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Someone Other Than Her Husband


An account about a happily married woman's need for extra curricular sex, with almost anyone.

In this rather long piece, that I toyed about turning into several parts, I am introducing you to a new character. Kim is not real, but she is based on a combination of some women I have known.

From reading about her, I hope you get to know and like her as much as I have from writing this account.


Chapter 1

It had been over twenty years since her breasts had been touched like this. Over half her life since she'd been naked in such a position. It was more than two decades since she'd held a cock this way. Yes, it was such a long time since she'd been fucked by anyone other than her husband.

In fact, up until recently, Kim had only had full sex with three men in her entire forty two years; two of those being boy friends she'd had before meeting her husband Mark.

For most of her marriage she'd looked on that as an achievement, something to be proud about. Such feelings, however, changed about a year ago. Why? Was it boredom? Was she seeking a sort of freedom? Did she just want more excitement in her life? Was it a need for the experience, perhaps a feeling that if she didn't do it soon she would be too old? Or was it just a latent need that had lain dormant in her for all her adult life? Was it almost like taking up a new hobby now that her two children, aged twenty and eighteen, were largely off her hands

She didn't know for sure. Perhaps a little of each.

What she did know was that it did not mean she didn't love Mark or that she wanted to leave him. It also didn't mean she was seeking love or a new life. She was happy in her present one, but just needed something else.

Fucking new men in her life had become that something else.

Chapter 2

Kim wasn't beautiful, but she was striking. She inherited her natural slimness from her father and her mane of jet-black hair that came down to her shoulders, from her mother. Where her high cheekbones, pert nose and slightly slit, green, eyes came from was anyone's guess. Her lips were on the thin side and her nostrils were just a little too flared for her face to be beautiful, but it was certainly attractive.

She had always looked after her body. Since her schooldays she'd always been involved in some form of exercise or sport with tennis being her chosen one for the past few years. She was lucky that she didn't put weight on easily and after the kids had been born she'd been very serious about her post natal exercises.

She had met Mark when she was only eighteen and they were married within two years. Their marriage was good, not great, but on the whole it worked. They were very good mates even if they weren't really the greatest lovers. If pushed both would admit that bells didn't ring for them when their partner entered the room and each of them knew that they could just as easily be with someone else. Kim put her feelings down to her being very honest and self-aware; Mark ascribed his to being a man. Neither was really convinced that love exists and both were convinced that people talk themselves into pretending they love each other only to find after a few years just what a load of BS that really is. Hence the high and increasing divorce rate.

Having said all that, they had never talked about breaking up. Nothing had come between them that was that serious and neither had done anything to the other that had caused a major rift. They both thought that their relationship was just about as good as most peoples.

They lived in a London suburb in a four bed-roomed Victorian house. They both loved it and they lavished thought, planning, time and money on restoring it and bringing it back to its original glory. They had just about done that.

Mark was in advertising and was doing well. They were ok for money both from what he earned and from a couple of inheritances, so there were no real problems in their life. The kids were good, with James in his second year at university and Sammi just about to go to college. Mark managed four agencies in Europe, so as well as the long hours he was away quite frequently, but that and the hours had never bothered Kim for that gave her time to herself and she valued that greatly.

Kim put part of the reason for her "new life" down to having gone back to work, albeit only part time. It was there that she'd met Kendal, had drinks first then lunch and then dinner with him. She knew she was treading on thin ice. They both were for he was married as well. They frequently saw each other, they chatted and, there was no other word for it, they flirted, something that neither was very experienced or, indeed, very good at.

It was a classic office affair. Two people away from their partners attracted to each other. The build up was so typical, coffees moving onto drinks escalating to lunch, all possibly innocent. But then the big move, the heavy stuff, dinner. That meant lying to partners, the thin end of the wedge, making excuses and making sure when you got home there was no tell tale smell of perfume or aftershave.

In some ways the lying, the excuses and the clear deceiving of the partner is a bigger step than the almost inevitable next one, climbing into bed. It took Kim and Kendal exactly four weeks from being introduced to having sex, one month to get to know each other well enough to go to bed together, twenty eight days from shaking hands to fucking.

It didn't last long.

Office "romances" seem to break into three categories. Long term affairs that just go on endlessly, serious shit where the couple ditch their partners and quickies where the couple have a few shags and find the sex just isn't worth all the guilt, lies and cheating. Kim's was very much in the latter category.

It was after the first time they went to dinner that they kissed, properly that is for he had pecked her on the cheek a couple of times. They lived in different directions from the central London offices they worked in, so they said good night between the restaurant and the tube station. Well they actually said goodnight in a dark little alleyway just off Chancery Lane, to be precise it was in the doorway of number sixteen Bell Street.

Had Kim have given such things much thought beforehand, she might have assumed that being in another man's arms would have worried her a little; it didn't. She could well have felt that being pulled against the body of a man other than her husband might have surprised her; it didn't. And she would surely have believed that being kissed, open mouthed and lip squirmingly by a man she hardly knew would have shocked; it didn't.

On top of that, when she got home and Mark asked, "If she'd had a nice time with the girls from the office," she felt hardly any guilt and no remorse.

The next week one of the girls from the office was having birthday drinks. At Kendal's suggestion, they both added on "and dinner" to the drinks for their partners.

It was after the dinner that Kendal suggested they go back to the office, "for a nightcap." He was quite senior and had his own keys. It was in his office, on the green, leather Chesterfield that, for the first time since she was in her teens, a man other than Mark cupped her breast. That a man other than Mark squeezed and caressed her boob. That a man other than Mark undid a button or two on her blouse and slid his hand inside. And that a man other than Mark eased her tit out of her bra, pinched her nipples and stroked the smooth flesh of her breast.

"God I so want you," he whispered, gently squeezing her breast.

Kim had already let her hand fall onto his thigh. She slid it up until the side of it pressed against his bulge. She ran her hand further upwards and felt the outline of his erection through the thin wool of his trousers.

Although little of what had gone on with Kendal had surprised her so far, the words she heard coming from her in reply did.

"Not here though, not now."

"Where then and when?"

"A hotel perhaps?"

"Yes. That would be perfect," he breathed. "When Kim, when could we do that?"

"Up to you really Kendall, you're the one with the busy diary."

"You mean an afternoon I take it."

Kim smiled at him as she replied.

"Afternoon, evening, both?"

Kendal pulled his computer cum phone and everything else from his pocket and said.

"I know this sound a bit in yer face, but how about the day after tomorrow, Thursday."

Kim smiled. "That would be fine Kendal," she said, as she shrugged her small but nice tits back into her bra.

Chapter 3

So that had been the start. The beginning of Kim's new life. Lunch in the West End hotel restaurant, the lift up to the room Kendal had booked and sex for the rest of the afternoon. She was home by six, which was well before Mark got back so she didn't even have to make an excuse.

Oddly, she felt no guilt, well not much. She was able, almost to put her "affair" with Kendall out of her mind. She had that knack of only feeling the need to think about a situation or a problem when it was absolutely necessary. So Kendall and her, only really came into her mind when they were together.

She had been a little nervous getting ready for the big date. Choosing what to wear to be undressed in hadn't been a concern of hers for such a long time. Luckily the weather was quite warm and her legs were still tanned from her holiday, so she didn't have to confront the tights or stockings issue.

It was quite a posh hotel so she decided to wear a smart, black silk blouse and a white pencil skirt with a pink, cashmere cardigan that she wore draped over her shoulders. Her problem, she realised, fortunately the day before the liaison, was underwear. As a long married mother of two that didn't play around and nearly always only had sex with her husband in their marital bed, she had no need for sexy underwear. Although she knew that Kendal would need little encouragement and certainly no seducing, she felt that as lover, she should be appropriately attired, and that meant sexy lingerie. Luckily she had time to pop to a shopping centre just a few miles down the road and had a surprisingly exciting time selecting a couple of bra and panty sets. It was more the thought that she was selecting underwear that a man would most likely take off her body that made for most of the excitement. Although the fact that she was purposefully buying lingerie to impress and titillate another man than her husband and that that man would then fuck her, did add to her tingling arousal as the girl in the shop wrapped them up for Kim.

The whole day was a completely new experience and a major turn on for her. From getting up in the morning with the thought, " today I'm going to commit adultery", to going to bed with Mark knowing that she had, twice. Getting ready, slipping into her especially purchased new knickers and bra, doing her nails and trimming her pubes, were all, for a change, thrilling actions. She applied just the lightest of make ups and hardly any perfume excited as, she thought to herself, "I'm already thinking like a mistress."

She was nervous all the way on the tube to the Mayfair area of Central London. She was even more so as she walked into the five star hotel desperately looking for directions to the bar that Kendal had said was off to the left from the reception.

There was a strain between them after he had kissed her cheek and as as they had a drink and looked at the menus; they were both tense and anxious.

It was almost as new an experience for Kendal as it was for Kim. He was not a serial adulterer, just a typical man that likes a bit on the side now and then and how many of them can look the relative gift horse in the mouth that Kim represented.

The meal, though lovely and horrendously expensive, hardly registered with either of them. They talked a lot, but said nothing and certainly wouldn't have given an eavesdropper any indication of why they were there and what they were shortly going to do. The second bottle of Chablis, between the main course and dessert was the ice breaker. That relaxed them a bit and prompted Kendal to slide his hand across the table and rest it on the back of Kim's.

"Nice meal Kim?"

"Lovely thanks, my lamb was great."

"You are sure about this aren't you?" He asked considerately as he held her hand.

"Yes Kendal, yes I am, it's fine," Kim replied, hesitantly.

In the lift up to the tenth floor Kendal kissed her and squeezed her breast.

"I've wanted to do that since the moment you walked into the bar," he muttered as they left the lift and walked down the corridor to their room.

Later, when looking back on the first breaking of her marriage vows, Kim concluded that it wasn't actually the sex with Kendal that was the prime excitement. It was the buzz she got. The buzz from doing something she probably shouldn't, from almost being anonymous, she wasn't Kim the wife and mum, but Kim the lover. It was having illicit sex, not the sex itself that made her feel so good. And, of course, it was having sex in a London hotel in the afternoon that made it so deliciously wanton and thrilling for her.

That's not to say of course that when they kissed in the bedroom and Kendal immediately cupped her breasts, quickly undid her blouse and then pulled her onto the king sized bed it didn't excite her. Equally that when they rolled around on the bed struggling his shirt off and removing her bra it would be ridiculous to claim she didn't get aroused. Similarly when his hand went up her skirt rolling it up and up until it was bunched round her waist, making her so pleased she'd bought the sexy undies, she of course was thrilled.

When she was naked she found yet another oddity with this sort of affair. She was more excited at the fact that she was nude and that she'd let a man other than her husband strip her, than she was by his caressing of her breasts, sucking of her nipples or rubbing of her clitoris. Her first orgasm from another man for over twenty years exploded over her when Kendal slid his fingers into her as she held and stroked his cock firstly outside, but then, as the sensations grew, inside his tight boxers.

It was a good orgasm, one that built up slowly, exploded suddenly and then subsided gradually as she clung to him pulling his cock from his pants.

He had a nice cock, she concluded, even though she had little experience of others to base that on. It felt nice in her hands, it responded to her stroking and when he pressed it against her stomach, it sent tremors through her. There were even more tremors when Kendal slid himself between her legs that she invitingly opened for him and even more when the tip of his erection snuggled up to her soaking lips. She knew that just a slight surge of his hips would mean that she was committing adultery, breaking her marriage vows and being fucked by a man other than her husband for the first time in over twenty years.

It was just as well he remembered, for she wouldn't have even thought about him wearing a condom; she hadn't even seen one let alone had sex with a man wearing one for such a long time.

The actual fuck was fine. It was ok. It certainly wasn't any worse than most she had with Mark, but then it also wasn't any better. The main issue was that it was different. It was wrong, wanton, illicit, done in the afternoon in a hotel room and most significantly, it was another man doing it to her. And that made that fuck one of the most exciting and memorable Kim had ever experienced.

Chapter 4

It was a remarkable feeling lying naked beside Mark just a few hours after she'd had sex two times that afternoon. It was not the memories of Kendal shagging her from behind as she knelt naked in the middle of the bed, but more the feeling of "empowerment" and the sense of freedom she felt. Sure, she'd gained substantial sexual pleasure from her afternoon, but that was more emotional than physical, she realised. The satisfaction was more between her ears than between her legs.

Kim had gone back to work as a trainer specialising in giving courses on grooming and presentation, mainly to sales people. She had joined a small consultancy the owner of which she and Mark knew quite well. The consultancy used numerous freelance trainers such as Kim to handle some of the larger projects. This meant that she didn't work full time, just when needed. It also meant that she traveled around quite a bit, mainly in and around Greater London, but as Peter, the owner had told her. "There will from time to time be overnights in hotels or conference centres."

It wasn't long after that afternoon in the hotel that Kim's training for the business that Kendal worked for ended. With that, came the end of her affair with him. There was no row , no falling out and no acrimony. It just ended, fizzled out, they just drifted apart, when it became less easy to arrange their liaisons, it hardly seemed worth the effort.

For several months, Kim reverted to her usual roles of, mother, wife, housekeeper and now part time worker. She was able to as good as forget about the affair; it was almost as if she had seen it in a film or read about it in a book and not been the star character in a real life drama.

As winter set in she started feeling depressed; as October gave way to November the prospect of the long, damp months ahead always made her feel that way. She also, though, started becoming restless, she was bored and fed up. Mark had been away quite a lot, she saw nothing of the kids and there had been little training work for her.

Kim had been looking out for a flat to buy. Her and Mark's idea was to rent it out until the children were old enough and needed a place to live, hopefully sharing it. The manager of the estate agents in a town a few miles from where they lived, a cheaper area for property prices, was James and he was handling the search for her. He was smooth, well-dressed, sophisticated, seemingly intelligent, utterly charming and fantastic in bed. It took her some time to find that out, for the first few of times she had sex with him there was no bed.

They had been viewing yet another property, probably the tenth they had visited together. It was late afternoon, it was raining and it was chilly. They were standing in the narrow hallway facing each other. They could both feel something, there was chemistry between them that James was familiar with, but which Kim was wary about.

"Is it just me feeling like that?" She'd asked herself several times as feelings of sexual desire swept through when she was with him.

"It isn't that big," he was explaining about the two bed-roomed flat, "but it is adequate."

James often had flings. Late forties, divorced, no kids to worry about, financially very well off and seemingly perpetually horny, why shouldn't he? He reconciled.

His job brought him into contact with quite a few women. There were those who handled much of the viewing and those who showed prospective purchasers around properties that were for sale. He also met many from other estate agencies and mortgage brokers. To him they were all fair game.

Smiling and moving just a few inches nearer to Kim he said.

"It would actually make a perfect little love nest, wouldn't it Kim?"

It was a classic seduction technique, get the conversation onto an intimate level.

Kim was surprised, but kept her cool.

"I wouldn't know James, I've never seen one."

"Actually we get quite a few projects to find flats, for rent usually, that the missus mustn't know about."


"Yes, it seems flings, lovers and mistresses are all the rage at the moment."

"Amazing, I wonder why?"

"Because," James said his voice quietening and thickening, "women have more freedom and choice nowadays, I reckon."

"And you think they express that by having affairs?" She asked, her heart starting to pound as she realised that he was partly describing her.

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