Something Unexpected Ch. 06


"Time to put our plan into action," Angel whispered to Camilla as she and Elise passed her to get to their seats.

"Angel and I are going to go get refreshments. Do you want anything?" Camilla asked Elise and Michelle.

"I'll take some junior mints." Michelle said looking at Angel.

"And I'll take a soda and some dots if they have them." Elise said.

The girls stared at Michelle and Elise expectantly.

"What?" Elise and Michelle asked in unison.

"Cards!" Camilla and Angel said together.

All Elise and Michelle could do was laugh as they went in their wallets and got out their credit cards.

As the girls walked away Elise said, "Those girls are going to be the death of us."

"Yea but with an ass like that, Angel can kill me any day." Michelle said with a grin as she licked her lips and sat back in her chair.

"You're a hoe." Elise said with a laugh.

"That's how Angel likes me." Michelle said pushing Elise's shoulder with a laugh.

The girls got back just before the movie started. Angel ended up getting nachos and Camilla got popcorn.

When the girls came back to sit down, Angel handed Michelle her junior mints and Camilla handled Elise her food with a little extra something else.

After handing Elise her food, Camilla pulled Elise's face toward hers.

"I wanted you to have these, so you can have something to focus on during the movie." Camilla said before she put her thong in Elise's pocket.

"Oh God!" Elise thought and hurriedly looked away.

After that bombshell, the opening credits to the movie started.

Elise tried her best to focus on the movie, but she could smell Camilla's arousal. As Camilla ate her popcorn she scissored her legs and unconsciously let out a moan.

"She's trying to kill me." Elise thought.

"Mmm, it's so hot in here." Camilla said as she removed her leather jacket and placed it on her lap.

This only served to bring Elise's attention to the tops of Camilla's breasts that could easily be viewed from her strapless dress.

"Mmmm." Camilla moaned as she gently massaged her pussy lips under her jacket. Elise sharply inhaled.

"What are you doing?" Elise whispered to Camilla.

"We are in the middle of a packed movie theater."

"Relax Elise, don't be such a spazz. No one can see me we are in the corner and besides my lap is covered by my jacket. Now ssshhh I'm trying to enjoy the movie." Camilla said breathily as she continued to massage her clit and pussy lips.

"Ooooh this feels so good." Camilla moaned as she turned her head to the side.

"Fuck this!" Elise thought. She quickly removed Camilla's hands from under her coat.

"What? What are you do...unh." Camilla moaned as Elise eased a finger through her slick folds.

"You get off teasing me huh?" Elise asked as she massaged Camilla's inner walls.

"I don't oooh, know what you are talking about Elise." Camilla exclaimed.

"What kind of act are you pulling doing this? I don't want our first time to be in a movie theater." Elise said.

"This isn't sex this is just you helping me relieve some stress. As far as everything else goes I didn't ask you to do anything, you took it upon yourself" Camilla said.

"Like I wasn't going to do did this to entice me." Elise said watching Camilla's reaction as she added a second finger.

"Unh...oooh Elise that feels so good." Camilla said enjoying the sensations. "Wait what did you say, entice you? I don't know how I can entice you when I was naked in front of you and you would barely look at me."

"I was trying to be respectful. I didn't want to pressure you to do something you weren't ready for." Elise said as she began rubbing Camilla's clit.

Elise could only play off looking for something near Camilla for so long before people realized what she was doing.

"And I was trying to get you to make love to me. Stop over analyzing things so much, relax, live, and have fun for once." Camilla said.

"Ok." Elise said. "Meet me in the bathroom in three minutes. I'll leave my jacket on the stall so you know which one I am in."

"Ok..." Camilla began but was stopped short when Elise kissed her.

Before Camilla could respond, Elise was up and headed to the bathroom.

Camilla quickly shook off her daze and put her jacket on the back of her chair. When she passed Angel's chair, Angel whispered "Good Luck," And gave her a squeeze.

When Camilla arrived in the bathroom, she breathed a sigh of relief that she and Elise were alone.

Taking a deep breath, she squared her shoulders and decided that she would follow Angel's advice and be direct with Elise.

She knocked on Elise's stall and waited for her to open the door.

Elise had chosen the biggest stall at the end. As soon as Elise opened the door, she was all over Camilla; kissing her face, kissing her neck and kissing her cheeks.

"Wait we are kissing too loud!" Camilla said in a fierce whisper as she tried to pull herself away from Elise.

Elise continued on kissing Camilla, but did try to be quieter and less aggressive.

Soon enough neither of them were paying attention to how much noise they were making.

Frustrated with just kissing, Elise began running her hands underneath Camilla's dress and massaging her curves.

"Mmm." Camilla moaned as she enjoyed the sensations produced by Elise's talented fingers. Before Camilla even realized it, Elise made quick work of unzipping the back of Camilla's dress.

The only indication that her dress was no longer on her was the rush of cold air that hit Camilla's back and the feeling of warm cloth at her feet.

Camilla was now completely naked in front of Elise.

Elise sat down on the lid of the toilet and marveled at Camilla's body. Camilla just bit her lip and stared into Elise's eyes.

After drinking in her fill, Elise began placing slow, nibbling bites on Camilla's stomach, working her way up to her breasts.

"Bite harder!" Camilla gasped as she ran her hands through Elise's twists.

Elise increased the pressure of her bites while she flicked Camilla's nipples with her thumb and forefinger.

"Oooh Elise." Camilla moaned and her nipples became even more taut and sensitive.

She then moved to Camilla's neck where she began licking the sensitive spot just behind her ear.

"mmmm, play with my pussy." Camilla directed while moving Elise's fingers away from her nipples.

"So impatient," Elise chuckled. "I was getting there."

Elise continued to bite and suck on Camilla's neck as she moved her hands down to hold Camilla's waist in place.

She wanted to make sure that she left her mark on Camilla's so that anyone passing her would know that she was taken.

Done leaving her mark, Elise moved her face down to Camilla's breasts as she slid her hand through Camilla's slit.

Camilla reveled in the mild contact of Elise's hand with her clit. She was so horny that she and Elise were finally having sex, that her button was extra sensitive.

Elise attached her mouth to Camilla's nipple. She trapped the bud between her lips and flicked her tongue across the center of the bud.

As she put her mouth to work, she also used her fingers.

She easily stroked a finger inside of Camilla's wet cunny, while stroking her thumb across her clit.

"Oh, yes...yes Elise...more!" Camilla gasped. Elise added a second finger and increased the pressure. She gently massaged Camilla's pussy until she felt the soft sponginess of her g spot.

"Unh, Unh." Camilla moaned. "I'm not going to last long."

"Yea, this is definitely going to be the last date between me and Jarrod." A woman said walking into the bathroom.

"Be quiet." Elise said in a fierce whisper. Camilla's answer was a quick nod right before Elise plunged her fingers deep inside her pussy again.

"Mmm..." Camilla started to moaned but was cut off by Elise's hand to her mouth.

Elise increased her ministrations, working her fingers harder and faster in and out of Camilla's hole.

"You're getting so wet for me." Elise whispered as she noticed Camilla juices dripping down her thighs.

Camiila tried to hold back her moans, but every now and again one would escape.

"I don't know girl, sounds like someone is in here gasping or something. Maybe they are having a bad shit....Haha, I know, that restaurant was awful. Ratchet!" The woman on her cellphone said.

"I'll call you back after the movie. you too." The woman on her cellphone said.

As soon as she left Elise removed her hands and dropped down to her knees.

She wanted to finish what she had started before she was interrupted by another moviegoer. After dropping down to her knees, she opened Camilla's pussy lips and stared at her clit.

Her warm breath brushed against Camilla's clit causing her to jump at the ticklish sensation. Elise licked around Camilla's clit and she slowly worked her fingers in and out of her pussy building up pressure.

"Oh God." Camilla moaned as she rest her head against the door of the stall.

Elise sucked Camilla's clit into her mouth and began flicking it with her tongue. As Camilla's gasp and moans increased, Elise could tell she was close.

Elise increased the speed of her fingers and tongue as Camilla began pulling at her twists.

"Oh yes Elise yes. Almost there unh." Camilla moaned loudly.

Elise covered Camilla's mouth with her free hand as she continued massaging her fingers in and out of Camilla's clit.

She increased the pressure of her tongue and when she knew Camilla was ready, she lightly bit down on her clit.

"Mmmm." Camilla gasped as she orgasmed on Elise's fingers.

Elise continued massaging Camilla until her pussy stopped clenching and gripping her fingers. Coming down from her orgasm, all Camilla could do was lay languidly against the stall door. She would have fallen to the ground if Elise did not hold her up by her waist.

After catching her breath, Camilla kissed Elise hard on the lips.

"This isn't over by any means." Camilla said recovering. "I want you naked as soon as we get to the hotel room."

In response, Elise chuckled and righted Camilla's dress. That done, she washed her hands and the two walked out of the bathroom as if nothing happened.

When they arrived back into the movie theater, the movie was halfway in. Elise put her arm around Camilla and Camilla cuddled her shoulder. Before they could get comfortable, Elise felt her pocket vibrate.

She had a text message from Angel. It read: That was a long ass bathroom break bff. You missed half of the movie. ;-)

When Elise looked up, Angel smiled at her and shook her finger. She mouthed the words "nasty girl".

The rest of the movie went off without a hitch and the couples enjoyed the rest of the weekend together.

Camilla and Angel bonded over naughty fantasies, while Elise and Michelle bonded over video games. Everything was fine until Sunday rolled around.

On Sunday morning, Elise and Camilla had driven back to school and Angel and Michelle were enjoying a nice relaxing afternoon.

Angel and Michelle were sitting in Angel's living room watching Southland on demand.

"I feel like we never spend time at my place." Michelle said from her spot propped up on the couch.

"That's because your dorm room doesn't have any privacy. I mean come on, sharing your room with another person...aren't you tired of that?" Angel asked making herself a bowl of ice cream.

"I share a room with my sister when I go home, so I don't know, it just seems natural to me I guess." Michelle answered with a shrug of her shoulders.

"You really need to move out of there and find your own place. I plan on moving out of here in a few months. I need more space. Maybe we could move in together?" Angel asked looking up from eating.

"Ok..." Michelle said hesitantly.

"What's with the hesitation?" Angel inquired. She and Michelle got along fine so she saw no problem with them moving in together.

"Are you really serious about that?" Michelle said not allowing hope to blossom.

"I mean it wouldn't be for a while but I don't see what the problem would be." Angel laughingly replied. "We'd be doing it as friends."

"So are we just friends then." Michelle said.

"Yes we are, I mean I know we have sex but, I'm straight." Angel said with a smile.

"You're straight?" Michelle said incredulously, finally getting that Angel was teasing with her.

"Yes Michelle. Regardless of what we do inside and outside of the bedroom, I'm straight." Angel said coming over to Michelle and straddling her lap.

One kiss turned to two kisses which turned to making out and Michelle squeezing Angel's breasts as they made out.

Michelle's hands were soon under Angel's skirt pushing her thong aside.

"You're so straight but yet your pussy gets so wet for me." Michelle said with a smirk.

"Your pussy gets just as wet." Angel said pushing Michelle down own the length of the couch.

"Mmm, yes it does." Michelle said as she kissed Angel. "Do you really think we should move in together?

"If things are going the way they should, then I say yes. Let's test it out!" Angel replied. Elise had warned Angel that things would change once she and Michelle moved in but Angel didn't care.

Angel was very happy with Michelle and where their relationship was headed. Being gay was a new thing for her but she felt that if her and Michelle had a good track record after a year, maybe they should test out the waters and move in together.

Michelle made her feel awakened and alive. Angel's ex-boyfriends had made her happy but Michelle's care and devotion to her these past months had been unprecedented.

Michelle made Angel feel truly loved for the first time and her life and with Michelle, Angel also felt like she was finally herself. If things kept going the way they Angel had no problem whispering sweet nothings in Michelle's ear and telling her the right ring size so she could put a ring on it.

"Let's finish this discussion in the shower." Angel said as she walked to shower leaving a trail of her clothes in her wake. Michelle followed suit and got naked before heading into the bathroom after her.

Once in the shower, Angel turned the spray as hot as it could get and watched as the spray ran down Michelle's body.

Angel couldn't take the water as hot as Michelle preferring it cooler so she watched as Michelle luxuriated in the hot water.

After her whole body was thoroughly drenched, Michelle turned the water lower so that Angel could step under the spray.

Although Angel had said lets shower, showering was the last thing on her mind. After she let the warmness of the water seep into her bones, she got to work.

"Here Michelle, let me do that." Angel said taking Michelle's washcloth and soap from her.

Angel then began lathering Michelle's body with the soap. At first it was a routine shower, but when Angel got to Michelle's sensitive spots, Michelle could tell that Angel was up to something.

After lathering Michelle's body and allowing her to rinse, Angel claimed that she missed a spot and asked Michelle to turn around so that she could get off the rest of the soap.

When Michelle turned around, Angel was already on her knees.

"What the....." Michelle but abruptly cut off.

Angel had her hands firmly placed on Michelle's waist so that Michelle couldn't get away.

Using the warmth from the water, Angel pushed a finger inside of Michelle tight petite pussy causing Michelle to jump from the warm sensation.

"Feels good right?" Angel asked as she continued to pump her warm finger in and out of Michelle's pussy. All Michelle could do was nod. For the next five minutes Angel continued to gently massage Michelle's inner walls.

Angel then began to lick around Michelle's clit and at the apex. She had to be careful not to touch Michelle's clit because it was very sensitive.

"Mmmm." Michelle moaned enjoying the sensations.

"You know this isn't going to make me come right."

"What do you mean?" Angel asked semi-defeated. She had been silently licking Michelle's sweet brown pussy for the past seven minutes. Without much experience in the area, she didn't know what she was doing wrong.

"I can't come without you darling." Michelle said pulling Angel up to her feet.

Charmed by Michelle's selflessness, Angel smiled and opened her legs for Michelle.

After five minutes of making out, nibbling, squeezing and heavy petting, the girls stroked each other to orgasm.

"Oooo right there keep it up baby, unh, I'm so wet for you." Angel said as she rubbed above Michelle's clit faster.

"Yea you are girl, damn Cariño (honey)." Michelle said, her accent becoming stronger with her passion.

Meanwhile, after knocking politely outside the apartment door for the past five minutes, Angel's mom Olivia used her spare key to come into the apartment.

As she walked in, she immediately noticed the clothes.

"I swear that girl is always leaving clothes around." Olivia said as she picked up the clothes and walked into Angel's room.

Sensing no impending doom and not hearing the arrival of a guest, the two love birds continued to have sex in the shower.

"Oooh baby, I'm about to come." Angel said breathlessly.

"Me too." Michelle said clipped.

"Unh, unh, Unnnnnnnnhh." They both moaned as they orgasmed in unison. Angel fell into Michelle and Michelle back gently fell into the shower wall.

Not wanting the moment to end, the two kissed until the water finally ran cold forcing them out of the shower.

Still in orgasmic bliss, the two continued kissing and folding each other as they washed their hands and dried off.

Still horny and excited, Angel pulled Michelle towards her bedroom for round two.

Walking into her room ass first with her hands and face firmly planted on Michelle's as Michelle's hands roamed underneath her towel nearly tugging it off, Angel was oblivious to the world and barely registered the audible gasp she heard entering the room.

Turning around to inspect what the sound was, she nearly jumped out of her skin as a bucket of cold ice water was dumped on her at the sight of her mother.

"Oh my god mom, what are you doing here?!?!?" Angel said furiously wrapping the towel around her naked form.

All Olivia could do was look at Angel's and Michelle's face and squeak as she left her mouth hanging open.

After a minute of the stare down, her heart and mind decided that they could no longer take anymore and Olivia collapsed on the floor, passed out.

"Oh shit." Angel exclaimed.

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