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Something to Talk About: Apocalypse



Ok, after reading "Something We Have to Talk About" and the two sequels by Nici, my teeth started itching again, and my mild OCD kicked in. I HATE stupid women like Susan! I read Tx Tall Tales's sequels, and they were ok. I like Triple T's work, most of the time. However, I felt that that tale didn't go quite the direction I wanted it to go. That's just me, agree or disagree. I'm doing this one for me. I have to write it down. lol

Anyhow, the BTB crowd will probably like this, and the Cuck and Reconciliation crowds are going to hate it. Ask me if I give a shit.

I hope at least some of you enjoy the ride. :)



How could she do this to me? How could she do this to our family??? Those were my immediate thoughts when I awoke the next morning in a hung over haze. I'm Jonathan Freemont, and until last night, I thought my wife, Susan Freemont, was a loving wife and my true love. Turns out she IS a loving wife, at least in practice, ONLY with her lover. In other words, not me. She said she's been hanging the horns on me for about a year now, and she wants me to like it? Yeah, no. NOT going to fuckin' happen!

I fought to reign in my anger and reviewed what she had said last night. She loved him, but she loved me too. She was going to spend more time with him overnight, and I would have no say in it. She said that he's a divorce lawyer, and she was just helping him. Bullshit. She said that he was HER divorce lawyer, if I wouldn't play ball with her. Oh, shit! I've watched enough courtroom dramas on TV to know that that's a HUGE conflict of interest, and would get him disbarred.

I smiled. Then as quickly as the smile had happened, it disappeared. I still didn't know who the fucktard was, and anything short of torturing Susan wouldn't get the information out of her. I briefly entertained the thought of torturing the cheating slut, but then I thought about my kids again. She's their mother. I can't do that to her. I reviewed everything I knew about the situation again.

Yeah, if I didn't play by her rules, I was going to pay through the ass so she and Assplug could live together on my dime? Fuck that shit! I had a friend who had gone through a divorce, and one night at the bar, he had told us how he'd gotten through it. He'd taken everything out of his accounts and opened new accounts, leaving his cheating bitch with nothing to hire a lawyer. She'd gotten one to take the case pro bono, but that wasn't a good move on her part. She lost bigtime to my buddy's shark. She got half, since this IS a no-fault state, BUT she didn't get alimony at all.

The big difference was that he didn't have kids. I do. That means I would have to pay out the ass for Child Support, at the very least. Now, as far as I knew, she wasn't bringing him to the house. Which meant that she was going to his place. I decided to check something, though, and called my in-laws.

"Hi, Jonathan! What's going on? Did you want to talk to the kids?" My mother-in-law asked. Sweet lady. I wondered if she knew that her daughter was a filthy whore. Probably not.

"Oh, nothing much. I was wondering about something, though. How many days a week do you usually watch the rug rats?" I asked.

"3 or 4 times a week, usually from 8 to 5 while Susan volunteers at the homeless shelter and food bank." She replied. Shit! Susan was lying to her own parents!!

"Thanks, Mom." I said. "Just wanted to know so I could surprise her next week. Shh, Don't tell her, ok?" I said with false cheer. She bought it.

"Oh, don't worry, hon. Mum's the word!" She chuckled.

"Thanks, Mom." I said. "Talk to ya later."

"Bye, have a great day!" She said.

As I Ended the call, I went and looked in the mirror. I wasn't going THAT bald. Shit, I still had more hair than Christopher Meloni. It had started to recede, but it wasn't too bad yet. I shaved, then combed my hair, and sure enough, I DID have more than Detective Stabler on SVU. Now, the beer gut would have to go.

Shit, as much as she said that shit to hurt me the night before, she was right about that! How could I have let myself go like this? All that fuckin' overtime, for one. 60 hours a week to bring home the bacon for my great kids and my slut wife. The kids, I loved. The slut wife? Not so much anymore.

Yeah, I wasn't quite as vulnerable as she would have me believe. First thing's first. I called and cancelled all our joint credit cards and ordered new ones in my name only. Then I called my branch manager and had him take EVERYTHING from our joint savings and checking and put it into a checking account in my name only. I also canceled automatic bill payments. It's called self-defense, ladies and gentlemen. My wife had such contempt and disrespect for me that she would lie through her teeth about me being defenseless against her Divorce Argument. She had declared war. Her mistake.

But then, her Asshole Lawyer butt buddy had "advised" her on what to say. Lawyers are like cops. They will try strong-arm and scare tactics to keep average people from fighting back. The cops do it when they know you would have a valid complaint against them. The lawyers did it so they could get an out of court settlement. Yeah, they both underestimated me.

I might be just a diesel mechanic, but that doesn't mean I'm stupid. With Four years in Army CID, I could have been a cop or a private eye. But I really loved working on engines, and diesel engines were my specialty, even as a shade tree mechanic. Now that I was a certified diesel mechanic, I was making decent money and shitloads of overtime at time-and-a-half.

I dressed in sweats, and went for a jog in order to think. Ok, I also did it in order to actually get some exercise and try to get rid of this beer gut. After my jog, I decided to call my boss and let him know that I was going to have to take a couple weeks of vacation time to work through a family crisis. He gave his ok on that, and then it was time to fine tune my plan of action.

It was going to be violent, and there would be a lot of blood. That much, I knew right away. Hell, there was a good chance I could end up in jail after all the dust had settled. I wanted to avoid that, of course. Having worked CID, there were ways I knew to pull it off, but it would still be tricky.

It was time to go shopping. I showered, changed into clean duds, and hit the town. Winter was coming, so I grabbed some soft supple gloves, a black turtleneck, and a ski mask with no mouth hole. I also grabbed some Oakley shades with the matte gray finish on the front, and matte black frames. Gotta love Wal-Mart! Yes, I was going to have a LOT of fun, once I knew who Asshole really was.

Then I hit our local "I Spy" shop, and grabbed some voice activated recorders and a GPS system with extended life batteries. I debated on cameras, but those wouldn't be needed yet. I didn't want to sue the son of a bitch. I wanted to make damn certain that he never touched my wife again.

I also bought a gym bag for my new clothes, and a pair of matte black steel toed work boots. That wasn't such a stretch, since my old work boots were pretty worn out. That's fine, though. The new boots would be replacements for the old boots.

I found a sporting goods store and bought an aluminum baseball bat and large gym bag. I decided to also buy a sport girdle for my gut, just in case. I didn't want the Asshole to be able to ID me because of my gut. That was for sure! I made sure I paid cash for everything. I did not want to leave a paper trail from a credit card that could be traced back to me.

Then the hard part. Playing the whipped hubby when my Cheating Bitch Slut Whore of a wife got home. Whenever she decided to get home, that is! I wouldn't capitulate right away, of course. Susan knows me, and she knows how bullheaded I am.

I stayed out all day, until what would have been quitting time. I didn't want The Bitch to think anything was up, yet. I went into the house, and she wasn't even home yet. Well, fuck that shit!

I tried her cellphone, but it was turned off and went straight to voicemail. I left her a message that it was urgent, and she needed to call me immediately when she was able. I said the time and date, and told her that she needed to call me ASAP. It was time to fuck with her head a little bit.

She called two hours later, and the kids were still at their grandparents' place. She sounded out of breath.

"Jonathan? What's going on?" She asked in a worried tone.

I decided to sound broken up a bit. "Come home, Susan. it's about the kids. Please just come straight home!" I sobbed a bit for effect, then hung up.

Susan came straight home, and burst into the room from the garage less than ten minutes after I'd called her. She saw how pale I looked. "What's going on, honey? Where are the children?!" She asked, her eyes full of fear.

"What do you care?" I snapped. "You were too busy with your lover to worry that your children could have been hurt or dying!" My voice was full of venom, and my eyes were full of hatred. Oh, the marriage was over, but I was going to fuck with her head something FIERCE before it was all over! "Two hours, Susan! Your phone was off for TWO FUCKIN' HOURS after I got home from work and called you! What if the children HAD been hurt?! What then? Is he THAT much more important to you than your own children?!"

Susan collapsed on the couch in the living room, and held her face in her hands. She was sobbing pitifully.

"What if, instead of the children, I would have been killed? Would you care as much, Susan?" I asked in a lower tone of voice. "Would you care at all, or just call your parents to tell them to keep the kids longer so you could have even more time with your boy toy?"

She looked up at me, her eyes red from crying, but still defiant. "It's not like that, Jonathan! You KNOW it's not like that!" She sobbed. "I can't believe you would do that to me! I can't believe you would use your own children as weapons against me!"

I slowly shook my head. "I wasn't, Susan. I just wanted to let you know what could have happened. How you would be two hours late for something important, and have to explain to everyone WHY you were two hours late. Would you lie, or tell the truth? You said you wanted to keep this secret from our families. How are we supposed to do that when your cellphone is turned off? What if your parents had heart attacks, and the kids were trying to reach you? What then, Susan?"

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WOULD DO THIS TO ME!" She shrieked. Her face had gone red with unbridled rage. Rage, and just a twinge of guilt, it seemed. That guilt was the main source of her rage.

"I didn't do this to you, Susan. You did it to yourself when you took up with your little boyfriend. I miss my wife, and the kids miss their mommy." I said, still keeping my voice low and even. "They love their grandparents, but they love you more."

That caused her to pale a bit. She knew deep down that I was right, but her stubborn pride would no more allow her to admit it than it would allow her to EVER admit I was right about something. "Well, since they're fine, I'm going back after I shower." She sneered at me. "Just remember, you try to divorce me, I will leave you ruined and broken!"

There IS a God! I thought as she wandered back towards our bedroom to shower in the master bath. I acted quickly, grabbing the GPS and one of the voice activated recorders and heading out to her car. I planted the VAR under her seat, and the GPS under the passenger seat. I had the receivers for both on me, so I could know where she went and what she was saying, either on the phone, or talking to herself. The signal range was a good ten miles. She would have to be ALL the way on the other side for me to lose the signal, and from when she called until she showed up, Asshole did NOT live all the way on the other side of town.

Oh, Dipfucker's day of reckoning was coming, and it was coming VERY soon.

Once the devices were planted and my receivers were tested, I pocketed the Voice receiver and placed the GPS receiver in my Ford F-250 Diesel. I love that old truck.

I was inside sitting with my head in my hands as Susan came out, dressed to kill. I looked up at her. "Susan, I'm begging you. Please don't do this to me. Don't do this to your family."

Her expression softened. "I'm sorry that you can't understand, honey. I really do love you, but he needs me." She gave me an apologetic smile.

"No, Susan. If you were sorry, you wouldn't go. You would still be a faithful wife instead of sleeping with a man who is not your husband." I gave it to her straight.

"You have to understand, honey. I have to do this! He needs me." She wheedled again.

"Your FAMILY needs you, Susan." I emphasized family to her. "Or do you no longer care about me and our children? The three children who were made from our love for each other. Remember them? They're the best of both of us, Susan. We made them together!"

"Honey, I love you AND our children. But he needs me right now. I promise that tomorrow, I'm all yours." She smiled, as if that would make it all better. NOW was the time to play the part I had been psyching myself down for.

"Ok, but I don't like this." I shook my head in resignation with a sigh of defeat. The look of triumph that came to her face was quickly replaced by a condescending smile.

"Don't worry, honey. I love you, and I will always be yours. This is just temporary." She said.

"Ok. But like I said, it will be a long time coming before I am ok with you doing this, Susan." I shook my head again as she walked towards the garage. She was right. This IS just temporary. Temporary until Asshole has been dealt with. THEN let her see how much she likes him when I'm done!

As soon as she left, I went and grabbed the aluminum baseball bat, my old Bowie Knife, and my blowtorch. I grinned evilly as I climbed into the cab of my Ford and turned on the GPS and VAR receivers. She had the radio on, and I could hear her humming a happy tune along with the radio. I slipped the torch, knife, and bat into the gym bag as I gave her a five minute head start. I saw by the GPS that she was only a few miles away, so I gunned my truck to life and headed over there.

I pulled up to the house where she had just parked her car in his garage. Shit, she even had a garage door opener for his place?! Jesus, she might as well be married to him instead of me! I felt my rage rising again, but took some deep breaths to keep it in check. I wanted to do nothing more than to bust in there and beat the shit out of him, and her too if she got in the way. At least I got his license plate number, and jotted it down quickly. I always carry a pen and small notebook with me, as an old habit from my time in Army CID. I also jotted down his address.

No, this would take some proper planning. I made sure that my gear was squared away. I got in the back of the cab and changed into my "Redneck Ninja" gear, as I came to think of it. I put on the girdle so my gut wasn't showing, pulled on the gloves to get rid of any fingerprints, and the sweater over that. I put on the black jeans and pulled the ski mask on over my face. This would just be recon tonight. Tomorrow would be a different matter, however.

I then pulled around to the mouth of the alleyway behind the houses. I stopped a few houses down from Asshole's, and slipped out quietly. I left the bat inside the cab, and went in silently through his alley gate. No problems so far. I kept my eyes open, scanning for any alarm systems. None so far. I went low and roadie ran to the closest window. There was light from inside, and it was damn near pitch black outside. That would give me an advantage, too. I stopped just below the window, and peeked over the sill.

What I saw made my blood boil. The Asshole was sitting there stroking his cock while my wife gave him a little strip tease. I was now damn glad that I hadn't brought the bat with me, as I would have busted in the window and then busted his head open with my impression of Mark McGuire. I took several deep breaths to calm myself. I listened intently for any clues as to who he was.

"That's it, baby. I love it when you dance for me."

"Mmmm, you like that, honey? Do you like it when I strip like a little slut for you?"

I really had to maintain my self-control now. I was tempted to go back to my truck and get my bat anyway!

"I love it. You are so hot, Susan!" He exclaimed in a tone of voice that said he was having no guilt or hard times to get through. I KNEW she was lying through her teeth!

"So are you, Jim." She giggled. Jim, huh? Well, Jim, I think that very soon, you're going to wish you had NEVER even heard of Susan Freemont!

I had heard enough. I left before I did anything stupid. I didn't want Susan there when I finally had it out with Asshole. I wouldn't physically harm her, but her boy toy, on the other hand, was fair fuckin' game! The sonuvabitch had set out to seduce my wife, knowing she was married. He had willfully and knowingly cuckolded me. He had somehow subverted Susan's iron will. He was dangerous, and I was going to make damn sure he never did it to anyone else's wife.

Once I was back in the cab, I got out of the sweater, black jeans, and ski mask with Oakley's, and the surprisingly comfortable sports girdle. It made my beer gut disappear. When I put on my normal blue jeans, t-shirt, and boots, I started my truck and hauled ass out of there.

Jim. Ok. Now I had a first name, and I could look up his last name in the morning.

I walked into my house and decided to get my lockpicks from my nightstand. I had kept them since my time in CID, and somehow I knew they would come in handy someday.

I called my Mom and asked if she would like for the kids to stay overnight, and she said sure. She missed her grandkids, so I promised to bring them by in the morning for her to watch.

I then called Susan's folks to let them know that I would pick up the kids later in the morning, and while they love their grandchildren, they were relieved that I would be picking them up and taking them to my Mom's place.

I packed a suitcase with some of my clothes and boxers, and shoved it in my closet. It was getting close to the endgame, now. She was going to realize just how much she had lost within the next 72 hours.

I got to bed early, and awoke early the next morning. After another morning jog, and an actually healthy breakfast today, I got on my old laptop and looked up Jim's address and license plate number. Mr. James Robert Stevens was his name. He was, indeed, a divorce attorney, and he also really had lost his wife in an accident several years back. Huh. So they weren't lying about that. He had, however, used it to seduce my wife! The scumbag was using his personal tragedy to steal another man's wife... MY WIFE! Typical fuckin' ASSHOLE!

The news of his loss actually made me feel even better for what I had planned for His Assholiness. He was going to know true pain. Not the pain of loss that he had suffered before, but the pain that comes with the consequences of stealing another man's wife!

I went to "work" as usual, still on my sabbatical, and parked in the parking lot. I then jogged to the bank and picked up my new ATM card and credit cards. Once those were in hand, I pulled $300 out of the ATM and rented a car from the Hertz Rental place down the street from the bank. The car I rented was a non-descript sedan, and with my gym bag transferred from the truck to the car, I parked down the street from Asshole's house. I then used my cell to call Susan.

Surprisingly, she picked up after the first ring. "Jonathan! What's going on? Aren't you at work?"

"Yeah, just on a short break right now." I lied. "I was wondering how long you were going to let the kids stay at your grandparents' house."

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