tagFetishSomething New Something Old Ch. 03

Something New Something Old Ch. 03


Ted's life had been turned upside down in the last five weeks. He was currently on his hands and knees in the bed of his neighbors' Josh and Nancy. A pair of pink panties were at his ankles and he was wearing a matching pink bra. His cock dangled between his legs trapped in a cage. Nancy was behind him with a strap-on. She was fucking Ted mercilessly.

Josh was on his knees in front of Ted on the bed. Josh's cock was buried in Ted's throat.

Ted's wife Sarah was next door. She was being fucked by a young co-worker in Ted's own bed.

Ted, Josh and Nancy were moving in rhythm. It had taken a while to find it.

Nancy pounded Ted's ass, repeatedly filling him with a medium-sized dildo. When his body pushed forward at each stroke from Nancy, Josh's cock slid down Ted's throat.

Before they all found the right tempo, Ted struggled not to gag on Josh's big dick. Ted concentrated on keeping his throat open as Josh filled it. Ted tried to catch his breath at each stroke. Over and over, Nancy bottomed the dildo out, her pelvis grinding into Ted's ass. She pulled out, and Ted caught his breath with the tip of Josh in his mouth. Then, Nancy pounded Ted again, and Josh's cock slid down his throat. They had been at it for at least fifteen minutes.

Ted had been working on moving his mind to other spaces so his dick and balls would survive the first six weeks of their entrapment. He was trying now, but Nancy pounding his ass with Josh's cock in his throat was making it incredibly difficult. Ted was beyond turned on by his total submission. And after five weeks, Ted needed to cum so badly he thought his dick might fall off.

Half the time he regretted agreeing to this, to becoming a submissive sissy locked in a cock cage. The other half of the time, he loved it.

His entire life was consumed by sex. Most nights, Ted ate and stroked his wife Sarah's pussy, bringing her to one orgasm after another. One night a week, he spent the night with Josh and Nancy, while Sarah had other men over to fuck her.

Josh, who was also a submissive, was thrilled by this new arrangement. It meant he got to release his load several times at least one night a week. After three years of chastity with only the occasional release by Nancy, this new degree of sexual freedom was welcome.

Each week, Nancy introduced Ted to some new sexual experience. Tonight it was a spitroast.

Ted had been practicing his cock-sucking skills on Josh while Nancy watched and instructed. On other nights, Sarah required him to practice on a dildo. Last week, Ted had managed to deep throat Josh for the first time. Nancy was pleased. But she had not allowed Ted the pleasure of Josh's cum yet. Tonight was the night.

Nancy buried the dildo in Ted again, and Josh filled his throat. Nancy said, "Josh, you may cum now."

Nancy pulled the dildo out again, and pushed hard back into Ted. This time, Ted felt the first jet of Josh's cum hit and slide down his throat. Nancy pulled back and Josh's cock slipped out of Ted's mouth. Nancy was thrilled as she saw Josh holding his cock, cum jetting out of his dick in one hot stream after another. She plunged back into Ted and left the dildo buried in him as she watched her husband's seed cover Ted's face.

"That's it sissy! That's just what you needed, a man's hot cum on your face!" Nancy cried out triumphantly.

The scene was so hot, Nancy came just watching it happen. She shuddered as the orgasm washed over her body. Ted could feel her bare legs shaking against the back of his own.

Ted was so full. His ass was full. His balls were full. His throat and mouth were full of Josh's cum. Ted gulped down a hot load of another man's seed for the first time.

As Nancy kept her dildo planted in Ted's ass, Josh began scooping his cum off of Ted's face and licking his own fingers.

"No, Josh, not tonight," Nancy said, "all that yummy cum is for the sissy. Feed it to him."

Josh put his fingers in Ted's mouth, and Ted licked them clean. Josh's cum was warm and a little salty, but did not taste bad. Ted wanted Josh's cum. He wanted more and more of it. He greedily sucked Josh's fingers as Josh removed it all from his face.

Nancy pulled the dildo out of Ted's ass, and plunged it in again.

She said, "You like that don't you, sissy. You like a hard cock in your ass. Sometime soon, Josh is going to stick his in your ass. And then other men, real men who like to fuck sissies like you. I bet you can't wait."

Nancy started fucking Ted again. Ted met her strokes, moving his hips back, feeling the tip of the dildo hitting his prostate. Ted could feel his orgasm building each time Nancy plunged into him. He wanted to cum so badly, even if it was in the little cage, but as much as he willed it, he could not get over the top. Finally, Nancy came again, screaming, "Oh fuck, sissy, fuck, you have such a tight little ass!"

When Nancy came down, she pulled out and ordered Josh to clean up the dildo. Josh left, and Nancy collapsed onto the bed. She was naked. Ted, still on his hands and knees, catching his breath looked at her. Ted desperately wanted to fuck Nancy's tight body.

Nancy pulled Ted down on top of her and kissed him deeply. "Mmm, I can't wait for you to fuck me next week, Ted. You have so much cum for me, don't you, baby," She teased. "You're almost there. I bet you can't wait."

Nancy pushed Ted off her and began furiously stroking her clit, while Ted was forced to watch in silent torment. Nancy came again just as Josh entered the room, her body shaking. When she stopped, Nancy said, "Josh, come fuck me. Show Ted how sweet and hot my cunt is."

Josh did not hesitate. He climbed on his wife and plunged his cock into her. Nancy moaned as Josh furiously fucked her. Nancy had an orgasm. Then another. "Cum for me Josh, fill me up baby," she cried out. Josh pumped her again and filled Nancy's cunt with another load.

Nancy ordered Ted to clean up the mess. He dived between her legs and greedily lapped at her pussy, pulling glob after glob of Josh's cum out with his tongue, swallowing it down.

When Ted finished, Nancy said, "Ok, Ted, enough of this. Go get me a glass of water." Ted retrieved the water and when he returned Josh was already asleep. Nancy took a drink, and Ted climbed over her between her and Josh in the bed. Nancy made Ted sleep between the two of them when he spent the night. She pushed her naked body into his and Ted's cage pressed into Josh's naked ass. The three of them spooned.

Ted, per Nancy's standing orders, reached around Josh and held his soft cock in his hand. Nancy was soon asleep. Ted, as usual these days, struggled to fall asleep as his balls ached in the cage, but eventually he drifted off.

The next morning, Ted woke. Nancy was already up and had gotten dressed for the day. She was wearing a ridiculously short skirt that showed off her long and shapely legs. Ted could see her in the bathroom finishing her make-up. Ted could not wait to fuck her. He had started counting the hours until his release. Soon, he suspected he would be counting minutes.

Nancy, noticing that Ted was awake, walked seductively into the room. "Good morning, sissy," she said.

She continued, "Josh needs to get up. Be a dear Ted and wake him up. With your mouth. Josh likes blowing his load first thing in the morning."

Ted reached around Josh, who was still sleeping, and began stroking him. Josh started to stir as his cock got increasingly hard in Ted's hand. Josh rolled over and said, "Morning, buddy." Surprisingly, Josh kissed Ted. Not hard. Softly. Josh was completely erect now in Ted's hand. Josh rolled onto his back.

Ted, with Josh's shaft still in his hand, leaned over and kissed the tip. He tried to remember all the cock-sucking skills that Nancy had taught him over the last few weeks. Ted took one of Josh's balls into his mouth and sucked on it as he stroked Josh harder. Then he moved his tongue up Josh's shaft, kissing it and licking it slowly until he reached the top. Ted took the first two inches of Josh into his mouth and sucked, careful with his teeth as Nancy had taught. Ted began bobbing his head and mouth on Josh's 8 inches, taking another half inch into his mouth with each movement. On the upstrokes, Ted made sure to use his tongue on Josh's sensitive shaft.

Finally, Ted bottomed out on Josh's cock, all of him in his throat and Josh's balls at his chin. Josh moaned. He was looking to Nancy, who watched the scene with pleasure, for approval to cum. Nancy nodded her head at Josh.

On the next stroke as Ted bottomed out, Josh erupted, the first hot spurt hitting Ted's throat. Josh grabbed Ted's hair and held him there. Ted had to concentrate on not gagging as Josh's cum slipped down his throat into his stomach. Finally, Josh released Ted's hair, and Ted pulled up. After catching his breath, Ted lick Josh's shaft clean, making sure not a drop of his seed was lost.

Josh said, "Thank you, Ted. That was very sweet of you."

Nancy laughed derisively and said, "God, you are both such sissies." She walked out of the room.

Ted got out of bed and got dressed to go home. As he was walking to his house, he noticed a red Camaro in the driveway and groaned a little. Sarah's lover was apparently still in Ted's house.

Sarah had fucked four different men over the last weeks, in Ted's bed, and Ted could not help but feel jealous. It was a trade-off he was not thrilled with, but it was a part of his submission and the sexual intensity of the last five weeks that he had come to accept. But Ted had not seen any of these men, so the thought of actually bumping into one of them felt intimidating and humiliating.

Ted walked into the house and Sarah's lover was standing in the kitchen naked, drinking straight from the orange juice bottle. He looked to be about 25 years old and he was hung like a horse. The guy noticed Ted and said, "Hey, what's up dude?"

Ted said, "Hey," and walked past him to the bedroom.

Sarah was just getting out of bed. She was naked and late for work. Ted thought she looked beautiful and wanted to fuck her on the spot, even though he knew the stud in the kitchen had been pounding her all night. Ted was full in the cage. Sarah said, "Hi, honey, did you meet Randy?"

Ted responded, "I saw him."

"He's a sweetheart. One of the new guys at work I was telling you about," Sarah said. Sarah, who was 38 years old, was still sexy as hell. Ted knew Randy or any of the "new guys" at the office were not going to say no to her advances.

"Listen, honey, I've got to get in the shower and get to work. Would you be a dear and tell Randy to come join me in the shower?" Sarah said.

Ted was seriously humiliated by this, thinking of the hung doofus drinking orange juice in the kitchen. But he did as he was asked, or told. Ted had a hard time telling between requests and orders these days. Everything felt like an order.

Ted walked out to the kitchen, and Randy was now sitting naked at the table eating a bowl of cereal. Ted said softly, "Sarah's in the shower. She asked me to tell you to join her."

Randy gave Ted a big grin and shrugged his shoulders in a "what can I do?" sort of way. He walked past Ted and gave him a patronizing pat on the shoulder.

Ted went to grab the morning paper, and when he got back, he could hear the sound of Sarah's orgasmic screams coming from the bedroom. Ted tried to ignore it as he read the paper and waited to get in the shower himself.

Twenty minutes later, Randy walked through the kitchen again, dressed now. "Your wife is a sweet fuck, man. You're a lucky guy. Later, dude." Randy said. He walked out and Ted could hear the roar of his Camaro firing up and tires squealing out of the driveway.

"What a fucking douche," Ted thought to himself.

Forty-five minutes later, Sarah emerged, dressed for work. She was wearing a short red dress. Ted could imagine all guys at work drooling over her as word leaked out how she was fucking every guy in the office. Ted couldn't imagine facing them all at the next holiday party. Sarah kissed Ted on the cheek and left for work.

Over the next week, it was more of the same. Ted bringing his wife to orgasm after orgasm every night. Ted's balls aching in their cage. Ted's desperation reaching heights he did not know was possible. Ted had begun counting the hours until his release.

After much thought, Ted planned to abandon this whole cock cage thing the minute he had fucked Nancy. He was done with this. As much as the sexual energy and new experiences were exciting, he could not imagine being in a cage for this long again. He wanted to go back to a normal life. Ted was ready for Sarah to stop fucking other men.

The day finally arrived for Ted's release. He dressed in a pair of red panties and a matching bra and slipped a medium size plug in his ass. Putting it in was exquisite torture. His balls were on fire.

Sarah had instructed Ted to make dinner for all of them that evening. Ted stayed home from work and concentrated on cooking and cleaning the house. Sarah had bought Ted a new pink apron for doing his chores. Ted cooked and scrubbed all day wearing only his panties, bra and apron. The house was spotless and dinner and drinks were finally ready. Ted threw some jeans and a sweater on and waited for Sarah and his friends to arrive. The anticipation of fucking Nancy was killing him. He allowed his mind to wander to her tight body, which was a mistake because it increased his pain, but release was less than an hour or two away.

Around 7:00, Sarah arrived home. Josh and Nancy came in with her. They all looked a little flushed. Nancy was wearing another one of her tight dresses, this one blue, showing off all her curves. Sarah looked sexy as hell too in a short black dress. Ted's mouth almost started watering at the sight of them.

Ted served them all drinks and plated the food. They all made small talk, almost like an ordinary evening. Ted kept looking at Nancy and imagining his cock buried in her sweet pussy. He was going a little insane, but he did not want to take the chance of offending Nancy by demanding she produce for him immediately. So he waited.

Finally, Nancy looked at Ted, and said, "Well, big boy, tonight's the night. Are you ready for a good fuck?"

Ted replied, "Yes, Mistress Nancy. And Mistress Sarah. I want to fuck you both very badly."

Nancy and Sarah both laughed at this. "You're kind of pathetic, you know that sissy?" Nancy said. Nancy and Sarah continued laughing. "Ok, sissy, let's go do it. Our pussies are nice and slippery for you. Josh dumped a fresh load in both of us before we came over. We wanted to make sure to feel perfect for you."

Ted felt a little disappointed that he wasn't getting Nancy and Sarah to himself, but it mattered little now. He needed to be free of the cage and inside somebody's pussy. Nancy was getting fucked first, he resolved. Ted planned to show her he was still a man and tear her pussy apart with his dick.

"Josh, you and Ted clean up. Sarah and I will meet you both in the bedroom when you are done," Nancy said.

Ted flew through the dishes, washing them by hand as Mistress Sarah was now demanding. Josh dried. Fifteen minutes later, Ted and Josh went to the bedroom.

When they walked in, Nancy and Sarah were naked on the bed. Sarah was reverse cowgirl on Nancy's lap, straddling a huge strap-on at Nancy's waist. Sarah was rising and falling on the strap-on, crying out with each stroke. Nancy had her right hand on one of Sarah's breasts, teasing her hard nipple. Nancy's left hand was at Sarah's clit. Nancy was kissing Sarah's neck as she gave her a hard fuck.

Nancy's eyes were gleaming and she was staring at Ted. "This is how you fuck a woman, sissy," she taunted, "I bet you don't even remember what it's like since all you do is suck cock these days."

Sarah exploded into an orgasm while riding Nancy. She cried out, "Oh, Nancy, fuck, you're dick is so fucking hot. I can't get enough." Sarah continued riding it. Nancy worked Sarah's clit even faster and Sarah came again.

Watching this scene, Ted was nearly doubled over in pain he needed out of the cage so badly. Sarah climbed off Nancy's cock and laid on the bed, exhausted.

"Come clean up after your wife, sissy," Nancy ordered. Ted climbed onto the bed and began licking the massive dildo clean, tasting his wife's juices. As he did so, he looked desperately at the two keys dangling from a chain around Nancy's neck.

"That's enough, faggot," Nancy said. "Ok, I suppose it's time to let you out of that cage. Get your pants and panties off." Ted didn't waste any time and was soon standing at the end of the bed naked, except for a red bra. Nancy pulled a key off the necklace and handed it to Sarah. "Unlock your sissy please, Sarah," Nancy said.

Sarah put the key in the padlock. Ted was shaking in desperation, praying it worked and this was not some kind of trick. The key turned and the padlock came open. Ted yanked the padlock off and carefully removed the cage from his sensitive manhood.

"Go get yourself cleaned up, sissy," Nancy ordered, "Sarah and I will be waiting. Oh, and Ted, remember whatever happens, the same rule applies. You will not come until both Mistress Sarah and I give you permission. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Nancy," Ted said. He did not really give a shit what Nancy said at the moment. Nor did he give a shit about her rules. He was finally free. But, he wasn't going to ruin his chance to wreck Nancy's pussy by smarting off now.

Ted ran to the bathroom and wiped himself down. The cool air on his dick and the moist towel felt so good after being trapped in the cage for over six weeks. Ted was instantly hard. He was ready to fuck Nancy, Sarah, anything that moved. He ran back into the bedroom.

Nancy and Sarah were on their hands and knees at the end of the bed, waiting on Ted. Josh had the fingers of both hands inserted into each of their pussies, stroking them, warming them up for Ted. Ted could see how wet and hot they were. He couldn't wait.

Ted walked up to Nancy, pushed Josh's hand away, and immediately plunged his dick all the way in her waiting pussy. "Fuck," Ted moaned. Nancy felt better than he could ever imagine. He stroked her pussy with his dick several times, and fought the urge to immediately cum inside her. Ted pulled out just in time.

Ted moved over to Sarah and plunged his cock into her waiting pussy. She felt just as incredible. Now Ted could manage only a stroke or two, or he knew he would come. He pulled out and moved back to Nancy.

Ted plunged his dick into Nancy again. He was fucking two hot women at the same time. The thought of it and Nancy's maddeningly tight pussy caused Ted to explode after one more pump into her. Ted screamed, "fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," as stream after stream of his pent-up cum flowed deep into Nancy. Ted was so full of cum, and he dumped it all into Nancy. Ted finished and pulled out.

Both Nancy and Sarah sat up. Both gave Ted a look of total disdain. He had never seen his wife look at him like this before. Having spent himself finally, he felt ashamed that his wife would give him this look. Nancy looked furious.

Nancy was the first to speak. Her tone of voice was venomous. Nancy said, "I told you not to cum without permission, sissy. Josh, go home and get the paddle." Josh immediately left the room.

Ted didn't like the sound of that. "Look, Nancy, I've played this game long enough. I'm done. It was fun, but I can't take being in that cage any longer. And I'm certainly not going to let anyone paddle me," Ted said.

Nancy responded, "You don't have that choice anymore. I gave you a chance to walk away six weeks ago, but you couldn't do it. And do you know why, Ted? Because you are a fucking sissy who needs to be told what to do. And, I told you not to cum, and look at the mess you made." Nancy looked down at her pussy with disgust, as Ted's seed dripped out.

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