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Someone I Used To Know


Kyrian was anxious to see his beautiful girlfriend Sunny. She said she wanted to meet him for lunch after he got off of work so he went home to change. He loved her so much and planned on asking her to marry him since their five year anniversary was coming up in a month. He figured that's what she wanted to talk about because she had been hinting at going somewhere special for their anniversary this year.

Kyrian has been saving up big for her ring. He planned on pulling out all the stops for his proposal. All he had to do was get her father's blessing to take her hand in marriage. His whole family loved her especially his little brother, Thomas, who had a crush on her. He knew that Sunny wanted to go out of the country but they could do that for their honeymoon, so she could wait a little while longer.

He put on a crisp white button down and some khaki shorts to go with his favorite converse shoes. Yea he was 25, but you never got too old for some good Chuck Taylors. He ran his fingers through his light brown hair wishing it was Sunny's beautiful short graceful fingers caressing his scalp. Checking in the mirror to make sure he looked presentable for his lady. Kyrian checked his watch and beat feet to the door to meet the love of his life for lunch.


Sunny sat at the cute little bistro fiddling her fingers because she was nervous. She didn't know how to say this to him, didn't know how to break it to him without hurting his feelings. Kyrian is such a sweet person and she loved him she really did but this is something she had to do.

She sipped on her water going over all of the outcomes that could happen. Maybe he would throw a fit? No that wasn't his style, Kyrian never lost his cool. Or would he cry? God she hoped he didn't cry, that would just break her heart. She had no idea what he would do and she prepared for the worse. As soon as she sent another prayer up she knew it wasn't heard in time because Kyrian came walking in the door.

Gosh he looked so damn good. Why was she doing this again? He was wearing a white shirt and khaki shorts that showed his toned legs. He always wore the brown leather bracelet she bought him for their first anniversary. Kyrian liked looking down at it because it made him think about her and the contrast that their skin made against each other, which was why she got it for him. His slightly tanned skin held a pinkish tint in his cheeks so she knew he was happy to see her. He had his hair falling into his eyes just the way she liked it since it brought out his seafoam green eyes.

Smiling, he kissed her before he sat down. She prayed that he didn't notice that she moved her face so he couldn't kiss her on the lips.


"Hey babe, how are you today?" Kyrian noticed that she moved her face but he didn't want to get into that right now, he just loved being in her presence.

"I'm fine, how have you been today?" Sunny said with a half-hearted smile.

Kyrian knew something was wrong. Her vibe was different today, it was....off, like she wasn't feeling so hot today. "Sunny what's wrong? Is everything at school going alright?" Getting right to the point so he could immediately make her feel better and maybe go make love to her to make her feel EXTRA good.

She had her head down avoiding eye contact and he knew this was bad news. Oh he hoped she wasn't failing school because she stopped talking about it and has been kind of distant lately.

Speaking up Sunny broke him out of his spell. "Kyrian, I don't know how to put this but I'm just going to say this before I put it off any longer. I'm not the same girl you met sophmore year in college."

Not understanding what she meant Kyrian gave her a confused look furrowing his brow. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that I have changed Kyrian. I'm not that goody-twoshoes who follows the rules anymore. I drink, I have tried smoking and I have tattoos. I curse and I am not soaring in school. I'm tired of having to be this perfect picture, you put me on a pedestal and I want off. I have changed and I know you have noticed that I keep my distance I mean for god's sake we don't even fuck anymore!" Sunny exclaimed getting angrier by the second.

He was at a loss for words because he didn't know if she wanted him to accept her changes or was she breaking up with him. He was extremely against marking one's own body, women cursing because let's face it that is unattractive. He could feel his own anger spike because how could she blame all of this on him? Why was she making this his fault? How dare she blame her shortcomings on him! "Oh so this is my fault you turned into this, this....miscreant?" He knew that sounded bad but it had to be said.

Sunny gasped, "I am not a miscreant, I am just not the girl that you use to know. I don't want to hurt your feelings but I think we should break up."

Kyrian was mad because he hated when people said crap like 'I don't want to hurt your feelings' because it never lessened the pain. By some astounding feat it still ended up hurting the person's feelings. "What did I do to make you feel the need to break up. We have been together for almost five years and now you spring this on me! Who is he, who is the other guy?"

Sunny let out a sigh, "There is no one else. It's just you are so perfect and you want everything perfect. You don't live Kyrian, you don't experience the world and all of it's opportunities. I want to do all of that but you don't. I mean geeze your parents are loaded and you never not once stepped out of the country let alone the east coast!"

Narrowing his eyes Kyrian said "So who have you been experiencing the world with?"

"I met this girl at school who is from overseas and we have a lot in common. She is a great friend because she introduced me to a world that I never knew was there and all the pleasures it had to offer. No, me and her aren't together we are just friends. She invited me to culinary school with her in California."

"Culinary school? You are in law school." Kyrian was thoroughly confused because he never knew she was interested in cooking. But cooking for a living was not going to bring money and stability in her life.

"No I dropped out of law and I got accepted to the culinary school in California and I'm leaving in a month."

Devastation overtook him because it occured to him that he probably would never see her again since he lived in New York. That was like 3,000 miles away from him and although she broke his heart he was head over heels in love with his exquisite ebony doll. Sadness was the mask of his face, "So there is no way I can talk you out of this is there?"

"Unfortunately no. Cara and I are getting our stuff moved over there in a few weeks and we already found a place near campus so I will be doing this." Sunny had tears swimming in her eyes but not falling.

Kyrian's throat was clogged up, he couldn't even swallow with this lump in his throat, "But I...I love you.....we were going....we were going to get married. I'm in love with you Sunny, you can't do this to me...to us!"

"I am truely sorry but this is how it has to be. I hope everything goes well for you and I just know that you will land that deal with the big firm. I want you to know that you are a great person but being 25 you should be living. If you don't get anything from me, I just want you to be happy with life and live like there is no tomorrow. Have a good one Kyrian." Sunny got up hugged his slumped body and walked out without a backwards glance.

Happy. She wanted him to be happy? How could she want that when she was taking his happiness away with every step she took? Kyrian couldn't hold it in anymore he let his tears fall. His heart felt ripped out of his body, his soul was weeping because its other half just up and left. Gaining his composure he got into his car and cried again when he saw her bracelet hanging on his rearview mirror. Kyrian had no idea how he was going to deal with this heartbreak, Sunny was his soulmate. He felt as if she died because he knew he just knew she was never coming back to him.


Sunny felt terrible but this feeling was bittersweet because she was following her dreams. She has always wanted to be a baker. Maybe even have a chain of bakeries all over the world. The only bad thing was that Kyrian looked down on that type of thing. Being a baker wasn't an honorable career to him. If you weren't making the world a better place then you weren't doing anything worth mentioning, but she felt she was doing something great. She was bringing her love of baked goods to people. She would miss him but not his ways, maybe one day they will catch up.

She made it to her house and told her parent's about the break-up. They were happy that she was following her dreams but her family really adored Kyrian. But if it was meant to be then they would meet again somehow....hopefully.


Three years have passed and Kyrian has become numb over the years. His heart still ached for the love of his life. He had time (too much time) to think of what she said at the legendary break-up and he had to admit it that he had put her on a pedestal. He made it hard for her to be herself because he was so uptight and closeminded. He never even knew these things about her. She wanted to live and that's what she went off to do. The thought of her leaving him always made him sad but it also made him fall in love with her all over again. She was so brave to go out in the world and follow her dreams. She knocked sense into him that day because he started to do some living himself.

Kyrian now has seven tattoos but his favorite is the one on his heart that reads 'You can love somebody so much....But you can never love people as much as you miss them'. He got that because he missed Sunny like hell and he always would. He also curses because believe it or not, it actually feels good to express your stress with the force of your words and not hold it in behind a mask of perfection. He always still wore the bracelet Sunny bought him and he planned on keeping it forever.

"Oh fuck, right there. Shit, yes! Don't fuckin' stop!" The nameless girl under him moaned bringing him out of his thoughts. Everyday thoughts of Sunny would invade his mind but they would increase tenfold when he was fucking some girl. Deep down he felt bad because he sort of felt like he was cheating and then the girl he had on him or under him was never Sunny.

As he pounded into this girls pink cunt he looked her over. She was pretty but every girl was always just pretty to him. Her red hair stopped at her neck, her back was nice and slim that led to a small tight ass. Her pale skin had freakles all over her body making her look like a connect-the-dots page. Her ample breast bouced as he pounded into her harder. He pinched her nipple to increase her pleasure and her hand shot to her clit rubbing furiously. Her long fingers started to get blurry she was rubbing her clit so fast. He could tell she was close because her back rose off the bed and her face was a mask of pleasure on the brink of explosion. She tried to throw her arms around him but he knew he had to pin her to the bed so he could hurry up and get her release. He forced her hands over her head with one hand and pulled up her back a little with his other. He took fast hard strokes rubbing up against her clit at the same time while she bucked under him.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming. Shit! Oooohhhhh god" She yelled squeezing his cock in her pussy.

He rode the orgasm out waiting for her to go limp. After she went limp he pulled out with a little umpf with his cum spurting out in his hand. He quickly went to the bathroom and washed his hands off. When he came back he handed, whatever her name was, her clothes so she could beat feet and he could get to the real show.

"I can't stay?" she took the clothes and started to put them on.

"No, you knew we were just going to fuck" Kyrian was tired of the girls wanting to stay, he never felt anything for them. They were just a quick nut that he thought would stop the feelings for Sunny but they never did.

"Can I at least take a shower?" She asked.

"It's almost three in the morning so you can take a shower when you get to where ever you stay at" He walked her to the door hoping she would follow.

She follwed, "Maybe we can have more than just this one night, I would like-"

Cutting her off to save her some dignity, "I had fun but I don't do the dating thing. Good night and good bye." It's not like he was being mean because he treated these girls very well but he didn't want them to get the wrong impression.

After she left and he made sure she was gone completely he went into his room to get his real motivation. Kyrian grabbed the picture of Sunny crawling on his old bed. She looked so fucking sexy in her shirt that was falling off her shoulder with her brown eyes piercing the camera's with lust in them. He could see down her shirt, her chocolate breasts were hanging threatening to fall out of her bra teasing him. His cock shot straight up as soon as he saw that picture. He placed it on the side of his bed and popped a dvd in of a sexy black girl pleasuring herself with a big white dildo. He loved this one because she was the only one who looked a little like Sunny with her short jet black locks framing her face with dimples in her cheeks.

He pulled his cock in his hand and he started stroking going in time with her strokes. Every other second he would take a glance at Sunny's picture and he could feel himself getting hot all over. The girl on the tv started to really get into it had fucked herself faster while rubbing her clit. Kyrian summoned Sunny's face on the girls in the tv and he started to pump his cock harder. The memory of Sunny's moans filled his ears and her signature scent filled his nose. He felt the orgasm creeping up on him while he pictured Sunny riding him like a crazed tigress searching for her release. His heart quickened, his breath got shallow, and he heated to another degree emptying his seed in his hand. This one was stronger than the one he had with whatshername because he had thoughts of Sunny running through his head. Finally sated he drifted off to sleep with dreams of his lost love.

Kyrian walked into his parent's house sitting next to his mother who had a huge smile on her face. He loved coming to his family, they were his only source of happiness.

"Darling what brings you here?" His mother kissed him on the forehead.

"Just wanted to spend time with you guys." Kyrian said to his sweet mother.

"Son you still have that sad look in your eyes. You always look so depressed and it breaks my heart."

"You know I miss her ma, I can't get over her and I won't. She just cut me off and it's hard to deal with." Kyrian had this conversation with his mother all the time so he cut on the tv hoping to get destracted.

"Sweetie what if you don't know her anymore? We all loved her but you said she changed, what if her feelings for you changed and you are holding on to someone that is untouchable?"

Kyrian winced because he never wanted to hear those words but he knew she was right. He just couldn't let go, he loved her too much. "I know and I will try to date to find someone new."

He told this lie to his mom every time and he saw her disbelieving eyes "Well son then I am ha-"

He turned his head to the tv to see why she stopped and was shocked to no end. Sunny was on the tv talking to a reporter about how she was opening her seventh bakery in Manhattan, New York in two days. She opened this one because she was from New York and thought she should have one where she grew up. Kyrian saw hope because maybe she did it to get close to him, he never left in hopes that she would come back one day. But as fast as his joy came it left quicker when she said she was only making one because a celebrity couple wanted her to make their wedding cake. Kyrian didn't care why she was coming but he was going to be there.

*********2 days later********

Sunny drove to her new shop. She missed this state, she missed this town, she missed HIM most of all. Maybe she would drop by his place and catch up. Yes she would do that because she missed him a lot.


Kyrian knew Sunny like the back of his hand even though it has been 3 years since he has seen her. She would show up at her shop an hour early so she could get her mind together so he stood out under the canopy of her shop waiting for her. He didn't know what he was going to say to her, he was so nervous.

He saw this nice Mercedes pull up down the street and his beauty got out the car. She looked even better that he remembered. She had on a white blouse with a blue skirt that went past her knees. That skirt clung to her new curves bringing out her wide hips and slimming her waist. The clevage she was showing made his heart race with anticipation. Her hair was longer and he loved it this way! Her hair fell in loose curls past her shoulders with a diamond necklace bouncing between her breasts. She looked up from her phone and when she saw him she stopped dead in her tracks. She stood there blinking several times to see if he was real, he guessed. When she was convinced this was real she continued walking towards him.

When she stopped in front of him he couldn't control himself, he pulled her into a bear hug nearly picking her small frame off the ground, "Sunny, oh god how have you been? You look great!"

"You're squeezing.....my guts....Kyrian." She forced out.

"I'm so sorry." He reluctantly let her go missing her scent. She smelled exactly how he remembered. Her soft body pressed against his made his cock stir in his pants.

"Kyrian I missed you so much! We should really catch up, which I planned on doing later. Gosh you look fantastic!" She seemed so happy to see him and that made his heart swell. He wanted to puff out his chest like a warrior who won the fight.

He looked down at her chocolate eyes and he noticed how much he missed her, how much he just wanted to touch her. "Well I'm glad to hear you missed me. I just came for the grand opening." He didn't know why he didn't confess he missed her too, it just didn't want to leave his mouth.


Sunny felt like a bomb just dropped on her because she thought for a second that he missed her because of that hug he gave her. She was sadly mistaken. O-kay he was over her and she could handle this....maybe.

"Oh, the grand opening. It should be pretty small but I'm glad you came. Hey look, I'm going to give you my number so you can call me tomorrow so we can catch up on some things ok?"

She jotted down her number and gave it to him, "I will give you a call tomorrow to squeeze you in my schedule. Good luck on your grand opening." Kyrian said it so nonchalantly.

After he left in his car Sunny sat in a chair fussing with herself. She knew that he would more than likely be over her but he never acted so cold towards her. At first he seemed like he genuienly missed her but now it was like she was just any other person on the road. Well maybe they can still be friends.

She sighed and called Derek. Derek was a model who loved her Sunshine Apple Turnovers, he also wanted to go on a date with her. She has been putting it off until she saw how Kyrian felt about her and it was pretty clear that Kyrian didn't have romantic feelings towards her anymore. She gave Derek a call and started to set up before her employees got there.


Kyrian saw a lighter skinned black man walk to Sunny's store and wait outside the door with flowers. Sunny opened the door and they embraced in a hug that was too long for a 'just friends' hug. Kyrian dropped his head because he was watching the love of his life hug on another man. He knew he was kind of too nonchalant with her earlier but he couldn't get himself to admit his feelings for her. He didn't want to get shut down and get his heart broken again by the same woman.

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