tagErotic CouplingsSometimes A Change Is Good

Sometimes A Change Is Good


It's been over a Month now since Lee left me. The tears and shock are gone.

I answered the phone, finally, it was just my Mom worried.

I called the Massage Therapy School where I worked, and talked with the supervisor. He told me he had me signed off due to a "Family emergency", and my job was waiting.

He had assigned Gwen, another instructor, to my classes.

So other than the breakup of my marriage, I was OK.

I finally got up the energy to go back to class. It was just going through the familiar motions, but I got through the first week, and by Friday, I almost felt normal.

But my phone rang as I walked in the door Friday night.

It was Nina.

Nina is a regular client, she is sweet and good to know. Her main flaw is she is big, around 300 pounds, if one can consider that a flaw.

But to me, she has always been a sweet, wonderful lady.

She wanted to make an appointment for a massage.

I took the appointment, after almost a Month of no work, and no money coming in, I knew I needed to make a living.

Nina came by that very evening, right on schedule.

I showed her into my little massage room, and left her to get ready.

When I came into the room, I noticed she was not under the drape!

Now THIS was new, Nina, of all of my clients, usually showed the most reservations. In fact, I had never touched her sensually in any way, not even undraping her breasts.

But I always accept my clients in the manner they wish to be, to do otherwise means no repeat business.

Some might find a heavy woman distasteful, I find the beauty in everyone, I guess that makes me strange, but I never did mind the weight. I always care only about the person.

Nina is unique in that she will cry when I work on her feet. Her body is heavy, so she has pain from walking, a complete reflexology session on her feet leaves her in tears without fail!

In due time, I had her turn over, leaving her breasts and pubic hair exposed to me.

She did so unabashedly, I had expected some resistance. Her heavy breasts were lovely, the nipples seemed to glow, I looked and realized she had used some kind of coloring to make them stand out!

I must have looked at her with some kind of puzzlement, the reactions were not the norm from her!

She opened her eyes and looked at me, then blushed profusely, and began to spread her legs!

I glanced down as her Vagina came into view, her legs kept going wider and wider, I also noted her nipples were aroused. Here was a woman, fully wanting, beyond being able to stop!

Nina looked at me through slitted eyes, and said, "I know your wife is gone, by now you need a woman, I need a man!"

I looked at her, those lips engorged and almost pulsating with desire, and I felt myself erecting. It was almost a Month!

I caressed her, brought her to the edge, then I dropped my trousers and slipped up onto the table.

In a flash, I slipped between her luscious folds, she clamped down on me like a vice, and her inner walls pulsated as she sucked me in!

No blow job could ever match that, the muscles of her pussy sucked and rolled and grasped me, I cannot explain that any other way.

Finally I could hold off no longer, my body collapsed as she literally dragged my seed from me!

We lay in each other's arms for a long long time, I would guess it was over an hour.

Finally we were done, Nina slipped from the table to the washroom.

When she came out, she looked at me and blushed.

I smiled, and made some silly comment about how that was nice. She looked at me, and said, "You can fuck me any time you want, Ted!"

I thought about that, and realized that this was one of the best experiences of my life!

"I would like that," I answered.

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