tagInterracial LoveSomeday We'll Be Together

Someday We'll Be Together


I looked at the screen. There it was again: a popup ad for an online RPG. "Well, Ian," I muttered to myself, "you may as well check it out. If it's useless, just don't bookmark it."

I created an avatar and began to experiment on the game. It seemed worthwhile, so I added it to the list of my gaming bookmarks, right next to the online chess website. I began to regularly interact with the other avatars on the game. One cool system was a private mail feature where you could send messages back and forth between your avatar and another person's avatar. Technology is amazing, I thought to myself. Here I am communicating with people across the planet -- a Californian like me chatting with people in Kansas, Canada, even Australia. 30 years ago that would have been impossible, save for an outrageous long-distance telephone bill, and even then how would you know the person was there in the first place? I quickly made a number of online friends.

One person in particular attracted my attention. The woman, who went by the handle of "Emerald", apparently was a lonely and horny babe. She and I began a hot and heavy sexual correspondence, where we would imagine our fantasies coming to life. I would send her detailed messages about kissing, licking and touching her all over her sexy body, and she would follow up with a message describing in detail what she was doing to me. We used every imaginable scenario: sex outside, the boss/secretary gig, the hot teacher/horny student deal, sexy nurse who rescues stranded hiker and uses her body to heal him up... anything you would see used as a plot in a porn movie or erotic story, we utilized in our back-and-forth fantasies.

During this time, I became interested in knowing about the woman behind the avatar of "Emerald". I began using a second feature of the site to exchange real-life information with her. We then proceeded to exchange e-mail addresses and sent each other pictures of ourselves. I smiled when I saw hers: she was absolutely beautiful. A voluptuous black woman in her late 30's with a sexy smile. Just about my age. She informed me that she found my picture attractive, too.

I decided I needed to know her better. She was by day a Midwestern schoolteacher and at night her horny side came out. We started swapping not only sexy textual fantasies but erotic video clips we'd find online. I would try to find ones where a white male was sexually pleasing a black female, since that was what I imagined myself doing to her.

Eventually, through the miracle of modern technology, we set up our computers with programs that enabled us to talk to each other. Her sexy purr got me even more turned on. I discovered her actual name was Iris -- a beautiful name for a beautiful lady, I told her. I could hear the coquettish giggle as she replied back that very few men had ever called her beautiful. "That's their loss," I replied with a grin. "Iris, you're wonderful. I just have a feeling this is it: someday we'll meet in person and I can do all the things we've talked about to you... um, for you."

"To me would be just fine," she responded with a sexy laugh. "There is the issue of distance, though."

I knew that was a problem. Was I really willing to uproot myself and move halfway across the country to be with her? She was set in her job and had family nearby, so she was tied down to a specific location. I had a job but no other ties to keep me around.

After an extensive search and several phone interviews, I was accepted for a fairly good-paying job in a town near Iris's home. I broke the news to her and she squealed excitedly. "Really? You'll be moving here?"

"Yes, I will," I grinned. "Perhaps you could let me crash on your couch until I find a place to stay."

"Ian," Iris laughed, "of course you can move in with me. And I know you have no intentions of moving out."

I didn't have much stuff to move. It all fit in my car. I smiled as I drove toward Iris, thinking about actually touching her sexy body. We continued to communicate online as I made the 4-day trip. Finally I pulled up outside her house. After moving my few really important possessions inside, she pulled me into her loving arms.

"Ian, I can't believe you're actually here," she whispered. "After talking about it so long..."

"I know," I purred. "I've been dreaming about this for months, Iris." I wrapped my arms around her curvy body. She was a big girl: I could barely get my hands to touch. I kissed Iris' neck softly. "Mmmmmm," I said. "Lots of soft flesh to kiss."

"You really don't mind that I'm close to 300 pounds?" Iris replied incredulously.

"The bigger the better, love," I grinned, silencing her by planting a kiss squarely on her lips. Our tongues twined together. My hands slipped downwards and I squeezed her round rear through her clothing.

"Let's go to the bedroom, Ian," Iris whispered. "It's obvious what we both want." She led me to her bedroom and we both stripped.

"Wow," I whispered, eyeing her naked, very curvy body. "So nice." She smiled and pulled me into another embrace, this time running her hands up and down my back. She rubbed up against me and my rod stiffened to its full length.

"Does something want to play?" she purred, wrapping her hand around my erection. "I think you like me." I kissed my way down her neck to her chest. She began stroking me softly as I trailed my tongue through her cleavage. I lifted her breast and kissed the base, slowly moving upwards towards her nipple. Iris let out a soft moan as my lips pleasured her tender flesh. "Don't stop," she whispered.

"I've only just begun," I replied. I repeated the same procedure on her other breast, stopping short of the nipple. Then I teased her more by gently rolling both her nipples between my fingers. Iris let out a gasp.

"Ian," she purred, "get on the bed." I complied, and Iris lay her body down next to mine. I continued my exploration, kissing down her belly. I flipped my body around and nibbled her toes, causing Iris to squeal. Encouraged, I kissed my way up her legs. Her hands caressed whatever part of me they could reach.

"Open wide," I whispered. I kissed her inner thighs before giving her leaking slit a lick. "Mmmmmm," I purred, tasting Iris' sweet juices. I licked back and forth, sliding my tongue everywhere to taste her. I slipped inside her, going for the source.

"Don't stop, Ian," Iris purred. I licked her with greater intensity. She moaned and her juices flowed more freely. I lapped them up eagerly as fast as she could produce them. My finger slipped onto her clit as I slid my tongue as deep inside her as possible.

Iris' legs locked around my head. "Ian!" she gasped. "I... ooohhhh..."

She flooded me with her nectar. I licked off as much as I could get my tongue on. "You taste so sweet," I whispered. Iris smiled and repositioned my body for a long kiss, tasting herself on my lips.

"My turn," she whispered. Iris spread my legs and climbed on top of me, slithering downwards and rubbing her body against mine. Her massive breasts surrounded my stiff rod. "That's it, Ian," she purred. "Move those hips. Slide between my titties." I obediently thrust upward. Iris pressed her breasts together. My cock was almost invisible in between her mammaries.

I fucked Iris's tits in earnest for a few minutes. It felt wonderful. "Okay, Ian," she whispered. "Ready?" She slipped her body down a little further and took the head of my prick between her lips. Her tongue flickered over the tip, making me squirm and moan.

She smiled up at me. "I see you like." Her mouth slid downward on my erection, engulfing most of me. Her tongue slid up and down, circling around me and making my body shudder. Iris' hand slid down to my balls, raking her fingernails across them.

"Wow, that feels good," I moaned.

"This will feel better," Iris replied. "I'm going to take you now, Ian, and make you mine." She rose up, gave her curvy body a sexy shimmer, and impaled herself on my pecker. I reached out and grabbed her big behind with both hands, giving her a playful squeeze.

"I like," I whispered. Iris began bouncing her body up and down, sliding on my rod. I matched her rhythm and began moving my hips. She scraped her nails across my chest as she squeezed me with her internal muscles. My hands moved from her rear to her chest and I tweaked her nipples between my fingers, drawing a gasp.

"Ian!" Iris squealed. "Naughty!" I ignored Iris' protest and lifted my head up, suckling on her nipple. Iris' arms locked me in place as she continued to ride me, speeding up her rhythm. I was close and I knew she was too. Her body tensed and her breathing turned into a series of ragged gasps. Iris' pussy began spasming and clamping around me as she flooded me with more honey.

"Oh, my," I moaned when she finally stopped. "I'm right on the edge, love."

Iris lifted herself off of me. "Let me finish you, Ian," she purred. She positioned herself between my legs and took my shaft in her mouth. With her hand teasing my balls, it was a mere instant before I shot jet after jet of jizz into her mouth. She swallowed it all, not missing a drop.

"I think I'll like it here," I said as Iris slid up next to me, looking very satisfied. She pulled me against her soft body and rested my head against her shoulder, wrapping me in her strong arms.

"Good," she replied. "I'll keep you for a while, Ian... a long while." She kissed me softly. "Now, time to fall asleep in my arms, love."

Iris' arms are still my favorite place to be.

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