tagNovels and NovellasSomething Else Ch. 11-12

Something Else Ch. 11-12


Jake Freemon - Main character

Gen - Jakes first Jinn

Jinn - What the genies are called

Tommy Sinclair - Friend of Jake's and fellow worker

Mary - Boss's daughter

Juno - Jakes big Boss and Mary's Father

Jinn Council - Council of major Jinns

Yasmen - Gen's mother

Doctor - the Jinn doctor

Rasmir - Gen's father

Rosalinda -Jake's second Jinn --Once called Dreama

Rashala - Gen's niece and Jake's 3rd Jinn

Tankena - evil brother of Rasmir

Sheeka - former evil female Jinn Jake's 4th Jinn

Inger - Mary's Jinn, Akeesha's lover

Akeesha - Sheeka's twin sister

Rita - older female and one of Juno's sisters

Tina - Rita's daughter

Trully - second Jinn doc Rasmir's little sister

Nyrae - Juno's powerful Jinn

Nuha - Leader of Deadly Trio

Abla - sister of Nuha member of Deadly trio

Fatin - sister of Nuha third member of trio

Tyrin - neighbor of Nyrae's parents

Aahil - one of the twin Jinn princes

Aalee - other twin Jinn prince

Amira - Jinn Princess sister of twins

Al-Mazhab - King of the Jinns

Qistina - Ex Queen of the Jinns, the Leader

Marie - Juno's ex-wife

Kasha - Elite Jinn friend of Rashala, Marie's Jinn

Zahra - evil elite Jinn working with Marie


Nuha was lying back on a luxurious chair as were her sisters. They had all decided to take it easy, each of them healing after all that had transpired with the battle. Nuha cursed inside she'd almost lost her precious sister Abla because of the Ever Last Master Jake. Then there was that bitch of the ex Queen Qistina.

Looking over at both her sisters, Nuha knew they had to hide for a while not because so many of the dark army was gone, but due to their need to heal and plan. Still the longer she sat there the more furious she became. For the last few days an idea had been forming, an idea to finally rid both dimensions of that bastard Master Jake!

Abla lying on another luxurious chair soon recognized the look that was starting to form on Nuha's face. Damn it! They had lost twice against the Ever Last Master Not only their lives and powers also their very souls had nearly been destroyed! Sighing she loved her sisters but Nuha was going to get them killed!

Nuha felt a prickling on the back of her neck as her head snapped around to stare into the eyes of Abla. "Not to worry my dear sister if we do anything I am going to make sure that we don't fail again. Almost losing you was more than enough to shake me to the core."

"I am not wanting to fight you Nuha, I am just afraid that this time we took on too much. With as many as he had I can't think of a way we could defeat him let alone get close." Abla replied.

Fatin turned toward Nuha as she also spoke up, "I am afraid I agree sister. There was way more power than I have ever felt since the war. Don't you think it might be time to sit this one out?"

Nuha's mouth dropped open, were her sisters actually afraid? Looking closer at them she had to shake her head yes, she could see that perhaps they were! "Are you telling me that you wish to sully our reputation?" She replied to them both.

"Sister you are extremely smart but even you can see that there is no way we can defeat him or them!" Then Abla was looking hard at Nuha. "Your thinking of using sex to get close to him again aren't you?" Abla could only shake her head. Was her sister losing her mind? There was no way any of them could resist the sexual draw of that human male!

"As I said I will not make a move 'til I have a plan that won't get any of us killed. Besides..." Nuha started.

Suddenly a voice was assailing their ears. "I do not mean to interrupt you sisters. My mistress wishes to have a word with you."

Nuha looked around then nodded. "Hello Zahra you bitch! Here to try and get us killed again? I don't think so. If you actually have a mistress then I am not that certain I wish to be near her. After all anyone who can command you, has a far reaching intelligence that matches my own. So no thank you to whatever plans she or you may have."

"You think so little of me Nuha? I was stopped as you were back then. I am not stupid; I recognized that the war was a lost effort as I saw what you and your sisters did." Zahra replied.

"It is no secret how much you hate everyone including Jinn kind. As I said no thank you, now go away bitch you're spoiling a decent day." Nuha said as she brushed Zahra off.

There was a moment as Zahra was talking to another then she said, "Even if your powers were increased?"

Nuha started to laugh, "I have the dark magic infused within me. I doubt that it could be increased. Besides at the moment we are looking for another that owes all three of us."

"Ah! You are still seeking Tankena. My mistress says he could be there with you with a wish." Zahra said a sly smile creeping onto her features.

"Ha! As if! You haven't the power. Tankena's power has increased ten-fold since you last saw him. All three of us find it striking in him though we have him with the promise he made. That is, as soon as we catch him!"

With a soft chuckle Zahra nodded, she had an edge after all. "Well I was offering good luck finding him this time." With that she started to go when Abla sat up.

"You were offering what? As I remember the last time you left all three of us to die. Had it not been for Nuha we would have been. As Nuha said you are not to be trusted EVER! So please go the hell away!" Alba told her.

Zahra was surprised that the weakest of the three had the most conviction against her! Damn she was going to have to find another way to draw them in. Nodding again she vanished wincing knowing her mistress wouldn't be happy. Then again she was a brilliant human she might have an idea that would work.


Tankena breathed a sigh of relief after he'd tentatively reached out feeling there were no magic users near. Settling in, he reduced all his power to as low as he could go. Ha! Now let any of those bitches find him! One he could handle maybe even two, though with Nuha and the dark magic she commanded he wasn't that sure.

A small orb was nearby as he grabbed it and lay down. God he was tired building his powers all these years had been exhausting. With any luck they'd stop looking after a few hundred years. Shaking his head he knew better those damn bitches never gave up.

He'd just settled in when a small orb popped in. Settling in front of him he made no move, these things were always movement activated. Then a face appeared in it a face he knew all too well. Zahra! What in the hell did that evil bitch want?

"Tankena, I know you are here. I have these orbs at all the places you would hide. You are rather predictable, though I am not here for anything of much consequence. My mistress would like your help. Come now Tankena you're not still mad about that are you? Send an answer as I have been instructed to keep this up 'til you answer." Zahra's voice stated then the orb went dark.

Tankena silently cursed she had him for the moment as soon as he left she'd be right on his trail. Even destroying the orb would do no good. Even he wasn't that fast! Thinking an idea came to him as he reached out. Nodding, he soon felt the other orbs she had at other locations.

Smiling, he slowly started to send out energy to several of the others places. Slowly he brought his hands together as at least ten of her other orbs exploded. Immediately the orb in the next room winked out as he did. I have to find a new place he thought.

Zahra cursed as ten of her orbs were destroyed damn an old trick! Waving her hand she detected where Tankena had been, trying to follow him she was surprised when she felt that his power was three times higher than she remembered. Interesting it was almost as high as hers! An evil smile lit up her face as she nodded so he was a match for her now, good! It would be delicious when she broke him beneath her as she took him in sex!


Jake watched the orb as he tried to measure what all his enemies were up to. It had taken all of the Jinns concentration to create it though seeing what Marie and Zahra were up to was still hard to see. Obviously Zahra had a hell of a lot more power than they at first had thought.

So Jake thought Marie it seemed was still trying to get over on all of them. Strange though she was no longer after Juno, he had been her main hatred for so long. Shaking his head he had to smile at the responses Zahra had gotten from the trio and Tankena. Actually it had been almost comical, if the situation wasn't as dangerous as it was.

Turning back into the room Jake watched as the doctor finished examining the latest one hundred that had appeared. This was after he had impregnated Rashala/Dreama, had Mary drawing his seed down her throat plus the others pleasuring each other. The Doctor nodded after he finished the last.

Jake had found that he could now do more than two at once. Looking at the first ten, then the next twenty he nodded as they all looked shocked then sat up. He'd done almost all of them when he got to the last eight. Shaking his head he explained the deal, they sighed as they like those before them only railed against him and the human race. Only nodding Jake looked at them sadly, "I hope that all of you can one day find a peace. Two powers, now be gone!"

All of the eight started to protest including a child whose face suddenly twisted into a mask of rage. "You will regret you didn't kill me Ever Last Bastard!"

"I only regret that you are as evil as you are, and that I cannot make you better. Please be gone!" Jake sadly said.

"Please? What a pathetic waste! You..." Them the raging youth was gone.

["You cannot save them all father,"] a voice told Jake.

"I know though I thought that if I gave them reasons they couldn't refute then I'd have a chance." Jake replied.

["I see your point father, as I am about to actually see you!"] The voice responded.

Jake did a double take as he stared at Sheeka. Sheeka nodded as she lay down. Even as Jake watched Sheeka's legs spread as a small head appeared between her vaginal lips. Then without pain the child came all the way out. "Hello father it is good to finally be here. Mother I must rest." With that the baby lay next to Sheeka and slept.

A wide beaming look of pride on her face Sheeka waited. "We have made a beautiful child Sheeka." Jake said causing Sheeka to smile wider before she too closed her eyes to sleep.

Turning Jake saw that the Doctor was still there staring at not only the child but Sheeka also. "I do believe that I have witnessed the start of a new age for the Jinn people as well as the human world." Bowing to Jake he continued, "I am more than honored that I was a part of all of this. I am also grateful that I now have the female jinn of my dreams. All this is due to you Master Jake."

Jake nodded then watched as Doctor Hiram started to check over first the baby then quickly started to go over Sheeka. Finally an hour later the Doctor stood walking back to Jake. "Are they well Doc? I was so afraid that something might happen that would put one or the other of them in danger."

The Doctor slowly nodded his head then told Jake. "From everything I have seen both of them are healthy. I have found nothing wrong with either of them. Although I am afraid that Sheeka will need a day of rest at the very least, before she is at full power again."

Jake let out the breath that he'd been holding all of his fears being put to rest. Looking at Sheeka he felt the pride within him swell then he looked at his other Jinns. If Sheeka had delivered already how far behind would the others be? "Uh Doc," Jake started? "If Sheeka ... then the others ... uh how soon?"

The Doctor smiled at the amount of confused joy he was seeing on Master Jake's face. Thinking a moment he wondered if he was going to be the same when Trully delivered. Shaking his head he thought no, I am a Doctor I am used to this, surely I will be different.

"I'm not really sure if I can give you a time Master Jake. Having your Jinns in the human world has caused the maturation of the babies to develop far faster. At least half the time it would if they were in the Jinn dimension most of the time. Looking at Rashala, then Gen, then at Amira, and then finally Nyrae who'd appeared a few moments earlier after the birth, the doctor studied them.

Shaking his head the Doctor's eyes were suddenly huge. Staring at Nyrae he nodded yes, he was sure of it. "What's wrong Doc is there a problem with one of the babies?" Jake asked starting to get a little worried.

The Doctor shook his head then looked at Jake. "It appears that Nyrae will deliver in the next day or so. Rashala shouldn't be more than a week behind." This brought a shocked look upon Rashala's face then a wide smile as she caressed her stomach.

"I cannot wait for her to be here." Rashala said as she gently kissed Jake sending tremors through her body and his.

"Neither can I," Nyrae said behind Jake as she turned him and locked her arms around him. "As I said before I have feelings for another that I will never be able to act upon. Though I am not your Jinn I find that I have also developed feelings for you. After all you are the father, how could I not?"

["I am so happy mother that you have finally stopped fighting it,"]came the voice of her unborn.

"Yes little one, I have. When we all thought he was gone I felt so lost as I felt you did also." Looking directly into Jake's eyes she stated as serious as he'd ever seen her do. "I never wish to feel that again Master Jake. Please try not to do that again please?"

"Within a week after that I feel Amira's baby will arrive, followed a month later by Gen's. Hers is the fastest growing I see as she has been here almost as long as Nyrae.

Rosalinda's should be here a month after that perhaps a few weeks more. As I said it is difficult especially as far away the last two are to delivering."

Jake was nodding the whole time then sat with a thud. Only two months! Five magical babies, but how could they all be here in so short of a time. Then Jake's head snapped up as he stared at the Doctor. "Wait you mean to tell me that it only takes four months for a Jinn baby to be born?" Jake asked astonished.

"Well no, actually in our dimension it takes almost a year. With the babies being part of you it would only take five and a half months about half the time. With your Jinns here in the human world mostly, that time is cut even more as it takes two to two and a half months. You have to realize Master Jake I am only guessing as this is the only time that this has ever happened."

Jake looked at Hiram with an astonished look, "guessing; really, Doctor? That is so unlike you."

The Doctor could only smile at Master Jake. "You have to understand Master Jake, everything about you is unknown. There is no way to truly tell just how your body will affect things and uh ... females in the Jinn dimension. Though as I have been told you are irresistible to ALL female Jinns." leaning close he whispered to Jake. "Be careful Master Jake there may be one that may try to take advantage of that!"

Throwing up his arms Jake thought great, first a target for death, now a target for sex! Great what else wasCHAPTER 11

When Mrs Williams gave Martin a lift out to pick up his car, David made sure he was out on the property. He didn't drop in during the week and he spent the next few days dreading the ring of the phone. It was Friday morning by the time it did.

I'm hearing a deathly silence. Is everything okay?

Yup. Busy is all.

Ah. A pause. Has your hay arrived?

Yep, yep. Shed's full now.

Okay. Another pause. David?

Still here.

You don't want me to come out tonight, do you.

He exhaled a breath through his nose. Yeah, I'm not really—

Tell me something David. When you were looking for my puffer last weekend...do you want to tell me where you found it?

David inhaled and exhaled a few times. He was desperate to hang up.


In your bedside drawer.

I see.

Another long silence.

Then we need to talk. I'll come out this evening.

I don't—I don't want to talk about it. I'm still a bit...shocked.

This time Martin's response cut down the line with no delay. When exactly would you want to talk about it then? When will you be a little less shocked? Or have you suddenly realised you've let someone get too close and this excuse for backing away is as good as any?

No...that's not it.

I'm coming out this afternoon. And you'd better be there.

He opened his mouth to reply but the phone was already beeping.

He felt sick. He stomped around the house, walking into each room. His hands were surplus appendages flapping around annoying the hell out of him. He banged his fists together and stared out of the back sunroom. He needed to chop wood. Rip something apart. Break things. He went out to the garage behind the shed.

It was more of a workshop full of half-done jobs and junk. Boxes and skips full of shit that would be useful one day. He hated throwing things out; he was the classic hoarder. But now he was in a violent purging mood.

He spent the morning dragging things out into the light, piling them up. A lot of it was his Dad's shit. Bales of rusted fencing wire, an old apparatus for churning butter, rotted hessian sacking everywhere he looked; the sharp sour smell of super phosphate. Bird shit and rat's nests; a few dead and desiccated creatures.

He was thirsty and his shoulders ached, but he pushed through, afraid to stop. He cleared the wooden slats on the walls that functioned as shelves, wiped off the layers of grit and spider webs. They needed a hose, but he didn't have that kind of water to spare. He fetched and carried and swept and wiped until the place was an empty shell and he was encrusted with filth. He walked around to the small tank on the other side of the building and wet his hands. The bleached shard of Sunlight soap took a while to lather but it did the job. He cupped his hand under the tap and grabbed a few mouthfuls. As he wiped his mouth he automatically tapped the ribbed exterior of the tank to find the level of the water.

Back out the front he surveyed the damage. In a parallel universe he'd have stumbled across something valuable. Something worth some cash. He grunted and shook his head. He'd load it later. Take it to the tip. It was time for food.

He laid out six slices of bread on the cutting board and slathered them with marg. Dollops of chutney followed and then thick slabs of silverside. Flicking the tellie on he sat with the plate on his knees. He wolfed down the first sandwich with barely a chew. Coloured images were flickering in front of his eyes: blonde women chatting to each other about vacuum cleaners and juicers. It wasn't enough. The image that was now burnt onto his retinae kept intruding, blocking out everything else. He hadn't registered the title of the magazine, only that it was bold and red. It didn't matter really. It was the image that counted. A buffed-up man leaning back on a rock, his arm draped strategically over his groin. He'd tried to convince himself that it might be a fitness magazine, but that futile hope had died pretty quickly. He knew what it was. What it meant.

He felt duped. Stupid. But there had been no obvious clues; yes, when he looked back in retrospect, but only because he now knew. Was everyone laughing at him? Did Jodie know? He thought of that cat's bum mouth again. Stalled at the third sandwich. Got up for some water. Stood skolling it at the sink as he looked at the camellia tree outside.

He braced himself on the edges of the sink and hung his head. He felt disgusted with himself, and yet he'd done nothing wrong. He let the thought that had been knocking and knocking come in. Did Martin...fancy him? He felt the cringe ripple through his stomach. Had he been eyeing off his arse this whole time? He hated himself for even thinking it. There was nothing sleazy about Martin. If anything, he was a little too proper and nice. David was the sleazy one. Jodie would've pointed that out in a flash. Christ, people knew he stayed weekends. He stood up, rolling his eyes as if it would release them from his aching head. I am exceedingly careful. Everything Martin said was now coming back to him with a double meaning.

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