tagInterracial LoveSomeone I Used To Know Ch. 03

Someone I Used To Know Ch. 03


Sunny woke up with a familiar soreness making her remember her night with Ian. The clock read 9:10 and she had to be at work by 11 so she had enough time and plus she owned the bakery so she could open whenever she wanted. She thought about Kyrian and wondered what had him peeved last night when she called him. She also wondered if he went home with that red head. She needed some advice but she definitely couldn't get advice from a woman about a man, she needed to ask a man. She figured it was time to really have a talk with Kyrian and open up to him and tell him how she really feels about him.

She really needed to clear her head so she brushed her teeth and hopped in the shower. As soon as she lathered her face up with soap her phone started ringing. Sunny rolled her eyes and let it go to voicemail but her phone rang again. She wiped her hands off and ran to catch the phone.

"Hello?" Sunny said a little out of breath.

"Hey Sunny it's Ian. Did you want to meet for breakfast before I start my shift?" Ian asked.

Sunny thought it would be the perfect time to get a guys opinion on her situation, "Of course I would love to. I need your opinion on a situation I'm having."

"Ok I'll send you a message with the details and I'll see you then."

"Alright I'll see you in a few. Bye" Sunny hung up the phone and got back in the shower.

Sunny was waiting at the restaurant that Ian told her about and she was ten minutes early trying to file through everything she wanted to know about how she would bring up the situation to Kyrian. So many things were going through her head and she needed a man's point of view of what was going on. She decided to text Kyrian while she waited for Ian to arrive. They made arrangements for him to pick her up after he got off of work. As she was finishing up her text Ian walked through the door.

"Well good morning beautiful" Ian opened his arms for a hug.

"Good morning" Sunny hugged him back and sat down across from him.

"So about last nig-"

Sunny cut him off, "I will not apologize for last night because I do not regret what we did but I will say that I am not one of those crazy girls. I won't stalk you or anything like that I promise."

"Aw man I like the crazy type." Ian said with a laugh. "But now that's out the way, what did you need my opinion on?"

"Wow right to the point. Ok long story short: that man you saw me with the other night is my ex boyfriend and I am still in love with him. I broke up with him because I wasn't the person he thought I was. Even though it's been three years I still want him but I don't think he wants me back." Sunny told Ian, letting out a long breath.

Ian looked down at his hands for a few seconds because he figured that's what she was going to say but he just was hoping he was wrong. He thought she was a fantastic woman so he was still going to give her some advice. "Well from what I saw last night I think he is still interested in you because he looked very possessive of you when you guys walked in the bar last night."

"I want to know if I was wrong for leaving him the way I did" Sunny all but screamed it at Ian. She explained everything in detail. He listened to everything she had to say. She explained to Ian why she did what she did and how he was too sheltered of a person and that his parents sheltering made him close-minded.

"Well in my opinion both of you are at fault. But also you left him so suddenly and didn't even give him a chance to change. Then again he just let you walk out on him so like I said both of you are at fault. I think you should apologize and see what he has to say about it."

Sunny didn't want to hear that she was wrong but she did want the truth. At least he didn't make her feel bad about what she did. "Thank you so much Ian. I will be meeting him today and I will straighten everything out. But what if he doesn't want me still?"

Ian looked at her like she grew two heads out of her ear, "Seriously Sunny he'll be an idiot if he didn't want you back. By the way he was looking the other night I'm surprised he even let you leave with me."

Laughing a little Sunny said thank you when their food was at the table. Her and Ian had small talk after that, talking about anything that came to mind. But the only thing on Sunny's mind was what Kyrian would say. She wanted him so bad and she just wanted to apologize for the way she left him but she will not apologize for wanting him to loosen up a bit.


Kyrian was so distracted in his office since he would be picking Sunny up in a few. He knew she wanted to talk about their situation but he didn't really want to do that yet. He didn't know what was going to come out his mouth, he didn't want to turn into that asshole that he morphed into when he was around her. Shrugging his shoulders he decided he won't think about the impending talk. Instead he thought about last night and how beautiful she looked. She was so gorgeous to him. As soon as he saw her in that curve hugging dress his cock got hard instantly. Thinking about her in that dress made his cock stir in his pants now. He loved how her beautiful hair framed her face, her bedroom deep brown eyes, her smooth milk chocolate skin against his....oh Lord here goes his cock again.

Damn it seemed like every time he thought about her his heart would melt and his little friend between his legs popped up. Thinking about cute puppies to distract himself. But then he thought about Sunny holding a cute little puppy, their puppy, in her lap with only her underwear on and....there he goes again! He really needs a tangible distraction so he called his friend in.

The four hours passed by entirely too fast and now it was already 6:30 and time for him to pick Sunny up from her house. He shot her a quick call saying he was on his way to pick her up. She sounded a bit distracted when he called her. Lord send him strength because he doesn't have time to be dealing with her surprises. He definitely didn't want a surprise like the one he got three years ago.

While he was driving to Sunny's house his phone started vibrating so he pulled over to see who or what it was. It was his security camera showing Dani slipping into his house. That girl just did not get a hint! He did not want her, they only had sex twice and they only went on one date so he doesn't understand how she would have time to fall for him. This is the shit he didn't have time for. He called up his cop buddy to go over there and get her out before he presses charges on the psycho. He planned on taking Sunny to his house and make dinner for her so they could talk but now his plans are changed. He continued on driving and eventually made it to her place.

He walked up to her door and knocked. When she opened the door he stopped breathing for a second. She was so beautiful. She had on some yoga pants and a tank top on with her hair in a ponytail. It wasn't anything extravagant but she looked so gorgeous and fresh. She looked up at him with those doe eyes of hers and his heart melted to the floor. It took him a few seconds to realize she said something. "Oh huh? Sorry, can you repeat that for me?"

Giving him a confused look, Sunny said "I said you're early I thought we agreed 8?"

Kyrian checked his phone, "No it says here after I get off work at 6."

"Oh ok this is fine, just let me get dressed and we can head out."

"Well I was going to make you dinner but there is a little trouble at my place so do you mind if we go somewhere else?"

"Umm well we can stay here and plus I will feel comfortable talking to you here if that's fine with you" Sunny said looking around nervously.

Narrowing his eyes Kyrian said "O-kay"

Walking to the couch Sunny turned to see if Kyrian followed, "You probably want to know what I want to talk to you about." When she gets nervous she plays with her hair so she took her hair out the ponytail.

"I won't lie I do want to know what you needed to talk about" Kyrian dropped in the seat across from her.

"Well I will get straight to the point. When I- I didn't want to leave you the way I did. I am so sorry that I just up and left you without giving you a chance to even think it through and I-"

Kyrian cut her off, "Look I'm over it I just don't wan-"

"Please don't cut me off Kyrian, just hear me out and then you can tell me how you feel about all of this. Ok? Ok, thank you. When I said I wasn't the good little girl that you used to know I didn't mean that living was all about getting tattoos, drinking and cursing. I meant that I didn't like living a sheltered life when there is so much out there in the world for us to explore. I wanted you to live outside of the box but every time I hinted about doing something out of the ordinary you would immediately turn the other cheek to it. Like do you remember that time when I said I thought we should go to that concert but you didn't want to go because there would be too many loud people around and you don't like being around people like them? Or when you took me to that fancy restaurant and I thanked the chef for the wonderful dinner but when he walked away you scolded me because a chef isn't a real career or job. You hurt my heart because deep down that is who I wanted to be. I wanted to cook for people for the rest of my life and seeing you look down your nose at his profession broke my heart." At this point she had tears running down her cheek.

Reaching over to wipe her tears Kyrian said "Look sweetie I am so sorry I made you feel that way but why didn't you ever at least try to talk to me about it? You didn't even give me a chance."

"Would you have really changed Kyrian? Huh? Knowing you, you wouldn't have even given it a try. You would have told your parents how I'm losing my mind and need to get back on the right track of life and you know you would have. You are a my-way-or-the-highway type of person and we both know it!"

Feeling his anger creep up he pushed the chair back with his knees and stood up in a flash looking down at Sunny. "How would you know? You didn't even try. I see how much faith you had in me. I would have done anything for you, I would of even moved with you if that's what made you happy. Sunny I- I loved you with all my heart and it hurts to know that you didn't even think twice about talking to me about it! You constantly go around talking about communication. Ha communication my ass, you don't even take your own fucking advice! How dare you try to make it seem like I was the only one in the wrong when you did everything behind my back!" Kyrian was fuming. He was positive if he looked in the mirror he would see steam coming out of his ears.

Sunny looked up at him with wide eyes then stood up herself. Her being only five feet to his 6'3 she should have stayed sitting down. Her anger was at the edge too, "Don't get loud with me Kyrian Moore! If you would have let me finish talking I would have gotten to the part where I apologized for not giving you a chance. And it's not that I didn't have faith in you it's just I already had my plans made out and there was no reason for me to give you one month to get used to the changes. I reall-"

Cutting her off again Kyrian got closer to her and stared down at her. "Oh so you're making all the calls now huh? Once again you have a little problem with communication. One day would have been all I needed! You made all these plans behind my back while all that time you could have been talking to me instead of drifting away from me, instead of leaving me in the dark thinking things were fine when in reality my relationship was fake and a piece of shit."

"Fake? Fake! You think our relationship was fake!?"

"Sunny don't go putting words in my mouth, you know exactly how I meant it"

Sunny was fired up on the inside, her blood was boiling so she gave him a little shove which made him stumble back a few steps. Kyrian was shocked because she has never done anything like that ever, not even to someone she disliked. "So you want to push people huh?" Kyrian grabbed both of her arms and walked her to the wall with her hands over her head. That action made her breasts bounce and her tank top rise showing her toned flat stomach. This was not the time to be getting a hard-on.

Sunny started to wiggle under him. "Let. Me. Go. NOW Kyrian." She gritted each word.

Kyrian looked down at her with a smug smile "Make me"

She wiggled some more then kicked her leg out but he dodged her. Kyrian pushed his body against hers and ducked his head to barely an inch away from her lips "I will let you go as soon as you promise-"

His words were cut off by a kiss from Sunny. Her lips were softer and thicker than he remembered. Her smell intoxicated him. Her soft body molded to his drove him wild. He returned the kiss. Their tentative kissed turned into one of anger but more than that it was passion for one another. He dropped his hands to hold on to her slim waist. Her hands flew to his lean back. He roughly pulled her closer to him by gripping her ass. She sucked his lip into her mouth and that always pushed him over the edge. He grabbed her ass in both hands and picked her up. Sunny's legs instinctively wrapped around his waist as they continued to ravish each others mouths. Kyrian tried to walk to her bedroom but bumped her into the wall forcing his cock to grind on her mound. He was getting hotter by the second and she had her lips and tongue all over his mouth, neck and ears. Sunny dropped her legs and he let her go. She pushed him down and he fell backwards on the couch. She climbed on him then returned her mouth to his darting her tongue in and out of his while grinding on his pant covered raging cock.

Kyrian tugged at her shirt bringing it over her head to toss it to the side. He undid her bra and she let it drop to the floor. He latched on to one nipple while fondling the other breast with his hand. He licked and tugged at her hard nipple flicking it back and forth with his tongue. He moved to the other nipple as Sunny moaned in his ear.

Abruptly Sunny got up and pushed her pants down and threw them at him lying on the couch. She then turned on her heel and walked to the bedroom. Kyrian got the clue and pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor. He got up to follow her when he saw her drop her panties on the floor. He hurriedly undid his belt and his buttons on his pants. He stumbled a little bit staring at her luscious ass swaying in front of him. His pants and underwear were off in a flash and his cock was hard and aching to get in her sweet cunt for the first time in three years. He walked in the room but he didn't see her. He was about to check another room when he saw he close the door and drop to her knees. She immediately took his cock in her mouth. Her small warm hand was wrapped around the base of his cock while her mouth was wrapped around the head. Her mouth was doing wonders on him and he was already close to cumming. He grabbed a handful of her hair and caressed her face. He took her chin and tipped it back helping her get to her feet. She had the cutest pout on her face. She stuck her finger in her pussy and put it in front of his face to show him how wet she was for him. She was so naughty and she was very wet for him. She lightly tapped her finger on his bottom lip and then stuck it in her mouth and licked her finger clean.

Kyrian picked her up and put her high against the wall with her cunt in his face. He dove into her sweet cunt and started to lick up her slit. He sucked her lips in his mouth with his nose running against her sweet button. Sunny's hands were buried in his hair moaning and screaming his name. Her moans were spurring him on so he took her hard little clit in his mouth sucking hard on it. Sunny was trying to keep her balance on the wall and on his shoulders. She was going over the edge. She could feel that rush go through her and her breath was quickening. Kyrian could feel her shaking and started licking faster. Within seconds she came all over him. She slumped over his shoulder and he carried her to the bed.

"I'm not done with you yet Sunshine." Kyrian said straddling her petite frame. Sunny wrapped her legs around his waist and they began to kiss again. Her tongue twirling with his in his. He loves that she is being a little minx in bed. He has never been like this with her. Bringing him out of his thoughts she sucked on his neck drawing a moan out of him. Kyrian pushed her legs open and guided his raging cock into her waiting treasure. She was so silky and hot. She fit him like a glove. He started to pump in her getting into a rhythm. He grabbed her hips as she twisted her nipples giving him a nice show. He started pounding in her watching her tits bounce and jiggle from the force. He needed to feel her ass slapping against his thighs. He took her by the ankle and flipped her over bringing her ass in the air. He filled her cunt back up with his cock making them both gasp at the feeling. Kyrian started jackhammering her from behind loving the feel of her soft ass being pushed back on his thighs and his sac slapping against her clit. He smacked her ass then massaged the pain away making her coo every time he did. He looked down and, he doesn't care what anybody says but looking at the contrast of their skin is very overwhelming and the love he has for her is immense. He felt the tightening of his sac and that feeling he got in his stomach and he sped up his pace. Sunny was cumming under him and her walls were contracting around his shaft. He came with a loud grunt still pumping into her. He reluctantly pulled out and pulled her into his arms as they both lay there trying to catch their breath.

An hour went by when someone decided to talk. It was Sunny who started.


Sunny never witnessed Kyrian losing control like that ever. She figured she liked that side of him. He was so carnal and sexy not even worrying trying to be a gentleman in bed. Because let's be honest, who wants a gentleman in bed? No one does. Women want a carnal mad with no inhibitions in their bed. When her and Kyrian were dating three years ago, the sex was good but damn he has definitely been holding out on her. And to think THIS is what she has been missing. She was never going to be with another man. Ever. Kyrian was it for her and she knew it at the bottom of her heart.

She decided she should start talking "Look Kyrian I know I was wrong and I apologize. I should not have done what I did and I apologize for not having faith in you. What I want to know is." She stopped to look in his eyes.

"Is?" Kyrian encouraged.

"I want to know if you want to give this relationship another try. I promise I will communicate with you and I won't make decisions for us we will make decisions for us. Just please give me another chance."

"Sunny, listen." Kyrian said exasperated.

Sunny had a small little frown on her face and a tear was threatening to fall. "It, it's ok I understand"

Kyrian framed her face with his hands and looked deep into her eyes, "Sunny I don't want to go another day without you."

Sunny smiled up at him and playfully hit him on the arm laughing, "I forgot about your wicked sense of humor." She gave him a kiss that she hoped showed all the love she had for him. She knew this wouldn't be easy especially since they had to get reacquainted but she was willing to go through it all over again.

Sunny heard something ringing and she lifted her head. It didn't sound like her phone so she got up to see if Cara came home while her and Kyrian were....busy. She made it to her living room and saw Kyrian's pants on the floor and that's where the sound was coming from. She called for Kyrian to come get his phone.


"Kyrian? Kyrian your phone is ringing." He heard Sunny calling after him.

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