleyball team Nicky, Nicky V?"

"Yup." She had a huge smile, she was proud of her accomplishment.

"You did good for yourself Syl." She's probably more than I could have ever been for you.

"I know, well we both always said that you were the exception to our monogamy, so why not as the same time. You fucking her would be such a turn on." I did always like Nicky.

"Just her or you too?"

"We all know that I can't resist your charms. That was a given."

"Let me know where and when. I have to go to work, here's my number text me the info." I kissed her on the cheek before leaving.

"Hey you still have the mustang?"

"I totaled it right after high school, I'm fixing it."

"That car has good memories." And bad, but that car was only for you and I Syl, no other woman.

"I'll see you Syl."

In our lives we come across many people, some matter, some don't, some you don't even remember, but some shape our lives without even knowing it. Then as time passes we move forward leaving these people behind, leaving them as just somebody you used to know. Sylvia Rodriguez was one such person, somebody that I used to know.

She was my first, although she will never know that. I met her the summer before my High school freshmen year. I was taking some computer class in the mornings so I would already be at school for summer basketball practices. She was in my computer class and we were the only two freshmen's. We became good friends over the 6 weeks and she would sometimes walk with me to practice. This meant everything to me like walking a girl to her class. I'm sure to her it was just walking with a friend. That's when I started liking her.

As the years went by, I wanted her for more than a friend but was too scared to tell her. She had 2 boyfriends while we had known each other and I didn't know if she was even open to dating a girl. By this time I had developed a major crush on her. Then one day our junior year she came to one of our home games and I decided to test the water. She was in the bleachers, I walked over and sat next to her. She had her sweater wrapped around her legs so I figured she was cold. I did the nice thing and took of my sweatshirt with my number on the sleeve and my last name on the back and told her to wear it. Not that I wasn't cold with only a basketball jersey on underneath, but a part of me wanted her to have it. She put it on and whispered 'you know everyones going to know I'm yours now for sure right'.

"For sure" meant that I had missed the rumors. Apparently I had missed the rumor that two people who were butch and femme could only hang out if they were dating. She accepted it though, she didn't seem to care. Well, she kept my sweater and still has it to this day I'm guessing. I got a new one a few weeks later, but that was my first and it was special just like her. Long story short, a few weeks later it was the first game of play offs and I invited her to dinner with the team since we were going to celebrate. Many of our friends were going as well so it wasn't exactly a date, my dad had let me borrow the car and so she was the only one who rode with me. No one on the team wanted to get in the way of apparently what they thought was going on. The past few weeks had been constant flirting.

After dinner I took her home and she asked me to come in. Her parents would be home late and she asked me to stay with her. I called home and my dad said it was fine and to take care of the car.

She took off my sweatshirt, that she was wearing, and she only had on a bra underneath. She had her back towards me and I was supposed to be picking something to watch. I was so distracted and staring, I saw girls in the locker room in their panties and bras all the time but never had I felt the way I did right now. She then took of her pants and went to her dresser in front of her bed where I was sitting and was saying something but my mind had shut off. I walked up to her and just wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck when she fell back in to me.

"Toni,"she moaned.

"Syl I want you."

"It took you long enough."

"I was trying to be respectful."

"I've been waiting for you for two and a half years T."

"Well I'm here now." I was holding a half naked girl in my arms and had no idea what I was going to do with her but that would not stop me from making sure I did everything we wanted. She took my hands and placed them on her breast as she sensed my apprehension. She was everything I could have ever dreamed of. She had curves in all the right places. Her breast were perfect for her frame, 36 C I later found out. She was a few inches shorter, but I was thinner and had more of an athletic build, she had gorgeous curves in all the right places.

She moaned as I massaged her breast trying to be gentle but damn they felt good in my hands. I turned her around and took of her bra. As it fell her hands went to the bottom of my sweatshirt and then it was gone. I held her face with my hands and kissed those lips that had called my name for so long. She was delicious, sweet and tender. Her lips were so soft and delicate and her tongue was dancing with mine. I hadn't even realized that she had undone my belt, undone my button and lowered the zipper. My first time was happening.

My pants fell instantly when she backed away, since the only thing that usually held them up was my belt. I pushed off my shoes and pants with my feet never braking our kiss. She pushed me back towards the bed and took of my muscle shirt and bra, before she pushed me back. Last thing left was her undies and my boy shorts. Then she turned off the light I guess she was embarrassed but all I wanted to do was admire her gorgeous body.

I would do this her way and make sure she wouldn't regret it tomorrow morning. It was perfect, she touched me with such love and passion that I was all hers. I had always made sure to be in perfect control of everything in my life. Tonight I was hers. We learned together with moans of encouragement eventually falling asleep in each others arms.

We never became official. I wanted to, but the morning after she said something that broke my heart into a million pieces.

I woke up and she was asleep in my arms it was perfect, surreal even. I knew we lived in separate places it's not like I wanted us to move in together or be together forever, but this could work. We would be able to be together when we stayed at each other's houses and I could finally tell her that I really really liked her and tell her that she was my first. That all ended pretty soon after.

"Thanks for last night, it was good."

"Thank you. Syl why didn't you ever say anything?"

"Toni every girl in school practically humps your leg when you walk by. Why would you want me?"

"You're the only girl who ever mattered."

"Toni we already slept together you don't have to spit game."

"It aint' game Syl."

"Let's call it for what it was. Fun for you and experimenting for me." I had been but a mere experiment. I felt used.

"Was I just an experiment?"

"Hell no we can definitely do it again. But I know you being the player and all can't be with just one girl. I don't expect you to anyways, and I can't be all out and gay."

She left her bed and went to her bathroom. I got dressed and went to the door way. I mean she had said she had waited years for this and now I was just some girl in her bed that she tested the waters with.

"What if I told you I wasn't a player and I want you and only you?"

"Then I would say your full of shit T. Come on all the girls want you and I know you would never commit to me. I'm not going to pretend your the faithful type and you shouldn't either. The way rumors about you get around I know I'm not the first nor will I be your last."

She broke my heart. I thought she of all people would have known me better. All the advances from other girls were turned down. I had always wanted her to be my first, my one and only. I had to leave. I had to get out of here. This was so wrong all I wanted was to be with her and here she was telling me I wasn't good enough.

"Okay. Hey I have to go and take the car back I'll see you at school Monday."

Before she could answer I was gone. I didn't need anything else I was just some fuck for her nothing else.

So I became exactly what everyone thought I was. I stopped looking for some bullshit high school romance and well I found girls who were more than happy to want me in their bed and see what it was like. I had rules though: 1) I never slept over 2) I never had sex with a girl twice (as in on different days) and 3) I never gave a girl anything that was mine.

Sylvia was a rarity in all my books, I made her the exception to every rule. But when we graduated we never saw each other again. Over the last two years of high school she always came to me, never did I look for her. I only did that once and it turned out to be be the biggest pain in my ass.



"Of all the fucking hotel rooms in this big ass city you chose our bedroom to fuck your whore in. You're a fucking idiot, now I get everything in the divorce. Both of you get the fuck out of MY house. Oh and don't even think of saying it's ours because it's in my name. You have 2 minutes and then I'm calling the cops." I was screaming and I didn't care who heard.

"I'll leave for now but I will be back Miranda you won't get shit."

"Get the fuck out of MY house."

Ten years of marriage out the window in one night. Well no that can't be right because I am so sure now that this wasn't the first time. How could he do this to me? No I am not going to sit here and feel sorry for myself, I'll get back at him for screwing me over. Oh hell hath no fury like a woman scorn, Steven. I'm young and I can start over no matter how hard.

Day 1

PLAN OF ATTACK: 1) Call Lawyer 2) Hide my valuables 3) Get all of his paperwork from his office downstairs and make sure I check everything. 4) Change locks and gate codes.

How could he, this bastard, after all these years and then on my bed. That afternoon I got myself the best lawyer in LA and payed him his fee upfront, now he can't take him even if he tried. Luckily they knew me at the bank, I closed all the accounts and put the money in new accounts. We had other assets but the liquid assets had to be protected, I'm sure he would have spent it in order to avoid having to let me keep it all. Then to top it off there was the cheating clause in the pre-nup, now I get more than half. I never felt we needed one, but his family felt it was necessary, idiots. My personal assets were still in my parents control. I had never changed anything over the years, since my first account was opened when I was 8 and now that decision was paying off. He would never be able to get to it.

Day 2

I wanted to run away after the first day alone, but school starts back up in a week so I can't really leave. Also having my own practice makes it difficult because of rescheduling clients. I have an office in Beverly Hills, which seems unlike me now. All of last night I spent going around the house remembering what our last ten years had been like. We had very few memories that stood out. Then I realized we had been separate entities for so long now. He was traveling almost half of the year and I was always working, with the practice, school and papers.

My closest friend Autumn, asked why I wasn't even thinking of working it out after so long. It didn't make sense he didn't apologize and hasn't even called. He did get a lawyer and so now we must communicate through them. Bastard hasn't even tried to come back. Did I mention I got 2 guard dogs a few years ago that hate him. He had to come in through the garage just because they hated him so much. So with the gate codes changed he can't get in past the dogs.

When I first met him I was going through my wild phase. I had been partying in college and having fun. I had also been with mostly girls while going to school. I didn't label what I was, I considered myself a free spirit. Then I graduated, started working on my masters and I met him at the library, he was there visiting one of the professors. He's older than I by ten years. I didn't exactly fall in love with him at first sight. He wooed me for over 3 months before I agreed to go out with him. Then eventually we started dating and eventually we got married. Everything just happened according to the plans laid out by society.

I think a part of me settled for him afraid I would never find any better and I was unwilling to take the risk.

Day 3

Today none of the employees showed up. Apparently he had them on his company payroll, now I had to learn to be the independent woman I once was. The only people who came everyday were my drivers everyone else was in rotation and only came at most 3 times a week.

Truth be told I have no idea who I am outside of this marriage. I have to learn to cook, clean, do laundry and take care of this big house. Then to top it off I no longer have a driver. I have to learn to drive myself around, let alone do everything that comes with caring for a car, gas, maintenance and washing it. I know it would probably be easier to hire a full staff again but I don't think that was ever who I was.

I always wanted a smaller house for just us, without all the people that it required to maintain this mansion, but now I'm not leaving until I get my time's worth. He will definitely pay for being a jackass. As for now I'm headed out to get a carwash and put gas in the car, it's been 3 days since we separated and Autumn always knows how to make me feel better. I hope she remembers what I was like before him.

She's been my best friend since our days at USC, she always hated him I guess now I know why.

So first thing, gas. Why are there 2 nozzles, hmm this one's green, it must mean its better for the environment. Right? Green is good.

"Excuse me miss, but you just put diesel fuel in your car, you might want to call a tow truck."

"What? Why?"

"Your car runs on unleaded, and you just put diesel so you need to have your gas flushed, before ruining your engine."

"Wait so which was I supposed to use?"

"Green is diesel, black is unleaded. See right here and if there are more than just two, it will be for Regular, plus and supreme."

"Great. Thank You, I appreciate you saving me from making this any worse. " I am a complete idiot, no matter how much education I have I don't even know how to put gas in my own car.

I can not believe that my $100,000 car is now ruined. I swear this better be fixable what the hell is wrong with me.

I hate him, somehow I know this is his fault. One day before school is back in session and I have to find a car replacement and not to mention get in some cheap tow truck.

Well road side assistance will just have to do for now, I hope they send some hot piece of ass I can stare at. I should probably call for a ride home, but I think the dealership should just set me up with a loaner. No use in taking this car home.

Damn it an hour before someone can get here. I hate him now more than when I found him with some younger bitch.

Finally I saw a truck pull up and a woman came out of the cab.

"It's about God damn time, could you have taken any longer."

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