tagLesbian SexSomething Unexpected Ch. 06

Something Unexpected Ch. 06


A/N: Happy New Year My loves!!!! I hope you all had great holiday's and will stick to half of the resolutions you made. :-) A few things to tell you guys, if you haven't checked my bio page, I posted an update saying that I have revised all of the previous chapters. I encourage you all to read the revised chapters if you have the chance because they introduce Angel's mom and include more scenes, plus I think they are way more awesome now. I also think I will have Something Unexpected finished in two more chapters. I know it sucks but I promise to give you some awesome sex scenes to carry with you. Last but not least, I'm thinking that after I finish Something Unexpected I will write another story. So far I'm thinking a romance between a mob boss and black woman, maybe they go on a killing spree, maybe she changes him, idk, I'm open to your thoughts and suggestions. Send me your feedback and comment! Oh one last thing, to the person that sent me an email saying they need someone like Angel in their life, I can tell you she is highly flattered. Happy reading you guys!


"Oh yes," Angel moaned from her position on all fours.

"Yea girl," Michelle said biting her neck.

"Unh, that feels so good." Angel groaned as she rotated and flexed her hips.

"You like that baby? Haha yea I know you like that." Michelle said as she rubbed Angel's clit with her thumb.

"Harder Emmy...mmm give me more." Angel said as she rocked herself on Michelle's two fingers wantonly.

"I got something to give you alright." Michelle said and moved so that she was underneath Angel lying on her back.

Michelle then began licking Angel's clit with her tongue as she pumped her hand in an out of Angel's tight cunny.

"Oooh that's so deep." Angel said as her eyes rolled back in her head. If it wasn't for Michelle's arm holding Angel's hip, she would have fallen on top of her on the bed.

Michelle kept up her ministrations, flicking Angel's sex with her tongue.

"Don't stop." Angel panted.

"Didn't plan on it la belleza (beautiful)." Michelle said licking Angel from her hot center to the top of her clit.

"Ooooh." Angel gasped and began to fuck herself on Michelle's hands and face.

It had been two months since Valentine's Day and things had been going great for Angel and Michelle. They hadn't yet defined the relationship, but they had developed a comfortable routine.

"Do you want Emmy to make you orgasm baby?" Michelle asked.

"Oh yes baby, yes unh." Angel moaned while trying to fucking herself harder on Michelle's fingers.

"Beg for it." Michelle said as she stopped stroking Angel's pussy and lay back on the bed.

For the first few seconds all Angel could do was pout at Michelle. She was so close to her orgasm she could feel it from her fingertips to her toes.

"She looks so sexy pouting like that." Michelle thought.

"Come on baby, "Michelle said coming up to Angel and kissing her, "Stop pouting and tell me what I want to hear."

"No," Angel said with a smile and crossed her arms underneath her bare tits.

"Come on baby." Michelle said staring at Angel's tits and licking her lips. She was no longer paying attention to anything that Angel said.

Noticing Michelle's distraction, Angel decided to have a little fun with her. Angel decided to taunt Michelle and tease her into fucking her the way she wanted.

Staring into Michelle's eyes, Angel began pulling and pinching her nipples.

"Mmm my nipples are just so hard." Angel said as she rubbed her palms against her nipples.

"I'm so horny." Angel said tilting her head back while she continued to roll her hard nipples against her palms.

She then ran one hand from her neck, trailed it over her stomach and cupped her pussy.

"If only there was a way to put all of this wetness to good use." Angel said. She then pushed a finger inside of her pussy.

"Mmm." Angel said as she stroked her finger in and out of her pussy.

"Oooou." Michelle moaned as she watched Angel fuck herself. Michelle loved to see Angel's slim fingers stroke in and out of her pussy.

While others would be freaked out watching their lover masturbate in front of them, it really turned Michelle on.

She liked Angel to get off knowing that she was watching and to hear the wet smacking sounds of Angel's juices as she stroked in and out of her pussy.

Furthermore, she loved watching the expressions on Angel's face and the way her body changed as she got closer to her orgasm.

"Oh yea! Unh, Unh, I'm going to come." Angel said as she alternated between furiously rubbing her pussy and stroking two fingers in and out of her vagina.

"Not without me you aren't." Michelle said and lunged for Angel.

"Haha, oh no you don't." Angel said anticipating Michelle's move and sidestepping it.

"You want this?" Angel asked Michelle as she stroked her pussy lips and got some of the juices on her fingers.

"Yea, I want some." Michelle said as she rested her unfocused gaze on Angel's fingers.

"Mmmm." Angel said as she sucked the two fingers into her mouth slowly and gave Michelle a sultry look.

"Fuck!" Michelle exclaimed. "I want you so bad."

"So come get it Michelle. Come fuck this pussy." Angel said turning around and spreading her legs and pussy lips for Michelle to view.

Before Angel could fully get out her sentence, Michelle was on her.

When she dropped to her knees in front of Angel, Angel automatically opened her legs wider.

As soon as Angel did so, Michelle shoved two fingers deep inside Angel's pussy.

"Oh, Fuck! Unh." Angel exclaimed. Before she could get adjusted to the pleasure she was receiving from Michelle's fingers Michelle began using her thumb to stroke Angel's clit.

"Whose pussy is this?" Michelle asked.

"Mine." Angel answered defiantly as her head hit the wall.

"Whose pussy is this?" Michelle said increasing pressure while she rubbed her own clit in pleasure.

"It's mine." Angel answered breathlessly.

"I'm only going to ask you one more time." Michelle said and began pounding her fingers in and out of Angel's pussy. "Whose pussy is this?"

"It's....It's....Aaahhh, It's yours." Angel said as Michelle replaced her thumb with her tongue.

Hearing Angel's sexy moans was almost Michelle's her undoing.

"Oh Emmy don't stop. Don't stop baby. Yes, yes fuck me baby, fuck your pussy. Unh." Angel screamed as she ran her fingers through Michelle's hair.

"Pull my hair querida (dear)." Michelle said between pants.

"Mmm, I love it when you fuck me hard like this, unh. I'm almost there, unh, Michelle, unh, oh my god, unh, Aaaaaaah!" Angel screamed as she orgasmed.

Just hearing Angel orgasm brought Michelle to her orgasm. She really couldn't come if Angel did not come first.

Michelle continued to lightly stroke Angel until she fully came down from her orgasm.

"That was so amazing." Angel said minutes later from her spot on the floor. After her orgasm she sat on the floor. She was now lying on her back on the floor and looking at Michelle dreamily as she stroked the side of her face.

"Yea it was." Michelle said as she leaned over and kissed Angel.

"You are so beautiful querida (dearest). Do you know that?" Michelle said as she stroked the side of Angel's face and nose.

Angel giggled and looked away.

"Thank you." Angel said after a while.

Angel then began kissing Michelle passionately and trying to pull her down on top of her. When she tried unsuccessfully for the third time to unbutton Michelle's now buttoned pants, Michelle pulled away.

"Baby, we have to go." Michelle said.

"But..." Angel began.

"I know you want to have sex again but if we don't leave now we are going to be late meeting Elise and Camilla dulzura (sweety)." Michelle reasoned.

"Ok...How about a quickie in the shower?" Angel said.

Chuckling Michelle replied, "You know good and damn well that if we start it will not be quick. And besides una hermosa (beautiful one), you know I want to take my time and show your body the pleasure it deserves." Michelle said and punctuated with a kiss.

"Ugh ok. Shower no sex." Angel said dragging Michelle off to the shower.

"How about light fondling?" Angel said shimmying around.

In response Michelle chuckled and closed the bathroom door.


Meanwhile at a hotel nearby, Camilla and Elise were getting ready for the dinner double-date.

"Honey, I can't find my bra anywhere, have you seen it?" Camilla said walking from the bathroom back into the bedroom naked.

Camilla was never one to be shy of her nakedness. She was confident in her body and knew that she looked good.

"Uh, no I haven't." Elise said trying not to stare.

"What do you think...should I wear a thong with this dress or no?" Camilla asked Elise as she held up a dress in front of herself.

"Umm, I don't know." Elise said trying to focus on a spot near Camilla. Camilla had a habit of moving her hips from side to side and scissoring her legs as she got dressed.

Unbeknownst to her, every time she did this Elise got a view of her mound and could also smell a hint of her arousal.

It was still the early stages of their relationship so Elise didn't want to press Camilla to do anything. On Valentine's Day the two had a romantic evening that ended with Camilla falling asleep after three glasses of wine.

The next morning Camilla tried to wake Elise up with a morning surprise, but Elise had gotten up early and cooked her breakfast in bed.

Other than that time the two hadn't really gotten any alone time with each other. Every time Elise came to visit Camilla, her roommates were always at the apartment and anytime Camilla got free time to visit Elise, Elise had to work.

As Elise stared at the white wall and tried to count backwards from 100, Camilla let out an inner sigh. She didn't know what it was but it seemed like Elise just wasn't getting the hint.

She didn't know if Elise was trying to take things slow with her because they had been friends for so long or if she was just blind to all the passes she was throwing at her.

She and Elise were unofficially in a relationship. Not being the emotional type, Elise hadn't explicitly asked Camilla out. The two were not dating anyone else however and whenever anyone asked either of them if they were with someone, they both answered yes.

Camilla didn't want to pressure Elise, or make her get down on one knee or anything, but she really did want Elise to work up the courage and be romantic and ask her out.

She was also going to go crazy if Elise didn't fuck her soon.

She had so many months of frustration worked up, she was on edge.

Deciding that Elise would once again pass on the opportunity to have sex with her, Camilla put on her dress.

"Ok I'm ready." Camilla said holding her clutch and standing in Elise's line of sight.

Elise helped Camilla into her coat and then the two took off in Elise's car.

They arrived at the restaurant the same time that Angel and Michelle did. It was a trendy café that sold sandwiches "to die for" in Angel's words. After exchanging hugs and greetings the couples gave their orders to the waiter and started chatting.

"So how did you find out about this place?" Camilla asked Angel as she shifted in her seat.

"Lately I have just been on this sandwich kick, Panini's, subs, hoagies, the works! A friend of mine recommended this place." Angel finished.

When there was a long pause, Angel and Michelle looked at each other. They could feel the tension radiating off of Camilla and Elise.

"So did you guys have a good drive coming down?" Michelle asked trying to break the tension.

"Actually we decided to stay at a hotel this time, so we just drove from there." Elise said looking everywhere but at Camilla.

Camilla looked at Angel like she really needed to talk, so Angel decided to act.

"Honey, would you mine keeping Elise company while me and Camilla go get a drink? You too catch up ok." Angel said giving Michelle a quick peck on the cheek and then going over to the bar.

When they arrived at the bar, Angel could tell that something was seriously wrong. Camilla looked dejected.

"What's wrong?" Angel asked rubbing Camilla's shoulder.

Never one to be shy, Camilla came right out and said what was bothering her, "We still haven't had sex."

"What!?!" Angel exclaimed loudly and then lowered her voice to a whisper when she noticed heads turn toward their direction.

"What about Valentine's Day? We had a plan!" Angel said looking to Camilla with confusion.

"I know, I know." Camilla said with a sigh. "I was confident and ready for the plan. I had the bag of goodies, I had the outfit, but for some reason, I froze."

"Cam you never get scared, you are one of the most confident women I know." Angel said rubbing Camilla's back to give her comfort.

"I know but this isn't just some random person in the street or some person I barely know, this is Elise; My best friend for over ten years, Elise." Camilla said sadly.

"I understand....But Cami, Elise loves you." Angel said.

"Does she?" Camilla asked.

"You know that Elise can never admit that she loves someone first. You are just going to have to get up the courage and tell her how you feel."

"I don't know if I can do that." Camilla said shaking her head and ordering a shot.

"That should be the easiest part of it all after all of this time." Angel said ordering a drink as well.

"Isn't that the scariest part of it all?" Camilla said running a hand through her hair nervously.

"I know sometimes it is hard to express how you feel, but come on Cam, you will never know until you try...and besides we both know without a shadow of a doubt that Elise loves you." Angel said.

"Believing something in your mind and having the words spoken to your heart are two different things." Camilla said taking a shot.

"That's true." Angel said. Angel had talked to Elise many times about the importance of expressing how she felt to Camilla. Angel had tried to reason with Elise the weekend before that just because something is generally understood between two people doesn't mean it should not be said aloud.

"There is just so much pressure. I know that she loves me now, but what if I do something to make her not love me anymore." Camilla said looking at Angel with a tear in her eye.

"Ah, so this is much bigger than the sex then?" Angel said.

"No, it's all about the sex!" Camilla exclaimed.

"I need to be perfect for her; I want to always make her happy. Right now I just feel so unwanted and unattractive."

"But why?" Angel asked.

"She won't even look at me when I get undressed in front of her. " Camilla added with a pout.

"Camilla you look fine, you just lost twenty pounds, hell you're slimmer than me!" Angel began. "I think that she doesn't want to pressure you so she puts distance between you too."

"That could explain why she is so awkward and anxious sometimes around me." Camilla said.

"She doesn't want to mess this up. This is very important to her." Angel said with insight. She then grabbed Camilla to face her and continued, "Elise loves you, has for a long time, she loves your body, she loves your mind and most importantly she loves your fiery spirit. Being with her is your destiny; you will finally be able to be yourself."

"Do you remember when you dating Zach and I told you, you would find someone better. That that person was probably right before your eyes and you just didn't see them yet."

"Yea, I remember that." Camilla said with a slight smile.

"Elise is going to treat you like the queen you deserve to be, you and I both know her, if she isn't having sex with you it is probably what?" Angel said.

"To be respectful of my feelings." Camilla said.

"Exactly. Elise is probably trying to take things slow and do it right because she cares about you." Angel said.

"I guess that explains why she hasn't asked me out yet either." Camilla said turning toward the bar.

"What?!? She hasn't asked you out yet?" Angel exclaimed with a look of confusion as Camilla shook her head no.

"I can see this is going to take a few drinks, bar tender, can I get a two shots of your strongest tequila." Angel said.


Meanwhile back at the table, Michelle was looking at Elise with a similar look of confusion.

"So you are telling me that you have not asked tu amor to be yours? Ay dios mio que es una locura! (Oh my god that is crazy!)" Michelle said.

"Hey man, I'm trying to take things slow with her. She deserves my respect. Besides from what I hear, you haven't asked Angel out either." Elise said defensively.

"I have to take things slow with Angel, your friend is like a lioness. Passionate in bed but deadly when crossed; I have to show her that being with me will not change her life so much." Michelle said.

"But enough about me and Angel." Michelle interjected. "What are you going to do about Camilla?"

"Well we aren't seeing anyone else, and I plan on asking her out eventually, but I don't know what to do. This romance stuff does not come easily to me." Elise said shaking her head.

"From what I can see you really like this woman. I know that you don't like expressing your feelings but in this instance, I think that is what you need to do." Michelle said.

"Ugh, I knew you would suggest that. I just don't like being vulnerable, what if she rejects me?" Elise said looking up at Michelle.

"Look at her amiga vieja (old friend), does she look like a woman who is not madly in love with you?" Michelle said.

"Her love is obvious for us all to see." Michelle said. "You have nothing to fear, just admit your feelings and accept the happiness being given."

"You're right. I just need to work up the courage." Elise explained.

"Fake it until you make as mi amor (my love) always says." Michelle said with a chuckle.

"Speaking of Angel, when are you going to tell her how you feel?" Elise asked.

"You know your best friend better than I do. If I tell her how I feel now that will just push her away, or worse make her feel obligated to stay with me to protect my feelings. No, I will make her fall in love with me and tell me first." Michelle said taking a sip of her soda.

"That seems like a good plan. Remember Angel can be very stubborn at times." Elise said.

"Tell me about." Michelle said rolling her eyes.

The waiter then brought over all of their food. Michelle signaled the girls to come back to the table and for the rest of the evening, the couples enjoyed nice conversation and good food.

"Well guys it is still an early night. Let's say we continue the fun and go out somewhere." Angel said.

"Yea, how about we go check out a movie." Camilla said with a smile.

When the couples arrived at the movie theater it was full of people.

"Why is it so busy?" Michelle asked from her stance behind Angel.

"Think like a Man just came out a week ago. They also have the Lucky One and Chimpanzee." Angel said, trying to see over the crowd.

"Did you read Think like a Man?" Camilla asked. "It was great."

"I read bits and pieces." Michelle said. "Angel read the whole damn thing."

"What movie do you guys want to see?" Elise asked as Angel stepped away from the group.

"Definitely Think like a Man." Camilla said.

"There is no way we are going to get tickets. The board says it's sold out." Michelle said.

"Got em'." Angel said returning to the group.

"How did you get tickets, when it says that they are sold out?" Elise asked.

"I ordered them using an app while we were in the car. All I had to do was show my I.D and get the tickets. Now let's hurry inside before there are no seats left." Angel said.

The couples ended up finding a few seats close together in the middle row. There were three people in between them, but they figured that was close enough.

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