tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSomething In Her Eyes Ch. 03

Something In Her Eyes Ch. 03


This is the third chapter in a series. To understand the characters and events presented here, please find Something In Her Eyes Ch. 1 and Something In Her Eyes Ch. 2 for the full back story. These stories are dedicated to my inspiration and my love. I miss you, my baby, my SSB.

-------- (_*_) --------

As he packed his third bag, Glen wondered if he had finally lost his mind. He could not believe that he was actually going to go through with it. When he was much younger, people wondered about his sanity, if he was all there. They wondered what kind of future he would have, if he would possibly end up in prison. Back then, up until he turned 14, he used to get into trouble – a lot of trouble. 'Somebody call the police' kind of trouble. As he reached into the cherry-stained wood dresser to pull out extra clothing for an unplanned number of days away from home, he thought about how far he had come since those days.

In the past twenty-some-odd years Glen had straightened up, cleaned up his behavior and completed a good education. Now he had a good job, was doing positive work, and was making decent money. He had proved everyone wrong who thought he would not amount to anything; that he would always be someone constantly in trouble for doing something terrible. Why in the world was he about to risk it all now?

He looked at the invitation one more time. A mixture of pain, lust, longing, dread, anxiety, adrenaline, desperation and love all churned together in a storming sea inside of him, making it hard to think properly and clearly. Michael, one of the star graduates of his The Bridge Home Community Re-entry Program, had swiped a copy for him one afternoon while making a delivery of documents to her office related to the court case. Michael knew without ever being told just how Glen felt about her, he had known since the first time he saw them together when she came to visit the program before deciding she would take them on as a client. So Michael took the sample invitation just in case Glen wanted to know. He was discrete enough to place it on his desk in an envelope without saying a word, and Glen appreciated that. For that, he was willing to forgive Michael this slight lapse into an old habit of petty and not-so-petty theft that had previously landed him in prison.

Glen tucked the invitation into the bag that had his other supplies. He really didn't need it - all the information on the card burned a painful hole in his psyche. Would he really risk everything for this? He made one final check to make sure he had everything before loading the three bags in the back of his car. He was running on instinct. The animal in him was out in full form, running wild, acting on primal urges. That was the only way to explain what he was contemplating doing.

-------- (_*_) --------

Three months earlier...

Jordan was lost in thought as she rolled the sheer black stockings up her legs. She barely registered that her fiancé had been speaking to her.

"What did you say, honey? I'm sorry, my mind was preoccupied." It was Friday evening and all week Jordan had not been able to free her mind of the experience she had with Glen the previous Monday: their lunch date, the fruit, and the seedy motel afterwards... She had never experienced anything so intense with another human being. Yet, she walked away from the encounter determined that it could never happen again and therefore it would never happen again. Nevertheless, both her body and mind were possessed with the memory – every place on her body where Glen had touched or kissed still tingled in recollection. It was only on Thursday when she could finally sit without experiencing the slight tenderness that remained from all that he had done to her. She remembered the fiery look in his eyes, his smell, his taste, their combined tastes as she licked them off of him - off of his lips, his chin, his cock... Seemingly nothing could free her mind from reliving the experience over and over again, and it was driving her crazy.

"That's been happening a lot lately, sweetie," her fiancé, Richard said. "I'm beginning to worry about you. I said, 'we don't have to go if you are too tired or not feeling up to it,'" he repeated, watching her get into her black cocktail dress. It was one of his favorites that showed off her curves nicely and contrasted well with her sun-kissed skin. But he could tell that Jordan was not really in a party mood.

"No, Alan is a good, close friend of the family," Jordan said. "I haven't seen his daughter Liz for years, but we were close when we were kids, so we really need to be there to support her if nothing else." Jordan remembered how close she and Elizabeth used to be as teenagers. Their parents were close friends and the kids of both families used to play together often as they were growing up. Then right after high school, Liz got pregnant unexpectedly, and married soon after. She and her husband moved away to the next town over, and all family gossip indicated that their marriage was degenerating and had become abusive. Under the circumstances, the friendship between them had just waned. Then things took a turn for the better about 6 years ago when Liz mustered up the courage to get a divorce. Afterward she went back to school and took classes full time, worked full time, and somehow still managed to raise her son. Liz's father, Alan, was throwing the party as a joint celebration of her 35th birthday, her son's 16th birthday, and her graduation with a master's degree in early childhood education. It was truly a remarkable comeback story.

Jordan finished dressing and together she and Richard drove to the party being held at Alan's house on the other side of town. During the drive Jordan remained quiet in her thoughts, so he turned on the radio. The silence was louder than the music. They arrived an hour after the party's official start time.

"Come in, come in," Alan said, grabbing Jordan by the arm and leading her through the foyer. "This must be Richard." The two men shook hands, then Alan continued, "there is someone here you absolutely must meet."

Jordan's breath caught in her throat as Alan led her and her fiancé over toward the couple. The woman, who she did not know, was attractive in a short, chic red dress. She was laughing heartily, hanging on the arm of none other than Mr. Glen Arrington.

"Both of your dads and I were close friends, we were all in the same guard unit," Alan explained as he brought Jordan and Glen together. Jordan saw an equal look of shock on his face as he extended his hand to shake hers.

They were both stunned to be meeting like this and it showed from the looks on their faces. Jordan was nervous even though she knew Glen would maintain a professional decorum. She waited for him to speak first to see how they would play it. It gave her much needed time to catch her breath.

Glen did not acknowledge to Alan that he already knew Jordan as he said hello. His demeanor had recovered quickly, and the initial shock on his face was long gone. He shook her hand firmly, enveloping her small hand in his large one. Just before letting it go, he used his middle finger to draw a lazy circle in Jordan's palm. No one could see what he was doing. He worked his finger back and forth in her palm like he was massaging a crevice and Jordan marveled at how the slightest touch from him could get her heart racing.

An equally well acted look of concerned surprise came over Glen's face as Alan explained why he was introducing them. "It just so happened that I was out on sick leave with a rotator cuff injury the weekend of the chopper accident," Alan revealed. Jordan and Glen had discovered on their own two weeks ago that their fathers were in the same Army National Guard unit and died together in a freak helicopter crash during training exercises. "Well," Alan continued, "given that your dads were good friends and the nature of their deaths, you two really should know each other. My daughter Elizabeth knows you both - you Jordan better than Glen - but we were talking before the party and realized that you two had likely never met. So Jordan Thomas, meet Glen Arrington."

"It is very nice to meet you, Jordan," Glen said. "And this is my girlfriend, Selena." The woman in red offered her hand to Jordan as well.

"It's very good to meet you as well, Glen, Selena, and this is my fiancé, Richard," Jordan said. The five of them took turns shaking each other's hands with Alan in the middle.

A slight look of panic crossed Glen's face as he watched Jordan shake hands with Selena, and Jordan thought she might faint watching Glen shake hands with Richard. The tension was high and they both wanted to defuse it, so they each led their partners away, agreeing to talk more about their fathers' connection later in the evening.

Seeing each other with their respective partners unexpectedly stirred something primal in both Glen and Jordan. They each felt a deep need to reclaim possession of the other, mark the other as their territory. They both tried to fight it. It started subtly, each of them stealing glances at each other from across the room. If one did not immediately see the other, they would shift positions and strain their neck looking, checking to see what the other was up to. Every time their eyes met it stoked the need burning in each of them. They would each look away quickly lest anyone else detect the emotion on their faces. Jordan made sure to stand and position herself such that if Richard were talking to her, his back was facing Glen.

Jordan tried to control herself and stop looking in Glen's direction, but she could never go more than a few minutes without seeking him out, searching for him, looking to see if he was still looking at her. Sometimes she just felt the heat of Glen's stare burning into her and she had to acknowledge it. The room was getting warm, very warm.

It is never polite to discuss war or politics at a dinner party but as the evening wore on, never one for convention, Jordan found herself discussing both and was embroiled in a heated argument. Jordan welcomed the distraction as it helped her manage to push the sexual tension she had going on with Glen out of her mind. She was determined to stick to the promise she made to herself after their last time together: that their brief affair, beautiful as it was, could not go on. Arguing with other party goers was a way to let off some of the steamy heat Glen's lustful, piercing gaze had stirred in her.

Hearing the rising voices on the other side of the room and seeing Jordan in the thick of it, Glen made his way over toward the commotion. Selena was with him, right by his side. As he passed Jordan making his way around the circle of guests also embroiled in the argument, Glen discretely reached out to caress Jordan's fingers and squeeze her hand, ever so quickly. It was just a touch but yet so much more, filled with unspoken desires. Jordan knew it was Glen without seeing him. Richard was in the same circle but standing opposite of Jordan. As it so happened, where Richard stood was the one opening in the group where Glen and Selena could also stand and join in.

The topic was the latest war being waged between Hamas and Israel – one of those simple topics that not many people have strong opinions about! Jordan and Glen soon found themselves the sole defenders of a very unpopular position. The crowd grew as the discussion became more and more heated, and one would have thought that Glen and Jordan were two members of the same debate team who had practiced together just before their arrival. Jordan would begin a sentence that Glen would finish, and vice versa. Sometimes Jordan made points that Glen promptly backed up with ancillary and historical evidence. Richard and Selena pretty much stayed out of it, not quite knowing what to make of what was going on between their respective partners. The crowd grew to more than a dozen-plus people, but all of them together were no match for the two of them. If only the others knew that they had been watching a heated dance of sexual foreplay.

When there was seemingly nothing left to say and the group fell silent, a look passed between Glen and Jordan. It was an exhilarating feeling that came over them, like together they could take on the world, take on the problems of this world, and never lose. It was also a look of longing, of desire. Richard rushed to Jordan's side. Liz, who had come over to investigate the commotion, gave Jordan a brief suspicious look but said nothing. Selena tugged on Glen's arm.

"I'm hungry, honey, let's go grab a bite," Jordan heard her say as they walked off toward the food.

Glen and Selena made their way to a table stacked high with hors d'oeuvres and party bites. A ripe, red pile of strawberries immediately caught Glen's eye. He picked one up but just held onto it while he talked to Selena. As soon as she was looking in another direction, Glen looked around for Jordan, finally catching her eye. Once he had her attention, he brought the red juicy fruit to his lips, paused for a second, and then devoured it. A trickle of juice ran out from his lips and his tongue snaked out to gather the sweet pulp, licking his lips suggestively.

The gesture was not lost on Jordan. Her pussy clenched at the memory of what he had done to her at the restaurant with a bowl of fruit. Melons, grapes and strawberries would never be the same for her again. He was being dangerously naughty and despite her better judgment Jordan was getting a huge thrill from the risky game they were playing. Shill charged from teaming up in their political debate, she devised a plan to make him squirm.

Jordan walked to the ice chest holding the drinks and selected a bottle of hard lemonade from among the bottles of beer. She was not a big consumer of alcohol, very much a lightweight, actually, and she did not particularly care for the taste of beer and most alcohols. Something sweet with citrus suited her taste buds and she was going to need something to calm her nerves if she was going to get through this evening. When she felt Glen's eyes burning into her, she started her tease.

Without looking in his direction, Jordan ran her fingers up the shaft of the bottle then encircled the head. She slowly massaged the head of the bottle as if it were a stiff cock. She squeezed the tip, and then subtly began to give the neck of the bottle a hand job, ever so slowly. When she was certain her point was made, she brought the tip to her lips.

While Richard talked sports with one of the other men standing nearby, Jordan pretended to listen feigning total engagement as she continued to tease Glen from a distance. She took a sip of her hard lemonade then swirled her tongue around the head of the bottle as she withdrew it from her lips. She repeated the lewd display whenever neither Richard nor his new friend was looking in her direction, enjoying the thrill of being so impish. She glanced again in Glen's direction, to make sure he was still watching, and then put the bottle back to her lips. This time, she sank her mouth down the neck of the bottle. She had just brought her lips back up to the tip when Richard turned to her, almost catching her in the naughty act.

Glen began sporting a major erection watching Jordan's relentless teasing. He put a hand in his pocket to discretely adjust himself, bringing his dick up against his stomach and trapping the head underneath his belt. He knew he would get caught if he continued to look over in her direction – Selena could spot a wandering eye pretty easily. He spotted Liz talking with a group of other women. He decided to take Selena over to them and introduce her. Once they were comfortably chatting away, he was free to resume his antics with Jordan. Unbeknownst to him, Liz eyed him suspiciously.

Glen spotted Jordan alone over by a bookshelf full of old family photos. He walked over and stood by her pretending he was also interested in checking out the family photographs. "You look delectable in black," Glen said in his resonant deep voice, only loud enough for her to hear.

"You are being one very bad boy!" Jordan said with an innocent smile across her lips.

"Mmmm," Glen moaned, "you're one to talk! And I'm not being half as bad as I want to be. I seem to have this persistent problem that just keeps popping up, putting a lot of pressure on me," Glen joked.

"Oh, you poor baby," Jordan mocked. "You need a hand with that?"

"Do I! Why don't you sneak outside with me for a bit? I have something to show you that could use your ahh... urgent attention."

"Why Glen Arrington, you must be thick in the head if you think there is any chance of me doing anything with you here, of all places!, with my fiancé and your girlfriend lurking around every turn. We just can't, not here. In fact, we shouldn't do it again, period," Jordan said after a second more of contemplation, dropping her flirtatious tone. "I've been wracked with guilt, and it's actually been hell on me."

Glen just stood there speechless as her words hit him. It felt like a huge weight had been hoisted up onto his chest, compressing his lungs such that he couldn't breath.

"Now you must go back to the party and be good, and I promise to do the same." With that, Jordan walked off. Glen needed a drink.

He found the bar that included an assortment of wines and spirits, as well as a pitcher of margaritas on the table from which guests could help themselves. Glen grabbed a tumbler and filled with a double shot of brandy, straight with no ice. Then he spotted Alan entering the room and went over to talk to him.

"Ahh Glen! Just the man I was looking for," Alan said as he saw him approach. "Now let me call Jordan over here so we can finish our conversation from earlier." 'Fuck!' Glen said to himself.

Before he could stop him Alan had already gone over to where Jordan was now standing talking with a small group of other women and dragged them both over to a corner where they would have a little more privacy. As they talked, it allowed Jordan and Glen to share a few more stories of their childhoods and their respective fathers – stories they had not had the opportunity to tell each other in person. It afforded them both the opportunity to relax a bit, plus with Alan there as a cover, anyone watching would surely think it was nothing but an innocent conversation. But Glen maintained a bit of mischief in his heart, still resenting the way Jordan had told him to cool it.

"So," Alan asked him, changing the subject, "how's the program coming, Glen?"

"Well, I recently got this new colleague who has been really giving me a hard time," Glen said, making a reference to the double entendres he and Jordan used when they first fell into having phone sex together.

"Yeah?" asked Alan. "How so?"

"She's got this quality about her which is highly distracting. She makes it very hard to concentrate or get work done," he continued. "Not long after we first started working together I had to move her around the office in different positions to make the most use of her talents." Glen said. "The first job I gave her she sucked at." Jordan seethed with mock indignation at the way he was taunting her.

"Give me an example of what you mean," Alan asked, genuinely curious.

"Well just this Monday we were having a business meeting over lunch when she hears her phone then takes a long personal call right there in the middle of our meeting. She shamelessly aired her dirty laundry right there, exposing herself in public." It was a reference to the fact that Jordan had excused herself to the ladies room and removed her sodden panties, then returned to the table, folded them into her napkin, and wiped the damp musky crotch across Glen's lips, pretending to be cleaning a crumb of food. Even though Alan was clueless, Jordan turned beet red.

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