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Something's Afoot ...


Lucy was excited. Her friend Sarah, who she knew from back home, was coming to visit for the weekend. She was due to arrive sometime on the Friday evening and she was going to crash in Lucy's room. Tracy was away on a field trip or something and wouldn't be back until late on Saturday. That Friday she was really excited. I had the morning off and chatted to Lucy. She was still in her pyjamas as we talked and drank tea.

Lucy had known Sarah for years. Lucy said that they had sometimes masturbated together. I gently prompted her to go further. Sarah and she apparently used to watch each other and soon touched each other. They were both straight and fancied boys, but enjoyed feeling another pussy and being fingered by someone who knew how to touch a pussy. Sometimes they wanked together after they had been out, sometimes chatting about boys they fancied. They chatted about boyfriends. Sometimes they wanked a guy. Nothing sordid, just friends. Lucy said this was how she had discovered she could use her foot for wanking. She was lying nude, masturbating away when a male friend caught her. She told him to get his cock out and wank if he wanted to watch. He did, but she wondered what would happen if she touched him. She gently rubbed the bottom of her foot on his cock and made him come. She was so excited that she came herself soon after.

So that's why she like using her feet.

She went on to say that Sarah had been there the day three friends bought dildos, then watched each other using them. I was turned on hearing about Lucy's experiences and I think she was too. She asked me to follow her upstairs so she could show me something. When we were upstairs she showed me some pictures of friends. Sarah was among them, a bit taller than Lucy and with dark brown hair. She showed me another picture which I had never seen before. It was of Sarah and Lucy standing in a field somewhere, completely nude. Sarah must like taking her clothes off too.

Lucy couldn't resist sliding her hand inside her pyjama trousers. She pushed them down along with her knickers. As she started to rub herself I grabbed them and pulled them down over her ankles. She sat on her bed, happily masturbating. I pulled up her T shirt, and gently teased her nipples. As she got closer to orgasm, she used her spare hand to unzip my trousers and pull my cock out. Soon she was wanking it and her hand felt lovely. I took my hand from her boobs and gently fingered her. Soon I gasped and came over her stomach. Her own climax came shortly afterwards.

Later I returned to the house after a slightly frustrating afternoon. As I came through the door, I heard giggling and female voices upstairs. I called out "Hello" before carrying on with sorting stuff out. Lucy came down the stairs and asked me to come to her room. She said Sarah didn't believe we wanked together. I went into the room to tell Sarah. Sarah still didn't believe it.

I had an idea. I pushed my hand down Lucy's trousers. Within seconds my hand was inside her panties and I started to play with her vagina and clit. She pulled her trousers and pants down to her knees. She smiled at Sarah and said that we were always touching each other. Lucy rubbed my cock through my trousers. I saw Sarah touching herself. Lucy pulled Sarah's trousers and knickers down. She started to finger her old friend. Sarah loved it. I stepped back and let both girls step out of their trousers and panties. They sat and started wanking each other, just like they used to do back home.

It was exciting see two girls naked from the waist down, fingering each other. I got my cock out and went to start wanking. But Lucy got there first. She lightly gripped my cock before sliding her hand down my shaft. She took her hand away, grabbed Sarah's hand and placed it on my cock. Sarah moved her hand as Lucy had. They kept doing this. Lucy, then Sarah, then Lucy, then Sarah......

As my cock started to get ready to come, I watched both girls moving their fingers faster. Both were moving their whole bodies and I could almost see the tension building in them. They would soon orgasm. I came myself soon after thinking that, getting spunk on both girls. They masturbated even more frantically and soon they both had nice orgasms. After helping clean up I left them to carry on catching up.

The three of us chatted that evening, had a bite to eat and went for a quick drink. When Sarah went to the toilet, Lucy suggested that we should act out our first wank together, when she had flashed at me, acted out girlie magazine poses, we called a wank phoneline and she wanked me with her foot. When Sarah returned, Lucy changed the conversation so that they chatted about showing off their bodies. Lucy said she used to like acting out the poses of girls in magazines, imagining it was her and how guys and maybe even girls would be turned on by her pictures. Sarah agreed, and said she sometimes compared herself to the girls in magazines and thought she had better legs, or nicer tits. Lucy whispered into Sarah's ear about how she and Tracy, and others, had had some pretend photos taken. We left and walk back to the house. The two girls sat in the kitchen. Sarah asked if she had any magazines, to which Lucy laughed and said I had a few and told me to go and get them. I went and came back with four or five girlie magazines. They spent a few minutes looking at the magazines, at various girls and discussing the different poses. Lucy told me they used to play a game where one of them would pretend to be one of the models and put on clothes similar to the ones the model had in the first pictures, then strip off with the other one giving instructions and saying "click" when she was in the right position. I sounded like a good game, and the girls went up to Lucy's room with a couple of magazines to pick girls and change.

A few minutes later they called me upstairs. Lucy was going first, and had a tight top on, and some panties. Sarah showed me the girl she was copying. We told her to kneel on her bed and said click. Then we told her to pull the top down to show one of her boobs, said click, and told her to pull it down over both her tits. We said click and told her to get rid of her knickers. She slid them off. She posed on her side, then sitting with her legs apart, showing her lovely smooth pussy. All the time we kept saying click. Then she lifted her feet into the air, then got onto all fours at about forty five degrees from us with her bum and pussy near to us than her head. She stood up, sat on the edge of her table. Then she sat back on her bed with her back against the wall and her legs apart and finishing up on all fours again facing the wall but her face turned towards us. It had been fun telling her to open her legs more or move one way or the other as if we were real photographers.

Lucy stood up and grabbed her white bathrobe. She wrapped it around her. We went outside the room so Sarah could change. Sarah said she was ready and we walked back in. Lucy picked up the magazine to show the girl Sarah was copying. Sarah had on a pink T shirt, a short blue skirt and white panties. She kneeled, and we told her to pull her T shirt up over her boobs, and her panties down, showing her bum and pussy. Next she was lying back, her legs apart with her panties half way down her thighs. Then she got onto all fours facing away from us before standing up, taking her skirt off. She laid back, bending her legs with her panties around her knees. We told her to throw off the T shirt and knickers and spread her legs. She lifted her legs into the air, had one leg on the bed and the other in the air and ended up just lying back, legs apart.

The girls were right. It was fun telling them what to do and explaining what position to be in, what clothes and so on. Lucy handed Sarah her blue dressing gown. Sarah whispered into Lucy's ear. Both girls followed me back down to the kitchen, carrying the magazines. Lucy offered us nice cool glass of coke. I nodded and Sarah offered to give her a hand. As the girls bent over to get the coke from the fridge and leaned over to get the glasses I got a flash of both their bums and pussies. They laughed, but they gulped the coke and stood up. They both walked towards the window before turning to face me. They leaned over, showing their tits before turning around and lifting their gown and robe to show their bums. They spun around, fully frontal nude now, then started to act out more complex poses like kneeling, holding their legs in the air, on all fours with their bums and pussies facing me, and finally sitting next to each other with legs spread.

Sarah commented that she was turned on. She briefly touched her pussy and touched Lucy's. Lucy stood up and said "Let's call a wankline". She turned to the ads at the back of magazine, and ran upstairs to get her bankcard. Once again she dialled the number and said she was wanking with two friends so she wanted a girl to phone us back, preferably the girl she had spoken to before. She put the phone down and said we would get our call in about ten minutes. The girls were sitting next to each other and started fingering each other and rubbing their clits. At Lucy's suggestion I gently started to lick her pussy, moving my tongue around her labia and easing it just inside her. After a few moments I did the same to Sarah. Then Lucy again. It was exciting being next to two girls wanking like this.

The phone rang and Lucy answered it. She briefly said what was going on, and what she wanted to do. She passed it to me, and I described the scene of two nude girls playing with each other before handing it to Sarah, who was almost too excited. Lucy took the phone again and promised that the three of us would come soon. She told me to get my cock out as she put the phone back. She used her foot to tease my cock until it couldn't get any harder.

She told Sarah to wank me with her foot. Sarah seemed unsure so Lucy touched the tip of my cock with the bottom of her foot, moving it gently up and down. As ever, it felt incredible. She took her foot away and Sarah took over, sliding her foot up, then down, then up. As she carried on both girls were frantically rubbing each other. Watching them was too much, and I gasped and came, my sticky spunk going on Sarah's foot. The two girls carried on wanking harder than before until they both shook and came.

We cleaned ourselves up and the two girls headed to bed. I went to bed too. I wondered what fun the morning would bring?

I got up fairly early and was sitting in the kitchen drinking tea when Sarah came in, wearing a T shirt and shorts. She smiled and said Lucy was still half asleep but was lying on top of her bed and touching herself. I followed Sarah up the stairs. Lucy was indeed rubbing herself. I wondered where her pyjama trousers were as she had only her panties and T shirt on. Anyway, Sarah whispered into my ear. She tiptoed to Lucy's bed, and started to rub her through her panties. Lucy seemed to appreciate this although she was not fully awake. Sarah slid Lucy's panties down and pulled them over her ankles before pulling her own shorts and knickers down and stepping out of them. She started to gently rub Lucy's pussy before easing a finger inside. After a minute or so she beckoned me to come over. I took over, gently wanking Lucy. Sarah walked over near to Lucy's head, grabbed her hand and placed it between her legs. She rubbed her with Lucy's hand.

Lucy was waking up now. She was enjoying the stimulation her vagina was getting, and she carried on touching Sarah. After about a minute Sarah and I changed over. Sarah played with Lucy's pussy, and I got my cock out for Lucy. She rubbed it expertly. I think Lucy was turned on by Sarah and me changing over like this, and I was soon rubbing and fingering her as I watched her wanking Sarah. When we changed over again, Lucy's touch was too much and I came all over her hand, and some spunk splashed onto her.

Lucy sat on her bed and Sarah sat next to her. They were soon fingering each other. They talked about the times they had wanked together before. It didn't take them long to bring each other off, although I'm not sure who came first. We cleaned ourselves up and the girls treated me to toast and coffee.

Later that morning Sarah accidentally stumbled on Lucy's dildo when Lucy herself was in the bath. She asked me about it, had I seen her use it, had I touched it and did I like seeing Lucy use it? She seemed a bit surprised when I told her that I had seen it many times, had seen it in her pussy lots of times, I had touched it and pushed it in and out for Lucy and yes I did like seeing her sliding it in an out of her wet pink cunt, I loved the sight of it in her, the contrast between the blue dildo, Lucy's fairly pale skin and her pink pussy. I loved knowing that Lucy was making herself come. Sarah told me she too had a dildo, and she got it at the same time Lucy did. I told her I knew.

I was downstairs when Lucy finished her bath. I heard talking and wondered what was going on. I heard Sarah say that she had hers. A few minutes later I heard a gasp and guessed a dildo was going into a pussy. But whose? Lucy? Sarah? Or both? My curiosity was satisfied when Lucy walked downstairs and came into my room. She was completely nude and had her dildo in her hand. She asked me to follow her. I peered into her room and saw Sarah happily thrusting her toy in and out of her vagina.

Lucy had another idea. She told me to lay on the floor. The girls knelt on all fours either side of my. I took their dildos and eased them against their pussies, teasing her labia with them. The girls demanded that they have them inside them, so I gently slid them inside their vaginas. I tried to thrust them in and out at a fairly constant speed. I felt hands pulling my cock out and teasing it.

I moved their dildos faster, and felt both girls push back onto their toys. After a few minutes I noticed that they were breathing more heavily, and could see tension building in their muscles. I could see their vagina muscles and could feel them tighten on their dildos. I pumped them as fast as I could. The girls started rubbing my dick with their hands.

Soon they were wanking me properly. I tried to hold on so they had time to approach climax. But the sight of their pussies, the feel of the dildos going inside them, and the sound of their fast breathing sent me over the edge. I came again. At least now I could concentrate on the dildos. I thrusted and pumped. When I heard them starting to gasp I knew they were close. Sarah came first, screaming as the orgasm swept through her. Lucy took a few minutes longer, but gave a high pitched scream and shock.

Once again we cleaned ourselves up. The rest of the day was petty normal, with Sarah and Lucy talking and catching up like regular (non wanking) friends. Things would change when Tracy returned that evening. Tracy came in and started talking to Lucy and Sarah. It was quite a long chat about general things. Later though Sarah steered the conversation around to sex and masturbation. She asked if it was true she had masturbated with Lucy and me? Tracy smiled and seemed embarrassed, but eventually did admit that yes she had a few times.

Tracy was in her room when Sarah and Lucy went in. I followed as I heard the conversation and was turned on. Sarah asked Tracy about her first experience with Lucy and me. Tracy described how she had stumbled in a naked Lucy on all fours with me just behind her. She had thought she had caught her friends getting ready to fuck but Lucy explained that they wanked together, gently easing a hand inside Tracy's trousers. Lucy had started to rub her and Tracy said she had previously had a wank with another girl so it wasn't a total shock to her. She said she had wanked off or been fingered by guys she knew wasn't going to have sex with so wanking with female friends was similar. It didn't mean she wasn't straight.

Sarah was turned on by all this, and I think Lucy and Tracy were too. Soon Sarah had a hand inside Tracy's trousers, and Tracy let her finger her pussy. Tracy started to breathe more quickly. Lucy suggested they she all sit down. Off came trousers, knickers and tops, and the three nude girls sat on Tracy's bed. Soon Tracy had a hand between Sarah's legs, Sarah had her hands between both Tracy's and Lucy's legs, and Lucy had a hand in between Sarah. Soon fingers were moving, rubbing clits, stroking lips and easing inside their vaginas. It was exciting to watch, particularly when their hand movements started to speed up, and so did their breathing.

I was standing in front of them, sort of in the middle so I could see all three of them. Predictably, I felt Lucy pushing her foot against my crotch. I didn't need to be told, so I unzipped my trousers and got my cock out. In turn the three girls would push their legs out, touch my cock with their feet, and rub it up and down. Tracy, then Sarah, then Lucy. Then back to Tracy. Experience taught us that this was slower than a handjob, and would give the girls time to build up to their own climaxes. As the girls teased with by foot, my cock seemed to swell even more.

I was watching the girls rub each other. Sending them touch each other sent me near to the edge. When Lucy was wanking me I was trying to hold on. When it was Tracy's turn she sensed that I was about to come so she went as fast as she could. It was Sarah's foot that finally proved too much, and I shot my load all over her foot, between her toes, on her sole and onto her ankle. At least now the girls could concentrate on each other. They too were approaching orgasm. Tracy came first, panting heavily and shaking. Lucy and Tracy took a few more moments, but they came almost at the same time.

We tidied up, cleaned ourselves up, and had a relaxing evening.

In the morning I was in the kitchen drinking tea. Tracy came in so I made her a cup. We chatted then she headed back up to her room, only to come down again. She grabbed my hand and led me upstairs. The door to Lucy's room was slightly open, and Lucy and Sarah were using their dildos. Instead of pushing them in their pussies they were using them to rub up and down their labia, stroking their clits. Lucy was a bit of an expert in using a dildo, and Sarah seemed to be copying her.

Tracy took her pyjamas off and got her vibrator from her room. She held the vibrator behind her back and entered Lucy's room, asking whether anyone could join in. Sarah asked her if she had a dildo. She replied that she didn't, but had a vibrator instead. As Tracy sat been Lucy and Sarah she encouraged both girls to take their tops off. Soon all three were masturbating with their toys.

I watched this until Tracy called me over. She encouraged me to get my cock out. Soon the girls were taking it in turns to have my cock in between their tits. As they masturbated I could sense their pleasure, and their was only one possible outcome. It was Lucy's tits that sent me over the edge, and even as I was shooting spunk onto her, all three girls were masturbating with more urgency. Tracy came first, shaking and screaming. I don't know which on of the two dildo girls came first, but they both had noisy orgasms soon after Tracy.

We all had a peaceful, relaxing Sunday. I wondered if Sarah would visit again? After a relaxing day it was time for Sarah to leave. She had a taxi waiting outside as she hugged Tracy and me, and hugged and kissed Lucy. She turned to the three of us and pulled her trousers and knickers down, giving us a last flash of her pussy. She called us "a load of wankers", winked and pull her trousers back open just before she left.

It had been a good visit. We all enjoyed it.

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