tagLoving WivesSomething Special Under the Tree

Something Special Under the Tree


I awoke, dazed and dreary, with eyelids seemingly of stone. I had been to a Christmas Eve Office party with my wife last night. Ah, my wife, Suzanne, she's way out of my league, at least that's what everyone tells me anyway. She looks like she should be in Playboy or Victoria's Secret, and I should be in Joe Schlub Weekly. It's not that I'm bad looking, it's just that in comparison, and just about everything looks bad compared to my wife. Meanwhile, I was slowly waking up. I realized my wife was not lying next to me, I reach over, and nothing. I looked at the clock and noticed that it was 9 o'clock, and Christmas morning. Although this is typically sad for us, it reminds my wife how she is barren, and cannot have children of her own. I managed out of bed and took a quick shower, we had no real plans for the day, our families both living many miles away, and my job not allowing me to travel. We usually just sit around and watch TV, or have sex, which are our 2 favorite pastimes.

I put on some jeans and a T-shirt and walked downstairs, still not knowing where my wife was. I turned right at the bottom of the stairs, and saw an incredibly large package sitting next to our tree, it couldn't fit under it, due to the large size of it. I walked into the room, when I heard a voice.

"Hey sleepyhead, I was getting worried about you." She said and stood up from her spot on the couch. She was dressed in a Mrs. Claus outfit, however it looked like Mrs. Claus was a hooker according to this interpretation. It was red spandex bodysuit, with the typical white trim, but this outfit left nothing to the imagination, it was low cut to show off my wife's cleavage and high to show off her great legs. It fit perfectly everywhere, and she was enjoying having my full attention. She walked toward me, emphasizing her hips for the few steps she had to take. "I got you a present," she said, moving her finger up and down my chest. "Open it" she said, and was seemingly anxious for me to do so.

The present was extremely large, just as tall as my 6'2" height, and had to be 3' wide and deep. It was white, and had a red ribbon going around it, and which tied in a bow at the top. I looked skeptically at my wife, who was watching intently at my every move. I undid the ribbon by standing on my tiptoes, and was nearly knocked to the ground when the 4 sides fell outward upon the bow being untied. I cursed at myself for not noticing that they were only being held together by the bow. However, upon looking at what was just uncovered took those thoughts out of my mind and replaced them with new, dirty thoughts. There standing in a damsel in distress costume, (kind of like that chick in the old Dudley-Do-Right cartoons that always got tied to the tracks) was one of my wife's friends, Melissa. She is built top-heavy, and by built I mean surgically made. She had a petite body type, but had implants, which made her chest much larger than the rest of her. She is a very beautiful woman, and in the costume she had on, she could have made guys walk into a pole staring at her. She had a post-it note on her chest, which I went up to her to see. Upon coming closer to her, I discovered that her wrists were bound behind her. I grabbed the note off of her; it was handwritten, and said:


I know about your fantasy, and wanted to make it come true. She and I are both yours for the day, for whatever you want. This is your Christmas present, I know that all three of us will enjoy it.

Your Loving Wife

This came a shock to me, as my wife and I had both discussed our fantasies, but had never discussed ever acting them out. I then remembered that I had two women who were going to do whatever I told them. Thoughts began flowing through my brain, and blood began flowing into my groin. I led Melissa up the stairs, and told my wife to go upstairs to our bedroom, and to get out all of our toys. While leading Melissa up the stairs I was able to get a great look at Melissa's abundant cleavage. Her hands were bound behind her back, which forced her chest out even more, adding to my view. Upon our entry into the bedroom, I undid the ties on her wrists, and instructed my wife to secure Melissa onto the bed.

My wife straddled Melissa's chest, and handcuffed her wrists and legs to the posts of the bed, with a minor struggle from Melissa, who knew that if she did get away she would miss out on what I had planned for us. My wife then went to the box of toys and such, and grabbed a ball gag, and stuffed it into Melissa's mouth. My wife then began to kiss Melissa's neck, and felt her breasts through the costume. I pulled a chair from my desk, and placed it next to the bed to watch and then signaled for my wife to come over to me.

"Honey, I appreciate this present very much. Now I want you to ravage Melissa with anything, and in anyway you want to." I said to her, and held her chin up to make sure she was paying attention to me. Then I kissed her, and motioned for her to go take care of Melissa. She began sucking on Melissa's tits and fondling them. She then straddled her chest and began rubbing her pussy with Melissa's breasts, and then she spread her pussy over one breast, engulfing it. My wife was quickly getting herself to orgasm, and kept closing her eyes in enjoyment. My wife then took off the ballgag, and shoved her wet pussy right into Melissa's waiting mouth.

"Eat my pussy, slut," My wife managed to scream between moans and other sounds of pleasure. She then began cumming violently all over Melissa's face. She then rolled back, laying her back, spent from the previous sexcapades. I looked at Melissa, whose mouth was glistening was from my wife's juices. She had a pure, unadulterated, look of lust on her face. She was incredibly wet after what my wife had just done to her. My wife had still not recovered so I got up and grabbed handcuffs from the toy box. I turned my wife over so her and Melissa were stomach to stomach, and cuffed my wife's wrists to Melissa's, and did the same to her ankles. My wife awoke from her rest, and began grinding her pussy onto Melissa's, they then began kissing sloppily, their tongues going everywhere. I slapped my wife's ass, and grabbed a vibrator out of the box.

I began sliding it in and out of their pussies, they began dripping, their moans began to increase, and they bucked their hips, trying to keep the vibrator inside them, but at the same time, rubbing their pussies together. Then I shoved the vibrator fully into my wife's dripping cunt. Then I pulled out my hardening member, and put it into Melissa's sex. It slid in nice and smooth, as her pussy was incredibly lubricated. My cock was able to slide in and out of her easily, I pushed my wife's ass down, so her pussy could feel the rhythm, and so that Melissa could feel the vibrator. The three of us began moaning and screaming, as I increased my tempo. I slapped my wife's ass, and could feel Melissa's orgasm breaking through and thrust deeper finishing her off.

"OOOOAAHHHHHHHH" She screamed loudly, finally releasing her sexual energy. I pulled out of Melissa, and put my hard cock into my wife's asshole, and thrust hard, spreading her ass open. My cock and balls tightened and I slammed into my wife one last time, and shot my load far into her. She came softly, having spent her energy earlier. I uncuffed the two of them, and we laid in bed for the rest of the day, watching TV until our bodies recovered.

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by Anonymous07/04/17

So a "barren" wife decides that a threesome for Xmas is a good idea?

Can you say "stupid"? And what husband is dumb enough to want to bang his wife's friend on Xmas? And didn't Melissa have family to visit? Way too many holes in this messy story.

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