tagInterracial LoveSomeone I Used To Know Ch. 02

Someone I Used To Know Ch. 02


"Come on Cara, what do I wear?" Sunny asked her best friend. She was getting ready for her meet up (date?) with Kyrian to catch up on what has been happening these past few years.

Cara looked at the business suit her friend was holding up and got frustrated with her. "Sunny you aren't going on a business meeting, wear something sexy!"

"Sexy? Sexy. You want me to wear something sexy after I told you how he reacted to me yesterday?" Sunny really wanted to impress him but just didn't know how since he was incredibly hard to please.

Sunny shivered thinking of Kyrian being incredibly hard for her. Maybe she will go sexy.

Walking to Sunny's closet Cara picked out a dress that was cut out in the back, "Sweety oh my gosh you have to wear this. This is sexy but conservative in a mysterious way."

"What? What the hell is that supposed to mean Cara?" Sunny was confused with all of Cara's words describing the dress.

Cara scoffed, "Bitch just try the dress on and see what I mean."

Sunny tried the dress on and went out to show her friend and took a look in the full body mirror. Cara let out a cat whistle looking at Sunny. And indeed the dress was sexy but conservative in a mysterious way. It was sexy because it clung to all her curves making her breasts look better by pushing them up, it also had the entire back out that stopped right at the small of her back showcasing the arch. The dress was conservative because it stopped below her knees and it didn't show too much clevage unless he looked down her dress but still enough to show a lil somethin somethin. It was mysterious because of the deep purple color but also by the way that it was designed it made her look like a woman about her business but wanting someone to bring her out of her shell.

"I fuckin' love you Cara! This is the dress to drop him to the floor!" Sunny was so excited. She really wanted to win him back. She knows that this is her fault that he basically hates her but she still loved him deep down and she just knows they're soulmates.

"I know I'm a genius, Einstein has nothing on me." Cara threw her hands in the air like she was talking to peasants and she was the ruler.

"Ok I'm taking a shower and then I'm getting ready Einstein." Sunny rushed in the bathroom excited about meeting with Kyrian.

After she got out of the shower Sunny made her eyes do that smokey eye look like the models and she put mascara on to inhance the mysterious look. She curled her hair into loose curls around her face with a middle part. She put on some cute black tear-drop earrings with a matching necklace. And to top it all off she wore some real cute wedge booties that made her calves look awesome and gave her the illusion of being tall. Looking in the mirror one last time Sunny grabbed her clutch purse, kissed her friend, and went to the taxi waiting outside for her.

She was so nervous. She has never gotten so dolled up before, for no one, not even when her and Kyrian were dating. She hoped that they hit it off but she was prepared for the worse. She really did love Kyrian but she was prepared to let it go because she didn't want to be chasing after him for the rest of her life. Here it goes!


Kyrian was shifting in his seat waiting for Sunny. He didn't know what his mouth was going to say because his heart and his soul wanted her with every fiber of his being but his ego didn't want to be hurt by her again. He drank his water trying to relieve some of his nerves and the doubts trying to push their way into his head. Kyrian just hoped she felt the same way for him that he felt for her because he never stopped loving her.

"I hope I didn't keep you too long, my cab driver was an asshole." The sweetest voice he has ever heard said behind him.

He look up to Sunny and his thoat immediately went dry and at the same time his cock rose to life and got ready for him to jump her. Damn she looked so fine, he just wanted to take her on the table. Devour her and all her juicy goodness.

Standing up and pulling her into his arms he smelled her intoxicating scent, "Hey Sunny you look gorgeous, how are you?" He sounded so plain, he didn't even sound excited to see her which made him wonder why it was so easy to act this way towards her.

"I have been great actually. Oh you do don't look so bad yourself." She had her sexy smile on today.

When she continued to her seat Kyrian was floored. Her ass looked so right in that dress and it teased him because the dress stopped right at the top of her ass. If he pulled it down just an inch, he would be looking at her beautiful chocolate crack leading to those lushious soft globes that he remembered squeezing once-upon-a-time. And damn if she wasn't wearing a bra! Her whole fucking back was out begging him to touch her sexy curves. He loved that dip in her back, he always wanted to lick something out of that dip but back then it was too taboo for him. He figured since them being different races were taboo enough, he didn't want to push the limit but what the hell! He wanted to break all the fuckin' rules now that he had a taste of life.

Laughing a little Sunny asked, "Why are you still standing up?"

Kyrian quickly sat down and took in her dazzling face. Her deep chocolate eyes were mysterious looking with the eyeshadow that made a smokey look. Her cute plump lips were just kissable, he wanted to suck them in his wanting mouth. Licking his own lips fantasizing about having her under him he had to adjust his cock in his pants inconspicuously. He had to hurry up and form words before they completely left him, "So I see you are doing well, how did you get so famous so fast?"

"Well when I moved to California there was a cooking competition that Cara and I wanted to try out. The prize was to get a couple thousand dollars to start up your own store and a spot in a very popular culinary magazine. We thought we could make our chances greater by both of us being in it because we both had the same dream. Well I won by the hairs of my chinny chin chin because the other girl was better at making people out of fondant but hey, who am I to argue with the judges? Some famous person liked my work and it all went uphill from there. I am truely blessed and thankful." Sunny looked so proud, she had a light in her eyes that he has never seen before. He felt a pang in his chest because he didn't put it there.

He wanted to hear all about her life, he wanted to be IN her life again. "So are you moving back?"

"Yes I suppose so, I loved it in Cali but I love New York, this is my home." She had her arms spread out. After a while of silence Sunny asked, "So what you been up to lately?"

Kyrian didn't plan on talking about himself, "I've been excellent, I feel like a new man now. I have been giving life a spin and I very much enjoy it. I've been trying new places, things and......people." He said that last word low. Kyrian inwardly winced because it sounded like a low blow.

He saw the hurt flicker in her eyes when she said "Oh....that's good. I'm glad you took my advice."

He was mad at himself because he didn't mean to hurt her. He redeemed himself and relit the light in her eyes while talking about her accomplishments and how they made her happy with life. They talked about other things but somehow the conversation turned into a romantic one. He wanted to know about that guy she was with yesterday, "Are you dating anyone at the moment?"

"No not dating. I had one of my friends come by yesterday, he is interested but I just don't feel a connection and I don't want to waste anyones time. Do you have a girlfriend?"

He felt the jackass words coming out of his mouth and he tried to stop them but..."I don't date per say, let's just say that I have many friends."

"Wow. That is so unlike you. But more power to you man because I couldn't do it. So is there one that you like the most out of the rest?"

"I have this redhead that is down for just about anything so I guess you can say she's my favorite." Kyrian knew he was being an ass but he didn't want to show her his true feelings for her. She did come dressed like a sexual goddess to come see him and impress him but he didn't want to be that fool that he was a couple of years ago.

"You are very different Kyrian. What happened to you?" Sunny noticed all the changes in him but it didn't seem to be good changes.

"You happened."

Her shocked face told him that maybe he shouldn't have said that. "What did I do to make you an ass!"

"You broke my heart three years ago or don't you remember that?"

"So it's my fault you are so bitter? I broke my own heart that day too but that doesn't mean you can treat me so rudely. You know why I left, I tried to explain it to you but obviously you didn't understand that you were a tightwad with a stick stuck up your ass." She said with tears threatening to fall.

"You wanted that stick gone, now it's gone and you act like you got a fuckin' problem with it!" Kyrian was mad at both of them. Mad at himself because he knows he was out of line and her because she doesn't see how much she hurt him.

Sunny smiled when he cursed but then she frowned again, "I'm sorry if I hurt you but I just wanted to chase my dream and I knew you didn't approve. I just wanted you to be happy with me and for me but I knew I wouldn't get that from you so I had to choose between my dream and someone who may or may not support me."

"It's good, I'm fine but thanks for the apology. You want to go out to a bar tonight?" He really wanted to change the direction of the conversation.

After paying for their meal.....separately, Kyrian drove them to a bar he liked to frequent. As soon as they walked in he swore every head was on Sunny. He was pissed to the Nth degree since she technically wasn't his and they just had a mini fight. The funny thing about that fight was that passion was rolling off of both of them and he could feel hers like a slap in the face. He just never showed her his feelings like she showed hers. Shaking his head to get out of his thoughts, he snaked his hand around her waist, loving the softness of her curves against him, he guided her to the bar. He tried to send the vibe 'BACK OFF' to every guy in the building.

They ordered drinks and talked for a while about light stuff, avoiding getting into another spat like earlier. Talking to her he realized how much has changed. She wasn't the person that he met a few years back, she was someone better. She was relaxed in her own skin since she didn't have to put fake skin on just to please him. Kyrian admired her because she did try to impress him but then he got kind of sad because he made her feel like she couldn't be herself around him. Kyrian made a vow that he would make sure that she was herself around him. He didn't like the idea of her hiding all of her lovelyness from him.


Sunny was glad that the conversation got lighter with Kyrian but her happiness drained when she saw a redhead walk up behind Kyrian and bite his ear. What the fuck! She was so mad because this girl looked like a fucking Victoria's Secret model. Like she was literally perfect in that she-is-out-of-your-league way. Her red hair was all the way down her back, she had piercing green eyes showing her Irish roots, she was a freaking giant standing at least 6'1, her beautiful long legs made a short girl like Sunny green with envy, and her teeth were perfectly white to top it all off.

The girl gingerly glanced down at Sunny and brushed her off like she was lint on her shirt, "Hey Kyrian. I didn't think I would see you so soon."

"Neither did I." He looked back and forth between the redhead and Sunny.

"Are you going to introduce me to your little friend?" The redhead was really trying to get under Sunny's skin.

"Oh Dani this is Sunny, Sunny this is Dani." Kyrian instantly let go of Sunny's waist remembering he was still holding on to her.

"Nice to meet you." Sunny stuck out her hand but Dani never took it.

The Dani girl only had eyes for Kyrian, "Can I talk to you in private. I have something important to discuss."

Sunny was hoping Kyrian didn't take Dani up on her offer but....oh no he just didn't walk away from Sunny without so much as a pardon me! Ok Sunny knew that she didn't have any chance competing with Dani since she just said a couple of words and she had Kyrian jumping at her offer.

Sighing heavily Sunny plopped on a stool swishing her drink around her cup like she just got stood up.

"Hey there sweetness turn that frown upside down." The bartender said bending over the counter to look Sunny in the eye.

Sunny gave him a tentative smile and sipped her drink. Apparently the bartender didn't get the sign that she didn't want to talk, "You know, I wouldn't have left a beautiful girl like you behind."

Sunny appreciated the compliment, "Thank you."

"My name is Ian. Nice to meet you." He stuck out his hand.

Introducing herself and taking his hand making him stand to his full height, Sunny looked up to see a pair of shimmery brown eyes staring back at her. First off he was tall and Sunny loved her some tall guys. He was probably the same height as Kyrian at 6'3. He looked like one of those skater boys with that grungy Justin Bieber like hair. He had sleeve tattoo sleeves on both of his arms and a hoop lip ring at the far right of his lip. His lashes were too long for a mans face but they looked adorable on him. His hair was pitch black dark that gave him a mysterious look to go with her mysterious looking outfit. He was so cute to her! She just wanted to stuff him in her pocket and drive away. Realizing he said something she immediately blushed, "Excuse me, I'm sorry."

He chuckled a very manly laugh, "I asked was that guy just a friend of yours."

"Oh yeah I guess, sort of. It's a long story." Sunny didn't want to be one of those people who released their feelings to the bartender knowing they don't care.

"Well I have time to listen tomorrow before my shift if you want to talk about it."

He was just soooo cute! "Ok sounds like a plan. I don't know if I'm saying this because I just want some advice or if I just want affirmation that what I'm feeling is right."

Sunny and Ian were having a great talk about everything and nothing. This whole time Kyrian was missing and was nowhere to be found for 32 minutes, not that she was counting. Sunny scanned the room periodically hoping to spot him but she never saw him. The more she talked to Ian, the more she liked him. Ian was working as a bartender part-time to pay off some school loans. It turned out he owned his own garage fixing anything that went 'vroom'. Ian laughed and Sunny wanted to know what was so funny. He said that her name fit her perfectly because she was like the Sunshine for everyones darkness. That touched her heart but it made her think of Kyrian because he would always sing 'You are my Sunshine' to her.

Speaking of the little devil, "Hey Sunny I'm sorry, Dani needed to talk about something. Do you have a ride home?"

"Trying to get rid of me already?" Sunny said jokingly.

"No it's just I have to go do something and I want to make sure you're home safe."

"It's fine, I can take a cab. I'm sure I can-"

"I'll take you home. My shift ends in thirty." Ian offered cutting her off.

Kyrian just noticed his presence, "Do you know him Sunny?"

"No I just met him actually." Sunny wasn't feeling too sure about this after all.

"I'm pretty much harmless, I don't bite...hard" Ian said smiling in Sunny's direction.

"I think I'll be fine Kyrian and I will text or call when I make it home safely."

"Ok I'll be waiting for that call." Sunny didn't miss that he basically insisted that she call him but that was fine because she would call him.


Who is this fuckhead pushing up on his girl? Kyrian didn't like having to leave Sunny like this but Dani and her "little talk" was about her putting naked pictures of herself all over his office. She thought it would turn him on and make him want her but all it did was make him angry. The whole time they talked he had to keep prying her hands off of his body, mainly his dick.

Kyrian left the bar and walked into his office. She didn't just post ten small pictures of herself on his walls, Dani damn near re-painted his office walls with her pictures plastered everywhere. EVERY FUCKING WHERE in his office. She didn't miss one corner. He quickly took them down and tossed them in the shredder. While walking over to his trashbin he saw his computer power light blinking which was odd because he always shut his computer down when he left. He wiggled the mouse and when the screen finally came on, he saw a picture of Dani in one of his shirts sitting on his bed with the shirt wide open leaving nothing to his imagination. Damn her! Wait, when did she take this and how did she get in his house?

Cursing Dani for the umteenth time he changed his background and sped off to his house. His doors were locked so he figured some how she got a key to his house. Kyrian walked in his closet and found a letter that read:

I hope you loved my pictures. I will dream of you tonight, dream of me?!---Dani.

Why do the pretty ones have to be the psycho ones? Taking off his clothes he made a mental note to change his number, change the locks, and try to fire whoever let Dani in his office. He walked the house checking for more surprises while he waited for Sunny's call.


It turned out Ian really wasn't such a bad guy. He kept to his promise and he brought her straight home. She called Kyrian and he sounded a little peeved so she didn't push because she knew he needed time to calm down when he was in one of those moods.

Sunny wasn't the kind of girl to have a one night stand but she was horny. Kyrian was sexy tonight in his black button down and jeans. He still wore that bracelet she got him and he styled his hair just how she always liked it. And Ian wasn't bad looking either. His workers tan looked great on him, he looked like how a hard labor worker should. His black ink tattoos looked great against his tawny skin complexion and the ink made her pussy leak. She decided to invite him inside.

"Are you sure?" Ian being the sweetheart that he was wasn't trying to take advantage of her.

Laughing Sunny said "Ian I had half a drink so I'm not drunk." Not giving him too much time to answer Sunny grabbed his hand and led him to the bed.

She started to strip him and pushed him to the bed when he was completely naked. Sunny slowly took off her shoes and inched her dress up and over her body. She loved to tease! When her dress dropped to the floor she stood in front of Ian letting him drink her in. All she had on were her panties and jewelery. Her 36B breast stood perky in his face as she straddled him licking his lip ring.

Ian shivered under her from the eroticism of that lick on his lip. His hands snaked around holding on to her soft supple hershey chocolate skin. Ian gave attention to her breasts and Sunny dropped her head back at the feeling of his hot wet tongue against her hard sensitive nipples. Her hips grinded on his hardeninng cock creating a friction that was bound to make her cum in any second. Ian had to stop all the teasing. He had to be inside of her now, right now! He literally ripped her underwear off of her and tossed her into the bed all in one motion. He was blinded with lust for this woman right now. Her exotic skin drove him crazy, her twinkling bedroom eyes made his heart go soft but her body made his dick go hard as steel. This woman was tatted on her sides and had a bellyring that shined in the dim light of the room. Her breasts weren't too big or too small, her nipples were very responsive to touch making his blood light on fire. The little straight line of hair on her pussy made his body shake because he loved it when women kept a little hair on their most private area.

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