tagNonHumanSomething New Ch. 16

Something New Ch. 16


Thank you for reading, and for sticking with me through such a long gap in the postings. This is the final chapter. Enjoy!

This story is copyrighted, please do not use any part of it without permission. Thanks!


Lisa stretched out on the bed in Shari's guest room, and shut her eyes, reaching into her bond with Eldingar so they could talk. A moment later she found herself sitting against a tree on a grassy hillside, with the dragon curled to one side, her head near Lisa.

"I should have suggested doing this myself," Eldingar rumbled softly before Lisa could say anything. Lisa immediately noticed the increased level of clarity compared to a journey into the spirit world. This place was similar, but it was more solid.

"That's because this is my ... territory for lack of a better word," Eldingar replied, answering Lisa's thoughts. "This place belongs to me, and now to you as well. It isn't exactly the spirit world anymore, and hasn't been for a very long time. Max is also right, you're a bit loud. If you wish, I can help you tone that down a bit."

"Yes, thank you!" Lisa immediately replied. She'd really been trying, but controlling her empathic gift simply wasn't the same as this and she was struggling. A moment later she felt Eldingar's presence increase inside of her, taking control of her shielding for a moment, so she could see how it should be. Now that she knew what she was doing wrong, it wasn't that hard for her fix.

"That helped so much!" Lisa said a moment later, reveling in a sense of quiet and privacy she hadn't felt since waking up. Eldingar's presence receded to normal levels, once she saw that Lisa had the knack. Lisa sighed in relief at the relative quiet in her head now. She hadn't even realized how tense she'd been.

"That is something else I should have thought of doing sooner," Eldingar said, "Especially as our bonding was so unusual. Feeling like you have constant observers would make anyone a bit twitchy. You will still need further training, but this is a start."

Eldingar paused for a moment, thinking about things before she continued. "Normally we have more time to prepare and, well, get to know each other, I suppose. This is also the first time that a new Dragon Touched has been created while they were bonded to another pair. I have had to adjust as well." Eldingar looked away for a moment, and Lisa had the sense that the dragon was contemplating something.

"As I said before, our bonding is different on many levels, and not just because of Max and Ember being involved. When we bonded, I was close to death. Normally when a bonding takes place, the dragon is at full strength because it typically takes great energy to form the pairing. When I bonded to Dótta, I was depleted for weeks afterwards. By rights, the bonding shouldn't have worked with you, but not only did it work, our tie is deeper and stronger than a new bonding should be. I suspect that Ember may have had something to do with it, but as depleted as he was, I do not know how.

"At any rate, our bond is more at the level of what Max and Ember have, and they are one of the older pairs around. That is part of why you feel so overwhelmed. You opened yourself to a level of trust that normally requires centuries to develop. I believe it is only your training and experience as a shaman that has enabled you to handle this so well."

Lisa's eyebrows rose in surprise and the dragon chuckled. "Yes, you are handling all of this remarkably well, despite how you may feel. In fact you are doing better than most new bonded humans do, and they are typically dealing with less stressful circumstances."

"I'll admit it makes me feel better to hear that," Lisa replied with a sigh of relief. "Max would probably tell me I'm too controlled, but I feel a lot of responsibility to manage any abilities. I don't want to hurt someone. Well at least not unless I need to defend myself, anyway."

Eldingar nodded her head in understanding, and curled her tail around Lisa in a gesture of comfort. "I understand perfectly LeitheIle. Power is responsibility."

It was the first time Lisa had heard the strange term, but somehow she knew it was a title used between dragons and their partners. It roughly translated other half of my soul.

"Thank you," Lisa told her new partner, and then shook her head and corrected herself, "Thank you, LeitheIle."

The dragon smiled with genuine happiness to hear Lisa call her that, and Lisa smiled back, reaching out to touch the blue dragon's head. Eldingar leaned into the caress, and then curled around enough to lean her large head against Lisa's chest in a draconic embrace. Lisa wrapped her arms around Eldingar, and they just sat that way for a bit, relaxing into each other's company.

Eventually Eldingar moved her head away again with a sigh. She had missed having a close bond. She had thought she was close to Dótta, but it didn't take long after their bonding for an odd distance to develop. Dótta had always held part of herself away from the dragon, Lisa held nothing away from her, and Eldingar reveled in the joining of their spirits.

"I enjoy this, but there is more to tell you, to help you understand," Eldingar continued. "I believe you will have a much greater amount of power at your disposal than a new Touched typically does, meaning we will need to begin full training very soon. You will also need to be very careful if you use any of your shamanic skills since you could easily burn someone out."

Lisa blinked in surprise, and then nodded her head in understanding. She was used to the power levels she had access to as a human. She knew precisely how much to use for whatever work was at hand. When she bonded to the dragon, she gained access to the dragon's power as well, meaning that what felt like normal levels to her, would actually contain a far greater amount of energy. If she wasn't careful with that, and tried to work on someone, she could accidentally flood them.

The dragon saw that Lisa was on the same page, and then continued. "On the physical level, if you have not already noticed, your speed and strength have begun to increase. It will happen slowly and you will likely not attain Max's level, but you will still want to be careful till you adjust. Finally, I suspect that you may manifest several new abilities all at once, rather than gradually as would typically happen."

Lisa was a little surprised, but it also explained more than it didn't about how she'd been feeling, and having some answers actually made her feel better. "It's a good thing we've set up the plant with so many nonhumans then. People won't freak so much if something strange happens."

Eldingar chuckled lightly. "Yes, well, it would probably be a good idea to take extra time off so we can be certain you don't lose control, but that does make things a bit easier. Also, before you ask, no, I do not know what abilities you will receive. It is your spirit and your skills that determine the path of your abilities, and every Dragon Touched is different."

Lisa made a mental note to keep an eye out. She would rather catch a new ability before it created a problem. "Thank goodness for small favors," Lisa commented. "I don't have anyone that needs my help right now, and for that, I am extremely grateful."

Eldingar nodded her understanding, and was silent for a time. Lisa waited, sensing there was something on the dragon's mind. Finally Eldingar spoke again, "There is one more thing I should probably share with you, though it is of a personal nature. Due to the bond with Max and Ember, though, I feel you have a right to know." The dragon paused and Lisa could tell whatever she was about to say was not easy for her. "Ember and I used to be ... more than friends. I severed our relationship because he did not approve of Dótta. I did not pay attention to his warning about her, and things were said and done by both of us that were painful to the other." Eldingar gave a slight, rueful smile. "It would seem that the powers that be are forcing us to deal with our past errors."

Lisa nodded. She could feel the pain that the dragon still felt, but she also knew that now was not the time to address those hurts. They would be addressed eventually, but her new partner wasn't ready yet. "Thank you for sharing this, I know it is not a comfortable topic. I almost hate to ask, but is Max aware of this history?"

"Not unless Ember has chosen to tell him. I also would not have told you this had I meant you to keep it from him. I would not deliberately put you in such a position. You may share it with him if he does not know," Eldingar answered Lisa's unspoken question.

Lisa nodded, relieved. "Thank you, It would have been very uncomfortable to try and hide something like that from him. I'm not sure I would have succeeded, and honestly, I'm not sure I would have wanted to."

Eldingar nodded her understanding, and from there they moved to lighter topics, and Lisa was able to really start getting to know her new partner. Yes they knew each other at that bonded level, but that bond told them little about how the other thought, their sense of humor, or any of the other details that one usually knew before agreeing to such a bond.

Fortunately they were both finding they genuinely liked each other, not just because of the bond, but also because they fit well. Their skills and ways of thinking were similar enough to match, but different enough to complement. By the time they were finished talking, Lisa felt their partnership would be strong and very good for both of them.


Lisa opened her eyes to a room dimly lit by the bedside lamp and realized it was night. Max was dozing in a nearby armchair, and she smiled taking in the softness that emerged while he slept. It was a reflection of the gentleness that was at his core. He didn't show it in obvious ways, and if you didn't know him, you would probably never see it reflected in the hard planes of his face, but if you watched his actions, it shone through.

Lisa shifted, and his gray eyes, dark with sleep, opened and focused on her. She smiled at him and rose from the bed, walking to him before leaning down to kiss him deeply and thoroughly.

She knew she'd been more distant than normal with him, but it was mostly because she hadn't known how to handle the influx of information she was getting now. Since Eldingar helped her gain more control, she was feeling much more her normal self, and distance was the last thing she wanted.

Max opened his mouth, greeting her tongue with his, while his hands drifted up to her waist to pull her down into his lap. Fortunately the chair was large and well cushioned, and Lisa had plenty of room to straddle him while he pulled her down.

Max slid his hands under her shirt and up her back, holding her tightly against him while Lisa rocked her hips against his. He didn't know what she and Eldingar had talked about, but whatever it was, he was grateful. Even though it hadn't really been that long, he had missed their closeness.

Lisa broke their kiss and trailed her lips down his neck, stopping to pull aside his t-shirt and nibble at him where his shoulder and neck joined. His thickening member went to full attention, and Lisa rubbed herself against him, making him groan.

He slid his hands down to rub her bottom, and though he wanted to remove her jeans, he was enjoying the feel of her too much to want either of them to move away, even if only for a moment.

Lisa slid her hands under his shirt, sliding the material up while she traced her fingers across his stomach and chest. He lifted his arms, allowing her to remove the cloth, and appreciated the view of her chest hovering in front him while she reached up. He grinned and latched onto her tantalizing breast, ignoring the cotton of her t-shirt and bra. Her pebbled nipple was easy for him to find, and he nipped her through the material.

Lisa moaned and clutched his head to her, only to pull away a moment later to rip off the offending garments. She didn't even bother undoing the hooks, she just slid the sports bra off with her shirt. She wrapped her arms around Max's head again, silently asking him to continue his ministrations.

Max was happy to oblige. He hadn't forgotten how close he'd come to losing her, and that residual fear made him a little rougher than usual. Lisa not only didn't seem to mind, she clutched him tighter, her fingers digging into his scalp, her hips grinding into him.

"I don't want to wait anymore," Lisa leaned down and whispered by his ear. "I want to feel you in me again."

Max's gray eyes darkened, and he released her breast, allowing Lisa to stand so she could remove the rest of her clothes. It took her no time, and he admired her briefly, before she reached down to undo his jeans. He lifted his hips when she tugged, and as soon as she pulled his clothes down enough to free him, she was straddling him again, guiding him into her slick warmth.

Max pulled her close, reveling in the feel of her body sliding down against his while she enveloped him. Then, without warning, she thrust herself down the rest of the way, their hips meeting with the soft slap of skin on skin. Her walls rippled around him, and she moaned, shuddering with the pleasure of feeling Max fill her again. Her moan turned into a gasp when his lips found her breast again, and she squeezed him even harder.

Lisa rocked, shuddering with the wonderful friction and feeling of fullness. He felt so right inside her, she still didn't know how she'd been so lucky. Lisa bounced harder and faster, and he met her thrust for thrust, driving himself deeper into her.

Max was filled with the sight of her riding him, of her taking the lead. Amazingly, some small portion of his brain retained enough sense to realize that she had probably needed that sense of control after being so overwhelmed from their bonding.

Lisa let out another moan of pleasure, and leaned down to whisper against his ear. "I love you, Max."

Suddenly, desperately he wanted nothing more than for her to kiss him. This time, he did something different than he had ever done before. Instead of taking the lead to guide her to his lips, he asked her instead.

Lisa's eyes snapped open in surprise when she heard Max gasp out "Kiss me, please."

Before she even registered his words, her lips dove down with a mind of their own to melt against his. Hearing him say that sent love and desire raging through her like an inferno. The pulse of pure need that coursed through her was so strong, it launched her over the edge, and she convulsed in pleasure.

Max swallowed her moans, and followed her a moment later, pulsing into her and clasping her to him. She collapsed against him, and he just held her while he softened inside her, enjoying the sound of soft giggles at his ear. They both drifted in the peace of the moment for a bit. Their release had been quick, but it felt amazingly good.

As Max recovered, he noticed his pants and underwear were still around his knees, and he shifted, kicking them the rest of the way off. Lisa moaned again, feeling his semi hard member shift inside her with his movement. Her moan sent another wave of desire through him, and he hardened again. He decided he wanted a change of venue this time, and held Lisa against him so he could stand, still not wanting to separate their bodies.

Lisa wrapped her legs around his waist as he shifted forward and stood, keeping their bodies firmly joined. Max liked the feel so much, he aborted his original plan of the bed, and slammed against a wall before he started thrusting into her again. Lisa moaned rocking her hips in time, and like before it didn't take long for both of them to find their release.

They shuddered against each other, and Max leaned into Lisa, pressing her against the wall. A moment later, he drew back a little feeling the texture of her skin change, and he chuckled when he saw why.

"Looks like we're more alike than either of us thought," he whispered, setting her down while he withdrew from her.

Lisa looked at him questioningly. Max just gestured towards the mirror, and she turned and gasped when she saw her reflection. Staring back at her was a blue female version of Max's draconic form. She stepped forward, and Max had to catch her when a wing caught against the chair, and she stumbled.

"It takes a while to get used to the wings and tail," he told her quietly, while she got her feet back under her. "This body has a different structure, point of balance, and way of moving. You will need to practice moving, and strengthen the muscles of your wings more, before you attempt flying."

Lisa just stared at herself, taking in the shock before Max ran a hand down her back, deliberately stroking the wings which she had clamped to her body. She let out the breath she'd been holding in a gasp of pleasure, and her hand tightened reflexively around the arm he'd used to steady her.

"Holy crap, if thath what it feelth like, what happenth when you fly?" Lisa frowned at her sudden lisp.

Max chuckled softly, "Your mouth structure is different too. You will sound a bit different in this form. Flight doesn't bring the same sensation. It's enjoyable, but nothing at all like it feels when someone strokes them."

Lisa ran a hand over her head. She had no hair in this form, just scales and a bony ridge with short backwards sweeping horns. It was just weird, and a huge shock. She glanced at Max, and realized how he must have felt, suddenly having this new form with nobody around that would accept him, much less help him figure it out.

Max gave her a smile, having a good idea of the direction her thoughts had taken. "It's fine," he told her. "Remember that I had more time to get used to my bond with Ember before I ever had to deal with a new form. He did a lot to help me figure out how to work that body, so I wasn't really on my own."

"Lisa," Elidingar's voice drifted across her mind, along with a sense of comfort. "I am sorry. I did not expect this or I would have warned you. A full transformation like this normally takes centuries to develop, if it ever does. The implications of this mean you will need to accelerate training plans."

Lisa relayed Eldingar's words to Max, and he nodded. "I'm not that surprised. It isn't just the unexpected shifting that's tricky. It's that it indicates there's more power coming through you than we initially thought. It would be better for there not to be others around while you learn your abilities, limits, and while anything new is likely to crop up."

Lisa trembled slightly, feeling tremendously overwhelmed. Her feelings echoed across their bond, and Max wrapped his arms around her, giving her something solid to hold onto.

"Ith juth... tho different." Lisa said a moment later, frowning again at her lisp. She slowed down and spoke more deliberately, carefully forming each word. "There iss a lot to get ussed to. Thiss body alone iss a lot to take in. Even my vision is different. Things look the same, but different too, and it's confusing." Lisa paused, and took a breath, stepping away from Max to look herself over again.

She decided it would be best to focus on the development at hand, rather than worry about whatever else was waiting for her in the wings, and looked down at herself, studying her new form. "Thiss issn't even a mammal body. Fewer parralless than with my human body," she commented.

Lisa ran her hands over her now flatter chest to illustrate, and blanched when she realized her nipples were missing.

"I'd guess dragons don't suckle their young," Max told her, noticing her expression. "Fortunately there are other pleasure points, and not just the wings."

He knelt, putting her hand on his shoulder to keep her steady, and ran his fingers down her tail, deliberately avoiding the wing membrane for the moment. He felt her fingers tighten painfully on his shoulder, and decided that shifting his form as well would be a good idea. He was curious what she would feel like against his skin, but figured it would be more prudent to wait till she had better control.

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